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Conquering heroes or cuckolds?

I texted Jessica and Ashley to see how they were making out. Jessica texted me back.

You guys good?


OK, going to bed, call me when

you are in an Uber


I went to the bathroom, got undressed and climbed into bed. Normally, I just wear boxers, but I put a t-shirt on in case I was walking to the bathroom or something in the middle of the night to be a decent gentleman. Two hours into sleeping I snorted awake to my phone ringing and buzzing next to my bed.


"Hey, we're on our way."

"OK, just buzz when you get here."


I buzzed the girls in and waited for them in the living room. Jessica led Ashley in, standing behind her giggling with her hand poised to catch Ashley if she fell backwards. They both looked like they had a great night, swaying with their eyelids half-closed. It was clear Ashley had about ten too many, but Jessica still had the Drunk Girl glow.

"I love Fireball!" Ashley slurred.

"Fuckin' showed them...oh wait they won" Jessica playfully said to Ashley.

I was pretty amused. Their fake IDs obviously worked and since they were hot chicks what bouncer is going to say no. I wanted to find out more before they passed out.

"So what happened?" I said with a grin.

"Some guys challenged us to see who could do more shots," Jessica said. "She went full 'Smashley'."

"Fuck you," Ashley snapped as her surly look bobbled into a smile.

"Wha-?" I said.

"She went toe to toe with them, but then got all blackout and started grinding with all of them," Jessica responded.

"Oh" I chuckled. I remember those days.

We both helped Ashley to the air mattress. I took her shoes off after Jessica took her coat off and assisted Ashley's flop onto the air mattress. She was out before I even put the blanket on her. Jessica grabbed her bag and went into the bathroom to get changed. I was waiting in the living room when Jessica came out. She had shed the night out attire and put some boxers on to sleep in. She still had on her tank top, but had taken off her bra leaving her perfect 19-year-old tits stretching the fabric. I think she caught me staring at them as she was walking toward the air mattress because she gave me a smiling head nod and said, "Goodnight."

"You all set?"


"OK, goodnight" I said and then shut off the lights and went to bed. After a half hour, I dozed off into twilight, but heard one of the girls still rustling around on the air mattress. Finally, Jessica got up and softly knocked on my door. I opened it squinting at her, "What's up?"

"Ashley is completely star fished on the bed and I can't fit on your tiny couch. Can I sleep in your room?"

"Uh yeah," I said still half asleep. "Do you want me to take the floor?"

"No you're good. Your bed is big enough."

I slid back into my bed and Jessica got in on the opposite side. My heart rate naturally went up a little since I had a good-looking girl in my bed. It was a fleeting moment though as Jessica put her head down on the pillow and put her back to me. I closed my eyes contenting myself with going back to sleep after a minute when Jessica began to squirm around. I was lying on my back and she spun around and faced me with her eyes still closed. I could feel the warmth from her body and didn't move away as she was inching closer. She ultimately broke the touch barrier and draped her arm across my chest and pressed her body against mine. My heartbeat went up and I sighed happily when she did it. I started to rub her arm with my fingertips as we continued the sleeping fa__ade with our eyes closed. She started rubbing my chest and then got rid of all pretense when she grabbed my cock and started stroking it through my boxers. I groaned with pleasure as my cock went from semi- to rock-hard in about 10 seconds. I spun and met her and we both passionately kissed each other. She gave me a breathy whisper into my ear, "I want you to fuck me."

I immediately kissed her hard and started rubbing her pussy through her boxers.

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