Hot threesome with a Crossdresser.

It was at least 9" and thick. I stroked it and unbuttoned his shirt. I drooled with cock lust as I felt-up this incredible stud. I loved the feeling of his warm cock in my hand so fat and long. The skin of his cock shaft was as soft and smooth as velvet.

A crystalline bead of pre-cum formed on the tip of Joe's cock and I instinctively brought my mouth to his fat mushroom. His pre-cum was salty and delightful and I swirled my long tongue around his cock head giving extra attention to the slit. Joe moaned with pleasure as I unbuckled my pants to release my own 7" fatty. My mouth never lost contact with his amazing tool.

As I took more and more of him into my mouth my saliva ran down to his shaved round balls and I rubbed them making his entire cock and balls wet with my spit. I was now making loud sucking sounds which Joe appeared to enjoy.

In a panting whisper he said, "Fuck yeah man get me all wet... mmmmm suck my cock...fuck yes that's good."

Joe told me to strip. I stood in front of him and stepped out of my pants and pulled my shirt over my head. My toned 5'11" frame trembled with sexual energy, my cock erect and pointing up at a 40 degree angle. Joe also removed his pants and shirt and he sat forward on the couch. He took my cock in his right hand and placing his left hand on my ass. He pulled me toward him. He sucked my cock head into his mouth and proceeded to give me an incredible tongue massage. The feeling was amazing.

Our oral session was interrupted by Brandi as she made a grand entrance into the room. She was wearing a shear see-through white robe with white feather trim. Under the robe she wore a matching white bra, lace boy-short panties, and white thigh-high stockings. The white accentuated her dark tan. She was slender with long legs perched on incredibly high and slutty clear acrylic platform sandals. I could see the sexy bulge of her formidable "clitty" in her panties. The icing on this delicious cake was a thick platinum blond wig of long wavy hair and a fresh application of make-up, false eyelashes and pink lipstick.

Brandi allowed the robe to slide off over her shoulders as she said, "I see you have been naughty little cock suckers, letting the party start without Brandi. Well anyway, what do you think boys, do you like my little outfit?"

She said this as she gave a turn in the room in front of us. Her hairless body was flawless and she licked her sexy lips as she stared down at our erect cocks.

Brandi said, "Why don't you two follow me upstairs to the bedroom and let's get this party going."

With that she turned and we followed her sexy lace-clad ass up the stairs. As we entered the second floor master bedroom we were greeted by the soft glow of candlelight. The king size bed was made with white satin sheets and a bottle of champagne was waiting.

Brandi turned and held out her arms, "You like?"

Joe showed his approval by taking Brandi by the waist and kissing her passionately on the mouth. He had one hand on her back and the other on her ass. He pushed up against her and I could see his big hard cock squeezed between them. As they exchanged a long wet kiss I poured three glasses of champagne. When they came up for air I handed them a glass and raised mine to make a toast.

Naked and with a raging hard-on I toasted, "To Brandi one beautiful lady!"

Before drinking her wine Brandi said, "Can we make that 'one horny little slut?'"

We all laughed and downed the drinks. It was now my turn take a go at Brandi. I stepped behind her and kissed her shoulders and neck. I pressed up against her close from behind. My hard cock nestled between her ass cheeks rubbing against the ruff lace of her panties. My left hand caressed her midriff and my right touched the bulge of her clitty. She purred when I touched her.

Joe moved behind me and I could feel his big tool between my legs rubbing against my balls. He was nibbling and biting on my neck and then I felt an electric jolt as his wet tongue snaked into my ear. His hard cock was now rubbing against my hole.

Brandi broke from our "group

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