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Who do you send after a being with no moral restraints?

She wouldn't want to ask for help until she's a bag lady living in an alley."

"Okay, here's what I've been thinking about. Next door is a vacant lot. It hasn't changed since God put the dirt there. I'm going to see about buying it and doing nothing with it for now. What we could put on it is one of those park models that the trailer parks have. They're the size of a trailer but they're built like a little house. They've got everything that's needed for an apartment, but the kitchen, obviously, is small with a tiny stove and sink and so on. Maybe I could make it an addition to our house, join them together so she could walk out of her apartment and come into the house through the pantry, or something like that. I'll try to get the lot as cheap as I can, some time soon, and sit on it. Then if some time in the next ten years I see a good price on a used park model, I can grab it and let it sit on the lot, and then do the final work of installing it a little at a time. We'd never have a real big expense all at once, and whenever she decides to sell her house and move into something smaller, here it is, waiting for her, with her grandchildren right at the end of the hallway."

"I never even dreamed that you'd be giving all this thought to my mother's future. It seems that every day I see a little more of how you think and feel, and I keep seeing that a lot goes on under the surface. No wonder I love you more every day." There might have been more, but we'd moved the discussion to the living room sofa by then and suddenly we were both struck speechless because our lips and tongues were otherwise occupied. Funny how that happens.


The Sheriff called me and asked it I could come to his office right away. Ten minutes later I was in his visitor's chair waiting to see what was on his mind. He came right to the point. "First off, I want you to take as many of my deputies as I can spare, out to the brickyard in the woods. Barring other catastrophes, say early tomorrow morning. Vince will be one of them. He's big and smart and fast, lethal with his hands, and very accurate with a gun. You and he will carry AR's, just like the one you carried when we went out there. The others will be doing some physical labor but I want them to have their pistols on them all the time. I want to get all the rest of those bricks out of there, and back here. We can stack 'em in the second holding cell and lock the door. One of the vehicles that we confiscated in drug arrests is a big, nearly new pickup with four wheel drive. We'll have Timmy drive that in on the driveway that leads to the brickyard, and I'm getting a two wheel yard cart from county maintenance to carry the bricks out to the truck. Any idea how much weight we'll be hauling?"

"You carried that brick out of the woods, any idea what it weighed?"

"Not much. I put it on the postal scale and had it at four pounds including your shirt. So maybe three pounds, net."

"Okay, say there are, oh, between one and two thousand of them there. So a thousand bricks weigh 3000 pounds. Two thousand would be 6000 pounds. So the total will most likely be about 4500 pounds, two and a quarter tons. What can the truck handle?"

"Let's find out. "Becky, can you get me Ralph at the garage, please?"

"He's on. Pick it up."

"Ralph, that pickup we confiscated. How much weight will it carry?" "Oh, really? Well, that's good news. Thanks."

He turned to me with a smile. "It's got overload springs on it. He says three tons on a paved road at highway speed, but less if it's bumping up and down off the road. Sounds like just what we need."


My mind was racing ahead to thoughts of a possible battle in the woods. If the bricks were valuable, the bad guys would be ready to fight to defend them. "We know that the bad guys came back after the shootings, so they may have come back since you and I were out there. They might be there when we get there, and they might show up while we're working. These AR's of yours, Sheriff, how well do they shoot to point of aim?"


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