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Meeting Mister Dark [Conclusion]

Open your legs and look at me."

She turned her head and slowly opened her eyes. He knelt between her knees, a malicious smile curling his lips. He grabbed her thighs and roughly pulled them apart.

"I want to look at your hot wet pussy," he said, gazing at her glistening folds. He loved the sight of a woman in full arousal. And the swollen pink labia of this woman, shining with slick juices, effected him like no other.

His eyes blazed. "You want me to touch it don't you? You'd like me to stroke it with my fingers, lick it with my tongue and fuck it with my cock, wouldn't you?"

The throbbing of her sex was unbearable. It demanded, screamed for release. She fixed her eyes, now smoldering with desire, upon him.

"Yes!" she cried out. "Yes!!"

He smiled, closing his eyes. I have her at last...

He found perverse delight in her admission, an admission which only confirmed his belief in the inherent carnal nature of all women. Why steal from the tree when, with a little persuasion, the fruit is freely given? That he had to forcibly subdue her in order to convince her was irrelevant to him. Like a wolf, he was intimately familiar with the ways of his prey. He knew what she was capable of, even if she herself did not.

He slid his hands up her thighs, teasing her. "You're going to give it all to me. Everything."

She moaned, pulling at her shackles. His fingers hovered just above her sex, their nearness driving her mad. She lifted her hips upward, seeking contact. He withdrew his hand suddenly.

"Don't move," he hissed. "I'll decide when and how you'll come."

She meekly obeyed, lowering her hips and sinking back into an agony of anticipation. His fingers resumed their cruel tease. She bit her lip, fighting for control over her mounting desire as he softly ran the tip of his index finger up and down the length of her slippery cleft. He pressed gently into her clitoris and felt it twitch under his finger. A sexually responsive woman was his favorite and, judging from the eager pulsing of her tiny nub, tonight he had netted a memorable one.

With a smile of evil satisfaction, he gently pulled her nether lips apart and inserted one, then two long fingers. The hot wet honey he discovered burgeoning inside excited him, irrefutable proof of her desire. Slipping his fingers in and out of her wetness, he watched her closely, monitoring every response from the shallowness of her breath to the dialation of her eyes.

She groaned as he withdrew his hand, glossy with honey and brought it to his lips. He licked slowly at his fingers.

"Sweeter still," he said with a leer, "but I want more than just a taste..."

He crouched between her thighs and dipped his tongue into her sex. She moaned as he bit and lapped at her soft wet folds, tongue swirling over her aching clitoris. It was all she could do to remain still. He looked up, lifting his hooded eyes over her pubic mound and arrested her gaze.

"Don't move," he warned, mouth buzzing against her tender lips, "or I'll make you suffer."

She gasped, her body trembling all over, and surrendered to his tongue which softly and expertly flicked at her hard little button. Circling and swirling, he drove her closer to the precipice. He thrust a finger deep inside, pressing into the rough, cats' tongue of her G-spot. She cried aloud as he sandwiched her clitoris, from within and without, and rolled it, fiendishly, between his tongue and fingertip.

Her agony was intolerable. He felt the pulsations of her vaginal walls and knew she was teetering on the edge of a monumental climax. With deliberate cruelty, he withdrew his tongue and finger. She howled in frustration, eyes blazing with anger and lust.

"Oh, no," he said with a smirk, "not yet...."

He stood up and walked to the head of the bed. Standing over her, he slowly unzipped his fly and pulled out his weapon. Her heart began to race as he stroked it, hand slipping up and down the thick shaft. It hardened to an impressive length. She closed her eyes with a moan, momentarily lost in the pleasure to come.

"Open your eyes," he growle

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