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She could feel herself being spread wider... and wider... Suddenly -- plop! -- the widest point passed her sphincter, and the plug seemed to draw itself inside her, fucking her deeply in one, slow, single stroke.

After a quick clean-up, and putting things away, the slave crawled back to the bedroom, feeling the butt plug shift inside her with every movement. Filled and fucked constantly, constantly.

Dominica was lying on the bed, propped up against pillows at the headboard, reading a book, her right hand gently caressing the front of her thigh. The slave approached the side of the bed, then bowed her head till it touched the floor, awaiting Mistress' next command. She tried not to think about the thick plug in her ass -- but when she drifted, her sphincter relaxed, and the plug shifted position, stimulating her again, causing her to tighten the muscle, and remind her again. Fuck... relax... fuck... relax... Daniella had no idea how many minutes ticked by while she knelt there, the plug pumping into her.

Suddenly, she heard a whisper of cloth on cloth, the thump of the book closing, and being set on the nightstand nearby. The bedsprings creaked a little. And Daniella felt Dominica's foot against the top of her head. "Kiss it, slave!" Dominica's voice! The kneeling slave lifted her head, stretched forward, and brought her lips to her Mistress' right foot. Just long enough for a brief "smooch" -- and Dominica's foot was withdrawn! Oh, she yearned to worship her Mistress' feet some more! Daniella could hear her walking to one side, near the suitcase again.

"Up on your knees, again, rubber slave!" Dominica commanded. "Time to take the next set of rubber goodies out of the suitcase. " Daniella rose up, and saw Mistress crooking her finger. "Over here, rubber slave. " She shuffled over, on her knees, to the open suitcase, as directed. "Again, breathe it in. That strong scent of rubber. Breathe it in, rubber slave. Feel it empty your mind, and make you want to obey... obey... obey... "

The next item was the folded rubber sheet -- but Dominica had moved things around. Now, on top of it were two more black rubber dildos -- one, a companion to the dildo the slave had caressed during the car trip; the other, somewhat longer and slimmer, with lots of little bumps near the base.

Dominica directed her to pick up the dildos first, and to set the bumpy one on the night table, the other one with Daniella's clothes by the pallet. Then to open the rubber sheet and spread it over the four-poster bed. This was a bit tricky, since Daniella was not allowed to stand, but had to shuffle about on her knees, so she could pull the sheet taut. Her knees were getting a bit sore, almost distracting her from the butt plug that kept fucking into her ass while she moved. When everything seemed to be ready, she looked up at Mistress, awaiting further instructions.

"Down, slave! Head to the floor, when you're waiting for me!"

Daniella almost dove down to the floor, and bumped her head a little, trying to comply quickly. She waited, listening, and could tell from the sounds, Mistress had walked back to the bed, sat down. She waited more, a bit nervously now. Fuck... relax... fuck... relax... The rhythm of the butt plug seemed a little faster. Still inescapable.

"Look up slave!" MzDominica commanded. "Sit on your heels, hands at your sides, palms upward. Spread your legs, open to me... open to me... "

Daniella did as she was told, and her eyes went wide with what she saw. Mistress was sitting naked at the edge of the bed, on top of the rubber sheet, with the bumpy dildo deep in her blonde pussy, stroking it in and out... in and out... with her left hand, while her right hand rubbed little circles around her clit.

"That's right, slave.

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