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He went so far as reaching for it, only to pull back. Kitten, sensing his movement, instinctively tensed up. As a parting gesture, a long, hot tongue appeared between his lips. He ever so delicately applied its heat to her frozen nip. She bit down hard on the gag and let out with a muffled squeal. In the moment that it took to react, he stepped back, leaving her to tremble in anticipation of his next action.

She could sense him across the room and thought that she was safe to relax, even if just for a brief moment. Lurker was anticipating this very move on her part. He extended a long bamboo cane in her direction. To it's end was lashed an assortment of large feathers. Sensing that nothing was imminent, 10,000 volts of electricity surged through Kitten's body as the feathers started a dance across her bare flesh. She wasn't quite sure just what, and more importantly, who was causing this latest sensation. Such a contrast from the stark reality of the cold water, the tickling sensation was too much for her to handle. Although the gag hid her mouth from view, Lurker believed that she was actually smiling. After making several rounds of her exposed erogenous zones, the room grew still yet again.

He was approaching her yet again, this much she was certain of. She was right. Just what he was up to was the question. With tongue outstretched, he started a long, wet lick, one that extended from the delicate creases of her right wrist all the way to the soft, sensitive area under her right arm. For him, it was a wonderful bouquet of taste and texture, beginning at her demure, lightly perfumed wrist and its smooth yet somehow tough skin, the salty taste of her sweat as he traced his way along her arm, the firm, shapely contour of her muscles to the wonderful softness and musky scent of her fully exposed underarm. At the same time, he traced a similar path along her other arm, although this was not with his warm tongue. Instead, Kitten's left arm was treated to a large chunk of ice. The combination was nearly too much, as she let out a long moan, surprisingly clear in spite of the gag.

With virtually no pause in between, Lurker spied his next target- a near perfect breast, heaving up and down under labored breathing. His tongue found the tingly spot underneath the soft mound of flesh. Kitten tensed and gasped. Lurker's salivary glands went into overdrive as he moved in a spiral pattern around her excited tit, moving ever closer to the sensory trigger found at its peak. As his tongue crossed her areola, she exhaled hard and started to squirm. The appearance and texture of her areola began to change, taking on a rubbery texture and a deeply wrinkled appearance. The chains that held her wrists grew taught as Kitten relaxed her body and sank slightly, her weight being supported from above. The vision was clear in her mind and she liked what she saw. Just as she anticipated the feel of his warm lips and tongue on the rock hard flesh of her nipple, she was instead surprised to feel the clench of his teeth, biting down on the tender nub. It was a strange sensation, and her reaction surprised her. She would have expected to feel some sort of pain, but there was nothing even remotely like that. She felt a sensation of heat and an intensity the like of which had previously escaped her, as though every nerve ending in her breast was firing a message into the pleasure zone of her brain, all at once. As he relaxed his jaw, normal blood flow returned to her nipple, like water flowing through a newly opened floodgate and with it, brought yet another intense and oddly pleasurable sensation with it. A wet warmth spread through the nether regions of her womanhood, adding to the turmoil in her head.

It was as though Kitten's body was reacting independently from her mind.

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