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Jessie - aka Daemon, a lust demon - finds his mate.

Brushing his long chestnut hair, he checks out his reflection. He stands six foot four, his body chiseled and toned. Being blessed with a thick ten inch cock was just icing on the cake. At least in this form. He wasn't really human, not at all. His real name is daemon, and he is a lust demon. But sadly, he's trapped on the surface until he finds his mate.

Sighing to himself, he turns to head to the large bed. A soft knock on the door changes his direction.

Grabbing the silk robe hanging in the closet, provided by the resort, and slipping it on. Opening the door, smiling wide when he sees that the gorgeous woman from downstairs is standing there.

"Hello," Jessie grins, looking down at her. "Can I help you?"

Her green eyes lazily travel up and down his body, sending a trail of fire coursing through his veins.

"Hello. My names Serena. I hope you feel the fire that burns between us like I do. May I come in?" Serenas voice just as sexually alluring as her looks.

For a moment, Jessie cant help but stare. Bowing his head slightly, stepping back to let her enter.

"I'm usually not so aggressive but my body seems to be betraying my mind, Jessie." Serena softly whispers as she enters and backs him up until the couch hits the back of his knees.

As he falls to the couch, her small hands grab the tie to the robe. The delicate silk untying easily. Jessies eyes suddenly turn an unusual color, flaming to a deep amber as he looks up at her, his naked body on display for her between the parted robe. His lips part slightly, a deep growl of appreciation rumbles deep in his chest at the pure lust in her eyes.

"Jessie, I'm going to make you feel like a man should" Serena whispers as she kneels down between his muscular thighs.

He spreads his legs farther for her, slowly his eyes locks on Serenas as he guides her mouth to his hard cock. "Serena, I'm no man, I'm a lust demon. Turn away now if your scared but I'm burning alive from the lust I have for you."

Gently and expertly, she licks up and down the shaft, driving him crazy and honoring him with her acceptance of his true nature. Using a hand to cup his balls, she starts to rub them gently. Moaning as she finally takes him deep into her mouth.

Jessie tangles his hands into her long hair to pull her closer, his hips bucking. His grunts and growls fill the room. The orgasm building quickly in him.

"Oh fuck, Serena! I'm gonna cum!" he barely rasps out past the groans of pure pleasure. Shocked he was cumming so quickly.

Serena slows her movements for a moment but only to wrap her hand around the base . Stroking him fast and thrusting her mouth down on him faster. Silently pleading for his cum.

"OH!" Jessie growls out, his body tensing up hard as he orgasms, filling her mouth and throat with thick creamy cum.

The only sound after Jessies growl of rapture is Serenas tongue slurping up all of his cum hungrily. She keeps licking and sucking until she cleans him.

Raising her head finally, her smiling mouth wet with his cum, "Mmm, Your cum is so hot and powerful. My body is aching for you now, my demon" Serena moans.

"Let me see you, Serena. I need to see you now!" Jessie orders.

She stands, untying the side tie of her dress, letting it slip down to stand completely bare before him. "Am I pleasing to your eye, Jessie?"

Daemon smiles savagely, "Call me Daemon, my dear." Scooting to the edge of the couch and hooking his hands around her soft pale thighs, pulling her to him. Slowly and sensually, cupping her pussy and sliding a finger in her folds to tease her clit.

"Oh god yes, Serena," his lust filled voice whispering, "My body is burning alive for you. But first, I must taste." his hand spreading her folds open, eyes locking onto hers as his hot wet tongue teases her clit.

"Daemon! Oh god yes!" Serenas soft voice exploding in passion. "Taste me. Feel my passion for you."

Serenas gentle hands grasping his hair, urging deeper thrusts with his tongue.

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