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A college student learns the value of volunteer work.

Were the curtains open. Did the unknown visitor have an unobstructed view of her naked ass? The thought of it excited her.

She heard the knock on the door. Then her husband's footsteps. The door opened. She had never been so aroused. The thought of a stranger ogling her naked body was too much. Then she heard the voice. "Pizza delivery, sir." It was the pizza guy. Her husband had ordered pizza!! She wasn't hungry. "That will be __12.50 please." said the pizza man.

Her husband's reply startled her. "No problem," he said, "please come in while I go upstairs to get some money." She gasped. The door to the lounge was just off the entrance hall. Without a doubt the pizza guy would see her! What should she do. She stood still, her knees were trembling but her nipples were hard and her pussy was wet.

The pizza guy stepped into the hall and her husband headed off upstairs. The pizza guy looked around admiring his customer's stylish home. He wasn't quite far enough into the hall to get a good look into the lounge, so he took a step forward and peered in. His jaw nearly hit the floor! He couldn't believe what he was seeing. Stood in the middle of the room was an extremely attractive woman. Naked. He admired her body. Her tummy was flat and toned. Her breasts were not large, but were beautifully pert. Her pussy was not absent of hair but what was there had been cropped close and trimmed into a neat triangle. He stared at her pussy and noticed how it glistened. She was wet. Very wet!

Her husband carefully peered round the top of the stairs. He didn't want to let the pizza guy know he was watching him. He smiled when he saw the pizza guy had taken a step forward and was now having a good look at his wife's naked body. He was surprised his wife hadn't made a run for it, when she heard the knock on the door. She was brave. Very brave and he would give her credit for that. Her husband saw that the pizza guy's eyes were fixed and from the look of the bulge in his trousers, he liked what he saw. He stood at the top of the stairs and observed the pizza guy watching his wife for a little while longer, before coughing to alert the pizza guy of his presence.

The pizza guy heard the cough and looked up the stairs startled. He saw his customer coming down the stairs with his wallet and tried to move back slowly to a position where he would not have been able to see the naked customer.

Her husband smiled at the pizza guy. It was a knowing smiled and the pizza guy accepted that he had been rumbled. Her husband handed the pizza guy the money. "Thanks." Said the pizza guy. "For everything. I'll make sure I deliver all your orders from now on!" Her husband smiled at him and her turned around and walked out of the door. As he walked back to his car the pizza guy couldn't resist a last look through the window at her naked ass.

How would she take that. He hoped he had not pushed her too far. Still she could have run. She was not physically restrained. She chose not to. Why? Was this for him or for her? He would find out.

She heard the pizza guy leave. Her heart was beating faster than it had ever done so before. She couldn't be sure how exposed she had been. She didn't know if he had seen her naked. If he had then he couldn't have missed noticing just how wet she had become. It excited her. The thought of a strange man looking at her. Her adrenaline pumped and her need to climax increased ten fold.

She heard her husband enter the room. This time he stood in front of her. He kissed her on the lips. Her body felt as though it was in lust overdrive and just a simple kiss almost brought her to climax. The presence of the pizza guy had drawn her attention away from the fact that she may be stood naked in front of the window for the whole world to see. This though re-entered her mind and she began to tingle again.

She raised her hands to touch her husband, she put her hands on his hips and felt the thick leather belt holding his jeans in place.

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