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A glory hole fantasy becomes reality.

I put my head up. I could not help but smile. He wanted to please me. That made up for all his little indiscretions. Maybe I was weak for forgiving him so quickly. It just couldn't be helped.

"Now you may look up and talk to me, Elata."

He raised his eyes, and I saw a sly look come into them. I was the one blushing, now. He smiled. There was weakness in my knees, immediately. Heat spread from between my legs into the rest of my body. I studied him. He basked in the attention my eyes gave him.

"What do you want me to do, mistress?"

"I want you to come with me to my changing room. This is a horrible dress and must come off immediately."

One side of his mouth curved into a smile, as if against his will. I motioned for him to follow me. He walked close behind me, again. We walked into my changing room.

"From now on, call me Taletha, not mistress. As much as I like the title, I want you to know who your mistress is."

He whispered my name. The sound was musical to me, all filled with desire of his own. I turned away from him, lifted my curls and pointed at my zipper.

"Yes, Taletha."

He used one hand to unzip the dress, and another to open the cloth as he moved down my back. The caress of his hand sent a pulse into my sex. He moved his hand under the cloth, and pushed it off of my shoulders. He reluctantly took his hands from under the dress and pulled it to the floor. I stepped out of the cloth on the floor. I pointed to the rack. He picked the cloth up, but continued to look over my body. He removed his eyes to carefully hang up the dress. As soon as he could, he returned to gazing at me.

There was a pink flush over his body. His eyes told me he was controlling a wide range of impulses to touch me, overpower me, and indulge in this palpable desire between us. I smiled cruelly.

I removed my undergarments. I was left as exposed as him. He looked down at the triangle of hair between my legs. I cautioned him.

"Not yet, my impertinent one."

I walked before him into the bedroom off of the changing room. I readied the posts with shackles. He stood at my back as I finished. I could feel his breath on my body. Goosebumps were raised all over me.

"Lie down," I commanded.

He took himself away from my back and slowly moved to the bed. He laid and I straddled him, to put his wrists into the restraints. I locked the clasps with two quick snaps.

"Now, I'm going to study my purchase."

I ran my hands down his body very slowly. The skin was every bit as soft and firm beneath my touch as I knew it would be. The soft down of his hair felt like heaven beneath my fingers. I moved my fingers down his legs, and then removed the sandals. I kneaded his feet, and felt him twitch a little as I tickled them gently.

"Turn over."

"Yes, Taletha."

He complied, and crossed his arms that remained in the restraints. He scooted his body until his erection was positioned as comfortably as possible. I touched the soft flesh of his back. I moved to his buttocks, slowly. I gently opened his cheeks. He turned his head to the side and watched as I put a finger into my mouth. I placed it between the flesh, and felt his anus pucker. I watched him wince. I smiled. He moaned at me. I stroked the hole delicately a few times. His groans were nearly growls.

I positioned my hands on his cheeks and squeezed. He tensed beneath my grasp. The firm muscles felt exquisite. I spontaneously bent my head and gently licked the flesh. I ran my tongue down his legs. I moved back over his back, and put my mouth to his neck. After a few gentle licks, I bit into his neck, hard. This was my mark. I felt him cringe beneath me. He cried out after a few moments of trying to control himself. I looked at the mark and smiled at the red welts of teeth marks.

I moved to the side and told him to turn back over.

He complied.

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