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Martin gets an extra special tip.

She writhes and twists trying to get away from me with tears streaming down her cheeks as she gags but I just ram my cock deeper into her throat. "Stop crying and suck it horny slut!"

It's no excuse. She must have known what to expect before she got into the car again! Fed up with her whimpering I slap her hard across the face to give her something to cry about!

After several minutes I pull my huge erection out of her mouth. She gasps loudly for air. I shove her back onto the bed and pull her legs apart. Her eyes are open and she looks at my big cock.

"Oh No!" She suddenly pleads. "It hurts!"

"Oh yes Bitch!" I correct her! "It's meant to fucking hurt!" I shove my cock into her tight little cunt again. She cries again and feels the palm of my hand on her face with another slap. She's still crying and her big tits are bouncing around like jelly as I fuck her hard. Perfect!

What the little prick-tease, doesn't realise is that her sobbing only makes me hornier. She keeps trying to push me away but I am a lot stronger than and once I have stretched her young cunt beyond belief I finally shoot my load deep inside.

She's virtually unconscious by the time I slide my long tool out of her poor abused little cunt. She lies on the bed with her eyes closed and legs apart. A mixture of my cum and hers is oozing from her hole and I take advantage of that moment to take some photos. More for the album! In the last two there's a thick white wad of cum oozing out of her and dripping onto the bed which makes this moment all the more special.

I think about keeping her around long enough for another fucking but she isn't responsive and I have a feeling it will be like fucking a drunk. And that doesn't appeal, despite her cute curvy plump body. So I bundle her into my car and drop you back by the caf__ having chucked __500 at her. The lights are off and the city seems asleep.

But the pathetic thing is that she actually asks me if I will see her again! Oh fucking right I will you fucking little whore, I berate!


Just for the perverse fun of it, I pop into the caf__ again just nearing 7pm. The older girl is nowhere to be seen. Just the little slut Trish cleaning up before closing. There is a middle aged women drinking coffee and looking pissed off with life. I am wearing jeans that make my monster stand out. Trish smiles and I order a coffee. I stand watching the woman. Probably in her later 30's and skinny. She isn't terrible looking and I can she literally licks her lips as she stares at the snake in my jeans. I look back at your miserable little mug and start to get turned on.

Ignoring Trish I walk over to her and make small talk. I gather that Liz, she gives me her name almost too quickly, is the store owner's wife.

I don't waste time. "So Liz, I noticed that you're staring at me!"

I see her flush slightly but she gives me a brazen grin.

"Would you like to do more than stare?"

She seems a bit startled at the challenge, but doesn't let it faze her.

"Trish, you can finish now. You lock up on the way out!"

Looking hurt she glances briefly towards me and her boss. I give her a little wave as Liz leads me to the back room. Trish tries to smile pushing her fat little chest out as if that will make a difference to what I am about to do.

Liz, the horny old cow is all over me as soon as the door closes behind us. I'm guessing that her husband isn't doing much of a job taking care of her. Her mouth is pressed against mine and her boney body grinds against me as she grabs at my crotch.

"We'll have to be careful not to make much noise!" She whispers. Then she exclaims as she fishes out my cock. "Holy shit!"

I am sure Trish can hear that from the other side of the door and I have a strong feeling that she has probably come back in to listen.

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