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The first thing I did was to phone a lawyer that I had once designed a garden for several years earlier. "Hi Kevin its John you know you said if I needed legal advice to call you. I was wondering if you would look at a contract for me." I explained it was supposed to be a book contract. He told me that this wasn't his area of expertise but if I came and saw him the next day he would see what he could do. I arranged an appointment for ten the next morning.

Next I grabbed my car keys and drove to the letting agent for our house. Going in I explained that my wife and I were going through a difficult patch. I asked if they had a small place I could rent for a short period initially while we worked through our problems. They had a small estate cottage that had just come on the market if I wanted to look at it. I said I would take it if we could deal with the paperwork straight away please. They asked about our current property I said Sue would be staying there for now. Once the paper work was complete they took a deposit and said I could move in when the cheque had cleared. Next I went in to the phone shop, as my contract was coming up for renewal I sorted out a new phone with a new supplier and a new number.

The next day I went to see Kevin; I entered his office handed him my copy of the contract and sat down. "OK let's see what we have here" he said as he started to read the pages. After about ten minutes of silence he put them down and looked at me. "Did anyone explain what this means?"

I explained about Dave and the book deal; he asked me a couple of questions and sighed. "Right John what you have here is what at first reading is a straight forward book publishing contract. You get money up front and some more when it is published are you with me so far?" he asked

"I can feel a big but coming on" I said with a sinking feeling.

"Yes and it is a big but, if you look at this clause halfway down the last page" he pointed to the last page. "If I have read it correctly the agent has no need to find a publisher if they do not want to. Also they can use the manuscript any way they see fit without asking you" He said.

"So what you are saying is they can do what they like and I can't do a thing about it, and I have been well and truly screwed." I asked

"Yes that sums it up nicely. You should have got someone to look at first really" was his reply.

"Yes well hindsight is a lovely thing" was my angry response.

I stood up and thanked Kevin for advice. I paid his bill with cash and left his office. I made way home deep in thought driving on automatic. When I got inside I threw my contract at the wall with a lot of pent up anger and resentment. My darling wife was fucking around and fucking me over and there was not a lot I could do about it. To pass the time and to stop myself from dwelling on the injustice the world had dumped on my head. I did some gardens for the next couple of days.

On Friday the estate agent rang to say the money had cleared and I could pick up the key. Saturday morning I went and collected the keys. I did the necessary shopping ready for my move the next day. I returned home and waited for ten o'clock to arrive. At nine thirty I logged on and read the instructions they had sent me. I was to share my fifteen minute slot with three others so much for the exclusive time that I had paid for. I would be able to hear their questions and Mystique's answers' but not ask any until my turn. I must address questions to Mystique and asking her real name was banned. I could ask question but I must switch my webcam off for privacy and security reasons.

Then ten o'clock arrived and the window opened there was my wife in her blond wig, full makeup and a negligee that left very little to the imagination. I was second in the queue and as I waited I listened to the first guy.

The usual hellos before his first question "Mystique can you tell us if you are married?" he asked

"Yes I am to a very loving man" was her answer.

"What does he think about what you do for a living?" was his next question.

"He is a v

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