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A lucky meeting with Lindsay Lohan.

Todd started to lose control first, groaning, and began to buck his hips back and forth as he stroked his cock into my panties.

"Fuck dudes. I can't take it. Gonna cum. Ohh." he moaned, and I saw the pink satin turn dark as his virgin cum splattered into it. His orgasm hit him hard, and his back arched up as his balls emptied into the soft, now soaked material.

The sight and sound of Todd's climax took Michael over the edge, and he groaned in pleasure as his swollen cock released his own load into my underwear.

After their climax was over they sank back, and focused their eyes on my son, who'd watched with fascination as his buddies came a few feet away from him.

"Man," said Michael. "That was about the best cum I've ever had. I thought about your mom on her knees, suit still on, sucking on my cock. Ever think about that Glenn?" Michael led him on.

"You must have jerked off thinking about her ass too. All tight and firm. About bending her over the dining room table and pumping her from behind."

"Ohh fuck. I can't hold back. Oh man, I'm gonna cum too," said my son.

Todd joined in "Ok then dude. You're always bragging about how big of a load you shoot. Let's see it then. Pump that big cock and splatter yourself."

Both Todd and Michael were turned on by the sight of Glenn pulling that big cock of his. They still pumped their cocks into my now soaked panties, cocks still stiff and long.

It was true what Todd said about my son. He was a big cummer. For years I'd noticed when I washed his sheets, the large cumstains in them. I'd tried not to think about it then. I tried putting it out of my mind, the fact that my young son had pulled and stroked his beautiful cock into the sheets I was holding. But now, with my son jerking himself off, using the same bottle of lube I used to wet my fingers up when I fucked my pussy, all those repressed thoughts came flooding out.

I wondered what he thought about when he jerked off in his bed. Was it some girl from school, or from the movies, or maybe, even me?

His father and I were pretty loud when we fucked. Was Glenn hearing my moans of pleasure and pumping that big cock?

Sweat was coming out from his skin as he worked himself, his chest and stomach gleaming with the sheen. His cock seemed to get longer and harder from the egging on of his friends. He shut his eyes, and leaned his head back.

His hips started to buck against his hand, lifting his ass off the chair. This young stud, my own son, was getting closer to his cum. His other hand rubbed his chest, his friends staring with lust in their eyes at his swollen, purple plum shaped cock head, waiting for that magical movement with his liquid sex would come splattering out.

I rubbed my pussy in time with his strokes, mother and son, both using our fingers and our minds to stimulating our bodies and work up to our climaxes. My fingers were soaking wet as I fucked myself. I could feel my juices coat my slim fingers and then drip onto the towel. I wanted, I needed, to see my beautiful son reach his cum.

Glenn started groaning, getting so close to his climax, lost in some fantasy. He then said the sexiest words I'd ever heard.

"Oh yeah Mom. Suck my cock. Suck it you tease. Oh yeah take it! Take my cum!!" His balls tightened up in my panties as his body went rigid.

The first few spurts must have been pure pre-cum, as they flew out from his cock without warning, and landed on my son's neck. Then his orgasm hit, and his moans filled my bedroom as the rest of his young jism emptied out of his cock. I watched in pure lust as 5, 6, 7 wet spurts soaked his heaving chest, my fingers frantically working my clit as best I could.

Both my son's chest, and my fingers were soaked with our sex juices. Finally, Glenn collapsed in the chair, his smooth chest and stomach covered in sperm, some still dripping from the tip of his cock.

The shock of seeing that cum fly out of his cock and coat himself made my pussy shake and contract in a mini-climax, but the demands of being on my knees and trying to keep quit

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