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I better utilize all of my secretary's skills.

What difference did it make? Laurie figured she'd have some fun, meet some people, dance a little, and in a week or so be back at school, no big deal.


Saturday morning came early for Cal and Maureen. They were up with the sun, and outside working on the gazebo by 8:00 a.m.; between the two of them they got the rafters for the roof in place. It was hard work, and a couple times he was afraid it was too much for Maureen. She hung in there though, and by lunchtime he was ready to start cutting out the plywood sheathing and fit the sheets in place. Maureen, however, persuaded him they should give it a break till Sunday. She wanted to be well rested for the dance, and she wanted to give Cal some rudimentary lessons on how to dance at a gathering where a lot of older folks would be watching.

Andrea fixed everybody lunch; grilled cheeses and tomato soup. Maureen thought it was a little out of season for cheese and soup, but if that's what her mom wanted, that's what they'd eat.

They all sat around the kitchen table slurping up sodas and wolfing down the food. Cal had on his standard uniform, raggedy T-shirt, jeans, white socks, and tennis shoes. Maureen was imitating her future mate with her own version of the same attire, though from Cal's perspective T-shirts took on an entirely different outlook on Maureen. Andrea was lounging around in a short baby blue romper. Travis was wearing a pair of khaki shorts and a yellow polo shirt. The yellow shirt did nothing to hide his sallow appearance. His poor health stood out like a beacon.

Cal asked, "What do you do Travis?"

He answered, "I'm in sales."

"Like what?"

Travis replied, "Right now I'm selling tools. A few months ago it was electronic equipment."

Cal asked, "You know much about computers?"

"Some," was the reply.

Cal said, "You know I'm heavy into the electronics piece, software, and hardware. It's a busy time right now, and I could use some help."

"I don't know," was Travis's response.

"No I mean not in sales, but in managing inventory, and in taking calls; I get a ton work from people. I specialize in finding people with ideas, and in helping them get started. You'd be surprised how many people are out there inventing and creating, but who lack the back up. I mean the infrastructural support. I'm busy all the time. The people I work for and with are always on the look out for reliable and smart middle level types. I mean I'm not putting you down, but it would keep you off the road; out of trouble as it were."

Travis sat back, "What is this; my future son-in-law offering me a job?"

"No more a partnership." Cal could see Travis needed rest as much as anything, and he, Cal, could use some back up. He had a couple really big ventures on the immediate horizon, a responsible older person, even if it was just to answer the phones and the e-mails, would be a big help.

Travis looked at his wife. He could tell she wanted him to take the opportunity, "I'll think it over, and get back to you."

Cal answered, "Fair enough."

Andrea watched the interplay between the two men. She knew how tired Travis was. He was worn out. Cal was accomplishing two things; he was giving their daughter a life, and he might be saving her father's life, "I think you ought to take Cal more seriously Travis."

Maureen added her two cents, "I would be nice to be able to see you on a daily basis dad."

That sold Travis. He didn't care if it turned out to be minimum wage, if Maureen wanted him home, knowing what the doctors had said, this was a chance to at least slow down a while, "OK Cal. Let me wind up what I'm doing, and in a couple weeks I'll give you a call."

Cal grinned, "You won't have to call. I expect to be right here every night."

Everybody had a good laugh.


Cal and Maureen spent most of the rest of the afternoon practicing their dance steps.

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