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'Moral Courage', just another phrase for 'Just Plain Screwed'.

He lifted her up and enfolded her in his muscular arms. His thick lips closed down upon hers and Molly's mouth opened to accept his tongue. He found her willing, tasty, and fairly inexperienced.

His heart began beating a little faster and he almost that he was seducing her and not the opposite. He allowed the fingers of his left hand to wander around to her front, into her dress, until he found her nipple, stiff and yet pliable. His right hand found itself buried deep in her hair, tearing out the pins that held it up, until gradually, her hair fell around her shoulders.

Robert decided to waste little time with preliminaries; as his tongue thrust deep into her mouth, he inserted his thumb in as well, running it along the inside of her bottom lip, keeping her mouth open, not that she needed it there at all.

The shock of seeing him approach her, glistening with oils had stiffened her momentarily, but then her fingers were in his hair, grabbing at the feathered boa, his head impossibly closer to her.

Molly heard a muffled groan as she began to return his kiss, and it took several seconds before she realized it was her own, and then sucked his tongue ever deeper into her mouth.

He freed his hand from between their mouths and ran it roughly down her side to her thigh, squeezing it, pulling it to straddle his hip. He pulled back a bit and shifted his weight.

Molly erotically scraped her teeth over his tongue as it retreated back into his mouth, following it with her own even as he sucked on it, drawing it deeper, and enticing it to twine around his. She moaned again and wrapped her arm about his neck.

Alice, eyes riveted upon the couple writhing against each other, began to remove her clothing.

Rosa already had hefted her dress up around her waist and had two fingers greedily plying their way deep inside her then abruptly halted her activities, stood up and stripped. Before sitting down she rummaged in her bag and found a black dildo which she stuck in her mouth to wet and then promptly sat down and after raising her legs to her shoulders, inserted it deep inside her pussy.

Dutch came out of his trance-like state and dropped his trousers to the floor and as he peeled off his shirt, Alice sidled up next to him, knelt in front of him and took his thickened appendage into her craving mouth.

Now, oddly, Molly was the only one clothed, but that would not last for long. Robert hoisted Molly's dress up to her waist and smiled on seeing she wore only black stockings. He placed his large hands beneath her buttocks and lifted her completely off the ground.

Molly instinctively wrapped her fish-netted legs about his hips and crossed her ankles at the small of his back. Using only his teeth, Robert found each shoulder strap in turn and tugged them away from her shoulders. Eventually her top sagged down enough to expose her magnificent breasts.

His boa adorned cock jumped in anticipation. He let his fingers trail over her mounds until with a moan; his lips left hers and captured one hard nipple. Her moan joined his as she pulled his head in closer. Trailing wet kisses down one hill, through the valley, and up the far side, he moved to the other sentry, the one standing stiffer than ever before.

Tiny whimpers coming from her throat were as sweet as any sonata he had ever heard in his entire life.

He wanted everything she had to give, and more. Using both hands, he pushed up the hem of her dress, caressing her thighs and buttocks. A gasp escaped her lips as his hands squeezed her soft, velvety smooth bottom.

Alice was lavishing long, lingering licks to Dutch's fat cock, holding both his testicles in one hand as the other held him in position for her ardor laden tongue.

Rosa, the fingers of her left hand still maneuvering their way in and out of her now frothy cunt hole, stood up on shaky legs and made her way to Dutch's side and they kissed, tongue lashing tongue and all three moaned in unison as the sound Alice's slurping mouth filled the room.

Lifting his head from her chest, Robert kissed

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