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Sayali, a beautiful but undisciplined Indian 18-year-old.

He moaned softly and his cock hardened despite being caught between him and a tree. She took advantage of this and reached down to stroke his cock with her right hand while still kneading his breasts with her left.

"Tell me slut, how badly do you want to come?"

"Ooooh, really bad." He moaned back in reply.

"Really?" she replied in a wicked tone of voice. "I want to hear you beg me. Beg me to fuck your little slut ass until you come.

"Please mistress. Fuck my ass. Fuck your little slut until he comes."

"Hmmm," she said fucking his ass faster and feeling his cock throb as his orgasm slowly grew. Then just as he was about to burst she stopped stroking his cock, pulled out of his ass and sharply said. "NO!"

"But please mistr-" he began but was cut off by her harsh words.

"You were bad slut. I warned you that I wouldn't tolerate you disobeying me and what do I find you doing? Trying to sneak away when you thought I wasn't looking! As punishment you will not be allowed to cum today." She hiked up his skirt and gave him 5 sharp slaps across his rear as she spoke, but the words hurt him far worse than the spanking.

"Fucking you has gotten me rather aroused though slut. Turn around and get on your knees, now!"

"Yes mistress." He replied and immediately obeyed. She unbuckled the strap-on and let it fall to the ground.

"Now, start with the tip of shoes and give me kisses all the way up my leg."

He complied and just as he was reaching her waist she said "Now kiss back down, and when you are done you can start with the other leg. When he was done with the second leg she told him to do the first again. This time when he reached her waist she grabbed his hair and forced his head into her crotch.

"Now give me kisses around my pussy and my clit. Mmm, that's right, now lick it softly and slowly. Yeah, just like that, you're such a good pussy eater slut. Do you like eating my pussy slut?" She let go of his hair for a moment so he could answer.

"Yes mistress" was all he had time to say before she pushed his head back to meet her waiting pussy.

"Good, then flick my clit for me slut, I want to cum all over your face. Yeah. That's right. Just, like, that. Ooooh, don't stop slut. Yes! Oh god yes!" She could feel a massive orgasm building as she rocked her hips against his face.

"I'm gonna cum! Make me cum slut," she demanded humping harder and faster against his face.

He worked his tongue faster and felt her body shutter against him. He continued licking and flicking her clit as an orgasm ripped through her. She came hard and he greedily lapped of her juices as the flowed out.

"That's right slut, lick up my cum," she said collapsing forwards and leaning on the nearby tree for support. "Clean up my pussy for me slut and you better not let a single drop go to waste."

When he was done and she had recovered he looked up at her and asked "Mistress, you never told me before, what is your name?"

"My name is Alisa, but you may only refer to me as Mistress. Also from here on out if you want to ask a question you should ask permission first, is that understood?"

"Yes mistress."

"Good, now come back to my cabin with me, I've got a present for you."

He followed her back without any more attempts at escape for he knew she was in charge. When they got back she sat him on a chair and told him to wait while she went into the next room and grabbed his present. She immerged carrying a brown leather collar with a metal chain running around it.

"Kneel down before me and accept you present slut!" He quickly obeyed, kneeling before her and presenting his neck for her to collar. She wrapped the collar around his neck then locked the chain at the back and held a small metal key up in front of his face.

"From now on you will wear this collar at all times. I will take it off for you when you need to shower, but aside from that it will never be removed. Let it serve as a constant reminder of who you belong to."

She then attached another chain to his collar and led

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