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What happens when a husband brings home a friend?

His defeat of the long hated Tyrsians had given him almost god-like status in the eyes of Myrians everywhere. He felt invincibility cloaking him.

Later that same day, when he had the heads of King Taligari and all of his family mounted on spears in the Grand Palais courtyard, the cheering stopped. Myr had a new king, King Myles Kelg, the first of his name.

Overconfident as usual, he did not think it important that a Taligari elsewhere was still alive...

* * * * *

They headed north on the Elkroad, to the freelands away from Myr.

It had been three days, and his emotions concerning the girl riding in front of him had not cleared. At times, he found himself staring at her, lost in the littlest of things, like the smooth curve of her neck, or the bare skin of her shoulder. She held him entranced. At night, when the dreams of his family returned, the urge to do away with her returned, sometimes overwhelming all of his thoughts.

He still did know where he was going, let alone, what to do about her.

The Tyrsian prince was still a mystery to her. At times, he would look at her with the utmost tenderness and something that bordered on love. Other times, the hate in his eyes caused her to close her eyes and try to forget the world around her. He was a madman, that much was evident and, if she did nothing, he would eventually capitulate to one of his humors and either rape her or slit her throat.

She needed to escape this madman.

On the fifth day of travel, the opportunity presented itself. The prince allowed her to ride without her restraints. Taking advantage of the lull of late afternoon, she dug her heels into the horse that she was riding, urging it to surge ahead and carry her to safety. She could hear his curse as she took off. She reached the bluff a hundred meters off before he caught up with her. Her pony was nowhere near as fleet as the white courser he sat astride. With one muscular arm, he swept her entirely off of her pony and dumped her unceremoniously on the ground. She fell and the wind was knocked from her. She looked up at him and saw that, surprisingly enough, he was chuckling to himself. The sight she made, she admitted to herself, was quite humorous.

The prince, not wanting to take anymore chances slung her over the horse and tied a rope to the headplate of her pony so that he could control its movement. She had realized the futility of escape and gave up trying to resist him.

* * * * *

Myr was slowly losing its magnificence. The once great city continued to suffer under the boot of its new ruthless king.

King Kelg was in a rage that day, killing two people for just having looked at him from outside of the Palais. He still had not found Alyn. It had been only one week since the sack of Tyrsis. The thought of Alyn escaping him infuriated his sense of pride. Calling upon his viziers, Kelg ordered them to make it known throughout the lands that he would offer a rich reward to whoever caught the Prince and brought him back to Myr, dead or alive.

Within a day, hundreds of freeriders everywhere began searching for the missing prince, each intent upon gaining their own fortunes.

* * * * *

They arrived in the free city of Nymeria three days later. Exhausted and in want of a hot meal, they took lodging in a local Inn, posing as husband and wife. The world swirled around her and her gut wrenched within for some inexplicable reason. Something felt horribly wrong to her.

As they sat at a small table, eating a meat stew with bread out of a clay bowl, she herd snippets of the conversation going on around the bar.

"King Taligari is dead, you say?"

"Yeah, the traitorous Tyrsian bashar killed him and the rest of the royal family. They say the butcher left their bodies for the dogs and mounted their heads on spikes in the courtyards for the crows and vultures."

"Ah well.

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