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She meets an older man online and has great sex.

When I arrived at the diner, I looked around and was disappointed that he wasn't there. My first thought was that he had stood me up, but before I'd finished that thought, he was beside me with a hurried apology for being late. I was pleased to see that his pictures were real and that he was as tall and broad shouldered as he had said. He was hot.

He was hot and the breakfast was incredible. He was intensely funny in person, but it never felt like he was putting on a show for me. Rather, he seemed intensely interested in hearing about my life, my writing and my ideas. I liked him a lot and so, after torturing the poor waitress over several hours of coffee refills, I invited him to come and see my place and watch a movie on my laptop.

We got out to his car which was parked really close to the diner and he warned, "As you know, I've spent the last twenty years living in a much warmer place, so I'm not so good at winter driving." And he wasn't. While it had warmed up significantly, it was still below freezing and he skid all the way back to my place.

When he turned onto my block, I was starting to regret inviting him to my place. "I'll warn you, I live in a really small and old basement suite."

He laughed, "Your place will be fine. I was young once too, you know..."

I only have a 15" laptop, so watching a movie on it with someone usually required cuddling. I lived in a basement suite and it was cold, so it wasn't too awkward to invite him to come and watch it in bed with me. A few months before, I likely would have added that we were just there to watch a movie where it was warm and that it wasn't going to lead to anything, but I didn't see the point. Sex is fun and pleasure is good for you.

My bed was still unmade from Friday morning and I crawled in first and booted up my laptop. He crawled in beside me and agreed to the first movie I suggested. I lied down on my side, put my laptop in front of me and he spooned me from behind. We barely made it five minutes into the movie before he was rubbing my stomach through my dress. Within minutes I was grinding my butt into his groin. I could tell he was hard and I loved it. Grinding seemed like the funnest way to show him that I appreciated it.

Within minutes, his hands had worked their way from my stomach down and under my dress. He started by groping and rubbing me through my leggings, but quickly pushed my leggings down to my knees and started rubbing me through my panties. His hands were magical and felt incredible, so incredible that I quickly wanted him to take my underwear off me.

I asked him to take them and he declined, saying that he wanted me to be ready. I giggled at the tease and went back to loving his hands floating over me. His fingers were magic and found my clit through the fabric, but mainly teased around it only occasionally giving me a full rub. It was insanely hot that I barely noticed him kissing my neck. All of a sudden, I felt his skin against my bare skin and he slipped a finger inside of my pussy. It felt amazing and I moaned out. He bit my neck, which only added to it.

His teasing was driving me nuts and I wanted to repay the favor, so I asked, "Will you take off all your clothes and lie down on your back?" He didn't say anything and kept his fingers dancing over my body and occasionally slipping inside. But it was so hot I couldn't stand it, "I want to suck you. Take you in my mouth and suck on you."

That got his attention and the reply I wanted, "Mmmmm, okay."

We both got out of bed. I started slowly taking off my dress and leggings. He stripped naked and hopped back into bed. I went a little more slowly, trying to show him a fraction of how his teasing felt. But the basement was cold, so my plans for a slow, deliberate strip tease quickly came to and end and I jumped into bed just in my bra and panties. I snuggled up beside him and kissed him on the lips for the first time, then reached down and grabbed his hard cock.

"Mmmmmmmm, I love this," I tried to purr as I started kissing m

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