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She is reaquainted with an old more.

At this point Sally jumped off the bed and went into her room across the landing to fetch her portable radio; she came back with it on and was listening to one of the latest chart hits. While Sally was out of the room, Jen shifted her position on the bed and turned over so that she could reach her bag which was on the floor at the end of the bed, she made no attempt to control her skirt which now afforded me a wonderful view of her panty covered backside, two lovely round globes stretching the white cotton that covered them and down to the area between her legs where her pussy created a little bump. Having finished rooting through her bag she re-positioned herself as before and whilst my was now back to a triangle of cotton between her legs I had just been given the "full tour" of her panties back and front and I liked what I saw!

Now it seemed I had had the equivalent of a conversion on the road to Damascus, I was hooked! My heart was pounding, butterflies were doing a jig in my stomach, and the one eyed snake was doing a good impression of rigor mortis! So there I was in a panty world of my own, grabbing as many looks up Jen's skirt to her panties as I could, without her noticing, Diane suddenly started laughing loudly and pointing at me said "Jen, you do realise that our patient over there is looking up your skirt"

Jen, who at this point had been turned round slightly, talking to Julie and Diane behind her, giving me the perfect opportunity to just stare straight up her skirt, turned and looked at me.

"Is that so young man?" she said with a slightly odd grin on her face.

I was mortified and did not know where to look or what to say, Sally wasn't going to help me as she just laughed saying, "We're going to have to be more careful around my little brother from now on if that's what he's up to!"

The odd thing is Jen did nothing to cover herself and continued to sit there as before; of course she was looking right at me now so I couldn't look up her skirt, and in fact I had no idea where to look.

"So, do you like what you see, fella? She asked.

While I was dying of embarrassment! My face burning with my ears lit up like red beacons that could have guided an aircraft on to the runway; the other three had gone quiet and were waiting for me to reply.

"Well, I guess?" I mumbled.

"So how long have been looking up girls skirts then, do you like seeing a girls panties" asked Jen.

"I don't know, yours are the first I've really taken any notice of, and I couldn't really miss them could I? What with you sitting there crossed legged and your skirt riding up your legs!" I said with a little more conviction.

"Ooh I'm your first" giggled Jen "that's so cute"

"Well that's not true, is it?" said Sally

"What do you mean?" I asked

"You've seen my panties loads of times, in fact just this morning, when I came into your room wearing just my panties and my bra!"

"Oh, come on Sis, that hardly counts, we've grown up together"

I really didn't know where this was going, however, I did know that despite the embarrassment I was feeling, I had a proper boner growing under my bed covers which fortunately only I was aware of.

"Hmm, well ladies, I guess it's time to leave our little Peeping Tom to himself" said Sally, who, looking at me with a wicked grin on her face turned and left.

Jen got up from the bed giving me one final flash of white cotton, she then walked up to the top of the bed ruffled my hair, smiled at me and left. Diane and Julie who had been whispering and giggling in the corner got up and came over to the bed pecked me on the forehead and turned to walk away, then, they both stopped, started to laugh and promptly lifted the back of their skirts giving me a view of two panty covered bums, both white cotton fairly skimpy bikini briefs, a couple of seconds and a quick wiggle later and they were both laughing and skipping out of the room.

So was I in trouble with

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