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Topped by my Dom TS boss at work again.

.. You might turn away from me if you watch how I ... Are you sure you want this?"

But her answer was clear. "I have a desire you, I will always have a desire for you. I love you. Let us find a cute woman for you. She confessed that she had already been looking for a suitable candidate at relevant online portals.

"Just forget the usual rules for only one time! Let your arousal guide yourself!" She was breathing these sentences in his ear in a lascivious way.

He closed his eyes and could hardly believe his own words: "Well, OK. We will find a cute woman."

He kissed her and pulled her close.


He was looking really good as he was entering the restaurant. Tight black jeans, a purple silk shirt, purple silk scarve, elegant Italian shoes. He was looking very attractive and he knew that. The men in the restaurant were looking at him as a potential rival, the women were looking a little bit too long at this new arrival, one or another pair of eyes was flashing in delight. The scent of his eau de toilette was surrounding him and emphasized his very attractive appearance. He walked straight to the bar where his cute girl-friend was already chatting with an unknown lady who should be so keen on him. He was watching her for a moment. Very female body, at her early forties, redhead, elegant outfit, about 5.74 ft tall and despite of her rich curves you could call her slim. She was properly dressed according to the location, black costume, white blouse, shimmering high heels.

To introduce herself she was shaking his hand. Her handshake was pleasing and obliging at the same time. While she was shaking his hand she was looking unyielding and deep into his eyes. This made him insecure and almost slightly uncomfortable.

"You are looking good, young man!"

His girl-friend ordered a cocktail for him and he raised his glass to both ladies, who already must have been spending some time together according to the remaining content in their cocktail glasses. Also the way they talked seemed to be already surprisingly familiar. This lady who could have already been his mother was very entertaining and charming, probably she would have been the center of any party. But he recognized that her view was wandering all over his body. She did not even try to look at him unobtrusively or casually. She seemed to estimate every detail of his well trained body that wasn__t covered by clothes. But that didn__t bother him.

She asked him to dance with her. Right from the beginning she was taking the lead which was new for him but after a while he was moving in sync with her moves. His excitement cooled down a little bit, supported by the cocktail.

They returned to the bar. He felt her fingers, they had moved to his hip in the middle of their small talk. Her exotic perfume went straight to his head.

Fuck, he realized how the whole situation turned him on. He was hot like never before. Damn, he just had to stick his hard cock into a wet cunt tonight. His girl-friend disappeared after a short excuse on the way to the restroom, smiling widely.

The unknown lady did not waste any time. She came close to his face and kissed his cheek. He got slightly scared. Her fingers grabbed his behind and she came as close as possible. He turned his face towards her and his lips touched hers. They kissed each other wildly in the middle of the crowded restaurant.

"Tonight you are mine!" she moaned into his ear. "Then let__s fuck!" he gasped. "Let__s fuck!"

She took his hand and they left the restaurant. Still in the elevator she opened his shirt and his jeans. "Aahhh yesss!" Her fingers were sliding into his boxers and grabbed his shaved cock in desire. He moaned, his pelvis was urging against her fingers.

They reached the hotel room in the same building that her girl-friend had booked for them.

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