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Miscommunication leads to mistaken fucking.

'A finger in every pie.'

Suggesting some new sexual move, I thought, until she went on to say her husband had various business interests and was 'stinking rich'. 'I mean, why else would I put up with him?'

None of us sought for her to expand on her marital problems-it wasn't the time or the place. Tim went from nibbling her ear to going for her lips which opened for him. His tongue went in until she shook him off with the gentle admonishment, 'Easy tiger.'

She gestured at the wall. 'On the other side is our bedroom. Did we keep you awake last night?'

We shook our heads.

'Course you didn't. We sleep like babies. He's not interested. It's maybe the steroids he takes. And he's forty. I'm twenty-five. I like fresh young meat-and am I getting it.'

Easy to forget that she was more mature than our usual partners as we headed into top gear. Tim and I chowed down and suckled on a breast each. My tongue traced over a nubbly aureole, then onto the heat of the softer-skinned substantive surround. Greg had got himself downstairs and was gorging on her gash, his hands palm down on the open flat plain of her abdomen. She closed her eyes and wound her fingers into her hair.

The jaunty ringtone surprised us. Her phone in reach on the bedside table, she picked up. It seemed only good manners to moderate our attentions while she answered with, 'Hello Trixie here.' A blurring low voice reached us, to which she relied, 'Oh . . . babe-how you doing?' An incongruously bright greeting given the circumstances.

The rumbled reply on the other end she answered with, 'Getting some retail therapy. Got my eye on some interesting antiques right now.' She winked at us, the antithesis of antiques clothed in muscle as we were, all three of our dicks lead-solid lengths leaking juice clear as spring water. She listened a while more before saying, 'Okay babe, see ya.' She rang-off, blowing out contemptuously, said,

'He is so needy. I could switch it off but then he would be suspicious.' Trixie looked to one side, considering the options. 'Maybe it's better left on-unless it's putting you off your stride-and er . . .' She considered our respective rods, coughed delicately. 'That doesn't appear to be the case.'

We made various sounds of demurral regarding the phone then carried on where we'd left off, I with a slight pensiveness. I wondered if the wickedness in her eyes was more than enjoyment of Greg's re-buried tongue, at Tim's doing ring-a-ring-roses around one nipple then the other. I hitched one thigh over her face. She reached up and her fingers delicately brushed the golden fuzz on my pecs as my cock entered her smeary lipsticked smile.

Not long after, all this was curtailed when she rolled onto her side and caught hold of Tim's elegantly shaped dong and manipulated it in such a way that he had no choice but to lie on his back. Greg and I were surplus to requirements for the moment as she straddled Tim. With finger and thumb he levered his cock to point ceiling-wards and with perfect aim she sank down and consumed it. There was a duo of satisfied moans.

'You're as good a shot as I am,' Greg said to Trixie.

'But he's going to be doing the shooting, aren't you Tim, eh?' she said. Tim nodded like a kid receiving encouragement from a teacher.

She rode him as he lay, his smooth musculature in sinuous motion, his eyes misting as he looked up admiringly at her bouncing rack. He began to respond in kind, thrusting upwards. Greg and I watched and jerked off for what seemed a good moment or two until suddenly she fell forward, her face locking onto Tim's, her black hair in a curtain around his head, her nipples bending against his compact bunches of chest muscle. Then she was up again, bouncing up and down like a jockey. She stroked his shoulders, tweaked his nipples. Tim's thighs tensed. His balls, coated in her gel, were visibly churning in their sac. Something of the female warrior in her grimly grinning face. Pleasure in Tim's, but even so, I thought he needed a little help.

I got behind her, kneeling with my wel

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