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Joe claims Michelle as his own.

It became obvious the ride was mostly for the entertainment of the audience as the gal's butt jiggled and shook toward the audience. Then the person controlling the bull turned it around where people in the bar could watch bouncing tits of the 20-something girl. With a jolt and a twist, the gal's boobs were nearly exposed as she held on tight to keep from slipping.

After a few more drinks, Al grabbed Margie's hand and led her down the sidewalk toward the hotel. By now it was 7 pm and starting to rain. Along the way they became distracted by skimpy outfits displayed in the window of an adult toy store.

"Let's buy something in here," Al said.

"Okay, and then I want to jump your bones," said Margie.

"Promises, promises," Al said.

Inside the store, they picked out an anime porn movie, vibrator for her, butt plug for him and handcuffs for whoever was playing subservient at the time.

By the time Al and Margie got back to the hotel they were chilled and soaked from the pouring rain. They scurried out of their costumes, then snuggled with each other under the comforter on the bed.

"You know where to put those cold hands to warm them up," said Al, and guided Margie's hands to his cock.

Things were starting to heat up in more ways than one when, suddenly, breaking the romantic mood, a loud conversation was heard.

"It's your damn fault. You didn't ask enough questions and now we're stuck in this room with no balcony," a male voice said.

Margie whispered to Al, "It's our next door neighbors."

The condemning voice continued, "All you can do is sit there and sulk at your laptop."

"I thought..." a softer male voice spoke.

"You thought. That's what you always say," the angry voice said. "I wanted a room with a balcony and now it's raining and I'm stuck in this damn room staring at these four walls. And you're sitting there like a victim. You're such a loser."

With a new realization, Margie said, "It's our gay neighbors."

"Any couple can have problems," said Al.

Al got out of bed and knocked on the door that separated the two small rooms, "Hey, you guys need to make love not war."

"What? Who are you to tell us what to do?" said the aggressive neighbor.

"Help us, please," said the meek neighbor.

Al grabbed his terrycloth robe from his suitcase and put it on. Margie followed Al's lead and slipped into a blue t-shirt and pink pajama bottoms.

Al said, "Look, you guys are welcome to join us in our room, but you've got to mellow out and be willing to try new things."

Margie was wondering what Al was insinuating as he talked through the closed door with the neighbors. She and Al had never been sexual in front of others or with others.

After 30 seconds of silence, Margie and Al heard the sliding lock unlatch from the other side.

Al looked at Margie with his hand poised at the lock. Margie nodded her head "yes."

As the door opened, two young men stood there looking like 12-year-olds who had been caught fighting on the playground.

"Jared," said the aggressive man and reached out his hand.

"Good to meet you," said Al, and the two shared a firm handshake.

"This is Sam," said Jared.

Sam held out his hand limply and glanced briefly at Al's face. He said nothing.

"My wife, Margie," said Al.

Both men nodded at Margie.

"This feels awkward," said Jared.

"Well, obviously you haven't had enough to drink," said Al, with a chuckle. "You two want a shot of whiskey? I always bring a new bottle when I travel."

"Sure," Jared answered for both of them.

The four people sat on the edge of the bed and began to get acquainted with small talk while Al poured shots all around.

"All I have are plastic cups from the hotel," said Al.

"No problem," said Jared.

Everyone began to relax after a few rounds of drinks. The gay couple were in New Orleans to celebrate Mardi Gras, but the particular party they planned to attend didn't start until 10 that night.

"You guys want to play Truth or Dare for a couple hours? It's a great game to get you in a good mood with eac

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