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Passion rekindled in a Limo

She said she thought the top might be a bit too small but he told her that it looked to be the exact right size. She posed in front of him as his eyes wandered over her beautiful body. Then she watched kneeled down between his legs and look up at him..

"Put my cock in your mouth," he told her.

Paul pulled her hair back away from her gorgeous face.

"Blow me, Slut" he ordered as she engulfed the head of his hard cock.

She took it out and rubbed it all over her face as she looked in his eyes to make sure he didn't miss her show, then she went down on him again. She was totally engrossed in sucking him and he watched her mouth move in a sexual ballet. He always loved seeing her do this and she kept looking up to make sure he was enjoying it. Paul felt disappointed when she slowly released his cock, licked it some more, stood up again and went to put on another outfit.

This time Donna dressed in an ultra short thong skirt and bra top and he got up and came over to her in front of the bed. Paul's hands were pulling her hard nipples and then he dropped one hand down to finger her juicy cunt. Donna was wet and excited as he shoved two fingers inside her. She turned to face the bed with her back to him. Her hands dropped to the bed and she crawled up onto the mattress. This positioned her ass at the right height as Donna reached back to pull the thong aside.

"Do you want to fuck my cunt," she teased as she looked back over her shoulder.

He took his cock, positioning it at her wet opening, and pushed hard into your waiting cunt. The force of his assault made her bend forward even more and he had a perfect angle to pound into her. Paul fucked her like this for a while before she pushed forward, popping him out of her dripping cunt.

"I don't want you to cum before I'm done with my show," she said moving to where the next outfit was waiting.

Her next fashion look was a hot looking cami set that really accented her ass and pressed her big tits together. They began to passionately kiss and sat on the couch touching and caressing each other.

"Suck my cock, Whore" Paul told her as he pulled and twisted and pinched her hard nipples through the sheer top.

Donna gasped at the harsh attack and then stood up and turned her back to him. He pulled the thong over one ass cheek and began to finger her from behind. Reaching back, she then took hold of his hard cock. Paul watched her ass slowly sit down until it disappeared inside her wetness. His cock was fully into her slippery cunt and he held had her tits roughly in his hands as she worked her ass up and down the shaft. He watched as her ass moved so seductively up and down his cock as she fucked down on him from this position.

Again, Donna stood and dislodged his wet aching cock from her sexy cunt.

"Bring the chair over in front of the mirror so I can watch myself getting fucked from behind wearing this sexy outfit," she told him.

He placed the chair at an angle to the mirror and sat down with his hard cock standing straight up. Donna backed up her ass to meet it and again he watched as she pressed her cunt down, impaling herself on the rock hard cock.

"Oh, God, yes, please now, fuck me hard," she moaned back at him.

With half closed eyes, she looked in the mirror and saw his cock bury itself inside her and then she lifted up and watched how wet and juicy Paul's cock had become. She pulled forward and his cock popped out and she quickly turned and dropped down to suck it again. Her red lips devoured his cock and she was incredibly aroused by the taste of the wetness on her tongue.

"You're such a cocksucking whore, Donna," he moaned as she went down on his hard cock.

She was sucking and licking and jerking his cock before once again turning back to the mirror and burying him deep inside her needy cunt.

Her perfect ass hammered down again and again and he took hold of her blonde hair in one hand and the other was pulling back on her hips and forcing her cunt back onto him.

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