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Recently single Mike gets a visited by young girl from home.

" She stopped to take a deep breath. "I mean, I agreed to this nutty scheme of yours to teach me about sex. My teacher turns out to be a guy I've always hated. Then, on top of everything else and for no reason that I can figure out, I start throwing myself at the guy and he refuses to catch me." She looked at Tina pleadingly. "Doesn't that sound like there's something wrong?"

"That doesn't mean that there's anything wrong with you," said Tina.

"She's right," said Stanley, "What's wrong is that we're in a stupid situation," he turned to Tina and said with no small amount of annoyance, "and we know whose cockeyed idea created it."

"I was trying to help," Tina said defensively.

Sarah uncurled herself, sat up and said, "You're always trying to help."

"If you could manage to mind your own business for five minutes..." Stanley said letting the half sentence hang in the air.

Sarah rolled her eyes. "Right," she said sarcastically, "that'll happen."

Tina hugged her knees to her chest and whined, "I was trying to help."

"You mentioned that," Stanley said. He turned to Sarah, "Listen, I'm sorry about this. I should never have let her talk me into this asinine thing."

"Well," said Sarah, "To be completely fair, I did come to her with my problem with Biff."

"You see?" said Tina, "I wasn't meddling. I..."

"Shut up!" said Stanley and Sarah at the same time.

"All the same," said Stanley, "I'm sorry that..."

"No!" said Sarah, cutting him off, "I'm the one who should be sorry. I'm the one who should apologize."

"How do you figure that?" asked a suddenly confused Stanley.

"All this time I've been mean to you when maybe you're the one guy I should have been nice to," Sarah said earnestly.

"Sarah," said Stanley, "you don't have to..."

"Yes I do!" said Sarah, "Let me finish. Any other guy would have been all over me. We'd going away at it on the floor by now."

"On the floor?" said Stanley, "That's uncivilized."

"We've done it on the floor," whined Tina.

"Only because there was no furniture in that room," said Stanley in mock indignation.

Sarah and Stanley burst into laughter. Tina was unsure if she should laugh or not.

"What I'm trying to say is," Sarah continued, "that I wasn't even sure, when I grabbed your wrist, if I really wanted you to touch me. I got caught up in the moment trying to prove a point."

"Two points, actually," said Stanley with a smirk.

Sarah grinned and said, "All right, two points. But, you didn't take advantage. Any other guy would have. I probably would have gone along with it, but I would have felt really stupid about it later."

"I kind of figured that," said Stanley.

"That's just it. You figured it out," said Sarah, "I didn't even know that a guy could be that thoughtful and hold himself back like that."

"Me neither," said Stanley.

Tina, who had finally taken to sulking with her face hidden behind her knees, looked up and said, "That's why I chose him, Sarah. He..."

Sarah and Stanley each shot her an angry look. She buried her face back behind her knees.

"Anyway," said Sarah, "Thank you for not taking advantage, and I'm sorry for being so mean for so long."

"You're welcome," said Stanley, "and there's no need to apologize. We'll just move on differently from this point."

"Right," said Sarah with a smile.

Stanley stood up and said, "I should probably go get dressed," as started to close the robe.

"No!, said Sarah, "not yet."

"Oh?" said Stanley.

Sarah looked a little embarrassed and said hesitantly, "It's just that I've never seen one that big."

"One what?" said Stanley.

"Your..." she drew a deep breath, "your..." she lowered her head. "I can't say it. I just can't"

Stanley leaned over until he was right next to her ear then he whispered soothingly, "You don't have to say it if you don't want to. But, nobody will be hurt if you do. It won't hurt you. It won't hurt me. It won't hurt Tina. It's okay to say the word."

Then, after all the stimulation he'd been through that afternoon, and being that close to her, he couldn't resist doing just one little thing.

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