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We talked as though he would learn to spank her for their benefit. As though it would help their relationship to learn this together and to see this new thing as something they might learn for the good of their love life. Like the proper use of a vibrator or something.

She was being talked about as though she were an interesting toy and there was a heat coming from her that we all felt. I began to describe for them both the thrill that I found with the spanking. As I told them the excitement I find in performing this act while her hands are tied in front, I began describing what she would look like with the bindings. The way her arms being pulled together at the wrists would naturally push her upper arms into the sides of her breasts and make them stand out all the more.

At this, her nipples hardened through her thin buttoned shirt. I started telling him how you could grab her by the binding and pull her to where you needed her. That we could bind her on the couch and pull her to the bedroom and her resistance would be minimal even should she want to. She gave a squirm of discomfort that shifted her skirt and his bulge gave a jerk.

It gave a bigger jerk when I talked about throwing her across the bed and spanking her ass without even pulling up the cloth covering it. The whipping would come after her ass was bared.

They were both so aroused and so obvious. What else could I do? I excused myself for a moment and set a whip, a belt and some restraints out on the bed. I grabbed a roll of binding and rejoined them. They were managing to get in some heavy petting without being so completely obvious as to just shuck their clothing.

His cock was as erect as it could get in a pair of pants and her skirt was askew. She was breathing heavily and her eyes were trying to close. I showed them the binding and asked if he wanted to check it first.

He did. He started to reach out for it, but I wrapped the free end around one wrist. He was so surprised that it was wrapped twice before his back stiffened in concern.

"It's okay," I told him, "it can be torn and pulled apart if you need to." That relaxed him a little. "How will you know how to do it with her if you don't know how it feels?" I asked him (alright, so I've never felt it myself I only know how fully I enjoy doing it to others).

I turned to her. "See? Do you see how easily it wraps, yet how securely?" I moved him so that I could tie the other wrist and they would both be behind him. "It also has some stretch and could be pulled apart if he really needs to. Right?" I asked this last of him and he nodded.

She reached out to it and tugged half heartedly. The enormity of what they had set in motion was sinking in and I could feel the excitement ebb. She pretended to be checking the binding. His cock hadn't drooped in the slightest, but there was that feeling of reaching a turning point.

"Come on," I told them, "I'll show you" and pulled him to his feet by the piece of binding stretched between his wrists. She licked her lips as she saw him yanked so easily and his groin reached her eye level.

"Go ahead," I said gently and pressed her head forward to his pants. She nuzzled his cock through the material and raised her hands. I took her by the wrist and wrapped it, then wrapped the other one with it and pulled her forward off the couch and onto her knees in front of him. The excitement was back into the air and with interest. His cock was actively straining against the fabric and she leaned forward to rest her lips against the bulge. Another bit of pressure on the back of her head and she was grabbing at it with her lips while he groaned outrageously.

"I think it would be ideal," I nodded at her, "if you opened his trousers.

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