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He noticed her right away.

Within fifteen minutes Jan could see a distinct bulge below the zipper of his khakis. She twisted her head stiffly for a minute and turned to Sally. "Sally honey, can I borrow your husband for a moment. I've got a crick in my neck and I want him to give me a little massage. He looks like he's got such strong hands."

Sally blushed a little but agreed right away so Jan turned her smile to Larry. "You don't mind, do you, Larry?"

"Not at all." He was practically drooling. "Happy to oblige."

She settled herself on the floor in front of him and asked Sally to be a sweetheart and refill his drink. Larry leaned forward, a knee on either side of her shoulders, and beg and kneading her neck with his thumbs and fingers, gradually working outward toward her arms, his hands inside her blouse, occasionally lifting it away from her chest. Sally returned with a topped off drink, and Jan said, "I think Larry's peeking at my breasts, Sally. Do you think he'd enjoy a better view?"

"I'm sure he would." Sally was looking at her in an expectant, hopeful way that suggested she wouldn't mind seeing more, too.

"Would you come over and do my zipper then so he doesn't have to stop this exquisite massage?"

Sally came and knelt in front of her and leaned in to reach around her back, bringing her face to within inches of Jan's - who eased it forward to give her slave a soft kiss on the lips, sliding her tongue between them. Sally returned it even while she slid the zipper of Jan's dress down and eased the straps over her shoulders revealing her black lace bustier. Jan couldn't see if Larry had noticed the kiss but his grip on her shoulders became firmer and as his fingers slid down to touch the tops of her breasts she felt her nipples begin to stiffen.

"Mmmm, that feels so good," she purred, "but this thing is so damned constricting. Would I offend either of you if I took it off?"

"Not at all," they both said at once, laughing with embarrassment as they did. Larry's hands were on the clasps instantly, and Sally's gently lifted the black cloth away from her chest. Sally sighed at the sight of her tits and Jan thought she heard a strangled moan from Larry as well.

"Oh, hells bells," Jan chuckled, "I've gone this far." She stood quickly facing Sally who still knelt in front of her, let the dress drop and turned toward Larry, now wearing only her black high heels and a black silk thong edged in black lace. "You like?"

Larry's jaw had dropped almost to the floor and it was all he could do to close his mouth and nod. The bulge in the front of his pants suggested that Sally had not been kidding about how well hung her husband was. Jan smiled slyly at him, nodding at his crotch. "Looks like you're feeling a little constricted yourself."

Larry blushed deeply and, Jan thought, quite fetchingly. "No . . . well, yes . . . I mean . . ." He rolled his eyes helplessly to Sally and back to Jan.

Jan chuckled demonically. "Sally," she said, turning back to her kneeling thrall, "I bet your husband would feel a bit more comfortable if both of us were, shall we say, in deshabille. Yes?"

Blushing deeply, Sally still managed a nod. "Maybe so," she half whispered. Sitting on her heels, she demurely unbuttoned her blouse and shook it off onto the floor behind her, then straightening her thighs, unfastened the button and side zipper of her skirt, letting it fall on her calves and in front of her knees, revealing a lacy white bra and matching low-rise panties. The top of her head was now just below Jan's waist and her eyes were fixed on the narrowing vee of mistress's thong.

"You want something, don't you, Sally?" Jan teased.


"Go ahead. Have a taste."

With eager fingers, Sally gently eased the damp silk of Jan's thong aside and quickly ran her tongue up Jan's labia to her swelling clit, back down again,

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