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A young woman caught in the middle of a demon war.

And then she turned around, causing my ever-searching eyes to land upon her breasts. A darting tongue instinctively wet my lips as my eyes drank up that gorgeous sight. Two heaving breasts barely contained by the flimsy cotton of a small baby t-shirt were staring me in the face with two tautly drawn nipples. And then my eyes reached her face. I was all at once startled and extremely aroused by the look on her face. A Cheshire Cat grin lay a few inches below the most piercing, erotic eyes I'd ever seen. She looked like a hungry lioness on the prowl.

"Mmm. You like what you see, baby?" She asked me then tucked her bottom lip into her mouth cutely. It seemed like I was being drawn into her face, but I soon realized that she was walking toward me, her hands on the hem of her shirt. But only for a moment; that shirt was thrown at me, and I chuckled and grinned as I caught it, before throwing it off to the side.

Where before I was gazing at her face, now I was gazing at her breasts. Bared and jiggling slightly from side to side, she made it a point to shimmy her shoulders so her bosom would swing either way as she walked toward me. I scooted forward on the bed so only a bare few inches of my caboose was teetering on the edge of that bed. She came to stand between my legs, her taut nipples hanging a mere inch or two from my mouth. And so I drank. I lifted both of my hands up to cup the sides of her breasts, as my mouth latched down upon that proffered nipple. Her moan hit my ears like music as my tongue bathed over the fleshy muscle. After loving that breast for a few moments I left a trail of kisses over her panting breasts toward her second nipple. And so I too sucked upon that one, causing her to gasp in sweet agony and her knees to wobble slightly.

"Stop, baby," she mumbled, smiling down at me as I pulled away from her sweet breasts with a confused look on my face. I soon caught the idea of what she was getting at, as her shaky legs buckled at the knees and she dropped down. Her hands rested upon my thighs, but only for a moment. Sliding her palms up my legs, she gripped her small fingers upon my zipper and pulled it down. I lifted my hips so I could help her pull my bottoms off, and in a moment she had my shaft free in the night air. I wasn't a porn star or anything, I mean I was all right, but the way she looked at my cock made me harder than I'd ever been. When she licked her lips and moaned softly I practically came right there, but I held off.

Tentatively reaching out, she wrapped her hand around the base of it. She had a reverent look on her face, almost as if she both loved, and was scared of what she held. With the smoothest of grace she leaned down and pressed her pursed lips against the head of it, kissing it gently like a knight might kiss a hand. Emboldened by the yearning twitch my shaft gave, she responded with a small lick upon it, and then another larger one all along its base.

I was in heaven. I felt her mouth engulf my hard-on and I leaned back to prop myself lazily up on the bed. One of my hands reached out to gently sweep the hair out of her face and tuck it behind her ear, so I could watch her as she went down on me. It seemed she had decided she wanted to watch me too, because he eyes were locked on mine. Filled with loving and passion, those blissful eyes that gazed up at me made me melt in due time into a gibbering, groaning lunatic.

Flexing fingers of mine gripped the bed sheets as one of her hands stroked over the base of my cock while the other gently passed my balls through her fingertips.

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