Sangitta and Julie go shopping then clubbing.

She pinched them and pulled until she could stand the pain no more and the tears were running down her face but she was very wet between her legs.

She ran her hands down to her pussy and began to touch herself. She was so wet. She had never been this wet before and she knew that it would not take long for her to cumm. She inserted a finger into herself and began to finger her pussy.

In and out she moved her finger but that was not working so she went for her clit instead. She began to rub at that furiously and soon she felt her orgasm begin to build inside of her. She knew that it was going to be a big one but she had to try and be quiet because her parents were downstairs.

Suddenly it just exploded out of her and she had to bite her lip so hard to stop herself from screaming. She was splashing around the bath because her legs were in spasm and she was way over the top with sexual desire for Sangitta.

Julie stepped out of the bath once she had calmed down and towelled herself dry and walked naked out of the bathroom just as her mother was coming up the stairs. She quickly went to her bedroom and closed the door. She knew that her mother would smell her orgasm.

She opened her drawers and looked for something suitable to wear tonight. She pulled out some black frilly knickers and a matching frilly bra. She put them on and then she went to the wardrobe and chose a black dress. She pulled that on and looked at herself in the mirror. She applied some dark make-up and styled her hair and was happy with how she looked. She completed the look with some patent leather high heel boots.

She checked her watch and saw that it was five to eight. She ran downstairs grabbed her purse and stood on the doorstep waiting for the taxi to arrive. Sangitta had already parked up and was pleased to see that Julie had learnt her lesson and was in fact early. She opened the door to the back of the cab and Julie climbed in.

Sangitta gave the directions to the taxi driver and then she turned to Julie and said.

"Right I am going to check you out."

"Unzip your boots I want to check the smoothness of your legs and your pussy." Said Sangitta.

Julie knew then that she would be in trouble. She had not shaved her legs and her pussy had not been waxed for a couple of days. When Sangitta checked her out she was not impressed.

"You are a disgrace. You have stubble on both your legs and your pussy. I am so going to be embarrassed to take you with me. You will be dealt with later."

"Yes Mistress." Said Julie.

The taxi pulled up outside a seedy looking bar and Julie was suddenly afraid. She had not realised what sort of world she had opened up to Sangitta and she was beginning to regret her initial reaction but she loved her so much.

They left the taxi and Julie paid the entrance into the club and they entered. It was dark and dingy and Julie found it difficult to adjust to the dim lights. When she did all she saw was women. Some were quite obviously couples and some were single and on the prowl. Julie linked arms with Sangitta and asked her not to let go of her.

"Do not worry Baby Girl your Mistress will look after you."

They went to the bar and Sangitta ordered two large glasses of white wine and made Julie pay for them. At this rate she would have no money left. They took their drinks and found a table to sit at. As they sipped on their drinks Julie began to relax and actually began to feel that this was where she belonged.

After a couple more drinks they got up and had a dance and it was a slow number. Sangitta actually cuddled her and made it obvious to everyone that Julie belonged to her but that still did not stop the predatory looks from the single women. At one point Julie wanted to go to the toilet. She turned to Sangitta and said.

"I need a piss."

"Well go and have one." Sangitta retorted.

"I do not want to go on my own" Whined Julie.

"Oh for fucks sake I am not going to the toilet just to hold your hand.

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