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It's Linda and Peri's turn to play.

As I passed the backs of her knees I was having to lean forward and stretch, struggling to put any pressure on her warm soft skin.

"Hop up on the lounger Steve, I'm sure it can take the weight of both of us, if you sit on my legs you won't have to stretch so much."

I positioned myself on the lounger, her legs squeezed together between my knees so I could work my way up the backs of her thighs, inching closer and closer to her exposed ass. Lotion on feet and calves is one thing, but rubbing the cream into her ass was undeniably a more intimate experience.

Squeezing another blob of lotion into my palm and rubbing my hands together I stared at her ass. "In for a penny, in for a pound" I thought, and planted a spread hand on each cheek, and surprisingly I received no response from Mum. I moved my hands around in circles on the soft orbs of flesh, her warm skin glistening where it had been covered with the lotion. My initial light touch soon became firmer, enthusiastically rubbing her slick and shiny ass.

"Enjoying your massage, Mum?" I asked.

"Oh yes, this is a real treat, I might have to get you to do me every day." She replied, the double entendre wasn't lost on me.

Feeling emboldened by her comment my fondling became more brazen, pawing at her like a piece of meat. My forehead was sweating, my heart was racing and my breaths were short and quick. My cock was straining at the mesh in my shorts once again, but thankfully in my body position it wouldn't have been too obvious to Dad, though I suspect he wouldn't have cared. Holding a buttock in the palm of each hand I pulled apart her cheeks apart, the tight rosebud of her ass was almost revealed, barely hidden by the string bikini. I paused for a moment, trying to contemplate the bizarre situation I found myself in, staring at my mother's asshole whilst my Dad ate a sandwich a few feet away.

I rubbed my lotion slicked thumbs along the inside of the cheeks, before finally hooking my right thumb under the g-string of the bikini bottom and slowly drawing it down the crack of her ass and passing over the forbidden hole (then again I suppose they're all forbidden when it's your own mother). I heard a sharp intake of breath, clearly she was shocked that I'd done it, but didn't protest.

To reach her back I would have to shift myself further up her legs, and I realised that this would soon create another opportunity to push the boundaries further. Shimmying up the lounger with my legs on the outside of her thighs I perched just below her ass. Taking a firm grasp of Mum by her sides just above her ass, I slowly pushed forward with my hands. This spread her ass just enough that I was able to shift forward my body forward and nestle my throbbing dick between her oily cheeks, my thin shorts and her flimsy g-string the only thing between us. An involuntary grunt escaped her lips and she squirmed against me.

My slick hands worked their way up her back until I reached the shoulders before slowly sliding back to just above her ass. Repeating the hand movement allowed me to work my hips back and forth, rubbing my cock between her cheeks. My cock was so hard that it was almost painful being constrained in my shorts, practically dry humping my own mother in full view of my father, I didn't dare look over in his direction. She didn't offer any movement or audible reaction in return to my fondles and squeezes, but her lack of resistance told me she was comfortable, her muscles were relaxed and her breathing had slowed and become deeper, the initial shock of my groping clearly wearing off.

Looking down at Mum's body almost every inch of her was slick and shiny with the lotion and I knew it would soon be time to end her rub down.

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