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The day every man and woman achieved orgasm.

The act of them making love to each other was incredible. I've watched Anne before with other women, but this time, it took my breath away.

A few minutes later, we were coming up to an island that was in the middle of the lake. A year ago, Anne and I came up here and cleared the island off and built a small shelter, just large enough to hold a few people incase we ever invited anyone for the weekend. I had placed a small dock on the north side of the island to tie the boat up.

I slowed the boat as Rob moved to the front of the craft. Reaching the dock, he jumped on to the dock and pulled it next to it. After tying off the rope, he helped Anne and Sue off the boat as I shut the engine off. Grabbing the basked and the cooler, I handed them to Rob as I got off of the boat.

We move up the path that leads to the small building. The building was a special design. It looks like a gazeboes, but larger and it has two stories to it. The lower section has a setup like an out door deck, with a sink, hot tub and a few other comforts. I had also put in a generator to give it electricity. The upper level has, well it's covered with a mattress, which almost covers the entire floor.

I unlock the door to the building and go over to the far wall to turn on the generator. On of the things that I did during the week was to make sure that everything was in working order. The hot tub was ready for use, generator was filled up and working. The water tanks filled and ready for use. We even have a modern out house here.

As our wives unpack the lunch, I show Rob around and he laughs when he sees the upper level. By the time we were done, lunch is ready and we sat down to a pleasant meal. Afterward, we all pitch in to clear everything away and then we got into the hot tub. As the bubbles relaxed us, we allow the alcohol to flow through us and soon we started in with our sexual desires.

Sue and I were kissing while Rob and Anne were heavily making out. Things were getting ever more heavier when we decided to move upstairs.

Once upstairs, Sue pushes me down on the bed and we immediately go into the sixty-nine position. I have no idea what Anne and Rob were doing, but my complete attention was on Sue. We licked and sucked each other as long as we could. Then Sue flipped herself around and got my cock inside of her. Grinding herself into me, she lifted her hips up and down.

I looked out of the corner of my eyes and I saw that Rob was on top of Anne, pumping her steadily in and out of her pussy. Sue had seen their activity and she clamped down on my cock as she had an orgasm. After she quiets down some, she stops all movement as we watched our spouses go at it. My cock, still inside of her, was being massaged by her contracting muscles. Watching Rob drilling Anne's pussy with fast thrusts excited me even more. I had to stop Sue before I came in her.

I urged Sue to get off of me, but it didn't take much to do so, for she went over to Anne and Rob and joined them. When she got to them, she had Rob lay down on his back and both her and Anne proceeded to give him a double blowjob. Rob closed his eyes while experiencing two sets of lips sharing his shaft, while Sue and Anne kept their eyes on me.

Just to give them something to watch, I began to stroke my throbbing cock. I got both of them even hotter, for Anne moved up to Rob's head and straddled his face, while Sue got on top of his cock. These two beautiful women took turns at sucking each other's breast, plus at Rob's cock.

Sue whispered something in Anne's ear, Anne smiled and she began to ride Rob hard.

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