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Two young misfits travel a fun path to adulthood.

Even the way his neck stuck over his tightly buttoned shirt hinted at a load more fat underneath. So this was the man Maureen had given me __500 to fuck!

The money was my only reason for getting this far, and now she could have it back!

I sat opposite Dave; at least he couldn't get at me with those fat podgy fingers. Still I suppose if he was going to fuck me then a grope at dinner was nothing.

Maureen stayed with us as we ate. Now while I wasn't enjoying this I did wonder if or what Yvonne had said to upset Maureen. God if I knew I would probably use it myself! But why would Dave risk his marriage for a fuck with me? Yeah I know I did it too!

I was downing the wine quite easily as Maureen talked with Dave. Their conversations seemed stupid; holidays, work, and decorating came up. I suppose it was then that I started thinking this was all a sick joke. Dave had leered at me like he normally did, but he hadn't once mentioned or made any remark that suggested I was going to get fucked. Even in the lift at the hotel going up to a room, I thought any minute now they would tell me it was some sick game.

But now there I was sat on the bed, and feeling Maureen pulling my shoulder straps down from behind!

Dave started to puff and pant as he began to undress. He only stopped to leer at my tits as they came into view.

"I, I, I can't do this," I stammered, as I tried to pull the dress back up.

Maureen tugged my hair back which caused me to yelp.

"Now you listen little slut Dave has paid for you. He knows all about the men you have taken home and I said he could fuck you."

She was calm but forceful; well she didn't need to shout not with her fucking hand pulling my hair.

"Don't you love my son enough to make one small sacrifice?" she whispered in my ear so Dave couldn't hear.

I was panting and I felt quite numb, so I didn't do anything as the zip went down on the back of my dress. I just shook my head.

"I'll make it a thousand," she whispered.

Now __500 was nowhere near enough to persuade me, but __1000 had me wondering if I could squeeze a little more out of her. Whatever Yvonne had done must have really hurt Maureen, enough to set this up in the first place.

"Double," I panted, as Dave went to the bathroom in his pants.

"Nobody bargains with me!" she spat, tugging my hair.

I didn't scream out I wouldn't let myself.

"Then fuck you I won't do it, fuck him yourself," I hissed.

I knew she was thinking about giving me more money, as I got no response straightaway. I could feel her heavy breathing in my ear.

"1500," she whispered in a vicious tone.

By the time Dave came back from the bathroom I was stood naked. He walked over to me and I backed away a little, until Maureen held my shoulders.

Now when you see 18 stone of pink flesh heading your way __1500 sounds like nothing.

"Just open your legs, and let me see those pretty pink lips pout for it," Dave said with a sneer.

His words were bad enough, but did he actually think I would be gushing for him!

"Do as you are told!" Maureen said, with a sick chuckle.

Slowly I spread my legs a little, as Dave moved closer. He just stood with a big grin on his face, which spread further as I flinched at the finger that found my pussy. I let him touch me for just a few seconds and then I backed into Maureen. I gasped as Maureen tightened her grip on me. Her lips had been kissing my neck for the last few seconds, and I could feel her long hair tickling my back.

I looked at Dave as he made to push his pants down. Then I looked away in doing so I turned into Maureen's lips. She quickly grabbed my hair as her lips covered mine. She didn't need to grab me so roughly, as I was already searching for her tongue!

I could feel Dave now on his knees and his fat spotty face between my legs. His tongue lapped at my pussy that his fingers had opened up.

My legs tried to close but he just pinched my lips forcing me to stop.

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