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Lillith is not what she thinks she is.

I felt myself panting.

"The other guys will love helping me pop your cherry." He grabbed my wrist and pulled me with him back into the living room.

"New game fellas. Whoever wins: fucks Susie. She's all wet and ready for her first time."

I was speechless. What the hell was he thinking?? I stood there with my mouth opening and closing trying to find the words. I was about to say something when my brother stepped in.

"Oooh no guys. Not happening! She's not having sex with any of you. Sorry - not even a funny joke, Troy."

"Jokes on you, Dan." Troy spun me onto his lap. As I landed my skirt had ridden up and I ended up straddling him facing the boys. My glistening thighs and lace panties on display, I tried to cover myself quickly but Troy was behind the chair and pulled my shoulders back to stop my modesty.

There was a collective gasp.

I squirmed in an attempt to have Troys hands release me, not realising I was rubbing myself against my brothers crotch. I heard him whisper something to my brother harshly.

I knew I was in trouble. Legs splayed for a bunch of horny young guys and Troy encouraging them. I felt hands on my boobs and my tank top and bra being pulled down to expose my erect nipples to the room. The next thing I knew I was being touched and fondled. There were hands everywhere and Troys face next to mine as he pushed his tongue into my mouth.

I struggled to breathe. Fingers slid inside my drenched panties and over my clit. Troy pulled back.

"Now come on boys, we will all get a turn. I think I should get to be the first cock inside that tight hole." I watched as he grabbed his dick through his pants.

"No!!" I cried. "No, please, not you!"

"Oh Susie, if it's not me, then it's Dan." He said with a sick grin.

I could feel Dan's erection pulsing against my ass. My own brother, or a pervert I hated.

Faced with this choice it's not surprising I chose my brother.

Troy just laughed when I looked away from him. "Perfect, come on stud, show us how you fuck your sister!"

All the other guys backed off and he pushed me off of him. Unzipping his pants and pulling his dick out.

"You gotta ask him to fuck you Susie..." Troy taunted. I felt the warm smoothness of his shaft pressing against my soaked pussy.

"Ugh, Dan, fuck me. Please..." and he did.

He pushed me over the coffee table, my skirt bunched around my waist, my panties down around my ankles as the boys all watched. Rubbing themselves through their pants - and others pulling their growing cocks out.

He wasn't gentle. I don't know if I expected him to be. He plunged into my hymen with enough force that I yelped in pain, my body not ready for the intrusion even as wet as I was. He would thrust a few times then slow down. My boobs jiggled with every thrust and I sobbed.

This wasn't how I wanted to have my first time.

But after a few minutes my pussy adjusted to being pounded and I could feel the thrusting getting easier as I got wetter. The slapping sounds of masturbation, wet balls smacking my thighs and the grunts and moans of my brother and his friends was the only noise in the room. That's when I felt the first load shoot from Dans balls deep inside of me, groaning and holding my hips as he came. Pulling out he ran his finger along my pussy and up my ass crack, wetting my asshole with our combined juices.

"Mmmn you're so tight Susie." I was shocked he had enjoyed himself so much. I heard a slap, like a high five, and turned to see he and Troy sharing a moment.

Troy had his pants down now and was making his way behind me, and Dan stepped up to my face waving his softened cock near my mouth.

"You've got to clean up the mess you made sis." He pushed into my mouth and made me suck our sex off of him. I tasted blood and the salty sweet combination of our fluids.

Something hard slid up my thighs and into my freshly deflowered body.

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