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The knowledge that other people could see him kept him rock hard, and he was now at a point where he could stroke himself for the whole ride down, nearly 3 hours, without cumming. Of course, whenever he teased himself like that, even before he checked into the hotel he would drive into town and find some chick who________d had a little too much to drink and drill the shit out of her, letting loose a gallon of cum, his cock crammed deep in her while she choked back her cries and other evidence of arousal.

His cock hardened instantly, unaware that this wasn________t one of his usual exhibitionist displays. He closed his eyes as a warm feeling spilled over him, delighted at the feel of it thickening. The blare of horn brought him back as his car began sliding into oncoming traffic. He________d been so horny lately! He couldn________t remember a day in recent memory when he hadn________t cum two or three times, sometimes just from jerking off, sometimes from a hot and heavy fuck session, and frequently from a combination of both. The dull ache in his balls and groin was soon competing with the urgent need to pee, providing a painful yet pleasant distraction to the traffic, as well as his dilemma. Several people beeped to show their appreciation for his show, but Jeff was concentrating too much on the conflicting stimuli to notice.

Mercifully, he finally spotted a sign for a rest area just below West Point. Trying to stay in control he maneuvered toward the exit ramp, glad that he wouldn________t have to try to use the bathroom in a restaurant or shop. There was no way he was getting his prick back in his pants before he________d be able to get into the bathroom.

Pulling into the parking lot, he jumped out of his car, and padded barefoot toward the restrooms. His cock jutted out in front of him, the cockhead purple, the shaft slick with precum and pushing the leg of his shorts aside. He wouldn________t be able to pee if he stayed this hard, but he could get positioned so that when he softened he________d be ready to go. A few tourists averted their eyes in embarrassment as he passed, but Jeff was in no condition to be embarrassed himself.

He felt the pressure build to near explosion as his mind registered that his objective was in sight. He increased his pace to a half-walk/ half-jog, lunging for the first unlocked stall, grateful that he'd been able to hold out as long as he did. Crime was not really a problem in this part of the country, and the rest stop had escaped most of the "modernization" that had claimed similar facilities. All of the stalls still had doors, a rarity in this day and age because muggers had taken to hiding behind them and preying on innocents. Also, the stall walls stretched from floor to ceiling, providing privacy as well as a modicum of soundproofing, allowing a person to do their business in relative solitude.

As the door swung open, he stopped in his tracks; two guys were crammed inside. One stood on the seat of the toilet, squatting, while the other, facing away from Jeff, was licking the shaft of the first man________s cock. It was amazing that he could reach it; the man was much taller than Jeff (who only stood 5________4", making his substantial cock look enormous), at least 6________3" or 6________4", and almost as broad as the stall. He bent easily from the waist, as if he was hinged. Both men were able to keep quiet enough that from the outside, you________d have no idea what was going on.

"Oh e-e-e-excuse me," he stuttered embarrassedly, standing transfixed in the entrance to the stall.

He didn________t move, and neither did the men in the stall, save for the slow steady licking.

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