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Steven's chips start falling.


The blonde dragged two fingers up the length of Misty's vulva, peeling back the clitoral hood to expose the pearl beneath, "What a beautiful clit, don't you think?"

"Yes," Ghoen panted.

Quickly making sure her digits were doused in sexual juices, Avelee started delicately swirling a finger around just the tip of Misty's clitoris in an impressive display of dexterity. The brunette jolted as she was pleasured by the woman. This time she could not hold back a toe curling mewl. Ghoen grunted her own arousal in response.

"I'm going to make her cum, Ghoen. Would you like that?"

"Yes," it had become more like a chant.

It was true; Misty was quickly being brought to orgasm. She dreamily wondered what portion of her current ecstasy should be attributed to Avelee's skill rather than whatever aphrodisiacal substance she had contracted from Roaji. Being touched by another woman was odd for Misty; it lacked the excited buzz she had whenever she got when a male lover touched her.

Regardless, Avelee was showing Misty ways to delight her anatomy that she had never dreamed of. Her clit was singing under the blonde girl's touch, throbbing as it was alternately rolled, stroked and flicked. Beginning to reach her peak, the brunette seized her lover's wrist to ensure it stayed put.

"Are you close, Ghoen? She is. She's about to cum all over my hand," the lithe girl said.

Having her own pleasure narrated was surprisingly hot even if it was for another's benefit. The wave of rapture within her crested and the human keened as her hips bucked. The orc groaned loudly and lustily in a deeper echo of the human's cries, her arm a blur of motion. The wave crashed down and Misty could only spasm against Avelee.

The blonde cried out, "Oh! She's cumming! I can feel her sex flowing onto me. Cum for me, my love! Cum with her!"

Quaking in her own pleasure, Misty watched as the orc reached her own. Ghoen's back arched and her head flew back as she continued frantically rubbing herself. Seemingly unwilling to deprive herself of the sight of her lover with another woman however, the orc forced herself upright. The orgasm must have been a big one, as no sooner was she up, the green giantess doubled up with a high pitched growl and fell off her chair. She landed on the floor, legs akimbo and panting.

Misty herself might have fallen off the couch if Avelee had not been holding her against her. The bigger girl gasped breathily into the crook of the other's neck as warm surges drew through her. The blonde smelled of apples and freshly cut grass and Misty, orgasm still slowly throbbing through her, could not resist kissing Avelee's skin. The smaller woman murmured happily as she gently stroked Misty till her peak had fully faded.

The two humans snugged only for a moment and Misty was surprised and disappointed when Avelee ended the embrace with a peck on the cheek and a, "Thank you."

The slim girl almost danced over to her orc who was trying to pretend that she had not just fallen on her ass. Ghoen captured her in her arms and pulled her up to kiss her deeply. The size difference between the couple always threatened to be comical, but here, watching Avelee get whisked off her feet was kind of sweet and sexy. Misty wondered if that was how it looked between herself and Roaji.

The teacher brought her hand, that was still covered in Misty's cum, to Ghoen's mouth, "Taste her."

The orc did not need to be told twice and began devouring the cream rapturously. The busty human winced in discomfort as her sexual essence was exalted by the other woman. As Misty's afterglow faded, her sense that she was out of place here once again began to grow. So she got up to look for another drink while she worked out if she were done here or not.

After some casual looting at the kitchen alcove, Misty was saddened to not find any more swamp fever.

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