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Sierra has a serious fall-out with Harry her boss.

I also noticed she had reapplied some lip gloss making her lips shinier than before if that was even possible.

Luckily I was behind the counter and she could only see me from the waist up as it was quite evident someone was wide awake down there now. She sat back down and said "Can I have some?" I got another bowl and put a few scoops into it for her.

Handing her a spoon she said, "Thanks, My mom is lucky to have found such a nice guy." She had that sparkle in her eyes that had a bit of mischievous look. And I knew that look all too well.

Just watching her eat ice cream was incredible. How she licked the spoon. She made eye contact letting the ice cream drip off her spoon and onto her outstretched tongue.

It must have been obvious how I was admiring her because she looked down at her bowl and softly and so innocently said "Are you watching me eat ice cream?"

I tried to come up with something funny to say in response but I just looked down at my bowl as well and kept eating.

What seemed to be a minute or two went by and I looked up at her. I could just about see her slightly freckled cheeks and those shiney lips...

She was looking at me with those soft brown eyes of hers. Really staring at me...

Our eyes locked and she said, "So do you really think I'm pretty? Or are you just saying that to make me feel better?"

I thought for a moment... I felt I needed to reassure her if what I think was happening was really happening. Without saying anything more she got off her stool and walked around the counter put her bowl in the sink and turned to looked at me.

I finally replied. "You have a lot going for you... Let's see... Your smart, well educated, uh...and you're a very beautiful woman."

"You think I'm beautiful? What about me makes me beautiful?" she asked.

As she said this she sat on the stool next to me and began to take her heels off and rubbed her feet through her black nylons. I could feel the conversation starting to get odd in a good way.

Watching her rubbing her feet and being so close to me. I could smell her again. That intoxicating scent.

That's when I realized how short her little dress really was. It had ridden halfway up her thigh and the way she was rubbing her feet was giving me a pretty decent view up it. I could see where her stockings ended and the flesh began. I could also see that she had a neon green thong on. The kind that might glow in the dark under black lights at a club.

I looked back up and she seemed to be waiting for me to say something. Did she see me staring at her thighs and beyond?

"Well?" She said.

I replied, "Well what?"

She said, "You're not even paying attention to what I'm saying. I had asked what makes me beautiful?"

I replied, "Well uh lot's of things."

She put the foot she was rubbing and placed it on my lap and sort of brushed the strained erection my sweatpants was doing a horrible job of concealing. She looked down at her foot, then my bulge, smiled, and said "Go on.. Like what exactly?"

I shifted in the stool. "Well uh..."

"Could it be that I let you borrow my underwear whenever you want?" She started to rub her foot into my crotch. She was now openly smirking.

"Mmm. Maybe this one of them?" I asked.

"I don't know. You tell me. Is this a good quality of mine?" As she said this she pulled at the drawstring of my sweatpants with her foot loosening them enough to cause the head to all but peek out of the waistband. All I could do was sit there and enjoy the sensations of this girls foot rubbing me.

Finally I said, "Well sure, you have attractive feet and very sexy legs."

As the words came out I realized what I had just said. This must have been the green light she was waiting for.

"So you like my feet and think I'm sexy?" She was now rubbing the tip of my D with her toes. The silk of her stockings felt incredibly soft. She stopped and reached down and tugged at the drawstring and pulled my sweatpants exposing me fully erect already glistening with precum oozing.

"What's this she softly said" as she reached down licking it off her finger.


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