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Lauren gets it on with Greg Proops.

Yet, I still know nothing about you. You are obviously intelligent, educated, gifted, and an experienced, accomplished soldier. Yet you told the Praetor you were 'unemployed'. How can that be?"

It was her turn to stare at the floor.

"First, thank you for all the lovely compliments," she replied. "Yes, I was a soldier at one time, but haven't been for a while now; otherwise, I wouldn't be here. Yes, I really am unemployed. I suppose a more accurate term would be mostly unemployed. My last full-time job ended over two years ago."

"Whom did you work for?"



"The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency; the same folks that brought you the Internet, among other things. I was engaged in weapons research."

"What weapons?"

"You know that is covered under the Official Secrets Act."

"Of course. I apologize."

She placed her hand on his arm.

"Having said that, let's get real. As you so astutely pointed out when we first met, it's just the two of us here. What can the Pentagon and Justice Department do to me the Arcturans won't do first, and worse? I was attached to Project Lorelei."

"Lorelei? What a lovely name."

"Yes, it was a lovely, innocuous name for a thoroughly lethal prospect; yet another attempt by the Pentagon to develop the 'ultimate weapon'."

"Another of your infamous American thermonuclear Doomsday devices?"

"A 'doomsday device', perhaps, but not a nuclear one; at least, not directly. Lorelei was classified as a 'battlefield annihilatance'; a close-support infantry weapon meant to deliver devastating destructive force against enemy troops and logistics on the ground. Unlike helicopters or other attack aircraft, once Lorelei was inserted, it would stay in place until it was no longer needed. It was a fully autonomous, self-propelled, all-weather, all-terrain combat module. Its audio-visual acuity was second to none. It even had integrated night vision. Once targeted, Lorelei would seek out and destroy its objective without intervention or pause; true 'fire-and-forget' technology.

"Lorelei was an adaptive weapons system as well. It could integrate other weapons into its own functionality to meet the requirements of its mission. It was designed to be nimble, fast, powerful, tough, survivable, and to take an awesome amount of punishment while still fulfilling its mission. In fact, the weapon could repair itself in the field and thus maintain its operational status. Lorelei's most incredible feature, the one that put it off the charts over all existing weapons technology, was its inherent Stealth properties. In its native mode, it simply did not look like a weapon. That added to its survivability in and out of combat, as well as adding a new versatility to its mission scope. Testing proved Lorelei was so adaptable, it could literally re-configure itself to conform to changing battlefield conditions and/or mission requirements.

"For all of that, it was compact, lightweight, easily-transportable and relatively cheap to produce. At a time when my government routinely spends two billion dollars on each Nimitz-class aircraft carrier, two-point-one billion on a Seawolf submarine, and six hundred dollars on a single toilet seat, the entire Lorelei project came in at a shade under two-hundred-fifty million. That's a 'real steal', in Pentagon terms."

"You are describing one of those bloody terminators, like in the movies."

Giselle grimaced.

"We hated that term - and the comparison.

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