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The start of the end of a myth.

That felt so good.

Meanwhile, the European girl, whilst almost the same age and social standing, was a lot more relaxed. She didn't squeak in resistance to my tongue sliding up her tight little arsehole.. she also kissed much deeper and sucked cock with my care for my experience.

The other girl.. woman.. she was far more tuned to my frequency. Her tongue had no boundaries and I ether did the rest of her body. Despite having a low tolerance for pain, she still wanted her tits to take a light slapping.

Here you are. You said the same thing to me. Anything.. Anything I want.

Fortunately, as we shared a few messages before meeting. I'm quite confident that i've got a good sense of your true desires and tolerances.

That's not to say that i'm going to respect those suspected tolerances.

Perhaps I intend for your body and mind to pay the inflated price of saying such a bold statement to man who's name you can't even validate.

You can relax. You'll be able to walk and think as you can now by the end of tonight. You may be walking a little different and thinking a little different though.

Thanks for arriving so promptly. It's amazing how many women don't show up and I end up spending the night in a hotel room alone.

Not tonight though.

You are good. You dressed beautifully. I bet the dress looked shorter in your head when you left the house without any panties.

You are naked under there right?

Lift it up and show me...

Keep holding it up and turn around slowly.

Beautiful. I love your pussy lips.. so smooth... and that place where your arse meets your thighs is gorgeous.

While i'm stood here talking to you, the night has already began in my mind. My cock's starting to drip already at the thoughts of what's to come.

Be a good girl and fall to your knees.

Take my cock out and milk that pre-cum while I give you an idea about what's going to happen tonight.

Mmmm. Suck it like i'm paying you.. excellent.

While i'm talking and you're sucking, you can hold onto any questions until I say so.

You must try to understand, i'm very highly sexed. I'm probably such a dirty pervert because i've pursued my sexual element into my minds oblivion. The dopamine receptors in my brain are in a constant need for a bigger and dirtier experience then the last in order to satiate their dwindling state.

Five years ago, that would have meant dirty things for you. Tonight, it means disgusting things for you.

You see, after we arranged this meeting I did something very naughty.

Keep sucking with the same pace. You can listen and please me at the same time.. call it practice for later.

After I booked the hotel, I copied the photo from your profile and adjusted its colour's a little before using it to set up a fresh female profile on the exact same website.

Within a few hours a bunch of guys messaged me. It took up more of my time then I anticipated as I read and replied to their interest.

Within the week, I had replied to 57 members.

Would you like to know what I said on 'your' profile?

Keep sucking... a simple 'mmm hmm' will suffice.

I wrote on your profile, words to this effect, 'Hotel Slut - It's my fantasy to visit a hotel and have a bunch of strangers fuck me'.

As time went by, the idea matured and I found myself becoming a perverted genius.

I decided that I would disclose details of this hotel room, on this day to every man and woman who sent me a message.

I told them all that from 9pm-4am, I will leave the door lock disabled so that anyone can enter.

I told them that there's one rule. The rule is that, since 'I' am such a whore, they would need to leave a payment in my contributions jar.

So here you are, sucking my cock, one hour away from sensory overload.

My name's Paul by the way, not Brian.

You better stop sucking now before you make me cum. I'd rather keep the energy bottled up to help me enjoy tonight.

Like I said, if you have any questions, you can ask me... after 4am.

I want you to t

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