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Lisa graduates.

"Regardless of my intentions now or in the future, I realize we have to come together in order to bring the humans under us as our slaves as it has been done each time a Demon Lord has awakened," he says conjuring up the best explanation he can.

Very well. If you are true to what you say then dispose of the humans.

"Thank you Lord Avyanna," he says sincerely. He normally would just go through with the act but he needs to gain some form of trust in the Demon Lord. "Can I expect help in the form of soldiers?"

Avyanna lets out an energetic laugh. Afraid you'd lose too many in a battle with how did you put it? Ah yes, humans that I should not underestimate.

"Yes Lord Avyanna. I don't want to underestimate what these humans are capable of. They have stopped us for thousands of years."

A glint of recognition shines in the Demon Lord's eye. She realizes the truth behind his words. All throughout history there was someone or some organization there are at every turn to stop the demons from accomplishing their task. From the time of the Atlanteans and throughout the ages by humans such as Alexandros or groups like Roses Red or the Black List the demons have been defeated. Somehow the humans were able to overcome and perhaps they were not to be underestimated.

Very well Typheryian. Perhaps you can succeed where many before you have not. But you will have to use what resources you have and whatever soldiers under you. I will not waste my resources for you to prove your loyalty to me.

"Very well Lord Avyanna," he says with a deep bow. "Thank you."

Don't thank me quite yet. You have yet to provide any results.

"You will have results."

But you will not like them.


You wanted to speak with me sir," Nash says entering the research department of the facility.

"Your team done well Nash," Major Duncan Graves says turning around.

"Thank you sir."

"I know you would like to get some rest as the rest of your team but I wanted to have you come here to report about your test equipment," he explains. "This is Walter Valkner."

"Please call me Walt," the scientist says holding out his hand. He is a hefty man, a good fifty pounds more weight than a man his height should be.

Nash shakes the man's hand. "Nash."

"I understand from the report you submitted the gauntlets worked at optimal performance and came through in assisting you to win your fight," Walt sums up.

"That's correct," Nash answers shortly. "I'd like to know more about them if I may."

"Yes and I'll more than happy to explain."

"Then I will leave you two. Nash."


Graves leaves the room leaving Nash and the scientist alone. "Where to start," Walt mumbles to himself. "Ah yes. The basis of the technology begins with nanomites. Please have a seat."

Walt directs Nash to take a seat at a rectangle table with four chairs sitting on one side of it. On the opposite side to the table sits a large plasma monitor. Walt walks over to a computer sets off to the side of the monitor and begins typing on the keyboard. Within seconds the monitor lights up showing what looks like a small insect.

"What you are seeing is a nanomite highly magnified so that we are able to view it. Using these little guys they are able to transform the bracelets you wore into fully useable gauntlets. How do they do it? Inside are thousands of them. Working in conjunction with each other they are able to quickly build or tear down whatever substance in seconds. If I were to explain the science behind it we would be here for the remainder of the night."

"That's alright Walt, I get the idea," Nash offers.

"Good, good," he says scratching his scraggily beard.

Nash wonders how the man managed to be part of DEP Six looking the way he did and then rationalizes it away. The organization needed the scientists for their brains not brawn.

"Anyway, like I wa

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