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Office friends explore their secrets for a second night.

It wasn't hard for me to guess what was going to come through the hole next and, if I was honest, I wanted fuck all to do with it. The trouble was that the three of them, at least. Could easily open the door, hold me down and do whatever they wanted, so I dropped to my knees.

"Just fucking get on with it," I called through the closed door.

"Wise decision," whoever it was replied.

Slowly the owner of the voice pushed their cock through the hole and, lifting my hand, I encircled it and began to stroke it gently. As I moved my hand along the thick, hard shaft I stare at the cock in my hand, trying to see if I recognized it as one of the guards, or the boss, from The Quarry but in the dim cell light it was hard to tell.

As I continued to work on the cock with my hand, hoping the owner would quickly cum, I watched as the thick veins pulsed under the skin and pre-cum oozed from the slit in the end. Gingerly I flicked my tongue through the sticky fluid, cleaning it all up.

"Fuck yes," the voice said. "Suck my fucking dick now boy."

With no choice but to do what I was told I opened my mouth and wrapped my lips around the swollen, purple head of the cock in my hand. Slowly I began to move my head back and forth along the full length of the shaft, allowing my tongue to trace the veins as I did so.

By the sounds coming from the other side of the door I could tell that the cock's owner was enjoying himself, so I began to suck faster, eager to make him cum. Five minutes later the cock began to twitch and, without any warning, cum flooded into my mouth, filling me as quickly as I could swallow.

Eventually I had drained every last drop from the man's cock and it was swiftly withdrew from my mouth and back out of the hole, only for yet another cock to come through to replace it. This one was slightly thinner than the first but at least two inches longer and, instead of beginning with gentle strokes, I wrapped my mouth straight around it and sucked as fast as I could until this one also filled my mouth with its thick, white, salty liquid.

Once this one was withdrawn I sat with my mouth open, just waiting for the nest cock but, for at least five minutes, there was nothing other than the sound of mumbling from outside of the door.

Just when I thought my oral services were no longer needed than a third cock, this time a black one, was forced through the hole. The thickness of the cock made it difficult for the owner to get it through the hole as quick as the first two but, eventually, I was staring at the thick pre-cum stained head of the third cock.

All I could do, even though my mouth was aching and my throat sore, was take hold of the shaft and wrap my lips around this one as well, and began to suck. As I sucked I found myself stroking the cock slowly as well, something that I hadn't with the other's once I had been sucking them, and I also felt my own cock hardening rapidly for the first time since I had started sucking.

Unable to resist I slowly slid my zip down as I continued to suck the black cock in my mouth and released my own throbbing, hard cock and began to wank slowly. Taking my time I moved my hand along my shaft slowly, hoping I would cum at the same time as the cock flooded my mouth with the third load of cum in half an hour, but soon quickened my pace as I wanked and sucked furiously.

Eventually the owner of the black cock moaned from the other side of the door.

"Oh fuck I'm going to cum," he said. "Swallow it all boy."

With one last slow, luxurious suck the black cock twitched violently and cum erupted, like a geyser, into my mouth. Swallowing as fast as I could I managed to take most of the cum, only a small amount leaking out of my mouth, and as I used my free hand to wipe at the cum, I began to spurt my own juices against the cell door.

Jet after jet erupted from my cock, splashing against the door and slowly beginning to run down to the floor, as I finished draining the cock in my mouth and pulled my hea

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