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I made a point to reach down, grab her ass, and pull her harder against my leg as I worked her against me. As I did so I felt her purr a moan in my mouth, something so purely sexual it drove a desire so strong in me that I knew I would do whatever I had took to have this woman.

As Red broke the kiss, she looked up at me and I could see lust covering her eyes as she worked a hand down underneath the gladiator skirt and cupped my manhood.

"Hmmm... it looks like you let someone out of his cage tonight... and he is ready to play," she whispered in my ear as she wrapped her hand around my hard shaft.

I leaned down into her ear and whispered back. "I don't think he is the only one ready to play is he?"

Red smiled sexily at me as she stroked my cock. "No he is not, and it would be just a shame to, waste him, when so much fun could be had."

Each word alluded to a promise of things to come. Her words drove a frantic need to have her in a way that I have never felt for another woman.

"Where?" I asked.

"Follow me," she said as she turned around and headed to the back of the bar.

I followed in tow like an obedient pet, she had me now, and she knew it. We made our way to the back of the bar and out a side door that seemed hidden to the typical patron, apparently Red knew this place well. We made our way outside into the cool back alley behind the bar.

I always had this dank dark idea of a back alley but this was nothing like that. There were lights between buildings about every thirty yards or so and it was as well maintained as the rest of the streets in the city. It seemed more like a smaller cross street than an alley. The door came out at the bottom of a ramp that worked its way gradually up the sidewalk and gave us some extra privacy. There was a cement barrier between the ramp and the regular sidewalk that kept someone from accidently tripping into the back entrance. My inspection of the place suddenly stopped when I heard her speak the one word I wanted her to say...

"Here." Red said as she put her hand in my chest and pushed me against the wall next to the door. Always one for a good tussle I immediately picked her up and flipped her around so she was pinned against the wall behind me. Her kiss was not gentle this time it was a need she devoured my lips as I gave them to her wantonly trying to inhale the taste of her mouth. I moved on hand from behind her and worked my way up to those fabulous tits that had been teasing me all night. I massaged her through the costume at first and started to pinch and tease the nipple through the fabric as she again purred a moan into my mouth.

As her nipple got erect and stiff in my finger tips the temptation was to great and I worked it out of her costume as I made my way down to taste it. I kissed all around it at first as I worked my other hand up to play with her other tit causing a second moan. I took the nipple in my mouth and sucked it as I pushed my face into her breast in an insatiable need to have her. She lifted her left leg up and around my waste and ground ageist me as I sucked her nipple harder and gave it a playful nibble and bite.

I worked my way to her other breast and as I did so dropped my other hand down under her skirt and started to rub her pussy through her panties. I could feel how drenched they were and pulled them aside as I started to work her clit.

"Oh...fuck..." she let out with another moan. "Yes... fuck!"

I rubbed her clit harder as she got more and more worked up I dropped to my knees and pulled off her sexy red thong. I slowly kissed my way up her sexy stockings up to her thighs where I bit and licked her until I finally made my way to her sexy pussy.

"Oh yeah be my sexy warrior and eat my slutty little pussy!"

She shaved her pussy completely except for a little tuft of hair above it.

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