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Stolen boyfriend leads to lesbian sibling lust.

My parents were supposed to go out for couple of days and I thought of inviting Rosy to my place to give her a good massage. I had informed about this to her few days back too, but there was no confirmation that we would meet or not.

On that day my parents were to go out of Bangalore, I informed her about this and asked if she is comfortable to meet me so that I could give her a nice massage. After some hesitation, she agreed to meet. There was a risk factor here. My brother works during nights and he will be home by 3AM. She stayed during night at my place and she was bit worried, what if my brother wakes up, especially while she is leaving from my home in the morning.

We decided to meet at a common point. It was past 6PM when we met and hired an auto, kept talking about few things in auto and we reached my home by 7PM. I asked her to feel comfortable at home; it was just me and her then. We had planned to booze. I got couple of beers and snack.

While boozing we spoke about different things, our lives, and experiences, by then we had finished 2 bottles of beer and wanted to have some more. I went to the nearby wine store and got couple more bottles of beer. We started discussing about the massage. The third bottle of beer was also over. It was almost 9pm and I suggested her, we can start off with the massage.

After emptying her glass, she went to the wash room, changed into a robe and sat next to me. Before this we were sitting opposite to each other. Must say, Rosy was looking too hot. She was telling me her previous day's foot massage experience, where the masseur injured her foot, and she had pain there. I took the foot and asked, where she had the pain. She showed me the spot and I applied some pressure on that area and there she moaned oouch.

Her legs were almost shaved and I ran my fingers on it. I guess, this made her tempted, and the next moment, we started exploring each other's mouth for a while. We were kissing so passionately. While I was kissing, I started pressing her breasts on top of her bra. I slowly glided my hand into her panties. I again took her foot, and sucked all her fingers before we started kissing each other again.

We finished our last sip of beer and moved to the bedroom. Once inside the bedroom, we started kissing again. I removed her panties and told her, I would keep this as a remembrance of our first meet. She replied, "You can keep it". On the bed, we started again smooching each other. I undid her bra and pressed the lovely breasts and started sucking those.

After sucking for a while, I moved down to her pussy, and started sucking it. During our chat, she used to tell me, she likes getting her pussy licked.

I sucked her pussy for almost 30-40 mins, still she didn't cum, I kept on telling her, she has got good controlling power, a good stamina. Her moans "eeiiihhhh, eeeeiihhhh, eeiihhhh" kept inspiring me to lick her pussy for some more time. She kept on telling me,

Rosy: you had called me for a massage and this is what you call a massage.

Nish: you really need a massage?

Rosy: that's what you had called for.

After few more minutes of licking her pussy, my cock was also hard. Though I have had sex before, I was never so hard ever. I never felt so special. I placed my cock on the entrance of her pussy and started giving thrusts. I kept thrusting her for nearly 15 mins and I was unable to control and I told her

Nish: I'm going to cum. I can't control anymore. Can I cum inside you?

Rosy: No, I might get pregnant.

By saying this, I took off my cock and ejaculated on her tummy. I fell on her using my cum on her tummy, spread my cum with my tummy on her tummy, and smooched again.

Nish: Would you still love to have a massage?

Rosy: That's what you had invited for.

I got up from my bed took the oil and started giving her massage. But I knew, she knew, it was not a proper massage at all. After the so called massage, I asked her, if she can ride on me. She did ride for few minutes and gave a blow job.

We slept after sometime.

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