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My fascination with the idea of rimming other men grows.

"Hotel Fuck Toy" was based on a set of BDSM pictures on the same forum where a girl was in various positions in a hotel.

"Lessons Mom Taught" was based on a fantasy a woman told me.

A few stories were based on requests that I liked. The vast majority were made up. Most stories are written for the seasonal contests, so I think of ideas based around that.

Essentially, anything in ordinary life can be turned into a sex plot; it's just a matter of how good it can be and how much people want to read it.

None of your stories published on Lit are multiple chapters, though you have some stories that have similar titles and follow a theme (such as your Red Lipstick and Pressed Together stories). How do you decide between standalone stories versus those that are linked?

I never write chaptered stories because it can be redundant. To me, the fun is in the build-up. After that, it gets repetitive. It's like watching a porn movie where the same people are having sex in every scene.

Obviously there are ways to keep a story ongoing for many, many, many pages and still keep it exciting. Other authors do that regularly. But that's not me. I like to focus on new things and new scenarios.

As for similar themed stories like "Pressed Together," or "Held Together," it's fun taking the same premise and exploring it in different ways. That's why those stories are similarly titled. Plus readers like those types of Incest stories, where people are led to do things out of "necessity" in awkward situations. I also know that those sorts of titles get a lot of views, so I stick with the formula that works.

For "Red Lipstick," it was a fun premise which started in "High Heels, Red Lipstick." I loved the name and what it was about, and I thought that particular premise could be used to introduce different characters to other characters they wouldn't ordinarily meet, and do things they wouldn't ordinarily do, which is one of the great things about reading erotica (if that makes sense at all). It worked and those stories are fairly popular.

There were other stories I've made that I thought could have been continued, like "Girls of..." or "Lustful Hearts," but they weren't as popular, so I left them alone, sadly. On the flipside, my lesbian teacher/student stories have always done well, so I always continue with that theme because people like it.

Basically, the readers decide, depending on how many votes/favorites a story gets, if a story theme is worthy enough to keep being explored. But no outright sequels though.

What is your typical writing style - do you work in shorter bursts, writing a section of a story and then putting it aside and returning to it? Or do you sit down and write a story from beginning to end?

I describe my writing style as being purposefully basic, where I try to keep everything simple, yet make it sound nice, but not sound mechanical at all. In other words, I assume that readers are reading at a casual pace. So I want the sentences to be clear, concise, and to the point, so that if you read it casually you can instantly imagine the story in your head. I'm a reader too, and there's nothing worse than reading something and having to stop to figure out what it means.

I've had comments over the years where people have said they like how descriptive my stories are. But I never thought of my stories as being descriptive, especially compared to other authors.

My focus has always been telling the readers the important information, then letting them fill in the details themselves, in their own minds.

As far as writing a story goes, I always try to write as fast as possible. Mainly because it keeps the story consistent in terms of what's happening. For instance, continuity errors can easily happen. A character could be wearing panties in one scene, and not be wearing it in another. It's easy to forget these details if you take time away from a story. It also keeps the flow consistent as well.

Like the saying goes, "Lightning in a bottle."

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