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Priests resort to frotting and docking for release.

Yes, she is a maid for me in her house."

He was talking about me like I wasn't in there, like I was an object, like I was a cheap slut. Actually, he was right. I was a cheap slut for him. His maid. His whore. He had every right to call me whatever he likes and treat me every way he wants. I was his whore.

"I wish you could see this. I wish you could see this little slut sucking your boyfriend's cock under the table. Yeah, she is a skilled little minx. You would definitely like her. She chokes herself on my dick for hours. She is a born service slut. Yeah, I bet she licks pussy like a natural. It is in her. She exists to serve superior people."

No, I was not jealous nor heartbroken. I had a fiancee so it was no big deal that he had a girlfriend that I have never heard of. I was just humiliated. He has always humiliated me. Humiliation was the base concept that our so called "relationship" has been found on. But this was beyond any humiliation he subjected me to. In the past, he had talked his friends while I was sucking his dick and told that a cheap whore was sucking his dick. But this was something completely different. It crossed a critical line. He was including somebody for the first time ever. It could be a really disastrous thing for me, considering the nature of our relationship. It was probably the beginning of something very dangerous and intoxicating.

Thinking all the possibilities, humiliations, and mind-blowing orgasms, I was so aroused. More aroused than in my all life. So I broke the second rule and touched my clit. He instantly realized this and yelled "Hands on my dick! Don't try to pleasure yourself, whore." I instantly pulled my hand over my clit. But he was angry. He threw the table above me. Grab my hair and began slapping me. He slapped me hard. Each slap burned my skin and there were a lot of them. When he finally gave me a break, I was disoriented and feeling dizzy.

"You stupid, useless piece of shit! You are only good at one thing and you can't even do that properly. What should I do to you?"

I was trying to hold myself not to cry. I knew all this was a game, but this was different. With the earlier humiliation and this, something had changed. I could feel it. He took my pride, shattered into pieces in a way he never has done before. He was extending his control over me. I didn't think that was possible but he was extending it. I always thought he has absolute control over me, so how can he extend it, right? But I was beginning to see I was wrong, terribly wrong.

"My girl wants to talk to you, whore. I'm putting her on speaker."

"Evening sweetie.

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