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Drunken sailor tries to bluff out of revealing sexual nature.

Did she have these thoughts our whole married life and now, in her mid-30's it suddenly all came out? Sharon is still a beautiful woman, 5'5", 130 pounds, dark blonde hair to her shoulders, light blue eyes, fabulous figure. Her boobs are not too big, but not small either and yes, her hips are a little bigger after birthing three kids, but she still draws attention from guys wherever she goes. So what is this crap about needing to feel wanted and desired by another man. I have always shown her how much I love and desire her, I bring her flowers and take her out at least once a week. I buy her sexy negligees and tell her every day how beautiful she is and how much I love her and up until last night our sex life had been terrific, at least I thought it was. We made love at least 3 times a week and I always brought her to one or more orgasms. What the fuck had I missed?

I'd lost my appetite, but I entered the diner anyway, found an empty table and ordered scrambled eggs, toast and black coffee. I ate less than half my breakfast, but downed at least 6 cups of coffee. Never in my life had I felt so lost, so empty, so devastated. I've heard of people saying they wish they were dead and now knew what they meant. The only thing that made me want to go on is the thought of my children; I had to live for them. I had to make my way through this living hell Sharon had created and make a future for them. That thought alone filled me with resolve. I would go on; I just had to figure out how.


Sharon called my phone at least twenty times that day and I always let voicemail pick up. She begged me to understand, but never once did she tell me she was sorry for what she'd done. Never once did she say she'd made a mistake, only that she needed that one night and it was my job to understand and support her. All they did was fuck and only three times that night and once more in the morning. She sucked him off a couple of times and he ate her to orgasm twice, but that's it. That's all, just three, no four exciting fucks with the two of them going down on each other twice. How could I not see that it was all just a one night lark, easily forgiven and forgotten? Glen was only a little bigger than me in the cock department and even though the sex was wonderful and she got off several times, it wasn't really better, just different in a nice way, his cock felt different as he worked it inside her. He had a different tempo while he was fucking her and they talked dirty to each other.

She did say that she was afraid she hadn't turned her phone off in time and I might have heard them the first time right as Glen slipped his cock into her. She hoped I hadn't heard too much since he'd just finished going down on her and had her really hot by then and she got loud pretty fast once he started fucking her.

I had to hand it to her, she really knew how to slam the knife into my heart and twist the blade. I could not believe that she was really that stupid. I guess if there was a silver lining it's that I now had plenty of audio evidence of her adultery to use against her in court. I wasn't sure if audio evidence would be enough, but it was really compelling and left nothing to the imagination. I would find a good lawyer tomorrow and learn everything I needed to know.

I went to see my children at my mothers. She said that Sharon had called already to see how the children were doing and to ask her if she knew where I was. Mom told her I was torn up over what she'd done and I didn't want to see or talk to her. She said Sharon started crying saying I just didn't understand and my mom told her that no man would understand how a wife could throw a night of sex with another man in her husband's face. Sharon wanted to know if she should come pick up the kids, but my mom said it might be best for her to keep them a few extra days till things settled down a bit.

The kids were excited to see me, but wanted to know where their mother was.

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