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At home, we are probably accompanied by family and friends for another 80 days a year. No smoking gets done in these periods. But that leaves about 165 days when either I am at home alone, or we are at home together by ourselves, and gradually we filled up many of these days with smoke-slave activities for me.

One website that has inspired us in these activities is concerned with smoking domination. On this site Mistress Elisabeth comes across as a very dominant smoking mistress. Her slaves are usually totally leather encased anonymous gimps, like myself. She herself is always dressed in leather, usually accompanied by a military style peaked cap. In typical scenes from her site, the slave is usually totally immobilized by wide leather straps wrapped around its torso.

Mistress Elisabeth smokes what I would call cigarillos, cigarette shaped small cigars, which I know have a particularly acrid smell. She uses these as her primary torture devices, forcing her slaves to inhale their smoke, smoke them, take her smoked butts into their mouths, and of course, stubbing them out on various parts of their anatomy. Elizabeth uses many of the same techniques with me.

I should mention that our sex life, already good, improved even further after I became a smoke slave. Elizabeth by this time was very interested in developing a relationship with Damian, a very successful and attractive business acquaintance of hers. She was actually quite infatuated with him.

She tried to spend an increasing amount of time with Damian, who lived about 2 hour's drive away from our house, using mutual work interests as an excuse. So our sex life became suffused with stories of Damian and what Elizabeth wanted to happen with him if she could seduce him. Smoking added a whole new dimension to these conversations.

Her stories, told to me either as pre-bedtime stories over the phone, if she was away, or as she was tormenting me in our one of our sessions were graphic and detailed. On several occasions she pretended to be coming home from another tryst with Damian, telling me about all they had done together, which always led to some wild sex, with me playing the submissive cuckold husband.

For example, one of these I remember well was when she told me that he was leaving his wife, and had asked her to move in with him. This scenario clearly excited her, and her treatment of me as she told me her story was harsh, even by her own severe standards. I was left with marks everywhere for several weeks.

Smoking became a standard accompaniment to these stories.

It was during one such session in 2011 that the smoke-slave thing took another step forwards. To this point in time I had always had a gag in my mouth as I smoked, but on this particular day, Elizabeth became very aroused by what she was telling me, and just grabbed a handful of cigarettes from a pack, about ten I think, stuffed them into my mouth and lit them. When I had finished that set, she grabbed another handful and repeated the process.

By now we were buying Sapphires by the carton, so she had no shortage of supplies, so by the end of that afternoon, as well as being severely whipped, she had forced me to smoke a hundred cigarettes. The room was hazy with smoke, even with the widows open, I tasted and reeked of nicotine, but we both agreed that the experience had been quite amazing.

In 2010, I would guess that I was forced to smoke, at most, two packs each day I was active, so maybe a total of six thousand cigarettes, less than someone smoking a pack a day would consume.

In 2011, I started keeping count of the number of cigarettes I smoked each day and during the year. I did so because the amount of cigarettes I was smoking took a sharp kick upwards as Elizabeth became more extreme in her demands.

That year, I smoked almost fifteen thousand cigarettes, abou

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