John punishes a girl and makes a deal with the Principal.

Her face started to redden, and a smile started to grow on her face. Her eyes were half open, but her pupils weren't visible.

"Ahhh, Yesss," Tiffany said, her speech hampered by the pressure around her larynx. John reached behind him and grabbed Rebecca by the hair and pulled her into his ass. Immediately her tongue started to lick and rim his asshole, causing his ball to tighten.

"I'm going to use you as my cum bucket," John said, again tightening his grip. Tiffany's smirk grew to one of ecstasy as her face started to turn purple. Tiffany's whole body grew rigid as she violently arched her back. He could feel her sphincter spasm around his cock. Tiffany tried to breath, but couldn't get enough. She tried to speak, but it only came out garbed. At the sight of this abused girl cumming his balls exploded deep into her. As the bliss bounced through his body his released him grip and let out a primal yell. He could feel Tiffany's ass milking his cock as her body was ravaged by orgasm. John pulled out of the girl's ass as her body finished its convulsions. John turned around to see the class in caught up in a full blown orgy, with Ms. Hollands in the middle.

"Why don't you join them," John motioned to Rebecca, who eagerly got up and joined the mass of bodies. John left Tiffany to relish in her post-orgasmic bliss, and decided to once again try and find the Principal. John exited the classroom, and headed back to what looked like the main hallway, still with no pants or underwear. John saw what looked like the main office and headed in that direction. As he walked he saw a bathroom and realized he hasn't relieved himself yet. John took a few minutes to piss and clean himself up, and then headed towards the main office.

As John walked into the main office he was greeted by and old women as the receptionist, 5th class. She greeted him upon his entrance,

"How may I help you?" The old lady said kindly.

"I'm looking for the Principal," John said, eager to finally meet the busty, serious looking women he saw at the farmer's market this morning.

"She's busy at the moment, can I take a message?" The old lady said. John saw a door behind the receptionist labeled 'Principal'.

"I'll just wait in her office," John said, walking past the receptionist. The nice old lady started to tell him he couldn't do that, which John ignored as he walked into the Principal's office. John saw the Principal sitting behind her desk, talking on the Phone. Immediately she yelled,

"Flourine, can't you see I'm o-," She stopped as she realized it wasn't Fluorine. She glanced as John, and then at his 2nd class armband, and her face changed from anger to caution. The Principal had an odd attraction about her, not conventionally sexy, aside from her enormous tits. She had dark hair that was pulled back into a very serious looking bun, and wore glasses that accentuated her serious demeanor. She had an olive colored skin with dark eyes. She wore a tan business jacket, with a white blouse underneath. John was glad she was only a 3rd class citizen, or else he was sure he would be in for some serious punishment. John sat down in the chair in front of her desk, probably reserved for parents or other important guests. "I'll call you back," The Principal said as she hung up the phone.

"Hi I'm John Smith," John said, extending his hand out for a shake.

"Yes, I'm aware of who you are. You've derailed an entire classroom into chaos," The Principal said as she twirled a computer monitor for John to see video footage of the class still caught up in their lust.

"That wasn't entirely my intention, but those poor young women seem so wound up." John said, only somewhat apologetically.

"We both know there's nothing stopping you from disrupting every class, but I would ask you to restrain yourself." The Principal replied, John could hear the malice and anger in her voice.

"Hmmm," John said, taking a minute to think about the whole thing.

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