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Tonya and Keisha arrive.

His arms were taken behind his back and sealed away. Soon he was a prisoner and at the mercy of his beautiful friend. It was ... strangely peaceful.

"What do I do now?"

"Nothing silly. You just lay there and enjoy it. While I enjoy you."

She stretched out behind him on the bed, looped her arms around him and pulled him close against her. It was only then he realized she hadn't put a shirt on. He could her hard nipples poking him in the back. They laid in bed for hours just enjoying each other's company. Periodically she would bend over and repeatedly kiss him on the cheek. It was dark outside when she finally untied him. He was sad to see it end.

"That was ... strangely fun," he told her.

"Damn straight," she agreed, "we are so doing this again."

And they did. He spent many a day that summer bound in her bed. Then college started and he couldn't spare the time anymore. He missed it but there was nothing he could do. He would soon learn that didn't mean there was nothing she could do however. He was walking home and just passed Pamela's house when a hand suddenly forced itself over his mouth. A second arm wrapped around his chest pinning his arms to his side.

"MMM!" he tried to scream but nothing came out.

Instead he was pulled tight against a very familiar pair of tits and drug into the house. She forced him into her bedroom and onto her bed.

"Pamela, what the hell?"

"God I've missed this."

She then gave me the most powerful, forceful, amazing kiss right on the mouth he'd ever had in my life. She then yanked off his shirt and grabbed her ropes.

"I can't stay, I have class."

"Not until Monday," she stated, "until then this sweet little body of yours is all mine."

There was no arguing with her and he knew it. Soon he was bound and helpless once again. He watched as she removed her own shirt before propping herself up against the pillows that lined the headboard. She then drug him up so he was laying against her head on her breasts like pillows. She then covered them in the blanket.

"Have I ever told you I like the way your head feels against my breasts?"

"No, no can't say you ever have."

"Well I do. It feels like they were made for each other."

Her hands began to roam all over his bare chest.

"Why is my shirt off again?"

"I wanted you to fell the ropes against your skin, the way it was always meant to be felt. It heightens the submissive experience."

"Oh, OK."

"Besides I like the way you feel."

He blushed as his erection grew.

They stayed that way the rest of the weekend. As he left for class Monday morning he knew (and hoped) she would do it again. It didn't take her long. He was out of school for the Christmas holidays at the time. It was the morning after Christmas when ha and Pamela would exchange gifts. He handed her hers which she set under the tree with his.

"We're going to do things a little differently this year," she explained.

"We are?"

"Yes we'll unwrap them New Year's Day, when I unwrap you."

Before he could even think to ask her what she meant she pounced. He was thrown to the ground and forcibly stripped. The only thing he wore now where his very exposing briefs. The ropes quickly returned sealing him into his fate. He was then hauled up and onto the couch where he was laid out on top of her own reclined body head once again resting on her breasts.

"Life is good again," she sighed contentedly.

He kissed her breast signaling he agreed.

That week just blew by. They spent most of that time stretched out on that couch just enjoying the feeling of their bodies pressed together. Alas all weeks must end. So soon he was back off to school a freeman. God, he hated it.

That's why when spring break came he practically raced home. He hoped beyond hope she had something planned for him. Pamela never disappointed. She was waiting for him on his front porch. She grabbed him and pulled him into a giant hug squishing his face between her breasts.

"Come with me," she whispered seductively into his ear.

Before he knew it, they were al

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