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He fondled them, raising the nipples so they were as hard as his cock. Gently he pushed her down on her knees.

"Take my trousers off." She did.

"And my shorts." She did, entranced by the erect cock gently swaying just inches from her face. She seemed hypnotised, like the victim of a cobra.

He took her hand and placed it on his cock.

"Now suck it. Suck it. Now." His tone became more demanding. Like the slut she was becoming, Mary guided the cock into her mouth. She wasn't sure what to do so she just gently rubbed with her hand and ran her tongue over the throbbing end.

Alan groaned. He put his hands behind her head and started thrusting forwards. His cock pushing further and further into her mouth. He was careful not to push to hard but there was no doubt now that Mary was sucking him off. The little slut.

Mary could not believe what she was doing. A few hours ago her loving husband had dropped her off. She had thought about Percy. And now she was being fucked in the mouth. She knew what was coming.

"I'm going to cum in your mouth and you are going to swallow every drop." It was an order. Mary sucked, Alan fucked. The cum shot to the back of the mouth leaving Mary no alternative but to swallow. And she swallowed the lot, cleaning his cock of every drop.

Alan gently lifted Mary to her feet.

"Time for bed, I'll lock up" he said quietly.

Mary went upstairs and briefly thought about sleeping in the spare room. No chance. She wanted another face fucking. She stripped to her knickers and got into bed.

Alan followed her up a few minutes later. He stripped naked and climbed into bed. He slid his hand on to Mary's breast and slowly lowered it across her stomach. As he reached the elastic of her knickers, Mary's hand again stopped him going further. Alan sighed. No joy again. He straddled Mary's chest and with help from her hands, starting pumping her breasts. He pushed an extra pillow under Mary's head so her lips were in direct line of his pulsating cock. With the groans coming from Alan rising, Mary readied herself for the flood of sperm. Alan came but had little left to shoot although Mary managed to lick some of his cum from his cock.

Alan climbed off and went to sleep. Mary lay there quietly. Her mind went through what had happened. How her brother in law had used her, she a vicar's wife had allowed it to happen. Worse, she wanted it to happen. Her only hope of salvation was that at least he had not got inside her knickers.

Next morning, a fully dressed Mary woke Alan by offering him a cup of tea.

"What time are you going today, Mary?"

"I don't know, Peter didn't say. I suppose he'll ring", and then very quietly Mary added "I'm in no rush."

Alan smiled, he rose out of bed. His cock was as hard as ever. Mary looked at him and then her eyes fell on his cock. She started unbuttoning her blouse. Removing her bra, she knelt down in front of Alan. He stooped over her, grabbing her breasts in both hands. She took his cock, guiding it into her mouth. She stroked his cock. She ran her tongue up and down the shaft. She treated the top as a child treats a lollipop. Licks, gentle sucks, deep draws, and a little nibble. Mary did not intend to be facefucked this time. She wanted to do the sucking. She was in control. And it was she who decided when she would let Alan stream into her mouth. She gagged slightly as the full load hit her. More than last night gushed into her mouth but she took it all and continued to lick to get every drop.

Finally, she pulled her head away and looked up at Alan, smiling. He mumbled something she couldn't hear and went off to the shower.

Mary lay back on the edge of the bed, hiked up her skirt and after running her hands over her suspender belt, slipped her fingers inside her knickers.

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