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Her lips found mine and her tongue eagerly entered into my mouth. As she kissed me greedily, she swung her athletic let over my torso, quickly straddling me in the process. She raised her ass up in the air, her pussy waiting to be penetrated. Still kissing me, she reached underneath her and grabbed my cock, lifting it so that my head was touching her needy hole. She pushed downward excitedly, the lips of her vagina opening up and swallowing me inside.
Mrs. Campbell moaned as she sank down, eyes closed, breaking the kiss. I grabbed on to her ass cheeks with both hands and pulled her downward, at the same time thrusting up. We both moaned in unison and she bent over until her lips again found mine. As we frenched, my hands held her ass down against me tightly, keeping my cock buried inside her welcoming hole. But that wasn't enough for this woman. Mrs. Campbell began to slide her slick pussy up and down my long, hard shaft. She broke our kiss, sweeping her long hair out of her face before bending to kiss me again. I squeezed her ass tightly, while my other hand now caressed up and down her smooth back. I could not help but drive my dick up into the air to meet each and every one of her slow downward thrusts. Her pussy was so hot and tight around me that I couldn't stop myself from again fucking upwards a little faster. I needed more. As the pace continued to increase, my other hand latched back onto her other ass cheek, holding her in place as I began to take over.

Her groans became high pitched and carried as my cock began to piston in and out of her pussy even faster. I was jack hammering up into her pussy faster and faster and all she could do was brace herself and take it, moaning.

Then her pussy convulsed around my cock, and I felt her greasy fluid spill out around my shaft as she cried out to God. She writhed around me as I continued to drill her. Then when she was finished she fell on me, hugging me close as she lost all of her strength.

I placed my hands on her waist and lifted her up in the air, setting her down beside me on her knees as if she was nothing but a doll. She remained on her hands and knees passively, still catching her breath as I scrambled to my knees behind her. There was that ass. Visions of that beautiful ass haunted my mind. Visions of her in her bikini. And now, there it was, naked and directly in front of me. My eyes slowly traveled up her body. From the bottoms of her feet on up the smooth skin of her sexy legs. When my glance reached her amazing thighs, I felt myself reach the peak of my desire. I placed my hands on her gorgeous bottom and bent down. I kissed her left cheek, spreading both a little as I moved to kiss her right one. Her asshole was now totally exposed, as well as the lips of her pussy that lay underneath. I bent lower and kissed those tantalizing pussy lips, sucking them into my mouth every time.

"Oh, Marc!" she cried, but she remained passively on her hands and knees as I sucked her.

Mrs. Campbell parted her legs a little wider for me, granting me full access. Her pussy was actually dripping. And I slipped my tongue inside, tasting her as I pressed my face between her the cheeks of her ass. Finally I pulled back, unable to take any more. I straightened up behind her and positioned myself behind her.

I ran my think jock down the crack of her ass until I felt the succulent dampness of her pussy. She was so wet that she sucked me inside a little with ease. I placed my hands on either side of her hips, holding her steady. Then I pushed forward roughly.

She groaned with pleasure as I forced most of myself all the way inside her little pussy in one stroke. I held her tightly, pushing forward, physically making her cunt take the rest of my cock.

"You are so big, baby," she moaned.

I could have made a similar comment about the tightness of her pussy, considering that she was the mother of four children and in her late forties. But who wanted to talk? I was feeling way too damn fine and all I wanted to fuck the shit out of her!

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