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Susan's party night continues, and in the morning goes on.

they will be more experienced, and will guide you OK?"

"Like Monica earlier?" Jennifer asked.

"Yes, just like that. In fact she would be a great mentor for you." Bill said escorting Jennifer to the caf__ and taking a seat at a table with Doug.

"Jennifer hasn't met Michelle has she? Jennifer this is Michelle, she's a very good friend of mine, and I hope will agree to allow me to collar her one day." Doug said.

Michelle shook Jennifer's hand and Jennifer noticed that both of them were wearing Green bands, which Jennifer now understood to mean that they intended to couple, but probably with each other. Greetings were exchanged and Jennifer took a position similar to Michelle on the arm of the chair Bill was sitting on. Bill placed his hand on Jennifer's hip and it felt a bit possessive, but nice. Jennifer listened to the conversation, a who's here kind of thing, and looked around the room. Dom's seemed to be sitting, and Subs were either parked on the arm of the chair, or kneeling beside their chosen Dom's. Some subs were on smaller tables along the wall, and a few Dom's were alone in chairs.

Jennifer saw Monica along the wall and returned the smile. Monica was wearing a tight fitting one piece romper thing in flashing silver. The woman sharing the small caf__ table with Monica was wearing what seemed to be vinyl or latex top and bottom. It was very shiny whatever the material was. Jennifer realized that her outfit was normal here. Everyone seemed to be dressed appropriate to their slot. Dom's wore more clothing, and subs, even the males scattered about, wore less. Some subs were leashed by their Dom's, others weren't.

Bill's hand gave her a small squeeze and she turned her head to find him smiling at her. She was smiling too, enjoying herself.

"Jennifer, will you do me a favor?" Bill asked.

"Yes sir." Jennifer answered.

The man over there wearing the white shirt and black leather vest, you see him?" Bill asked.

"Yes sir."

"Please go to him and say 'Master Randolph, if you please, Bill would like to speak to you if it's convenient.' and then go visit with Monica and let her introduce you to Heather and the rest over there OK?" Bill asked.

"Yes sir." Jennifer said and rose to follow his instructions.

She approached the man in the vest and when he turned to her she gave him the message. He thanked her, and she turned to go to the table Monica was sitting at.

Monica smiled and said "Hey Jennifer, I was just telling Heather here that you are the one who appears to have captured Bill."

Heather laughed and welcomed Jennifer to the table. Monica rose to get everyone coffee, and Heather said "Wow, that is a great outfit Jen, you look outstanding in it."

"Thanks, yours is great too. It seems like it's molded to you, it fits perfectly." Jennifer said.

"Latex is like that, you should try it. So what do you think of the Circle B so far?"

"It's amazing, so much dedicated to weekend play, like a country club of hedonism." Jennifer said with a small smile.

"Yeah, hedonism run amok, with just enough rules to keep it civilized." Heather said as Monica returned with the drinks.

Jennifer took a sip of her frozen coffee, and almost jumped when Heather gasped.

"Thank God, I was afraid he wouldn't show this weekend." Heather said as she practically leapt to her feet. "Be back in a bit girls." She dashed off across the room to a man who had just come in.

Jennifer watched as Heather knelt and bowed to the man, placing her hands under her head before his shoe. Jennifer couldn't hear the conversation but the man nodded and his lips moved a little looking down and Heather. Heather responded by picking her head up and moving forward and placing it on his shoe.

"Cool, Heather is going to play with Andre' this weekend. I'm glad." Monica said.

"That's Andre'? I thought you wanted a scene with him." Jennifer said.

"I do, we all do, he's the best whip Dom around. He can do things with a whip that no one else can." Monica told her.

"I met Linda upstairs, she had a girl with her who was so scared she was about to wet

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