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An older man's lust for his young neighbor takes its toll.

My mouth hung open like an old-fashioned Christmas soldier nutcracker waiting for the world's largest nut.

Ryan took in my expression and laughed.

"Yeah. That was the expression I was looking for. Man might have been improving indoors for a thousand years, but he's been searching for perfect ways to escape it for a thousand more."

I looked around, trying to take in everything.

"Listen," Ryan said.

I expected silence but there was a cacophony of sound.

"What's that ka-hik-it?"

"Tree frogs."

I could hear frogs, birds, squirrels fighting or mating, small animals scampering, and rustling of leaves. The sounds of hundreds of things vibrant with life.

A cool wind blew off the lake.

Ryan put his arm around me.

"Thanks, Ry," I said.

He gently kissed my cheek. "My pleasure. I found this place about eight years ago. I never brought anyone here before."

"It's fantastic," I said. "Let's inaugurate it." I wiggled my eyebrows lewdly.

Ryan shook his head. "Let me set up the tent and the hammock."


He sent me a smile so blinding it made all the scenery disappear.

Ryan unpacked his gear. It was amazing how much stuff he could fit in that large backpack.

"You need any help with the tent?" I asked.

"No. It's an easy pop-up."

I watched his efficient movements as he pitched the tent and hung the hammock between two trees. He took off his shirt and used it to wipe his face. I felt a lump in my throat at the sight of him.

Ryan walked to the edge of the lake and stared out. I came up behind him and used my tongue to trace the long sickle-like slashes of black on his back tattoo. He made a soft "mmn" sound. I wrapped my arms around his waist. I grazed my teeth lightly on his shoulder.

"Ryan," I said softly. Oh God. "Please be my guy."

He took one of my hands, put his hand over it, and slid it up over his heart. He looked over his shoulder at me. "I thought I already was."

I shook my head against his shoulder.

"What? You think I have office sex with everybody?"

I shrugged against him.

"No," Ryan said. "Just the annoying ones."

I shrugged again.

He turned around in my arms. "Just in case it wasn't clear. Yes, I'm your guy. You're my guy. I'm not having office sex with anybody else. Or any other kind of sex." He kissed the back of my hand and then turned it over and kissed my palm. "I don't want to have sex with anyone else." Ryan softly bit the tip of my forefinger. "Only you."

Holy shit.

I slid my hand to the back of his neck. I kissed him, and as my tongue danced with his, I hoped he could feel not only my passion but my gratitude.

I pulled him toward the tent. He resisted and pulled me to the hammock.
"Ry, you can't have sex on a hammock."

He raised an eyebrow and gave me an expression I interpreted to mean, 'Wanna bet?'

"Who said anything about sex?" Ryan said.

"I did," I said.

Ryan chuckled. He got on the hammock and stretched out on his back. He put his hands behind his head. I climbed on next to him. I laid on my side, cushioned my head against his bicep, and threw one leg over both of his.

"Just because you found the most romantic spot in the world doesn't mean you're all that," I said as I caressed the flat planes of muscle on his chest and zeroed in on one nipple. "You're just a tiny little minnow," I said as I teased that nipple up until it puckered up like a stone raspberry. I scooted down his body and flicked his other nipple with my tongue. "That's a big lake right there, I could always throw you back."

Ryan clambered on top of me, rocking the hammock violently, smothering me with his chest while grinding his hips.

"Hey, Ryan, you can't do that-"

He rolled us, and I was caught up in the fabric for a second before I felt the cool breeze whooshing by my side as we were airborne. THUMP.

"-we're on a hammock. Or were."

Ryan landed flat on his back on a bed of moss and I landed on top of him. I kissed his neck. "Finally, I get to be on top."

"Oh no," he said.

"Yes," I said.

He tr

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