A woman dealing with years of unfilled fantasies.

Each one that I reject as not worth the time and effort will be multiplied by ten and applied in its new format. Take a digital camera with you and take several pictures of your pussy and tits. Then put the camera on timer and take several pics of you and your surroundings. These, you will bring with you on Saturday. You will also write a list of five activities you would like to perform for me this weekend in great detail. If you please me, you may be rewarded. I am difficult to please in some cases. Keep that in mind."

"Yes Sir. I will do everything you have told me to do. And I don't intend to fail or disobey at any time."

"Good intentions are nice for the na__ve. Perfect people don't exist. Never forget that I am the one who evaluates and decides just how well you have or have not done as required. Hang up now and follow your instructions for tomorrow."

"Good night Sir."

"Good night."

Chapter Four

Karen woke up Thursday morning just before 8:00 a.m.. She lay back in the bed and stared at the ceiling while sometimes glancing out the window when she heard a bird chirping. She was caught up in thinking about everything that had gone on the past few days. Thinking about what she had been told over the phone by a complete stranger. How she has allowed his will to dominate all of her life since first talking to him. And she thought about how safe she actually was when communications were only by phone. 'Distance seems really safe' she thought to herself.

"I can do the things he has told me to do if I want to or I will not do them at all if I don't want to," she said out loud with a big smile on her face. He can't force me to do anything. I really enjoyed sitting in a chair with him on the phone while I played with my pussy and clit. That was one of the strongest orgasms I have ever had in my entire life. That was really a fantastic turn-on having a man listen to me masturbate and listening to my excitement and hearing all the sounds of my cuming. Even the sounds of my finger working inside my very wet and dripping pussy lips.

I did shave my pussy and tried to shave my asshole. I definitely have to be more careful with the Nair the next time. What a shock that was putting in on the areas that I had just shaved. Do men feel that much shocking sting when they put aftershave on their freshly shaved faces? That Nair did a really good job. No stubble at all today. I do love my bald pussy. It's so cute looking at it in the mirror. I'm glad he told me to shave my little beaver. I know he's going to see it this weekend. God.....I'm getting turned on again just thinking about him seeing my pussy in all its glory and shining baldness. Is he going to look at my asshole too? No doubt. He's going to have me bend over and spread my cheeks and give him a clear close-up view of my little puckered brown eye. No man, or woman for that matter, has ever seen my pussy totally hairless since puberty. And no one has ever looked at my bald asshole since I was a baby. I just know he's going to make me get naked in front of him and probably inspect my body very closely. And Reina might be there too. How is that going to feel with two fully clothed people making me stand in front of them completely naked while checking out every part of my body?

Why am I doing this? I know I have always wanted to experience some kind of domination. I enjoy doing what someone else tells me to do. Especially when it involves my having to do nasty sexual things or allow people to see me naked. My tits are a full 35" and I'm really proud of them but checking out my pussy and asshole is really getting personal. Now my pussy is getting soaked just thinking about all of this stuff. I'm getting hot. Maybe I'll finger my clit and give myself a quick cum. No...... I better not. He told me not to touch myself without his permission or command. I know he's going to ask me about that and I don't want to have to lie. I understand what he meant when he said a lie would ultimately end my association with him.

I have already decided to accept my role a

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