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Frustrated, four friends come to an wild arrangement...

"I'll do anything you want. I'll wait on you and even your new girlfriend hand and foot. I will be your total devoted slave." He looks at you with amusement , but you can tell he is thinking about the possibilities. There is silence as he digests what you have said. Finally he speaks. You notice a different tone to the sound of his voice. It is not as harsh and cold as before.

"How do you know I have a new girlfriend? Well, if you must know I do and she is absolutely great in and out of bed, and, he pauses slightly ,she is very open minded." This news , although not a surprise, produces nervous pains to your heart, but you are encouraged by what he has said nonetheless. "I'll run this past her. You had better know what you might be getting yourself into."

You are so delirious with joy that you drop to your knees and kiss his feet as a token of your submissive new attitude. He is not embarrassed by your unbridled show of servitude. " Get up" he commands. You rise and face him with your face down. His hand reaches out to feel your cunt. You jump as it touches you. He feels you and smiles. "God , you are wet." He brings his hand to your lips and you kiss your cunt juice smeared all over his hand reverently. " Get dressed and go home. I'll call you tonight."

You sit by the phone. Times drags on. The ring is almost magical in its sound. Never before has a phone ring been so lyrical. It is him. "I talked to her today and she seems interested. She is spending the weekend at my place and wants you here Friday night. Are you alright with this? It will be a drastic change of lifestyle for both of us. Look your best." His commanding voice sent shivers through her. She put the phone down and stared straight ahead thinking of the possibilities.

Time flies by and Friday night arrives quickly. You have bought new lingerie and two new outfits to wear this weekend. News of your breakup spreads among your friends and you already have turned down three possible dates for the weekend. The tanning sessions you attended this week did wonders. You are glad that you wore your new thin panties while under the lamp. Your bronzed skin color is in sharp contrast to the white outline surrounding your cunt. The whiteness surrounding your cunt hair is extremely sexy. You hope. The mirror does not lie. You are still breathtakingly beautiful and yet she has him. Life is unfair.

You arrive promptly at 8p.

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