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Lyra remembers and meets her sister.

Fuck me, John, shoot your hot cum into my pussy, because if you shoot your cum into that fat blonde bitch's cunt, I'll cut your dick off. You know that don't you, John?"

"Oh, yes, Gail, I know it." I filled her cunt with a huge load of cum. I felt her pussy spasm around mine as she followed me with her orgasm. I pulled out my wet cock and stuffed it back in to my pants. She stood and leaned down to put on her panties. She smiled at me and returned to her office.


So I'm sitting in room 189 at the Hilton Hotel at 6:45 p.m. with a drink waiting for Sandy. Beth thinks I am at a late meeting of city officials. I am not sure Sandy will show up. She might have second thoughts about the agreement she is coming to sign.

At 6:50 she knocks on the door and I let her in. She is dressed in a loose fitting blouse and a knee-length skirt and again no bra. She smells of soft soap and lavender perfume.

Setting her purse on the table she quickly comes to me and wraps her arms around my neck and kisses me. Her tongue enters my mouth seeking mine. Her hand goes to my crotch and begins encouraging my cock. I hold her close enjoying the plush feel of her body and the rounded softness of her ass.

Her hand is working my cock. Then she drops to her knees and begins unbuttoning my pants. She pulls out my dick, "You're huge," she says. Her month covers the head and she is off to rapidly sucking the head while stroking the shaft with her hand. She gives a great blowjob. I am in no hurry to be anywhere so I ride along content for her to suck my cock.

"Sandy, I'm going to cum soon." I thought I would give her the swallow option, even through she had said at my office she would swallow my cum. She sucked it all out of me and swallowed every drop and licked the head when she was done.

She smiled at me. "I love the taste of cum. I suck my husband's cock all the time."

"Let's get undressed and then when you get hard again we can fuck." She unzipped her skirt and displayed a black garter belt hooked to black stockings, and no panties. She unbuttoned her blouse and dropped it on the chair. She was naked. Her tits stood out proudly with little droop and her ass was wide and lush.

We got on the bed and made out, touching, and petting. She loved a couple of fingers in her cunt and my thumb thumping on her clit. She pulls my cock until I'm hard again and I turn her on her hands and knees and pull her ass up in the air.

"John, remember you can't fuck my cunt. I can't get pregnant, there's some lube in my bag." I open her bag and find the K-Y. I climb on the bed and squirt a nice dose right in the middle of her little asshole. I poke my finger into her ass and push some lube in.

"Oh, fuck, that feels good. Put your finger in my ass and fuck me with it."

"Does your husband fuck your ass often?"

"A couple of times a week, I love getting my ass fucked."

"Good, I love nothing better than a good ass fuck."

"You'll get a great ass fuck from me. That's enough, get your cock ready and put it in me." She reaches back and pulls open her cheeks and gives me a good target.

I finish lubing my dick and put the head in the middle of her anus. She and I push together and I pop past her tight ring. She opens immediately; she's had cocks up her ass regularly from the ease I sink into her bowels.

"John, this feels so good. You've got a great cock, and it fills my ass wonderfully." I can feel her ass quiver around my cock.

"You're tight, Sandy. My cock loves your little ass."

"You mean your cock loves my big ass. John, when you fuck me hold me by my hips and push in hard. I love my ass fucked hard." She moves her hands from her cheeks and moves her right hand to her clit. Her left hand moves up and pulls on her nipple.

I fuck my cock in her tight little shitter as she moans about how good it feels. Her ass squeezed my cock tightly as I fucked her. I love a broad ass. She started cumming.

"Oh, fuck my ass, I'm going to cum!'" I increase the speed of my fucking.

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