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The slut returns to Corrie St.

Leanne got groped a lot, punters helping themselves to handfuls of her thinly covered ass, filling their hands with her tits while sticking bills in her bra. It was part of the job and the tips were good.

It also gave Leanne a chance to let interested blokes she was available for a small fee. The Golden Garter had a room upstairs that the girls were allowed to use to service the customers. Leanne used the room several times during a good shift.

Les had blown a gasket when he found his long lost daughter working as a whore so close to home. He dragged Leanne out of the club and read her the Riot Act on the pavement out front.

"You are going to quit working here and come and live with me." Les demanded.

"I have to work here!" Leanne argued, "And why would I want to move in with you and Mom?"

"Janice has moved out, there is just me and a young lad and a boy." Les explained.

"Great, you want me to move in with my dysfunctional family again?" Leanne questioned.

"We need a woman around the house, you will be doing us all a favor." Les pleaded.

The move to Coronation Street was easy, Leanne only had her clothes and DVD player to bring which all fitted easily into Les's taxi.

"Why do I have to share a room?" Leanne complained.

"Because there are only two bedrooms and the lads are in the other one." Les explained.

"But can't I have my own bed?" she asked.

"The rooms not big enough for two beds." argued.

Leanne did not intend spending too many nights in her father's bed. Business was good and most nights she would be home late and could kip on the couch. Begrudgingly she put her clothes in Les's wardrobe and dresser. Her bras and panties occupied the same drawer Janet's use to.

It had been a slow night. Leanne only had one John, and all he had wanted was his cock sucked. The club was almost empty by 11 pm so she hopped a cab to Coronation Street.

When she got home everyone was already in bed. Leanne stripped down to her panties and made herself a cup of tea.

Finishing her tea she was about to get a blanket and sleep on the couch. She got thinking about how much more comfortable the bed in Les's room would be and he was likely already sleeping.

Quietly she crept up the stair and went down the hall to her father's room. In the darkness all she could hear was the deep rhythmic breathing of he father. Carefully she crawled into the empty side of the bed and hanging over the edge she went to sleep.

Sleep came quickly and soon Leanne was sprawled more unashamed across her father's bed. Briefly during the night she awaken enough to discover her father had her bare breast cupped in his hand, she soon fell asleep once more.

Morning light shone in the window when Leanne opened her eyes, She lay uncovered in only her knickers, as she had gone to bed. Les was lying on his side beside her running his hand gently up and down her body.

"Dad, what are you doing!" Leanne protested.

"You looked so lovely laying there." Les explained.

"I'm your daughter, don't even think about it!" she warned.

Les's hand became more aggressive, he was now fondling her breasts, kneading it like a lump of bread dough, his fingers tantalizing her erect nipples.

"You are fucking all those strangers, what's wrong with your own Dad?" he pleaded.

Leanne was in a quandary. Les was right, was it any worse to fuck your father than a parade of strange blokes? Leanne started to waffle on her position.

"Well, if nobody finds out?" Leanne consented.

Leanne lifted her ass allowing Les to slid her knickers down over her hip uncovering her smooth shaven pussy.

"Well, well, well, what do we have here?" he said seeing her juvenile looking fan.

"Guys like it." Leanne explained.

Leanne was all too familiar with being taken. Instinctively she spread her legs allowing unrestricted access to her pussy. Les mounted his daughter.

Leanne was no longer turned on by fucking, her father slid into he like hundreds of guys had before.

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