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They head to Texas for week of fun & discovery.

"This is just right... Not too small, not too big... Promise me that I can have all of this that I can handle."

I reached down, lifting her up to me and began to cover he face and neck with slow, wet, lingering kisses. Taking the soap I spun her around and began lathering her front while I spooned her from behind. I stroked her long neck with one hand while the other cupped and caressed her breast. She reached both hands up behind my head as I nuzzled her neck, still stroking her body. The water, beating down on our bodies, only served to intensify our lust. Cupping one breast, my other hand began to rub her pussy. She pressed her ass back into my cock... She was in an erotic trance, her pleasure driving her mind further from reality with each stroke. I fingered her clit. She let out a long, slow moan. I lightly bit into her neck as I stepped up the pressure on her clit. Her knees started to give. I pinched her nipple as I held her across her chest; it felt like a pencil eraser such was its state of arousal.

I wasn't going to be able to support her with just one arm for any length of time so I turned her around and backed her into the corner, pressing my body against hers. She threw her arms around my neck and kissed me deeply. I entered her with my fingers, stroking her labia and delving for that special spot. She gasped as my fingers hit her G-spot. I twirled around it and felt her knees go completely limp. I moved my thumb onto her clit as I increased the pressure on her love button. Her gasps turned into a series of short, soft, high-pitched whines, in time with my motions. Her pussy began to gush with her orgasm. I kissed her mouth, her face, her neck as her climax continued to build. I lowered my head to her breast, taking a nipple between my lips twirling my tongue around it as her entire body shook. She was at a peak, and now it was just a matter of keeping her going.

Early on in our marriage, I discovered that Terri was capable of ESO: Extended Sexual Orgasm. I had also read that most women are, if properly stimulated. I had found Keisha's controls, and now I just needed to fine tune her ecstasy.

Keisha continued to come until my wrist began to tire. I lifted her leg and positioned my dick at the entrance of her pussy. Deeply kissing her, I drove my cock deep inside her. Her eyes opened wide as our bodies finally merged. I lifted her other leg, holding her against the wall with my body, and drove my cock in to the hilt. With the same vigor, I withdrew... almost fully out, the head of my dick was poised at her cunt lips as I drove it back home. Back and forth, working everything from her outer lips to her G-spot, I pumped in and out of her. Her eyes rolled back into her head as she let out a deep, low moan.

I could only continue at this pace for a short while before I was going to come, and I wasn't ready just yet. I slowed my assault on her womanhood, and our frenzy slowly abated to long, slow strokes. She kissed me deeply as she tried to catch her breath. I further slowed my pace and I noticed strength coming back to her legs.

"Oooohhh God... Oooooh God" she moaned. "Please don't ever stop... This is incredible." She held me tightly, her gasps almost sobs. "Just promise to fuck me like this forever."

Reluctantly, I withdrew and reached to turn off the water. She reached for me as I wrapped her in a lush, thick towel. Like a mother cat, I dried her, going over every square inch. With every touch, she purred like a baby kitten.

We stepped out of the shower and in front of the vanity. I stood behind her and absorbed the view in the wrap around mirror. I kissed her neck. I nibbled on her ear and whispered "You are so beautiful, so sexy... You make me so hot that I don't want to come... I just want to continue worshiping your body." She leaned into me, her arms restrained by the towel and sighed. "I want you to come... I want you to come in my mouth, on my tits, in my pussy, in my ass... I want your seed... as much as I can get."

Standing behind her, I sensuously brushed and

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