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A self-conscious guy goes for a workout -- and gets more.

Thinking of last night I smile more. I call room service and order some breakfast before I jump in the shower. It is already 10am but I figure I have plenty of time to fill the jacuzzi before you will be arriving.

When I get out of the shower there is a knock on the door. I have on a bathrobe as I answer. It is my breakfast, complete with a red rose and a note. This one is from you. It says : Dee, I will be there soon, BE READY!! I giggle as I start to fill the jacuzzi. I am eating a bagel with cream cheese when there is a knock on the door. I turn off the water before I walk to the door. When I open it you are standing there. Our eyes meet, I smile, you smile. You say, "Arent you going to invite me in?" I answer, in a whisper, "I would invite you in everywhere".

You come in placing the do not disturb sign on the doorknob. Immediately you take me into your arms and kiss me deep. Our tongues entwining. You back me up until I am pressed up against the wall. Your hands on my ass rubbing me and pulling me into you close. I can feel your hardness pressing into my groin. Our kisses heat up quickly. Hotter and deeper our tongues explore. You pull away to kiss my neck. Your hands untie my robe belt. Opening my robe and caressing my body. You start at my neck and work your mouth slowly down my chest to my breasts. Moaning as you take a nipple into your mouth. I arch my back and moan with you softly. Your hand reaching between my legs you start to slowly massage my whole pubic mound before pressing into my folds. Finding my clit and rubbing me up and down my whole slit. Over and over, your fingers press into me.

Making me wetter and wetter as you suck one breast and then the other. The hard wall holding me up as I spread my legs wider. You drop to your knees and start to kiss my pubic hair. I moan as you press your tongue into my pussy. My hands on your head I rub your hair as you search for my sweet spot. Finding my clit quickly, you start to lick and suck me as I tremble. Your fingers go to my opening and you start to finger fuck me. First one finger and then another. Reaching deep into me and doing a "come here" motion inside me. Causing me to moan and tremble as my knees get so weak I am afraid I cant take it anymore. I try to push your mouth away from me but you grab my ass and hold me tighter to your mouth. I cannot help myself, it feels so good I moan louder as I start to orgasm. You ride it out and drive me insane by sucking harder and fingering deeper as I cum for you. When I am done you pull away and smile up at me. "That was number one baby, you are in for a whole lot more." All I can do is pant and smile as I come down.

You grab my robe belt and lead me to the jacuzzi. My knees still weak, you take my hand as I climb into the tub. You remove my robe and lay it on the chair for me, telling me I wont be needing it anymore today. I smile as you start to strip. Your chest so sexy as you take off your shirt. You lay your shirt on the chair. You sit on the bed and take off your shoes and socks. I am watching your every move and you suddenly get shy. You look over at me and ask me if I would please close my eyes while you strip the rest of the way. I laugh and tell you to come over here by the edge of the tub. When you get close enough I reach up to kiss you. As our tongues dance I start to rub your crotch. I unbutton and unzip your jeans. My hands reach into your pants to push them off your ass slowly. They drop to the floor as I pull away from your mouth. You stand up and step out of your pants. You are standing in front of me in your boxers as I lean over and breath a hot moist breath against your cock through your shorts.

You let out a soft moan as I grab your ass and pull you closer to my mouth.

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