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Or maybe the bigger the issue is that during class your mind is clearly on something else. Catherine, the class has 6 people. It is very obvious when a student does not show up physically and mentally. And the truth is you are not showing up. I don't take attendance but we both know how much class you've missed. And when you are there you clearly aren't. You need to take stock of your priorities. If you don't soon then not taking classes at Wake is the least of your issues."

Dr. Dixon put back on her glasses a signal to Catherine she was being dismissed.

'Matthew kept stealing glances at Catherine. She was telling him about her research for the navy. He didn't have the heart to tell her he was completely confused and overwhelmed. "Matthew, are you listening to me? Or are you too busy watching me?"

There were sitting on her back porch looking out over her nicely landscaped back yard. "Cat, you should know by now my brain is only designed to handle simple math. You lost me at triangulation. But I do see someone has been reading Pride and Prejudice." His eyes shifted to the book lying on the porch. She must have knocked it off the chair when she went to walk the dogs.

Matt leaned over and whispered, "You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you."

Catherine blushed. "I think you got me in bed once quoting Mr. Darcy. "

Matt looked at her "Will it work again?" Catherine's blush deepened. She straightened out her legs. The scrape on her knee was much bigger than she originally thought. Thankfully Matt helped her and the dogs' home. He'd even stopped and picked up Gambit's poop.

'Once they arrived at her house, Matt settled her in a chair on the porch and elevated her leg. In quick order, he'd given the dogs treats and found her first aid kit. Then he spoke to her in soothing tones as he cleaned the scrape with peroxide and bandaged her knee and shin. Catherine quickly flashed back to when she cut her hand chopping onions in his apartment.

"Do you remember when I sliced my finger cutting onions?"

Matt laughed. "I felt sorry for that poor ER doctor. Clearly, he was not prepared for the combined hurricane of Catherine and Patricia Miller."

Matt invited Catherine over to his apartment with the grand plan of making her dinner. Insisting on helping, Catherine began to slice the onions for the salad. Instead, she sliced her finger down to the bone. Once Catherine felt pain the hysterics began. There were tears, gnashing of teeth and rendering of garments.

Matt insisted it was a flesh wound but Catherine insisted he take her to the ER. To prove her point, she called her mother Patricia. Patricia was in complete agreement that Catherine needed to go to the ER immediately. Not so veiled threats of what would happen to him were shouted through the phone "If he'd let her daughter bleed to death."

The ride to the ER was eerily quiet. Matthew didn't know if Catherine was angry with him or in that much pain. Check in had gone smoothly. It was until the nurse looked at her finger that all hell broke loose. Catherine fainted. One sight and she literally fell to the floor. The nurse screamed out for help and several people ran into the room. Cat was picked up settled into the bed and attached to machines.

Matt felt like a jerk. The dishtowel Catherine used to cover her finger was soaked with blood. The wound was deep and the doctor feared she sliced the tendon. Things went from bad to worse when her parents showed up.

Patricia Miller kicked Matt out of the room and told him to leave or sit in the waiting room. She demanded the ER doctor come and talk to her immediately. Matthew was not sure what transpired but Catherine ended up with IV fluids and a morphine drip. Luckily she had not sliced the tendon but the finger required two sets of stitches to close the wound.

"Catherine, if I never said it I am sorry I didn't believe you. You just went from normal Catherine to hysterical Catherine in a blink of an eye. Hopefully, I redeemed myself today."


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