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A messy tail of a girl, a guy, a huge load and bad timing.

"You know...what?" he brought his face back up to mine and our faces were so close, I was tempted to lean in and put an end to the tease.

"Sex," I blurted without thinking, and David, once again, grinned at my discomfort.

"It's okay to talk about it," his voice suddenly became unusually quiet, and I relaxed in his hold. "It's okay to want to fuck."

"D-don't be vulgar," I started to right myself a little, but David wasted no time in asserting dominance. With both hands, he shoved me back on the white, fur rug and pinned my arms so that he could stare down at my trembling form, grinning in triumph.

"It's just screwing, kid. Not art. It doesn't have to be this big, romantic deal." He said it so bluntly; I didn't know how to react. "Sometimes, you just wanna... get off."

I looked up into David's eyes and they looked dark and strange, the same shade I'd seen on the first night I'd watched him through my apartment window. When his lips honed in my neck again, my breath hitched and I turned my head away from his.

"Mark was..." I started talking before I could stop myself. "He was married,"

I expected David to stop completely, but he seemed less than phased. He merely let go of my hands and moved them down to my hips. That time, I didn't make any move to stop him. Instead, I closed my eyes and chewed my already sore lips as he began to ease the dress up, little by little. The whole thing was absurd. There I was, lying on a rug that probably cost more than my whole wardrobe, being undressed by a man I'd barely known three weeks. My brain was telling me to shove David off and run, but something deeper -- something on a level of attraction or most likely lust, was desperate to see what would happen if I indulged. If for a moment, just that once, I made a decision on my own and stuck with it.

But suddenly, when David got high enough to reveal my panties and I felt his thumbs hook under the thin fabric, something in me jumped.

"A-are you married?" My voice was a whisper and before I knew it, I was babbling. "Mark was married and-and he lied and...I can't if you...if I don't know if you...a-are you? Married?"

David stared at me blankly for a moment, but then shook his head.

"Yeah, right." he laughed off my fluster and then trailed a finger over the puffy lips of my labia. I imagined their soft imprint was easily visible against the sheer front of my panties. His hand was so warm, I just wanted to press into it and sink down onto his finger, but there was still tension in my body.

"What's wrong, kid?" David became a little more daring and rubbed his thumb against my slit. "Hmm? Don't you like sex?"

"Of course!" I squeaked. "I mean I've...I've had tons of sex! W-with like... tons of guys."

I watched David arch a brow and his little smirk grow wider, but he didn't question my lie. I should have tried to clamp my legs together, but quickly, the feeling of arousal was taking over my good senses. Suddenly, I couldn't seem to think of any reason I shouldn't indulge. Despite what Blaine thought, I wasn't a kid anymore. If David wanted to have sex with me -- if I wanted to have sex with him -- there should have been no stopping us.

"Well, if you've had tons of guys...what's one more?" he asked.

" know me. D-don't you have a problem with that?" I squeezed his shirt briefly once more, but then splayed my fingers out to trace over the exposed skin. He was so smooth and lean; it was intoxicating.

"A problem? Fetus, I barely know any of the girls I fuck," David reached out and placed his hand right over my chest, squeezing my breast through the top of my dress. "What's the matter? Your heart's racing a little, kid."

He was right. I was sweating and my heart beating a mile a minute. I couldn't remember the last time I'd felt so nervous around a guy.

"You scared?" he teased.

"No, I'm not scared! I just...hate your guts." I made sure to be blunt. "You're're so mean and you do nothing but pick on me-"


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