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A playful hide and seek of two college friends takes a turn.

I released her arm as we headed into Eastland itself. We had no grand plan for the rest of the day, but the shopping centre was full and there are a lot of stores in the centre. I'm a fastidious shopper, I'll have several similar items in my hands at the same time and examine each one before I make up my mind.

That afternoon however I was even more fussy, trying on clothes and getting Paula's opinion, I think I did several wardrobe adjustments in the space of two hours. Then we headed to Dan Murphy's for a few bottles of wine, once again I couldn't decide between the white or the red. When I finally chose the red I had to select the right red, which is impossible unless you're a wine connoisseur and I'm definitely not one of those!

One thing I was conscious of a few hours later was that I had lost my concept of personal space between us. I was forever bumping into her or backing into her, it was clumsy but I felt almost as if something had taken over my body.

However that kiss in Paula's car was definitely not planned. She'd reached back to grab the purse out of her handbag and as I looked down I saw her blouse opening slightly to reveal her bra. Remember when I mentioned about memories rising suddenly to the surface? I recalled that scene from Neighbours, Bailey's coming out party, Caroline and Tess kissing on the couch and felt the urge to kiss her. When she moved back with the purse in her hand she turned at the same time so that her face was inches from mine. She had a crooked smile on her face, as if she was just waiting for me to make a move. I felt a slight hesitation and then I did the unthinkable. I leaned closer and kissed her on the lips. Paula dropped the purse on the back floor and I felt a sudden twinge of fear at the look in her eyes and started moving back but then she grabbed my hand.

"If you're going to kiss me, do it properly," she murmured.

I didn't move for a few seconds, I was aware of a couple passing behind us and when they were gone I grabbed her necklace and pulled her forward. Our lips met in a tender kiss that set my pulse on edge, we were in a public place but for the first time in my life I didn't care. I was hungry for physical contact with another human being.

It was a stolen moment of intimacy. No one saw us and yet it was as if we were in our own little world, I felt both guilty and aroused at the same time. I was also fearful, not knowing what would happen next. Paula had a slight smile on her face as she looked down at the floor and then our eyes met as she drew her finger slowly up the front of my blouse.

"That was a beautiful kiss," she tilted her head and moving forward, kissed me tenderly on the lips and held her mouth against mine for what seemed an inordinate length of time. Her mouth parted and I went with her out of instinct and felt my heart skip a beat, I was aware that my vision had blurred slightly and I felt warm all over. Paula eventually pulled back and she tickled my belly playfully.

"Now that's a kiss to keep me warm on cold winter nights when wind blows a cold hole through your soul," she regarded me for a few moments.

"You wanna go home or somewhere else?"

"Wherever," I exhaled.

Paula told me later she had no idea where she was going, she was just driving for the sake of it but we wound up in Olinda where we bought a couple of Cokes and then she drove down a road she'd been down with an ex boyfriend once. It took us to a relatively deserted carpark overlooking the R.J Hamer Arboretum and parked down at the far end. It's a beautiful view of the start of the Great Dividing Range that extends all the way to Queensland and it was somewhat appropriate that she took me to a high place for our little talk.

"So, where do we go from here on?" Paula glanced at me a few minutes later, "considering we've just kissed."

"I don't know," I confessed, "I wasn't exactly looking for this kind of thing."

"You and me both," she took another mouthful of Coke, "but we have c

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