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Three years down the road...

You want to touch yourself. I can feel the frustrated need in you.

Your eyes close tightly. Your legs squeeze together as the second jolt hits you. As the wave subsides you gasp in relief. The sensation is so much more intense now, slowly edging you toward a powerful climax.

The third wave hits you and you cry out again. A strangled cry that only spurs me to continue. You try to curl up into a ball as best you can. Writhing in your chair unable to control your own body and the powerful sensations you Are experiencing.

"Need a break?" I tease.

Your head is bowed. The last jolt nearly claimed you. The reprieve is agonisingly, frustratingly long and now you need more. You breathe deeply, you need to speak, need to beg for more but the words fall silent from your lips.

Unable to look me in the eye at this point you try to gather yourself. Just as I feel you are closing in on regaining your composure i Allow you the experience of the 3rd level. The effect is immediate and intense. The vibrating wave of pleasure pulses inside you, The most powerful vibrations yet that utterly consume every raw nerve of your being. You can feel the impossible stimulation pulsing your clit. The throb in your nipples as though you are are being teased by a rampant lover.

The resonant wave sends pulses that force your pussy to spasm. You groan as the climax starts to take you. The powerful waves akin to the most torrid lovemaking you have ever known. The invisible hand that probes and pleasures you is relentless in its stimulation, unaffected by fatigue it continues and utterly claims you. You rock in your seat. Your engorged lips brush the leather leaving juicy smears in your wake.

"Aaagh, fuck, fuck, fuck," you groan.

The tension in your body refuses to release and the throbbing in your body grows and grows to a level you could never before imagine. You feel yourself being taken to the highest of highs. The fall may claim you now but it must be experienced. Your body could not hold off against the plummeting drop that must now come. You can feel it, teetering on the edge that bottomless precipice. The tension holds you in place for one last beat, one final spasm that rumbles in your pussy and then it begins. You fall, weightless against the sensation. You Scream as your body takes flight, praying for respite. I finally relent and release my control. You shake in your seat, stammering and whimpering through gritted teeth. Your molten hot pussy continues to spasm as you claw out every breath. Every gasp a pant of exhausted joy. Your whole body feels raw, Your pussy tender and achingly sensitive.

You look up into my eyes. Your body slick with the sweat of exertion. Your silent plea is heard and understood. I do not require you to beg to grant you respite. I move close, placing the device into my pocket as I work to free you from your bindings. As one wrist Is freed you place a hand over your mouth. As the other is released it finds its way between your legs. You curl into a ball in your seat. The pressure of your own touch just enough to hold you together.

"Why don't you rest?" I offer, "The bed is there for you,"

Still trembling, weak from the shattering orgasm you find your feet and stagger to the soft bed.

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