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Stupid Revenge Rebounds. Sequel to kajiralyma's Revenge

Believe it or not, this will help you recall in the future if you're asked to testify. Recalling it in detail may seem painful, but it's for the best. I believe you, Mari. It's obvious this was non-consensual. I'm just doing my job."

I nodded, and went back to answering the questions. After more humiliation, including checking my butt, even though I told them that nothing had happened there, they finally let me clean up and put on the clothing that Tina had brought me. The doctor offered me a morning-after pill I was relieved to take.

The police were still waiting. "If you're up to it," the lady cop said, "we could finish your statement now."

"Can I get something to eat?" I asked. I hadn't eaten since the night before and it was after noon. I was amazed that I was hungry.

They brought in a sandwich and a Coke for me, and finished the interview. I gave them Pony's and Andre's full names, and told them about the third guy named Alex. I explained that Alex was the first to rape me, and how he did it, and that the other two left when Pony raped me. I had to repeat all the details of what he did, and how he did it, including how he slapped me and choked me. I told them how he said he was going to destroy my life, and that night was only the start. I also explained that Andre didn't do any raping, but he's the one who gagged me, stripped my panties off, and left me there for the others to rape.

They had a lot of questions, and I answered them as best I could.

My sister had called work, and explained the circumstances, so I didn't have to go in for a couple of days. That was good, because I was a mess. My sister let me stay with her, since I couldn't stand to go back home to my apartment.

The police showed up on the second day, and asked me if I was willing to do a lineup. I didn't think I needed to, I knew who the guys were, I'd known them for years. I guess it was for the third guy, the guy named Alex. I let them drive me down to the police station, and stood behind the glass.

"Number 2," I said as soon as the guys walked in the room.

"Are you certain?"

"The guy was right on top of me. He was the first to rape me. He came on my face for God's sake! I know who raped me. He was at the mall, and in my room. Alex, number 2."

There were four people in the room, and the fat guy in the suit didn't look too happy with me. Well, fuck him.

The police spoke with me afterward. "It's a slam dunk, Mari. Mr. Collins started confessing as soon as we pulled them in."

"Andre confessed?"

"Yeah, he wasn't happy with the way the whole thing went down."

"If he wasn't happy, he didn't have to threaten me at the mall, gag me or strip me."

The comment about threatening me at the mall, started a new discussion, and I had to go over that again.

"Mr. Mancuso is a repeat offender. According to the records he's tried this once before with you."

I shook my head. "Not like this. That time all that happened was Pony didn't want to stop when I told him to. He got pushy, and I had to slap him to get him off me."

The guy was reading his notes. "It looks like you weren't the only one. He had two other complaints against him at that time, one a lot more severe than yours. He was lucky to get off back then. He won't be so lucky this time."

"Good. I hope the bastard rots in jail."

~ * ~ * ~

The police were right. Alex and Pony were both repeat offenders. I had no idea there were so many things a guy could get charged with during a rape. Assault, rape, kidnapping, breaking and entering, the list seemed to go on and on. I sat in the courtroom and was eager to get up and tell them my story.

Their fat-fuck lawyer tried to say it was my idea. He argued that I wanted it, and that I'd asked them over. He tried to make me sound like a slut. I told him what I thought of him, and the judge told me I couldn't say that. I asked why not, the fat idiot was a joke and a liar. He was probably a rapist too, since nobody would ever want to fuck a fat ass like him.

The judge had a little talk with me, and I calmed down, and just answered the que

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