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Friendship takes an interesting turn.

I turned the volume up on the TV until the room was filled with the sounds of grunting and moaning.

Before I left I turned to give her one last piece of advice. "I wouldn't let yourself get too comfortable.......because in two hours your punishment really begins."

She nodded meekly and I closed the door behind me as I left the room.

Making Jen watch porn while I was away was actually Tracy's suggestion, but I had also thrown in a few details of my own that I felt added a little value to the situation.

I had set up the porn that she was now forced to watch to start with nice, almost conventional sex acts, but by the time I got back with Tracy she would be watching some pretty hard-core lesbian bondage. This wasn't done just for kicks.

I had a pretty strong hunch (form something she said to me years ago) that the very thought of being punished and fucked by a mistress was something that had featured in her fantasies for years. If it worked like I almost certainly knew it would, then Jen would be frantic and soaking wet by the time Tracy and I even entered the room again.

I had tied her down securely so there was no way she could touch herself let alone get free. I had always known about Jen's filthy little bondage fantasies, and I also knew that she had probably never acted upon them. I was going to use everything I knew about her to full effect tonight.

It should have been a thirty minute drive to Tracy's work, but in my excitement, I did it in twenty. She was beyond excited when I picked her up from outside the beauty shop. She was dressed in her work clothes, but even then she still wore a tight black outfit that showed off just about everything.

She had brought two full shopping bags with her. I could see clothes and lingerie in one bag, but the other contained a bunch of mysterious items that I couldn't quite make out. I told her how I had prepared Jen and had left her there waiting for us and I could tell that Tracy was very anxious and very ready to get things started.

"Fuck this is all so hot. I'm gonna have your nasty little slut Ex purring like a kitten. She's gonna come so hard she won't even know what's happening."

Tracy was a special kind of girl. She liked a little pain with her pleasure. Her make-up was dark and her lipstick was black today. She had two piercings through her lower lip and one nose piercing and as you have probably already guessed, she has her more private areas pierced too. She was curvy and voluptuous a lot like Jen was, only Tracy was the darker nastier version of Jen and I loved that about her.

Jen had been tied down in that room for almost an hour before Tracy and I arrived back at my place. We had made our arrival as quietly as possible so that Jen wouldn't realise that I had returned.

The frantic sounds of flesh being whipped and spanked was mingled with the rapturous cries of willing females as the porn continued to play loudly on the flat screen in my bedroom. By now Jen would be watching some truly impressive things being done to bound and helpless women as they climaxed over and over again.

Tracy quietly walked up to the bedroom door and listened closely before returning to me. "Oh my god I can hear that little slut thrashing about on that bed of yours. She must be practically wetting herself by now!"

I couldn't resist and I listened at the door too. I could her Jen squirming and rubbing against the sheets. She was breathing hard through her nose because of the ball-gag in her mouth and it was clear that she was exerting herself in some way. There was just no way for her to get herself off, I had made sure of that. She was tied, facing up, and spread-eagled to each post of the bed. All she was going to do was make herself more frustrated.

Jen clearly hadn't heard us arrive or she would have stopped moving. For all she knew it was still just me she was waiting for anyway. She had no idea of course that Tracy was here and I couldn't wait to see the look on her face when she made that little discovery.

Tracy wrapped her arms around me gave me a

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