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Brian Arrives. Mistress has surgery.

"Mack..." I started.

Helena raised her hand. "Just hear us out, Meg."

I wanted to argue but said, "Fine."

"You know what they say when women use that word," Mack snickered.

"You'd be wise to not finish that thought," his wife snapped at him then leaned forward. "Meg, Will is fully qualified to come take care of you. He's been working part-time at the nursing home up north. They just got someone full-time and he'll be heading this way for the holidays. I called him as soon as the doctor gave us the prognosis. Will said the experience would be good for him, and he'd be glad to help out a friend of the family. No charge."

"I don't know, Helena. Surely he has better plans than babysitting an old lady like me for the next four-to-six weeks. Plus, I'd feel weird not paying him."

"Are you crazy?" Trina gaped at me.

Helena raised her hand. "You need physical therapy even though they didn't have to do surgery on your hip. Therapy and lots of rest while you heal. The less stress the better. Because your arm is immobile, you'll need someone to help you get around. Will can do whatever you need him to as well as the therapy the doctor prescribed. And he'll do it for free."

Heat spread through my cheeks from even considering turning down this offer. I lowered my gaze to the cast around my forearm and wrist. Thought of the occasional radiating pain I felt in my shoulder and hip. Both had been bruised, though the latter also had a hairline fracture. While the doctor had said I'd been lucky to not have further injuries, he'd been concerned about me making my hip worse if I was home alone or without the proper care.

I understood. I was worried, too. But Will? He was what? Twenty-four? He could be my own child. Wouldn't that alone be...weird?

"At least try it," Helena suggested.

Trina rested her hand on my right shin. "If it doesn't work, bring in the professionals."

"Excuse me?" Mack said. "My grandson is-"

"Enough!" I flung my head back into the pillow. "She knows that, Mack. That's not what she meant."

"But she said-"

"I accept, okay? Clear it with my doctor and leave me alone for a while. I have a massive headache and just want to sleep."

My guests mumbled their goodbyes and told me to get some rest. Before the door closed behind them, I heard Mack say I sure was touchy.

What had I gotten myself into?


After two days of being poked, prodded, and micromanaged in the hospital, I was finally set free. Mack had gotten my vehicle home and picked me up in Helena's car. I had never been more glad to turn into my own drive. Enter my own house. There would be peace and quiet in my own personal sanctuary...

Trina put her hands on her waist. "But she'll need me to-"

"Everything is under control." Will matched her stance by the two windowed doors leading to the rest of the house.

"I want to-"

"Trina, stop. I know what I'm doing."

"Can I just-"

"She needs her rest. You can call on her this evening."

"You know, a guy shouldn't be doing some things-"

"I'm an invalid, not deaf," I called to them from across the room where I'd been situated in one of those old-people automated recliners that lifted you up to a standing position. It was on loan from Trina since her father wasn't using it for the time being. Let's just say it had been comical to see Mack and two of his buddies moving it in.

Extra pillows had been wedged all around me as extra cushioning, as well as a pillow under my left arm to support the cast and reduce strain on my shoulder. If the intent was to ensure I couldn't move, they had accomplished it. I was already in a bad mood after learning this would be my bed for the duration of my recovery. But the two of them had been at it ever since Mack and Helena had left and my first physical therapy session with Will had ended five minutes ago.

I sighed heavily. "Trina, I'm in good hands."

She pouted at me. "Are you sure?"


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