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A guy has a new prospective of "Love thy neighbor".


"Damn, that sounds hot." Steve said. "Want to try it now?"

"I've got breakfast to cook." I said, sliding out of bed.

I slapped his sculptured butt and said, "You can keep your lazy ass here until the food is ready. I'll call you. And you can think all day about your first lesson coming up tonight."

"You're making my dick hard again." he replied.

I usually made a special breakfast on Saturdays. I had just finished cooking when daddy and Uncle Cody came into the kitchen.

"We need to talk." Daddy said in a low voice.

Tony came drifting into the room a few minutes later. He always reminded me of a male Marilyn Monroe for some reason these days. Not that he was the least bit feminine, anything but.

He had that same softness and vulnerability and the same distracted air. His blond hair and light eyes set off his flawless ivory skin. I've never seen skin like that since, it was like ice cream and made you want to lick him. And, he was pretty. Not handsome, downright pretty.

When he practically floated into the kitchen, he was nude.

"Did you forget something?" I asked.

He looked at me, focusing with an effort and looked confused.

"Your clothes." I said. "Don't you think you should get dressed?"

He looked down at his nude body and giggled before pivoting and going back down the hall. His lush ass looked even more tempting than usual.

"We need to do something about that boy." daddy said. "Cody and I are old men and he wants a cock up him at all hours of the day and night. When I woke up from a sound sleep this morning he was on top of me riding my dick. Can't you take on some of the fucking duties and let us have a break?"

I had to laugh.

"It's your own fault." I said. "You two turned him into a monster with those big cocks. I can't promise anything but let me work on it."

I called Steve and Tony came wandering in at the same time. Everyone ate like Vikings and soon all that was left was the dirty dishes. The others went out and started work while I cleaned up.

I had acquired quite a few bookkeeping clients in the past few months and after cleaning I had to go into town to drop off paperwork to a few of my clients.

I had no sooner parked than the sheriff pulled up behind me. I got out and went to lean into his car window. Looking down into his lap I could see the perfect outline of his fat cock shaft and plump cock head through his uniform pants.

"Please tell me that you're here because you need someone to work a load out of that." I told him, indicating his cock.

"Do you always have such a one track mind?" he asked, smiling.

"Only when I'm around you and you're dangling that in front of me." I said.

"That sounds like a perfect start for the day but really I had a couple of things to ask you about."

"Do they involve your dick?"

"No." he said. "They involve a story that a little birdie told me about a fight last night at the Clover."

"What did the birdie say?" I asked.

"That some new guy who'd never been there before beat the fuck out of three of our citizens. The description of that guy sounded vaguely familiar."

"Well, you know, people look alike. And you should never trust eye witnesses."

The sheriff just grinned at me and said, "I checked at the hospital. They had three guys come in last night. One had major damage to his mouth and teeth and a set of balls swollen to the size of a basketball. Another one left in a sling after having his shoulder popped back in the socket. The third one is still there with a couple of cracks in his skull. Any of that ring a bell?"

"Not a tinkle." I said. "You repeat that description to me and I'll keep an eye peeled for the assailant for you."

"You're just like a little feist dog, aren't you?" the sheriff said. "Did you ever think of joining the police force?"

"Believe me. Sheriff, I'm not the type. Be careful what you wish for."

He grinned and shook his head and then he said, "One other thing.

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