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she meets Him for the first time.

"Do I think of everything or what?" Dave laughed, producing a small videocam he'd somehow managed to hold back in the divorce. "Any of you ladies camera-shy?"

"Long as you don't show our faces," Janis laughed.

"Great fucking bukkake vid if I can't show your faces," Dave said. "Look, what say I make a deal with you; if you gals let me videotape the whole thing, I promise not to post it on the Internet or anything. Nobody gets a look at it outside of the people in this room. How's that?"

"What do you say, Yvonne? Barb? Shall we let him?" Janis asked.

"I'd love a keepsake," Yvonne said. "I don't know about you, Barb."

Looking straight at me, Barb said, "Whatever it takes to get this party going."

"All right, men," Dave said. "Mind your manners, no crowding or shoving. They'll be plenty opportunities for everybody to get a turn. Or two. Or three."

Six men gathered around like it was a scrimmage. Janis took one cock, then added a second in her mouth. Yvonne jacked two and sucked on a third. The third guy was me. Getting a world-class blow job from Yvonne that fulfilled all my fantasies and then some, I watched as three men crowded around my wife and offered her their cocks. She'd pump a few quick sucks on one, then switch to the next and so on, doing a round robin.

When the man on Barb's right seemed to be getting close, she focused all her attention on him. He moaned once before his voice caught and he ejaculated his cum profusely all over Barb's forehead and the bridge of her nose. She squealed with surprised delight, then said in a smoky sensuous voice, "Who else wants to cum on my face?"

The second man Barb was blowing started pumping away, forcefully fucking my wife in the face with a broad-headed cock that looked eight or nine inches long and was sheathed in veins that bulged like those in a power lifter's arms. He whispered something to her that sounded like "be my cocksucking whore." A moment later he withdrew just in time to shoot a load of cum so powerfully that most of it landed in Barb's hair. She caught the last few shots in her mouth and, after running her tongue across her upper teeth, affected a sultry expression and mouthed the words, "Thank you."

The two men who had cum on Barb were quickly replaced, and soon my wife's face was egged with so much cum she couldn't open her eyes. The next few men moved on to her tits; soon those too were plastered. Barb took a cue from Janis and took two cocks at a time into her mouth while two other men waiting for blowjobs swirled their dickheads around her nipples that were already slick with semen.

Yvonne favored me with a long slow blowjob that outlasted two sets of men getting hand jobs from her. You had to give Yvonne credit: that girl sure was ambidextrous.

When I told her, "Baby, I'm getting close," she winked at me. The wild pleasure was building in me like a volcano as she sucked away; she sensed it and sucked even harder trying to bring out the cum. Yvonne knew tricks to stimulate me that a woman only learns with practice and that are impossible unless the woman truly enjoys sucking a man's cock. Yvonne wasn't faking; I could tell she was reveling in the experience of fellating me while squatting ass cheek to ass cheek with Barb who was busy doing the same thing to two other men.

Dave circled around like a referee with the videocam, moving in for extreme close-ups every time there was a money shot, meanwhile giving forth with a play-by-play monologue of encouragement. He had zeroed in for a closeup of my penis in Yvonne's mouth, her head pumping away so fast it must have blurred the image on video, when I reached the breaking point.

"I'm cumming," I gasped.

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