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Describes Ash' smoke slave journey.

For days she and her tribeswomen relentlessly harvest our cum until our balls run dry, our cocks burning from the constant pumping and milking. She comes to pity me and gathers nuts from a shea tree, crushing them to make a salve she gives me in the dead of night, hands caressing me in the dark, her breath a breeze on my aching used cock. Heavenly relief and comfort comes from the most feared and admired woman on the continent.

It was intoxicating, this dream, as I watched the dance of a woman who had just mated for hours by her own free will, for the pure joy of it, and who remained free, unbound, living and loving as she pleased.

Her tan thighs, the tight smooth surface of her skin, made a ready road for rivulets of semen leaking from the depths of her femininity. It brought a primal ache to my loins. A deep ancient goading at the base of my lizard brain told me to replace the foreign cum with my own, to thrust deep into her captive pinned-down body and scoop that cum out on the back-thrust using the thickening spongy rim of my inflated cock-head, its purpose clear to me for the first time. I went blank.

She was holding me back with an upturned hand. She would not be taken that way.

I looked around, amazed. I couldn't remember how I got by her side so quickly. Could my animal instinct really push me, my awareness, out of my own head like that? I shook my head and she tentatively approached me, pausing her dance, and kissed me. It was Katie. It was her kissing me. I was ok. We were ok.

But as she kissed me I saw her kissing him, straddling his thick and growing cock. I kissed her more and I saw her blowing him. She kissed me back hard and deep, with lips and tongue that had recently been wrapped around another cock and had brought it to a boil right in front of me, calmly swallowing the load he spurted across her lips and tongue. It was his first and therefore thickest, whitest load. After the eruption she had swallowed three times, but still a stream of cum dripped towards her chin. Her hungry tongue had flicked out and caught it. All the while she was gazing into my captive eyes, flaunting the sexy power she had to tame even the most monstrous of cocks.

I played the movie over and over in my head, I was so turned on and fascinated by it. I had stopped kissing and was staring at her in awe. She knew what I was thinking and stepped back, then lifted my chin with her fingers so I could see her seductively run her tongue in a circle, licking all around her talented, cum-beckoning lips. She winked. Holy freaking shit. I was defenseless.

She had more in store. Knowing that, I somehow managed to sit myself back down.

Strands of black curls cupped her flushed cheeks and clung there, still slightly wet and matted from the sweat she had produced during her furious suck and fuck session. A permanent tent grew in my pants, my dick a snake under her spell.

She had a new confidence and pride that surely came from the knowledge of how powerful, how all-encompassing, her sexuality now was.

As my insatiable cock-hunter of a wife approached, a knowing smile spread across her lips. She was ready to feast upon me, and milk me dry with her powerful pussy.

And powerful it was. For the last year she had been doing Kegel, stopping her pee in midstream, even buying a pair of Ben Wa balls she would hold using her increasingly strong vaginal muscles. At first she wouldn't tell me why. Then I found and read one of her magazines with an article about it. She could, gently or intensely, squeeze my cock and pull it deeper within her.

She had practiced well. She had slain the monster cock of our dreams only moments before. Although I had to imagine the details, I knew how Katie operated when she was on the prowl.

She had innocently charmed h

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