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You rolled off me then, chuckling and grinning at me.

I could see now what you were up to. Both wrists were bound in cuffs with straps connected to the sides of the headboard. You smiled at me and grabbed each of my legs and bound restraints around my ankles. I was so surprised and excited that I didn't even think of kicking or resisting more. Securely bound, naked, and helpless to a beautiful woman, it was my fantasy come true.

You moved around the bed to each restraint and made slight adjustments to each one, making sure that I wasn't going to get loose. Ensuring that I stayed spread eagle on the bed and had very little movement available. I couldn't get enough slack from the restraints to sit up, or leverage to adjust my position.

"Does it hurt?" you asked. "No, just alittle uncomfortable" I replied as best I could.

The sight of you in a mussed dress, tousled hair, and breathing hard from your exertion and success had me spell bound. You noticed my dreamy look and gave me a devilish one in return. Slowly, you began to run your hands along your body, through your hair, and along the insides of your thighs. Making soft moaning noises, you continued to caress your body, cupping your breasts, and pulling and tugging at your dress.

Each soft moan caused my cock to twitch. My eyes followed every move of your hands, watched each twitch of your legs, I was short of breath and my lips felt parched. You didn't say a word, just kept teasing me with your show, punctuated with very soft, very erotic moans. Slowly you worked your dress off, keeping me riveted and anticipating each inch of skin so teasingly reveled.

Even when the dress was bunched at the floor around your feet, you kept caressing yourself, running your fingers along your bra and panties, delicate lacy creations that accentuated the beauty of your body. Loosening the straps that held your bra in place from your shoulders, you slowly reached back and undid the clasps producing a sound that echoed in the room with unnatural clarity. You dropped it on the floor and cupped your breasts. Kneading them with your fingers, and tweaking your nipples, you kept up the soft moaning, this time with real passion.

Slowly running your hands from those perfect breasts, down along your rib cage, across your stomach and gripped the sides of your lace panties with delicate fingers. Pulling them up slightly, they outlined the moist valley between your legs. Giving me a moment to fully enjoy the sight, you slid them off, wiggling your hips in the most seductive manner I had ever seen. Letting them drop from over your knees you straightened up and met my lust filled and wanton gaze with a smile.

You took a few steps to the bed and crawled like a hunting cat over to me. Despite the swaying of your breasts, my struggles, or your crawling over me, nothing other than your hair touched me. Looking at me, your face just inches from mine, you licked your lips and said in the most husky, determined voice I've ever heard, "I'm going to do nothing to you. Nothing, unless you ask me to, beg me to. And it had better be the most sincere, pleading I've ever heard or nothing happens."

With your face so close to mine, with your lips so close to mine, I wanted to kiss you. Feast on the fullness of your lips. I wanted to throw you down and take you in the most savage way I could. I pulled at the restraints. Desire was sweeping through me and my self-control was slipping away.

"What do you want me to do to you?" You asked, then smiled while waiting.

I made a noise that can only be called a whimper.

"Kiss me" I demanded.

Your smile widened and you said "No. That wasn't a request now was it?"

I tried to lean up and kiss you anyway, but you simply moved back and watched me struggle with the restraints.

"What do you want?" You asked again.

"Please, kiss me." I replied feeling frustrated. "No. I don't believe that you want me to."

With that you sat up and cupped your breasts, lifting them and looked straight at me.

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