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Ex girlfriend gives a hands-off show.

He let the top of his tongue rub lightly on the underside of Adam's penis and sucked lightly. Slowly at first, he took Adam deeper and deeper in his mouth, getting it wetter and wetter with each stroke.

"That's it! Suck his cock, God, that turns me on!" Lori said as she rubbed her leather-clad panties with one hand and played with a nipple with the other.

Alex was slowly blowing Adam, up and down, in and out, getting his dick wetter and wetter with his saliva. The front of Alex' panties was wet now with his own pre-cum, the feeling of the material on his cock and balls was heavenly.

He looked up to see Lori and Adam kissing, their tongues intertwined, hands caressing each other. This turned on Alex even more and he started increasing the pace on Adam's cock. The feeling of Adam's cock in his mouth was, well, powerful. Alex felt in control, he thought he could make Adam cum any time, but most of all Alex felt sexy. The stockings, garter and panties felt so wonderful, and it felt good that the lovely couple he was with were also turned on. He found that he was eager to have Adam cum in his mouth. He had tasted his own cum before, so he knew what it would generally taste like, but what would it feel like? He hoped he wouldn't gag, but he was determined to swallow as much as he could.

Using his hand, Alex slowly stroked Adam's cock as he sucked the head and licked under the helmet. He felt Lori move down and her face close to his. She started licking Adam along with Alex as her hand felt along Alex' spine and came to rest on his panties. Their tongues played together as they both licked and sucked Adam, who was squirming in his chair. Lori began playing with Alex' ass through the panties with her fingers moving up and down the crack of his ass, lightly brushing his asshole. Alex flinched, but din't back away. Her finger felt so good through the panties! Emboldened, Lori began rubbing Alex' asshole with the tip of her finger all around the rim. Alex responded by pushing his ass out further and taking Adam as deep as he could into his mouth. He wasn't able to take his cock into his throat, but he tried.

As he squirmed his ass on Lori's finger Adam started bucking up and down, literally fucking Alex' mouth. With one hand on Adam's balls, one holding the base of his cock Alex slurped and sucked for all he was worth. Suddenly Adam groaned and stopped bucking. With a last shove he pushed his cock deep into Alex' mouth and erupted spurt after spurt of cum. The feeling of it shooting into his mouth nearly made Alex cum as well. He swallowed and swallowed, tasting and savoring as much as he could as the gooey liquid filled his mouth. He almost choked but finally swallowed it all down.

"Lick his balls, baby, he likes his balls licked when he's done cumming" whispered Lori as she moved back face to face with Alex. Alex released Adam's cock and licked his balls. He could tell they were sensitive, and Adam groaned as Lori took his cock into her mouth, rolling it around, sucking the remaining cum out of it as it slowly deflated.

Alex sat back on his knees and watched as Lori slowly sucked and nibbled on Adam before finally kissing him passionately. Finally she got up and without a word took Alex' hand and led him to the bed. She laid down on the bed and pulled Alex on top of her. He crawled up and kneeled over her face. He sat slowly down and rubbed is aching balls on her face. She sniffed and licked his panties, still able to smell the scent of the woman they came from. Moving lower he rubbed his hard cock on her face and she moaned. He didn't want to cum yet so he stopped and moved down her body some more.

Grabbing the strings of the leather thong Alex slowly pulled them off of her revealing a lovely red bush, trimmed in a Landing Strip style, shaved at the sides but nice and bushy down below.

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