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Will Tom be able to keep up.

I want to know every detail of your future life and mine. I know, I know you don't know mine but you do know our future together."

"You're right."

Mike then told her everything. It took him four days to tell her. There were times she was crying and other times she was laughing so hard that she was crying. Most of the time she couldn't believe her ears, but she listened to each and every word Mike spoke.

Those four days were very stressful for both of them. When Mike told her that he needed to join the Air Force for the next four years she laughed the hardest. He told her they had to get married and he had to join the Air Force. She just nodded her head and asked where they were getting married. They flew to Nevada the next day to get married and honeymooned in Hawaii.

The four years in the Air Force was an experience that Mike would never forget. It helped him with some things that he would have to do in the future, which he couldn't learn any other way. Once his enlistment was up in nineteen-seventy-six he was back at his corporation mapping out things they had to invent. For the next twelve years he was very busy putting things in place for the future.

There was the invention of a hologram generator and cell phones, just to mention a few. They still pumped out little things that made them more money than you would ever know. Most of that money was put back into research on some things that they were going to need, which so far as the future was concerned, no one had invented yet. The rest of the money was invested in gold and placed in off shore banks for use in the future.

In nineteen-eighty-eight it was time for Mike to enroll in MedSchool and make sure Michelle became a doctor. Those nine years will remain the best and worst time in his life. During this time Jenny held the reins of the company. She was not happy about where Mike was or what he was doing, but she loved him with all her heart and believed in him.

So as Mike sat alone in his office, busier than he had ever been in his life, now or in the future, he contemplated the future of two lovely women. He had fifteen years to prepare for what was to come. Two paths, presented themselves, two paths which he needed to decide which path to follow. And it was unfortunate that neither path kept Susan or Michelle out of harms way.

One path would lead to the destruction of the United States as it is known. The other would mean the destruction of a city. Which city didn't matter, only that a city is destroyed. Why? Even Mike didn't know the reason for that; he just knew a city is lost.

Mike made a decision. It was time to start making plans, designing equipment that would be needed. Fifteen years, would it be enough time? The first thing to do was to move the company headquarters as it was no longer safe where it was. Atlanta was the place he picked. The move took six months. But now the company and employee's were safe, would be safe.

Once they had moved, Jenny really didn't want to move, the company started negotiations with the government on some of their inventions. Things Mike knew they would really want. Things like an energy shield. Of course he didn't give them the farm, just the outhouse. The shield generator Mike was finally convinced to sell them was a monstrous piece of equipment that would take a good size house to hold. But it was good enough to protect an airbase or an embassy or a large landing zone.

The government snapped them up as fast as Mike's company could make them. There were even planned improvements that were made along the way. At the end of the first run, which took a year and a half, the company had shrunk the size by a quarter. By the time the second order came in every government installation throughout the world had a shield generator.

The second run was not only an order for more generators but a contract to install them in every major city in the U.

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