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'Moral Courage', just another phrase for 'Just Plain Screwed'.

"What the hell Richard what do you think y-" He cut me off again, this time with a searing hot kiss that I refused to fall into. I pulled my face from his and pushed at his chest with my forearms. His hand snaked up my back and his fingers gripped the hair at the nape of my neck. He angled my face up to his again and claimed my lips once more. I growled and shoved at him but he just evaded and kept his lips sealed on mine. I huffed and he took the opportunity to slide his tongue into my mouth.

He tasted surprisingly sweet and it stunned me.

His tongue caressed mine and it couldn't help but dance along with his. Then I was kissing him back, pulling his sweater closer to my body.

His fingers let up on their death grip in my hair and caressed the skin around my neck instead. His other hand snaked down and grabbed my ass cheek, squeezing and kneading my generous bottom. "Yes." He muttered during a break for air. Pulling my body into his harder, grinding together. I could feel his obvious boner through his jeans.

"I saw you at the library yesterday." He said to me accusingly out of nowhere.


"I saw you chatting up that guy for an hour in the library. What's his name?"

"You mean Dave? He asked me if I knew how to find Frankenstein. Since I had read it a couple times I helped him look. We talked about the book and stuff."

"And you gave him your number."


He put his hands on my arms and shook me a little. His face grew mildly angry at me. While his lips were still pouty from kissing me.

"You can't date other guys Maddy. You're mine, how would you explain this huh?"

He spun me around and yanked my jeans apart and rolled them down my hips to my thighs.

"My personal life is none of your business Dick, even if you think you can fuck me whenever you want. You don't own me you asshole!"

He worked my jeans down to the tops of my thighs and his hand went back to my hair pulling my head back so he could whisper in my ear. "You are my whore Maddy, no one else's. You better not call Dave of I will have to punish you girl. So you won't think to do it again."

While he talked his other hand wiggled it way between my thighs and slipped a finger between my dry lips, pushing past them into my pussy. I was normal moist and his dry finger didn't feel very good as he wiggled it around.

"Stop fucking touching me you asshole!" I said with my eyes burning to see him over my shoulder.

His finger jammed inside me harder and the pain increased.

"Ow, Ow! Goddamn it stop."

"No." He growled while continuing his arm motions as his finger curled inside me.

Slowly I became wet and it began to feel good. I was almost angry when it did. He was such an asshole that I didn't want to be wet for him, or mewl like a kitten when he stuck me with his cock from behind. He had me standing and bent forward a little, his long coat and the bushes were shielding us from being seen by anyone going by. Just the sound of skin slapping to give us away. And my moans behind my lips. His left arm curled around my shoulder and his right around my waist, supporting me while he swung his hips into mine.

I came short and quick and not totally satisfying.

He took awhile and I got dry this time. At first I put up with it but he still hadn't come, so I complained. He didn't even say anything though, I told him to stop and I could use a little spit to help but he just ignored me. His arms like iron and his dick relentlessly pushing inside me. The pain began to feel sharp and hot and I pushed against him and tried to use my elbows. He just squeeze me tighter and began fucking me faster and harder. I began to whimper and tears started rolling down my cheeks from the pain.

Finally he came close, using his right hand to cover my mouth when he gave his last good thrust and come inside me.

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