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Each girl wanted to serve the other and make them presentable to their shared master. Slowly they cleaned each other and their tongues explored each other's mouths as they softly licked the remnants of the meal off their partners. Strangely the women didn't even think it was that humiliating: as long as they became presentable it would be worth it.

"Get the cloth Pet Julia."

Julia looked on the floor for the cloth. Not seeing it she hesitated and sat on her knees searching the countertop. She finally spotted the cloth and without getting off her knees SlaveX placed her arm over the counter and picked it up. Returning to her fellow slaves she wiped her mouth and passed the cloth to May. May and Aisha repeated the exercise and finally all signs of their degrading evening meal was gone.

Quietly Aisha spoke directly to the camera: "P... Please Master, may I go to the toilet?"

"You want to piss?"

The harsh language only added to Aisha's humiliation.

"P...Please Master... May I?"

"Where does a doggy go to the toilet?"

Aisha glanced at the large sliding doors that went to the garden. She knew the answer her master wanted: "Uhh... outside Master?"

"You may."

Aisha's head dropped as she began crawling and Julia and May couldn't help but look on in pity. As she reached the sliding doors Aisha pushed one door open. Without a look back she crawled out onto the stone patio. Aisha was tempted to get it over with right there but she knew her master was probably still watching. As she anxiously looked around Aisha sighed in relief seeing the garden had high walls: in the darkness it was unlikely anyone would see her, except her master of course.

Slowly Aisha crawled onto the lawn. The grass was a pleasant change after the tile kitchen and hard patio. Begrudgingly she looked for a bush or plant - something to hide herself as she did her business. Crawling to the nearest bush Aisha got ready to totally humiliate herself. Spreading her legs the slave pet squatted down and her pussy brushed the grass. Finally she found the courage to let herself go. Aisha's urine splashed into the grass as little spots occasionally hit her stockings. She couldn't look up and her face dropped in humiliation. After releasing herself so degradingly Aisha began the long shameful crawl back to the kitchen and her luckier slave partners. Aisha couldn't bear to look at her fellow puppies as she pushed the sliding door closed behind her.

"Pet Julia, clean Pet Aisha."

The blood drained from Julia's face as her mind registered the obscene order. Aisha was equally shamed but she at least wanted to help. Slowly Aisha turned around and pushed her chest down to offer Julia the target for her disgusting task. Julia crawled slowly only being able to glimpse at the pussy she had to clean. Eyes closed, SlaveX leaned forward, pushed her face underneath Aisha's tail and found Aisha's pussy lips with her tongue. Once again thankful it wasn't a terrible taste, Julia moved her tongue up and down Aisha's slit as she sucked and slurped any liquid she could find.

A full minute passed until Aisha shuffled forwards, content with the cleaning. Aisha didn't dare say anything but she hoped Julia could tell from her facial expression: she had actually enjoyed it. Julia quickly sought the water bowl and something to wash the new taste from her mouth but more importantly, to clean her humiliation. SlaveX sucked up the water and licked her lips desperate to be clean once again.

"Back to the sitting room bitches."

The harsh language let the girls to know what was in-store: more abuse and more submission. Julia held one thought in the back of her mind: he might be here, it might be him, her master. The thick carpet soothed the slave's knees as they lined up for inspection and their orders.

"Fetch your leashes."

Once again the girls were bemused but they finally realised he meant the draws again.

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