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City girl & country gal battle over a guy.

It was rough with work, but sent tingles up my spine. "I'm Matt," he whispered into my hair.

"Cassie," I replied, leaning into him. He pressed me against the wall and leaned in to partake of a deep, sexy kiss. I could feel him growing hard as he pressed against my body, and I wrapped an arm around him to pull him even closer.

His breath tasted of beer and mint gum, and he was an amazing kisser. His tongue lingered in my mouth, exploring all of the regions of new found passion. I was lost in the kiss and didn't hear anyone coming until someone grabbed hold of my arm and threw me against he opposite wall.

I looked up from the floor where I had fallen to see the blonde standing above me, terror in her eyes. She screeched something I didn't comprehend, and started to lunge at me again. I moved out of the way and shoved her down the small flight of stairs that led to a landing. She landed with her legs in the air, her skirt pulled back to expose black bikini panties and black garters holding up her stockings. I was surprised at such sexy underwear for a country bumpkin, but that didn't change my opinion of her.

"You bitch!" I said, feeling the corner of lip and checking for blood. "That hurt!"

She screamed something about staying away from her man as she hauled herself up off the floor, but I wasn't listening anymore. If this blondie thought she was going to get the better of me just because she was on her own turf, she had another thing coming.

As she came back up the stairs to come at me again, I saw that the crowd from the basement had come up to stand on the landing and see what was going on. They wanted a show, did they? I'd give them a show. And blondie wasn't going to like it very much.

She reached the top of the stairs and stood in front of me, her too-large breasts heaving. I laughed as she stridled up to me like I was supposed to be afraid. She slapped me across the face and I abruptly stopped laughing.

"You've got to be kidding me. Is that the best you got?" I asked, and I heard Matt chuckle beside me. She shot him a dirty look and I reached out and, with one jerk, ripped her little black skirt completely off, leaving her standing there in those little black panties and garters.

She let out a shocked little scream and started to retreat to the bathroom, but I was having far too much fun to let that happen. I hooked a finger in the back of her panties as she went by and snapped it hard. I could tell she was off her guard now, so I put one of my chunky boots in front of her and she fell, hard, to the ground, whimpering.

She had her face in the carpet as I sat on her back, grabbing those cute little blonde curls in one fist and her panties in the other hand and pulling up on both. She writhed and whimpered beneath me, and reached up to pull herself on top of me. I looked up at her, smelling her pussy as she sat on me only a few inches from my face, and reached up to rip her shirt.

The material ripped easily in my fist, and left her ample white breasts heaving in nothing but a black lace bra. I heard one of the on-lookers gasp, and as she tried to cover herself I took the opportunity to regain control. Before she knew it, I was sitting with on her chest, with my ass directly in her face.

She grabbed my pants and ripped them, but I just laughed. If she thought I would be embarrassed by being in front of her friends in my lacy purple thongs, she had another thing coming. Just to prove my point, I kicked off my boots, letting each one land directly on her.

If that was the way she wanted to play, I could play too, I decided. I ripped her bra and left her lying there on the floor, huge white breasts with dark brown nipples left completely exposed to all of her friends.

I sat on her face, covering her mouth and nose with my crotch as I pulled her limp arms up over her head and wrapped the bra around her wrists.

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