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A cum drinking alien, what more could you want?

It's not something that comes to mind.

"How many girls have you guys slept with?" Mike didn't miss a beat.

"One hundred and nine," Mike said.

"I'm around that too," Lee said.

"You guys keep count?"

"You better believe it," Lee said.

"We keep a journal," Mike said. I trusted that it was true.

We did another round of shots. I was fast approaching a literal tipping point. Lee asked me, "Have you ever slept with guys as hot as us?"

"You mean not including Joe?" I said.

"Joe's not as hot as us," Mike said, lifting up his shirt to expose his cut abs.

"Fuck, I don't know. I guess not."

"That's what we thought," Lee said. "So...you want to?" I took a gulp of my beer.

"Yes," I said. Lee and Mike smiled at each other.

"Let's go then," Mike said, and hailed the bartender.

"Yeah, let's get the fuck out of here," Lee said.


We rode in their Jeep with the windows down, me in the backseat. Lee looked back at me.

"You're not worried about Joe, are you?" Lee asked.

"Aw, man, don't worry about him," Mike said before I could respond. "He ain't gonna know. We're real discreet."

"I'm not," I said.

"Besides," Mike continued, like he hadn't heard me, "You and Joe aren't married. And we sure as shit didn't take a vow to be faithful to our brother."

"It's a little sketchy," Lee added, "but basically on the level."

"We can pretend afterward like it never happened. Everything that happens, from this point, can be, like, lost time. Something we'll take to the grave."

"Not that you'll ever forget it," Lee said, and reached back to run his hand up the leg of my shorts. He stopped just short of my crotch and slid his hand back out.

"Have you guys ever done anything with a guy before?" I asked.

"You mean recently?" Mike said.

"No, no, not since, like, high school," Lee said.

"We're just curious," Mike said. "You're the best looking guy Joe's ever brought home. Plus, you're cool. Trust me, it's gonna be fun."


To be honest, their apartment was hilarious: PlayStation, Bruce Lee posters, even a Lava Lamp -- the whole bit. I sat down on the couch and Mike sat next to me. Lee went to the fridge to get us beers and Mike started feeling my body, so I felt his. Fuck he was gorgeous. His body was like hard marble under his t-shirt. I reached down and felt his swelling crotch and Lee came back with the beers. He handed them to us. Lee just started stripping down, and Mike stood up and started doing the same. They left their underwear on and got on each side of me on the couch. Mike started taking off my shirt and Lee slid off my shorts. I started making out with Mike. He didn't hold anything back, and as I writhed my tongue against his I again went for his cock. It was rock hard now in his black boxer briefs.

I turned to Lee and started making out with him. He was an even better kisser than Mike -- all soft and passionate. His cock was still fattening and it did feel a bit bigger than Mike's. Mike was kneading my hard cock underneath my briefs and when I came up for air from making out with Lee, he pushed me down until I was kneeling on the floor.

"Take off our underwear," Mike said. I complied, going for Lee's first. His fat, hairy cock bounded out, standing lazily upright and rising. It was a beautiful cock. I went down on it, popping the head in my mouth and sliding my lips down until they were against his fuzzy balls.

"Damn," Lee said.

"Feel good?" Mike said.

"Dude, you have no idea." I made a few more passes on Lee's cock, keeping my lips nice and tight. I moved over to Mike and slid his briefs down his solid legs. His cock was skinnier but nice and rigid, his nuts shaved smooth. He scooched closer to his brother so that their thighs were touching. Mike ran his hand through my hair as I sucked him, greedily taking his rigid dick down my throat.

"Holy shit, bro, you ain't kidding," Mike said.

"I know, right?" Lee said.

"Guess it's true what they say about guys being better.

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