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A magic doll changes a nerdy young man into a woman.

You didn't feel the warmth that I felt when he touched me, or when he kissed me."

"Oh wait a minute, stop right there. He kissed you? Why did you let him kiss you?"

"Yes he did. I tried to resist it, but maybe I didn't actually realize until tonight just how lonely I really am. After Michael left me, I had a hard time for a while, but I buried myself in the ambulance, school, and work."

"But Tara, he's married."

"He is married to a psycho. You should have seen her tonight, at the house she wouldn't let me in the room at first, and then when she had no choice, the only damn thing she was concerned with was her brand new rug, not him, or whether or not he was going to be alright, no her concern was her damn rug. Then we get here, and she started freaking out because he didn't want her in the room with him. And the best part was when I was heading down to radiology with him, oh she really freaked over that, she tried to pull me away from him."

"And what did he do at that time?"

"He told her to go the hell home, she wasn't wanted here, and he didn't want her here with him, the only one he wanted with him was me."

"So where is she now?"

"I am assuming she left; when I went down to get his stuff from the E.R. she was no where around."

"So tell me about this mysterious man."

"Well he's about six feet tall with brown hair and the most gorgeous hazel eyes I think I have ever laid eyes on, and a smile that can stop time instantly, at least for me anyway. I really can't tell you anymore than that, because at this point I don't know anymore about him. What I can tell you is this, he made me..."

"He made you happy didn't he Tara?"

"Yeah Lacey he did, for the first time since Michael left me over a year ago, I was happy." Just then the phone in the room rang.

"Tara, it's Eric, he's done, and I will be bringing him up shortly. I have to tell you, he's pretty out of it right now, but David said he did well. He did say however that a few times during his testing, he was calling out for you."

"Alright if he should call out for me again, just reassure him for me, and tell him that you're bringing him up to me now. He's coming up to 113."

"Ok I shall be arriving with him shortly." Hanging up the phone Tara looked over at Lacey.

"I'm sorry girl I just can't leave tonight, that was Eric he's bringing him up here now. David said that when he was doing the testing on him, he called out for me a few times."

"Is he on his way up with him now?"

"Yeah he should be here shortly."

"Do you want me to stay and help you get him settled?"

"Eric said he is pretty out of it right now, so maybe you better. I love Eric like a brother, and he means well, but he can be pretty clumsy at times." Just then Eric knocked on the door. "Alright he is here, now when Eric brings him in here, which ever side he is facing is where I need to be, if he opens his eyes and sees anyone else but me he might panic. Getting the gurney lined up with his bed, Eric, Tara, and Lacey moved him over.

"Do you want me to cover him Tara?" Eric asks.

"No just leave me the blankets. I will cover him and get him all settled." He began to moan a bit and call out for Tara as he started to stir. She took his hand into hers.

"Hey you, it's alright I am right here. Go back to sleep." She whispered to him as he rubbed the top of his head.

"Eric wasn't kidding was he when he said he was calling out for you?"

"Apparently not, now do you see why I can't leave?"

"Yes now I think I understand. Have you eaten tonight?"

"No, my nerves are too wound up to eat."

"Girl you have to eat something, why don't you come down to the cafeteria with me and get something to eat?"

"Yeah ok, you go ahead down and I will meet you in a few minutes, I just want to be here in case he wakes up. I would hate to go off to eat and have him wake up without me here."

"I can stay here with you if you want me to, and after he wakes we can just walk down together."

"No it's alright you go on ahead, I will be down in a little bit.

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