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Breakfast for Danielle, but Toby has to go without.

"I'm going to come." I managed to get out between groans, looking down into her eyes.

"Mmm hmm." She acknowledged, never taking her eyes from mine, just blinking slowly up at me.

She then performed something magical with her tongue. Somehow, she managed to fold it back and flick the very tip of my cock even as she took it as deep as she could.

"I'm coming!" I rasped, clawing at the walls for something to hold on for dear life to. I came, that immeasurable pleasure from pressure being released just behind my stomach. My boiling cum shot from my twitching balls; it shot along my shaft, pouring into Danielle's mouth. I felt like I had a small ocean's worth of cum to deposit in her mouth.

She never looked away from me. Well, I can't be sure of that, but whenever my eyes were open she was looking up at me with a very pleased look on her face. Her lips never left my orgasming erection, I can be sure of that. I watched her remove my deflating cock from her lips with an erotic 'pop' and smile up, exaggerating the noise and motion of swallowing my cum.

"Tasty." She said, giving the head of my cock a soft kiss. She stood, sliding her body up mine. I was going to say something, I don't remember what, but she cut me off with a kiss. It was the first time I'd ever tasted my own cum, and was far too high of my recent monumental orgasm to care. I just kissed back the beautiful woman who had given me such pleasure.

"I'd like to reciprocate, but I think I just kind of need to stand here for right now."

She laughed hard at that, hugging me. I could feel both the deep belly laugh and that musical giggle inside her, finally being allowed to escape. It wasn't clear if the joy I was feeling was due to her laughter, or if it was her happiness itself that crept through her skin to mine.

After a few seconds, my arms stopped being useless stumps and I wrapped them around Danielle, holding her close. Every nerve was on end, every sense heightened, the bliss from my orgasm still keeping my head in the clouds. I felt every inch of where she touched me, from the subtle brushes of our shins as we rocked back and forth in the water, to the broad expanse of our torsos that pressed tightly to each other.

"It's nice to finally have someone." She said quietly. "To not have to worry about someone I care about finding out about my past. I feel so free."

"I'm glad." Brilliant answer.

"It's also good to know that how aren't disgusted by me, that I still turn you on."

"You turn me on in ways you can't even imagine." It's true. She probably has no idea that she can get me harder than thrice translated German poetry in just a t-shirr and sweats. I squeezed her tightly for a moment before releasing her.

"Come on. Let's wash up. Then we'll eat breakfast, and I'll eat you."

We dried off and walked back into my, our, bedroom. Or rather I just kind of held parts of my towel around me while I watched Danielle turn and bend, drying herself. I watched as she shucked the water from her skin, giving it a glowing golden look. Giving me a naughty smile, over her shoulder, she wrapped herself in the towel and walked into the bedroom. Dumbly, I followed.

I held up my robe and offered it to her. She wrapped it around herself and immediately started to giggle.

"What?" I hope that glorious music you're making is a sign you're happy.

"It's huge! I feel like I'm wearing a tent." This was true. She's much smaller than I am, but then again seeing her in something so large just made her look cuter. "A nice, warm, fluffy tent." She effectively snuggled my robe around her. God, the way her eyes crinkled from that enormous smile on her face...

"But it's too big.

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