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His face dropped into his palms. I'd never seen him hurting like that before. "Talk to me, bro. Maybe I can help." I felt awkward. There wasn't much I could do for him stretched out and incapacitated. Well, there was something...

"You need a beer, dude? I've got a cooler stashed under the bed here, just reach under...and don't drive for a while. We can hang."

"Sure. You want one too?"

"I'm so freaking doped out on this pain stuff I don't even know what day it is. I'll pass."

The tab on the can crunched and he took a long swig. This had to be major.

Six brews later, we got nowhere. He wasn't talking and I kept dozing. And Cisco was still upset. Also? Drunk.

"Scootch, man, I need space," he slurred. I pushed myself to the other side of the bed, giving him room to unfold his legs. He did, careful not to bump my bum knee. He heaved a heavy sigh and rolled over to face me.

"Chuck...Charlie, I can't lie anymore."

He lifted up on his elbows and bent over me...and touched his lips to mine.

A little longer.

A little harder.

Electricity surged hot and fierce from my burning face down to my pants. Searing heat like I'd never felt with any girl. He let go and I broke into a cold, cold sweat.

My best friend. My boy. Cisco was in love with me. Damn, that's heavy stuff.

"I'm not..." I almost said gay, but neither was he! He had loads of girlfriends, even that Lindsay, hottest cheer girl ever. What made me so special? What made me so...

"I' ve loved you forever, Chuck. I was so scared, you'd hate me and think I was a queer, and..." he was blithering and slurring and tears rolled down his cheeks. It was too much. Way, way too much. I mean, I didn't not like it. But dudes don't kiss other dudes. They just don't. But I liked it. I was so jacked up. I was so curious.

I thought hard for about two seconds. "Cisco, no one has to know, do they?" He also looked thoughtful. "No, I guess they don't, unless we tell."

"Do you want to try...I don't know, making out?"

"Okay," he crawled over to straddle me, carefully distributing his weight. "Careful of the leg, man."

His bony hips hooked into mine as he spread himself over me. His skin felt so good. He wasn't, like, silky like a girl...but still smooth and maybe more touchable. I slid my hands up his shirt and found a light trail of fuzz leading from his navel to the elastic band of his shorts. I slipped two fingers inside the springy-

"Whoa, slow up. I'm not ready."

He removed my hand and laced our fingers. Another soft kiss, his other hand stroking my dirty blonde hair. God it was so freaking hot. I felt him get a little solid against my thigh. Taking off my shirt was weird, I needed help. But once mine was gone, he whipped off his in a second.

Skin on skin never felt so good. He had perfect skin. Tiny brown nipples, tight muscles...was I supposed to touch those? Girls liked it. I wet my thumb on my tongue and ran it over his chest, earning me a sharp gasp. This whole time we'd been exploring each other's mouths; tongues, lips, straight front teeth, various fillings in the back. He separated suddenly.

"Charlie, man, when's the last time you had...relief? You're like a rock."

Which was true. I couldn't comfortably masturbate, being gimped up. My dick was throbbing in the worst kind of way, painful with want. He laid his hand on me and squeezed. Shivers sent from my cock to every hair on my head and the soles of my feet. "What about you?" I gestured to him, also hard, perched on my lap. "Uhm. How can this work? You're right. Wait, got it." He slid out of his shorts and swung sideways, enabling me to reach him. I pulled him free from his boxers. Oh. My. God.

He leaned down and kissed the tip of my cock.

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