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Cuming in the 'back door' after the surprising ride.

Who knew?

For a moment it almost seemed as if her eyes started to glow but then she smiled and I was distracted by how beautiful she could be without all the artifice she used to disguise it. Her smile was like the dawn breaking over the horizon. Like I had set her free. She shot forward ahead of me almost even with the forward twin, unbearably graceful. I wondered if I looked like that.

Yes. Beauty and grace, shining with power.

Hey don't try and make nice now, I thought irritably but I still blushed and struggled not to turn and look at the wolf behind me who I now realize is Naughty. I forced myself to concentrate on the labyrinthine path we were creating to confuse our pursuers. I "told" the twins where we should be heading by sending them pictures of land marks and street signs in that general direction.

In my mind I was vacillating between just going to my house or getting my truck. Somehow I knew that my house wouldn't just remain untouched simply because I avoided it tonight. I decided to compromise. I would get my truck now to go pick up Juliet then we could all go back to my house. It wasn't perfect but this way at least I could grab what's most precious to me and try to hide anything too large to carry on a getaway. Eventually, I know they are going to end up at my house trying to find clues to my current whereabouts.

Tears clogged my throat as I imagined the state of my house after it had been violated. My house had always been sacrosanct. Not even Jules or Rachel had ever even been there. Oh, they both know where it is, even what it looks like, but they've never actually been inside of it. There's just too much of my life, my real life not the one I'd made up for camouflage, in every room. That house was the first thing I'd ever purchased with money I earned from my paintings.

A sharp but small nip on my calf derailed my train of thought.

Stop thinking about what might be and focus on now. Now we are trying to survive with our bodies and freewill intact. Worry about later then.

Anger hit me so fast I realized that it had never really gone anywhere merely taken a back seat, temporarily, to a stronger emotion. I almost turned to attack him when I realized it wasn't his fault that my house is going to get trashed. Or that a pack of vicious monsters were chasing us. Or that my life got so turned around in just a little bit of time that I no longer even understood what manner of creature I was. It was nice to have a convenient scapegoat to direct all of my anger at but I've never been one to just spew at who's closest. I've been on the receiving end too many times and I've never been one to simply pass along hardship.

The hungry sound of the creatures behind us had faded as we kept up the faster speed. I decided it was safe to head in the right direction when I realized we were actually already at the lot where I park my truck when I am not using it. Which, unfortunately, is most of the time. Good thing I have a contingency plan for needing it without planning to. I was already shimmying under the truck bed to get the spare key before Naughty even reached us.

"You two stay in Wolf form until we have a chance to grab Juliet and some clothes that will fit you," I was speaking out loud as much to include Rachel in the conversation as to try and steal some small iota of normalcy back.

"Actually, I was gonna suggest that if we need to get out of town, I go get Juliet, our car and some stuff. Then just meet you at your house after we're all packed up," I was formulating arguments before the sentence had even finished. I didn't want to split up. My gut was screaming for me to keep everything I cared about within arm's reach. I was already fighting off hyperventilation thinking about Juliet home by herself.

"Look, I know what I heard and I could see that those aren't normal wolves even if you weren't just speaking to them like people.

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