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He promised to keep an eye on his friend's little sister.

He stokes her back and forth, applying varying degrees of pressure as he watches her body react to his touch. He doesn't slip a finger into her...yet.

She presses her body back into his, rubbing her ass against his cock. He's not too drunk to get hard, she realizes with a satisfied grin.

Slowly, his free hand traces its way up her stomach. He cups her tit for a moment, before sliding his thumb inside her dress. He twirls her nipple between his thumb and forefinger slowly, teasingly applying more pressure and then less.

She leans her head back into him, opens her mouth and sighs softly. That gives him all the encouragement he needs. He pulls the top of her dress down and brings his mouth down to her tit, alternating sucking on her nipple and teasing it with his tongue. He slips his other hand up underneath the lace of her panties and grazes her wet, warm slit.

He brings his tongue up her neck, stopping to nibble on her chin before moving upwards to her ear. "I've been thinking about taking you like this all night," he whispers forcefully into the back of her head. She's not quite comfortable enough with him yet to dirty talk, so for now she shows her approval by thrusting back on his hand and moaning softly.

She lifts her right hand from the table she's bent against and brings it back to his leg, grazing his thigh as she lifts her hand slowly, lazily searching for his cock. She finds it, stroking up and down firmly with her hand as she brings her ass back towards it. She pulls his fly down and tries, awkwardly from behind, to free his cock from his jeans.

Eager to help, he reaches forward to loosen his belt, unbutton his pants. He shoves his pants and briefs down and his dick pops free. Hard, ready.

She traces her fingers down his shaft, lightly grazing the back of her nails along the lines of his cock. She wraps her thumb and forefinger around the base and holds him still for a moment, enjoying how bad he clearly wants her. She brings her free hand up to her mouth and slowly, sloppily licks it from top to bottom, bringing it down again to the top of his head, rubbing it in circles.

"You can take my panties off now," she whispers, and he grabs the lace and rips them off of her in one hard pull. They're warm and wet, and he presses them firmly between his hand and the base of her throat.

"Feel that?" he tells her. "That's how bad you fucking want me." He bites the top of her neck, just below her ear and groans, muffled on her skin so it sounds more like a growl.

"Mmhmm, that's true," she half-whispers. "But you can't fuck me here."

The floors creak - old San Francisco boards letting them know someone is coming - and she lifts her hand quickly off his cock and turns so her body is in front of him, shielding the evidence, mostly. Her wet panties are still in his hand, but he hides them in his palm and moves his hand to her shoulder.

"Well that, my friends, was a party," her brother says with a big, goofy grin on his face. Bloodshot eyes and a Tecate in his hand.

"Yea, Miles? You have a good time?" he asks his friend as his hand moves lower down her back, to the place where he can feel the shape of her ass through her dress.

"Loved it. Every fucking minute of it. Cleaning this place up is going to be a bitch, but can't fucking think about that right now. Huh Rose? You enjoy yourself or what?"

She looks up at him, smiles in a way that she hopes conveys, 'yes, this party was a success.' With the table in front of her, she can feel his hands inching up her dress from behind, growing close to the naked wetness underneath her dress. "You know I did, Miles. I'm just organizing some of this stuff a bit, then I'm going to hit it."

She shifts her weight a little, spreads her legs ever so slightly, and his forefinger finds her wet, hungry slit. He holds it there firm for a moment and then applies just the smallest bit of pressure, ever so slightly. She shudders.

"Good, good," Miles says.

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