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An offer of friendship brings complications.

So Brooke picked up the small girl and placed her horizontally with stomach on a chair. Gwen felt even more helpless now. her elbow arms hung off the side and her knee legs hung off the other side. Brooke then grabbed a mask looking thing off her dresser and walked over to Gwen's helpless puppy form.

"See this Bitch? This cost me a pretty penny, it looks just like an ordinary dog head, but it is so much more. This is designed for extremely long time use, the jaw and mouth open and stick to your exact jaw and mouth: that way you can eat with it on. And the ears fit over your ears, and nose over your nose. Except the outside looks like a dog face, pretty cool huh? And here's the best part, see this string?"

She pointed to a string attached the corner of the mouth that had a sort of deflated circle attached to it.

"That string will go down your throat and that circle will inflate down there. It will form a small ring that will stick to the side of your trachea. Quite painful at first, but once you get used to it, you won't notice it at all. Except...it does take your ability to talk away. Only barks for my little Bitch."

Panicked, Gwen brought movement to her limbs, swinging them from side to side, but found to her horror that the suit combined with the chair prevented her from escape.

"Awww, Bitch found her movement again? Too bad she's a puppy now."

But as Brooke brought the mask over to her, Gwen found she could talk again.

"PLEASE BROOKE!! Please don't do this, I don't know why you're doing this, but please stop, something is wrong with you, you've gone crazy!"

"Aw, Bitch, nothing is wrong with me, it is you who is broken. But don't worry I will fix you. You will become what you were always meant to be, a puppy. My Bitch."

And with that, Brooke pushed the button again and Gwen went limp, but the charge wasn't as strong as before. Gwen was able to watch as Brooke slipped the mask over her face, felt the elastic stick to her every feature. And felt the muted pain as the string snaked down her throat and attached itself. The pain suddenly grew as it expanded and her body shook in violent waves as her nerves were jolted back into movement. For several seconds the agony shook her and the chair, but then it slowly died down. Until all Gwen felt was a slight rasp as she breathed through her mouth.

"Sorry about that Bitch, but it had to be done, what good is a puppy if it can talk like a human? Oh, and if you were wondering, it is permanent. I couldn't find anything temporary, but that's good! Cause now you'll be my puppy forever!"

Once she heard the word permanent, Gwen went into shock, she couldn't believe this was happening to her. Why? But, she didn't have long to think, as Brooke walked over to her with a large furry tail and some sort of can.

"Now, as you obviously know, girls have three holes," Brooke said as she wrested the jar open, "the pussy, the asshole, and that small one in between. This, is your new tail, and this is perma-glue. As you have noticed, you have three holes left in your suit. The one for your pussy will remain open at all times, like all bitches are. The one for your ass will also. But one for that other hole is about to be closed. Permanently, of course."

And as Brooke lathered the tail end in glue, Gwen screamed out in horror, finding she could scream...

"STopppp...arf!! Bark! Bark! Arf! Arf!??"

"Good Bitch, bark for your new Mistress! Bark Bitch!" Brooke yelled as she forced the tail into Gwen's hole.

"ARF! Arooooo!! Bark bark!"

As Brooke worked the slippery tail into her hole, Gwen struggled to free herself from the chair by rocking it, but it was no use, as Brooke held her back down with her other hand. Gwen heard a loud POP! as the enlarged end sunk into her hole, and the tail flopped down.

"That was harder than I thought, but now let's see what good the extra features I paid for do."

Brooke pulled out a different remote control from the collar's one, and pushed a large red button.

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