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When I got back downstairs Jackie had switched on her music system and opened a bottle of red wine.

"I've put some of my groups music on for you to listen to," she explained, "I was a bit younger when I sang with them, of course, but hopefully it doesn't sound too dated. I am just going to change in to something a little more comfy myself. Help yourself to wine John."

I made myself comfy on a large sofa and listened to the music whilst drinking a glass of wine which went down a little quickly as I soon felt nervous.

To ease my tension I stood and had a look around the room. It was a typical living room in an English house. Ornaments were dotted about here and there along with framed photos of Jackie's daughter. The quality of the music system indicated Jackie was serious about listening experience. There was a well stocked bookshelf and next to which was small table on which a chess board was set up.

Jackie returned as I was looking at this. Her change of clothes mirrored my own in that she had on a pair of faded jeans and hooded pink sweat top. These did nothing for her figure compared to the dress they replaced.

"Do you play chess John?"

"Not much recently, but I thought I was quite proficient when I was younger."

"Oh, I could beat you I bet," Jackie challenged and so we I picked up small table with the chess board on it and moved it to the sofa.

There was something surreal about this scenario and as we played a close game we finished the wine and started another bottle. Playing out to a draw we started again and Jackie started to make errors as her concentration dropped off as a result of the alcohol.

I moved my queen to check-mate her a little too smugly and to my horror Jackie stood up and kicked the board off the table, causing the pieces to fly over the floor.

I stood worrying she was upset and she simply pushed me backwards so I was seated again on the sofa, straddled my legs and started kissing me passionately.

This was a surprise.

Her tongue was inter-twined with my own and her firm breasts were pushing in to my chest. She smelled so lovely, intoxicating even and I was suddenly aware that I was developing an erection that pressed in to my jeans.

I kissed Jackie behind the ear and down the neck, pulling her closer to me as I did so. I wondered if she could feel my erection through mine and her own jeans.

As I continued to kiss her I felt for her breasts through her top and firmly groped each one, eliciting a moan to escape Jackie's lovely red lips.

Our mouths met again in a passionate collision and then Jackie pulled away and lifted her sweat top over her head revealing a lovely pair of breasts, not over large, but with lovely pink nipples that were already standing up a little from the attention I had given them so far. She wasn't wearing a bra.

I pulled her forward and bowed my head a little so I could take her right nipple in to my mouth. As I closed my lips around it and sucked I continued to squeeze her breast and could feel Jackie's arms wrap around my head to pull my face closer.

My tongue made circular motions around her nipple interspersed with small, gentle bites and as I worked away I could feel her nipple stiffening further. Once it was erect I switched my attention to the left nipple and repeated the treatment.

I then pulled Jackie further forward and lifted her so she was still straddling my legs but so I could kiss between her breasts and then work downwards in small kisses, traveling down her belly and stopping at the top of her jeans. I then continued to kiss, following the line of her jeans around to the left then around to the right.

This must have pressed the right button as Jackie suddenly stopped me.

"Take me upstairs and fuck me John," she panted, climbing off me as she said this.

I stood up and followed her to the stairs and watched as she began to climb them.

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