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Finally, she heard the winch motors turning and the cable began to slowly wind up around the long support bar. Soon her arms were being stretched widely apart and then her feet began to leave the ground.

She had to estimate how high to take the cables because she didn't know for sure how tightly it would stretch her at any given height. She had expected to either be hanging slightly limp in the cables or have to let go of the gloves and drop to the ground when the cables got over tight, but her estimate was perfect. She was raised into the air in a taut, naked X with her feet about four feet off the ground. When she realized it was exactly what she wanted, a wave of pleasure washed through her and she felt her cunt overflowing onto her thighs. "Tomorrow, I go for one hour in the sun," she said aloud as the motors reversed and gently lowered her to the ground.

She spent the rest of the evening investigating more of the menus and controls on the remote control program which she has installed on her tablet computer. The purpose of one control totally baffled her. It said, "Opcty" and then had two input blocks. One said "Upper" and it was set to 00%. The other said "Lower" and it was set to 50%. She changed the lower number to 00% and pressed enter. Suddenly she was standing outside - or at least, the frosted portion of the green house had suddenly become clear. She changed both to 80% and it was as if the clear plastic had become solid walls. "I think I will leave that one alone for now," she said aloud, and clicked the "Restore Defaults" button. Once again the plastic panes of the greenhouse became frosted in appearance on the lower portion and totally clear on the ceiling.

Saturday morning, Stacy rubbed herself down with sunblock and strapped herself into the restraint boots and gloves. This time it was for real. She folded the Velcro flaps over her arms and pushed them securely in place. Once the cables went taut, there was no way she could release herself until they lowered her back to the ground. She had set the controls to rise at 10:00 am and lower at 11:00.

Again, she stood waiting for the winch motors to kick in. As she waited, she thought, "This would probably be better with a blindfold." There wasn't time, however, to do anything about that this time. Exactly on time, the motors began turning. As the cables pulled her into the air, she could just barely see out of the top of the hothouse windows. "My neighbor across the way can probably see my head if they look out their back windows," she thought to herself as she hung there.

For Stacy, the feeling of naked helplessness was amazing. Her nipples were stiff and erect. Her clit stuck out prominently from her cleft. Juices dribbled slowly down her legs. She found herself slowly rotating her hips and bucking slightly forward as if she were fucking an imaginary lover in mid-air. "I really have to figure out a way for some appropriate stimulation," she thought to herself. "I wonder if my vibrator would stay in me up here?" she asked aloud. "I would hate to have to wear something like a thong just to hold it in place."

11:00 o'clock came all too soon. The cables lowered her to the ground and went totally slack. She opened the flaps on the restraint gloves and freed her hands, but didn't bother to free her feet. Instead, she lay back on the thick carpet with her feet still in the boots and began rubbing herself between the legs. Her cunt was sopping wet and her clit was extremely sensitive. It only took a few moments to bring herself to a very satisfying, screaming climax. "I wonder what the neighbors thought of that?" she wondered as she finally freed her feet from the restraint boots.

That afternoon around three, Stacy was ready once again to suspend herself naked in the hothouse.

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