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Forbidden night of pleasure between friends.

She leaned over and gave me a kiss and said she'd take care of it. A few weeks went by and we didn't talk about it. I figured Heather either said no, or was taking a while to decide.

We were hanging out at their apartment watching TV on a Friday when it happened. Mandy, Heather, and Jessica were all texting someone about "sorority drama." Suddenly Jessica hopped up and said she was ready for bed. Her boyfriend, asking no questions, followed her in. Whenever Mandy was suddenly "ready for bed" like that it meant she was ready for sex, so I figured that was what was happening. I was wrong.

As soon as the door to Jessica's room closed Mandy grabbed my hand and her and we went to her room, with Heather tiptoeing behind us.

As the door closed Heather said, "I can't believe we're finally doing this."

I already had a good idea what was happening, but now I knew for sure.

Heather sat on the foot of the bed and asked, "So how does this start?"

"Well," I said sitting next to her, "Have you ever kissed a woman?"

"I haven't," she said as Mandy sat on the other side of her.

"Well let's start there," I said as I turned her face toward my girlfriend.

Heather giggled as Mandy moved in to kiss her. "Are you nervous?" Mandy asked. Heather nodded and Mandy said, "Don't be."

Mandy leaned in to Heather and their lips met. Mandy gave her a soft kiss before opening her lips and using her tongue to encourage Heather to open hers. Heather timidly stuck her tongue out just a small bit and Mandy hungrily met it with hers. As soon as Mandy made the more aggressive move all of Heather's inhibitions melted away. The two girls were passionately making out in front of me.

Both of them were wearing pajama pants and spaghetti strap tops. Neither of them were wearing bras and their nipples were visibly excited, poking against the fabric of the shirts. When Mandy's hand moved up and started to caress one of Heather's small A-cup breasts Heather immediately grabbed Mandy's full C cup and gave it a hard squeeze.

I started to kiss on Heather's neck and slipped the straps of her shirt down over her shoulders. She broke away from the kiss with Mandy and kissed me. The hesitation she had earlier was gone as she shoved her tongue into my mouth.

When we first met, if you had told me Mandy and I would eventually have a threesome and asked me to guess who it would be with I would have guessed Heather. Now, after having been with Chelsea, Jessica, and Nicole, and swapping with Mike and Liz, it was finally going to happen.

I pushed Heather onto her back and slipped her top down exposing two small, hard, pink nipples. I pinched one of them while continuing to kiss her. I wanted this woman, and bad. I had for years. Again, it's not that I was interested in her romantically, but she was fun, cute, and always flirting with both Mandy and me. I was laying on my side with my torso turned so my face was over hers. As we kept making out I felt Mandy's hands taking off my belt then unzipping my jeans.

My girlfriend started to suck my cock while I made out with her little sorority sister. I reached a hand down to run my fingers through Mandy's hair. My other arm was wrapped around Heather, cradling her as our tongues swirled together. Heather has a soft body. It's difficult to describe, but when you hold her she seems to just melt in your arms. And when you hug or squeeze her, her body just seems softer than a normal person, like a cat almost. I know that description is odd, but the point is she is fun to hold and squeeze.

Mandy stopped sucking my cock and Heather squirmed in my arm a bit and giggled again. I looked down and Mandy was taking Heather's pants off. Heather wasn't wearing panties, and her bare pussy was exposed as her pants slipped down her legs. Mandy was already topless, and she stood and dropped her pants, revealing that she wasn't wearing panties either. She had also shaved the purple patch away.

Heather exhaled and said, "Oh wow, this is really about to happen.

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