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Slave is loaned by her master for the first time.

Just like with my sister, she let him move in her slightly, her tongue still as she held still and let him rub just inside her. Yes, just like my sister had! And then - just like her! - she couldn't stand it any longer and rolled her hips down and let him go deep into her.

"Hm-umm," she chuckled and started to kiss me again, but then her hand was searching for a rubber under the pillow, and when she found it, she raised her hips, and he slipped out of her, and then we quickly had it on him. She snickered when she felt how slippery he was, but then he was back in her. She had drawn her knees up, and I sat up, hugging her to me as we kissed again, and then I was sucking her breasts, letting her lie back in my arms, and then in just one as my other hand slid down, encouraged by her nod, and then it found her asshole, and then we were fucking, and kissing again, until she was only gasping with her aroused "Oh, oh-oh. Oh!" as she started to come, and then with more like that as I came too, and then we were just holding each other, she with both her arms around my neck and her calves clutching my hips.

After a few moments, she raised her head from my shoulder and said brightly:

"I wasn't really sure we wanted to do it ... after last night."

She kissed me and added:

"But then, ..." and she snickered: "... what you were doing ... we just had to."

As I nodded, she smirked and added:

"Real fucking good," and smirked again with a snort. I snorted too and asked:

"Where did you learn that?"

"Hmm! Hm-hmm. On the street, ... on the streets of New York. ... I was shocked the first times I heard it, but now it seems most appropriate."

I nodded with another snort, and she snorted softly, too, and added:

"I suddenly wanted to say it. ... Why not? If we do it, and it's that good?"

"Um-hmm, you're right, thank you. It was real fucking good."

Martha snickered and then grinned and said:

"I bet your family doesn't know you use that kind of language."

"I hope not!"

We both snickered, and he slipped out of her, and we snickered at that, and then got up, while it occurred to me that my sister did know I used that kind of language - or had I?

As I dropped the rubber in the toilet, she snickered again and stepped into the tub, and then looked surprised when I joined her, but then snickered again with a nod, and we both went, grinning at each other and watching each other, and she was surprised again when I aimed him up at her, but then snickered again, seeming to enjoy it. And then we showered together. As she washed him, she murmured:

"I guess you've done this before ... and that," and she glanced up at me.

I nodded, hoping that my having done it with another girl didn't upset her, but she just snorted and remarked:

"She must have been sort of like me."

"Um-hmm, ... 'real fucking good', ... if you don't mind my saying so."

She snorted, and then we finished showering, and she watched me shave, and then we dried ourselves off in silence.

I'll make breakfast while you get dressed."

I went to my room, wondering if she was going to get dressed. But then when I was half-dressed, she came to my room in the dress she had had on the evening before, reminding me at once that we had left our clothes in the kitchen. She held out mine in her hand as she snickered and remarked:

"There must be some funny people living here. Look what I found in the kitchen."

"Hmm!? Funny, but real nice."

"Um-hmm. ... Hm-hmm, I think we took care of October in one night."

She grinned as she put my things on the chair. And then she went back to the kitchen before I could reply.

She had made soft boiled eggs - two for me. At my questioning look, she chuckled softly and said:

"They say if men eat enough eggs, they want to do it. Or maybe it's that they can do it more. I guess it's the protein."

I chuckled with her as I recalled an article that told that in New Guinea, the natives thought that having children came from eating pork, something they only did at feasts.

"Thanks, I replied with a gri

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