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Tape #3 - Kat Dennings.

What about it?"

Both were clearly astonished at Gail's generosity, "You're kidding us -- we hardly even know each other!" I said in shock.

She leaned forward and said seriously, and forcefully, "We know each other well enough to sleep together don't we? Even if Cher and I haven't yet, we will." She looked straight a Cheryl.

"Besides," she continued, "I've already found a couple of two bedroom apartments for $1100.00 a month in Kitsilano Beach that my parents were willing to rent for me alone. How hard can it be to find a three bedroom for a little more -- you girls could afford to pay the extra between you right?"

Without pausing for hardly a second she went on, "Even if you couldn't afford that I'll bet if I told my parents it was $1500 a month they'd put up the bucks just to show each other up!"

When she saw the look of surprised shock on our faces, she laughed, and said, "Come on you two, what have you got to lose?"

I looked at Cheryl, who was sitting back in her chair with a dazed look on her face, and I thought for a few seconds, and then realized, Gail was right -- we didn't have anything to lose that we weren't going to lose anyway -- and besides, I was going crazy in the cramped space in our dorm. "I'm in if you are Cher!" I laughed.

Cher looked at me, and then to Gail, and then at me again and then she said something that delighted us completely, "Ask, and God provides, Katie! I prayed for an answer this morning, but I never expected a solution so quick, Katie. I'm in!"

Gail laughed and we put our hands together...

Cher started smiling again, broadly this time, her eyes alight with excitement, "Now I can't wait for us to move in together!"

Gail smiled at her and quietly said "Me too!"

We all quickly agreed to spend Sunday looking at places.

Gail then turned to me, "Now then Cher, what was your idea for Halloween, I'm ready for some fun!"

"Well, when I came in I saw the sign for the Halloween Pub Crawl, and it got me thinking. I'm not really interested in that craziness, but I would really like to have a little party."

The other two were nodding in agreement, so I went on. "I was thinking about a house party..."

Gail looked a little doubtful, "But we have no house..."

Cheryl giggled, I knew she had read my mind, "But our boyfriends do!"

"Exactly," I laughed, "now all we need to do is convince them to go for it."

Cheryl said smiling, "Oh, I'm pretty sure I can convince both Dave and Chris easily enough. Especially if I promise them some 'treats'. "

Gail was watching us both with an interested look on her face. "Oh, I know I can convince Keith too, but it needs to be more than just the six of us," I said including Gail in our plans. I looked to her, "You're interested aren't you?"

"Oh yes, more than interested, waaayyy more than just interested..." She grinned.

"Good! Now, are you ready 'cause I was thinking about more than just getting dressed up. I've heard of an event in San Francisco called the Erotic Exotica Ball, where the costumes are very minimal and quite wild -- I'd like to try to convince the guys to hold a small one here at their house?"

Cheryl laughed aloud, "Oh, I should have know you would have some kind of wild-assed sexy plan in your head. Okay, I'm still interested, but who do we get to come?"

Gail looked a little surprised, but chimed in "I'm STILL in. In fact, now I'm really interested! I've never heard of that thing in San Francisco, but your idea sounds great anyway."

I expanded my plan further, "I was thinking, if all six of us could think of at least one other person to bring, and tried for two each, that would make more than twenty if they brought partners. Is that enough for a party?" Now they had heard almost all of my plan, I was worried that the though of being half (completely?) naked with that many people might scare either Cheryl, or Gail off -- I needn't have worried as it turned out.

Gail paused for a second, looked thoughtful, and then said, "There's another girl I work with, who might come, and yeah, I know at least

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