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Two people in Alaska spend the day hiking.

Katie didn't wear a bra because the dress was so tight, it pushed her firm boobs together nicely. The dress really showed off her toned legs too. We went downstairs to the banquet room for the reception. We were a little surprised when we walked in. Apparently our old friends had a good amount of black friends since we last hung out. Probably a third of the guests were black. We found our table and we sat with two black couples. The couples were older and I guessed them to be around upper 50's. We grabbed some drinks and sat down. We started talking with the couple next to us. The guy sitting to the left of Katie was Clinton. His wifes's name was Shirley. The couple next to me was Mike and Jeanie. During dinner I picked up on Clinton checking out Katie several times. Clinton looked to be about 5 feet 9 inches tall, and about 220 pounds. He wasn't what you would call fat, but he was chunky. He still had his hair and it was still black. Shirley was definitely fat. She never really got up from the table, and it appeared that she had some health issues. We all kept drinking and talking.

When dinner was over the music started. People started dancing and this is the part of weddings that I get more drinks. I don't dance and like to people watch. Katie on the other hand, loves to dance. Katie went out to dance and I was at the bar. Clinton came over to me. We had a drink and were watching some of the women dance. I made a comment about some of the good looking women there. Clinton told me there were but not as any as beautiful as my wife. I then told Clinton to go dance with her then. I told him that I didn't dance so Katie always goes alone. He told me he would love to as long as Katie was ok with it. I told him that she would love it. We went back to the table and Katie came over for a drink. When a song came on that she liked, she went back out to dance. Clinton checked with Shirley to make sure it was ok to dance with my wife. Shirley laughed and told us that was fine with her because she certainly can't go out there.

Clinton met up with Katie and they started dancing. They were really having some fun and I made small talk with Shirley. I mentioned that Clinton moves pretty good out there. Shirley told me that he's always had a lot of energy. She told me that he just turned 60. I couldn't believe it by the way he moved. I was wondering why Shirley wasn't out there with him. She must of sensed my thoughts because she told me she has bad knees. She also just had hip replacement surgery recently so she won't be moving too much any time soon. After a few songs, Katie went to the restroom.

I went back to the bar and Clinton followed me. Clinton told me again how hot my wife was and told me he bets I will be having fun tonight. I told Clinton that I am sure that he could have fun tonight too. Clinton laughed and told me that he wishes, he hasn't had sex in a year with his wife's problems. I decided to take a gamble and told Clinton that I was talking about having fun with my wife. Clinton almost choked on his drink. He told me that it's not nice messing with the mind of an old black man. I told him that I wasn't and if he could get away from Shirley, he might be able to have some fun with Katie. Clinton's eyes were wide and I think he thought that this can't be possible. I asked him what was wrong? Hasn't he ever been with a white woman before? Clinton told me no he has not, but it has always been his fantasy to be with one at least once. I told him about Katie's fantasy and told him now would be his perfect chance. Clinton finished off his drink and walked back to his wife. He talked with her for a minute and then came back over by me. He told me that Shirley is tired, and she wants to go back to her room to sleep. Clinton told me that after he settles her in bed, he would be back here.

Katie came back over to me and got another drink.

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