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Carol is forced to stand in for her 18 year old stepdaughter.

She drank down all I offered her, her hips shaking and wiggling I knew she was nearing orgasm. I broke from the daze I was in and lifted her off of me.

"Daddy, Sir, please let me cum," she begged. "Not yet, My sweet little pet," I replied simply, " the time will come soon enough and you will be allowed to cum." I rolled her up to me and kissed her lips not caring that I was also tasting the remnants of my own semen coating the insides of her hungry little mouth. I wanted to take her then but I would wait. It was going to be a delicious experience when it finally happened. An all day affair. I told her to go do the morning release. I walked to the door and stood there once again making sure she didn't take it upon herself to find release. "Master, I will not cum until you allow it. You need not guard me all the time, I don't want to ruin this feeling. I am always on the verge of orgasm as it is Sir. I want to be Daddy Sir's little cum loving slut and I am willing to await orgasm because I know when you finally let me have one it is going to be so intense I will probably pass out, Sir." I smiled, I knew she was being honest for she had thought all of this out before she gave me a reason to take this gift of submission she offered. She had to have been prepared for anything and this perhaps was to her just a test to see if I would give in like I always had. I admit she had me wrapped around her pretty little finger before but now things were different.

"Charlie will be here soon My pet", I told her. I motioned her to the shower and got in behind her. I allowed her to soap me up. She tried to not linger soaping but she did wash my cock a little extra. I then did the same for her. Careful to not give her more than little stimulation as I lathered her up and washed her. I saved the special places for last. I slowly washed her nipples and rubbed them just until they hardened then I worked down her tummy and spread her open with my fingers before rubbing the washcloth over her clit and pushing it just barely inside her. I spun Rose around before washing her pretty ass. I took the bar of soap and ran it up and down the crack of her ass before pushing it against her puckered little anus. I slipped my hands in with it and nudged. Rose's body pushed back quickly and I knew this was the stopping point. I pulled away and turned her around rinsing her off. Then I turned off the water and stepped out handing her her own towel. Testing her resolve to not making herself cum. I watched out of the corner of My eye as she patted dry her pubic area and just patted her nipples dry as well. She was being so good that it was going to be hard to not just give in and fuck her simply because she was trying so hard to please me.

We went downstairs and I went out to get the paper as she prepared breakfast.

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