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The rage builds.

Doing as told she ignores the little pet in her prison. Moving to the wall dasha looks lovingly over several toys there. Selecting a long flexible cane with a leather tip she knows that Master will approve. Moving to the small clearing in front of the pen dasha slips off her dress folding it neatly. She kneels facing the kennel waiting for him as instructed the cane cradled lovingly in her hands like a treasure. Smiling as he watches the screen he shakes his head pressing a button the tape returns to the main screen.

Watching the tape fast forwarding when she crouches and such. He notes her first struggle with the chain. She does as he instructed after maybe thirty minutes. Watching as talis studies the different objects in the room the medical table still makes her shiver. Smiling as he notices her looking over the saw horse with confusion. Thinking poor dasha will be a sore slut by morning. Shrugging he moves to the kitchen shutting off the television. He pulls out two bottles of water with small X's on the caps. Then pulls out one more without an X for himself. Moving to the secret door opening it he steps inside waiting till it clicks shut behind him.

Walking down the stairs ignoring the girls as he sets all three bottles on the table. Turning now he looks at the naked females before him. Looking to dasha he smiles at her posture then looks to talis. She meets his eyes for a long moment then looks down. Almost as an after thought she mimics dasha facing him. He notices however that talis keeps her knees closed and shakes his head. Reaching out as he comes behind dasha he catches her hair pulling it cruelly almost lifting her with it. "Mind telling me why you have that in your hands dasha." He looks up when talis inhales sharply his tone is cool and collected. "Is something wrong pet?" She shakes her head afraid to speak just now. He hears dasha whimper out her reply almost too soft to be heard.

"Master I was a bad pet earlier and was willful. I know I earned punishment....." Her soft southern voice breaks as she lifts the cane small tears already forming in her eyes. "Please Master punish me so I may redeem my worthless self." Her words are full of submission to him asking him to whip her. He looks to talis catching her studying dasha openly. Smiling nodding his head he can see the confusion in talis's eyes. Reaching out he lifts the cane holding it by the hilt nodding his head.

"You pick a cruel device dasha. I believe you know it is a favorite of mine." His tone shows his approval of her actions.

Swiftly dasha kneels to the floor turning her eyes to look on the pet within. Her ass now is in the air her legs spread even more to open her slit to him if he wishes to punish it. Her arm moves smoothly with practiced grace drawing her hair off her shoulders so her back is open to him as well. She remains silent looking at the other pet her eyes show her sadness at failure. Her body seems to flow with an eagerness to regain her place in his world. Her hands grasp the carpet there holding onto it as she feels the gentle brush of the leather tip. She wishes now she was a good pet instead of teasing Master. His eyes study each girl seeing talis and dasha locked in a mental bond.

Without a word he lifts his arm flicking the wrist he stripes her ass cheek.

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