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A schoolgirl discovers her sexuality and seduces her teacher.

She was not considered overly attractive. Nor was she trained in the art of sexual pleasing. Her lips parted and she voiced her dismay, "Master?"

Her hesitation was her undoing. He raised his hand and slapped her hard across the face. "Undress, girl."

This time she did not hesitate, she did as she was instructed, quickly disrobing and folding her clothing neatly, setting it aside. Soon she stood naked before her Master.

He reached out and pinched her pert nipples. Her breasts were quite full and lovely, he found them very appealing. Then his hands went to her shoulders, forcing her to her knees where she belonged.

She looked up at him then with eyes filled with fear. "Master, please. I have never been with a man."

He looked down at the pretty girl at his feet. "You are a virgin?" he asked incredulously.

She blushed again, it stained her cheeks quite prettily as she whispered, "Yes, Master. I am a virgin."

He removed his shirt and boots, then his pants until he was naked as well, standing before her, his cock beginning to harden. "Then you should be flattered that it is the Master who will take it."

He grabbed her head and forced his cock between her lips. She had been trained in this. It was something she knew how to do. She took his cock into her wet mouth and along her tongue into her throat. She worked it gently, easing her tongue around and over it. She slipped her mouth off it, her tongue rolling around the ridge. Her lips pressed tightly against the hardened flesh as she tasted her Master.

He held her face between his hands as he began to slip himself in and out of her mouth. She had a very sweet mouth, warm, wet and tight. She sucked him hard between her cheeks and pressed the head of his cock into the roof of her mouth. Then she swallowed him down her tight throat, letting him enjoy that sweet tightness.

She continued to move her mouth up and down his shaft, sucking on him. His cock was hard and pulsing upon her tongue. She tried to hold back her impulse to gag when he thrust down her throat but it was difficult. Master had a thick cock; she had never sucked one as thick as this one before. She held her hands, wrists crossed behind her back, as she had been trained while Master used her mouth.

He enjoyed fucking her sweet young face. Her round cheeks were crimson with her efforts as she looked up at him, eager for some sort of acknowledgement that she was pleasing. All slaves dreamed of being so found. He knew she was no different. She had undoubtedly dreamed of this day, being noted and used by her Master.

He had no intentions of cumming in her sweet mouth. He pulled her off his throbbing cock and lifted her, guiding her to the bed. He had her lay on her back then he lifted her legs until her ankles were over his shoulders. He guided the head of his full and ready cock to her entrance. She was moist. She wanted to be fucked by her Master.

He pushed inside her with one steady thrust and quickly broke her virgin seal. She whimpered loudly at the sudden pain but he continued to thrust deeper inside her. His hands found the soft curves of her ass and pulled her hard against him. His hips began to pivot then, thrusting in and out of her virgin pussy.

She began to moan then, her own desires beginning to surface and rise. She was young and sensual. She had needs as well. Her nipples were hard and her pussy wet. As Master continued to move in and out of her tight cunt, she could feel herself begin to become more and more aroused. He was an excellent lover, he knew well how to please and he also knew how to take. She was not a stupid girl and she had asked the other slaves about the Master. She knew he had been involved with the boy named Jarrod. She was not sorry to find out Jarrod had died. But she never wished it nor did she think she would ever be in this position: with the Master between her thighs.

Lord Hartshorn continued to drill into her tightness, over and over again.

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