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Her dream lover comes to her again.

She laughed off the sensation. "Woo," she breathlessly uttered.

"There are also many variations of the missionary position," the voice said. "For tall girls, like yourself, there is the rising position."

Dick postured up, placed both her ankles over his shoulders. From there, he thrust only with his hips, sliding in and out of her drenched center.

"Yeah, I have..." Maddie's lips kept moving but no words came out. She stopped herself, placed a finger to her lips. She scrunched her eyes. "I've-done-this-before..." The words raced from her mouth.

"And, what do you think, not a fan?"

"No. I, uh, I like it. It gives a deeper penetration-" Maddie giggled as Dick's tongue tickled the sole of her foot. She wiggled her toes in and out of his mouth. "I'm tickl-Uhh!"

Dick held her legs straight against his chest, locking her knees. He pulled her into each thudding thrust.

Maddie's breasts jounced wildly. Her right leg began to shake.

"What are you feeling now?"

"I'm feeling like-Ah!-I'm feeling like..." Maddie bit her knuckle. Her face tightened. "I think I'm cu-cu-coming..."

"Are you?"

Maddie nodded as her face wrenched. Her legs stiffened. She locked her toes behind Dick's neck. The tremble in her leg spread over her body. "Mmmgghhhh!" She strained, convulsed on the mat.


"Being a shorter girl, we're gonna have you do a slightly modified position," the voice said. "Bend your knees and place your feet against his abdomen."

Tori continued holding her breasts in her hands. Her cheeks became rosy but she remained mum about the whole experience.

After assisting her feet on his lower abdomen, Dick gripped his shaft, wiggled it outside her pussy.

Tori squirmed, gave him a slight push off with her feet. She shot him an evil eye while settling back.

"Any thoughts on this position? Your feet adds cushion to the deep thrust."

"I can honestly say I've never tried this one." Tori breathed heavily as he squeezed inside of her cozy pussy. "I usually throw one leg over my boyfriend's shoulder."

"How's this one in comparison?"

"Good!" Tori blurted, covered her mouth. Her free arm draped across her breasts, hiding her nipples. Her knees bent to her breasts, feet flat against his chest acting as shocks.

Dick squared his shoulders back, continued his constant motion.


"Being that doggystyle is in numerous songs only 39% men and 31% of women have tried it at least once," the voice said, "why do you think that is?"

Maddie was on her hands and knees. She looked across the room at the camera, above was a mirror. Her eyes drifted up to Dick's reflection as he gathered behind her. His cock squeezed inside of her causing her to pant, lurch forward. "I think that, again, as with missionary-"

"Into the camera please."

Maddie looked up, continued, "...as with missionary being the most intimate, because your face to face, I believe-Ah!-I believe-Uh-hum!" She dropped her head again, held out a finger to give her a second. She whipped her blonde hair back, released a groan. She laughed at her reaction, choked on the giggle, and snarled. "I think doggystyle is not intimate enough," she said as though holding her breath.

"Men, on the other hand, listed it as their favorite."

"Figures." Maddie squinted at the camera as though attacked with a sneeze. Dick had a hold of her hips, jerking her back into each thrust. Her stiff nipples grazed the surface of the mat. "Ohhhh!"

"Have you ever climaxed from doggy?"

"No... but uh..." Maddie breathlessly said. "I'm usually hard to get off, but-Uh!-the camera, lights, have me-Oo! Ha!" She fanned her watery eyes.


"Roman philosopher Lucretius recommended this position to women who were trying to conceive."

"Well, that's, mmm, that's interesting." Tori was on all-fours, facing the far camera. She stared right into the lens. She tried to fight the sensation for the sake of her boyfriend's pride, but she couldn't hide the involuntary twitches. Her eyelids fluttered, voice shaky. "Is that proven true-oo?"

"Unfortunately, there's no scientific evidence to support it."


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