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Son helps stepmom with a problem.

I still feel the tingle in my lower belly from him making me hand over my panties in the street and sitting with my bare pussy on show in the car. I open the bottle and dribble a little lubricant down over the clipped hairs on my mound. I feel it following the contour, trickling down between my thighs and seeping in between my pussy lips. I dribble some more and rub it into my mound and hairs which glisten with oil in the sunshine. My fingers slide over it collecting the moisture before slipping in between my folds. Using more lubricant I start to coat the area between my thighs with it. I can feel the tentative moisture from my pussy oozing in amongst the oily slickness of my entrance. Will's attention is torn between the road and what I am doing. My lubricated fingers glide into my pussy and I close my eyes to conjure up my current obsession of Will's cock drilling into me. I know I need him to fuck me as I entice him. The heel of my hand rubs against the ridge of my mound pulling at my clit. I moan with the pleasure and the allure of his taking me. Suddenly I feel the weight of his hand clamp down upon my own. My eyes fly open as I am afraid we will have an accident. I love the strength in his hand as he squeezes mine tight over my pussy and I spread my thighs wider and push with my hips.

"Push it in. I want to see you fuck yourself on that dildo." His voice is hoarse with his own excitement.

I am so hot down there that I no longer notice the cool open air against my pussy. I lift the dildo and press it against my slit. Aware of how exposed I am in the car moving faster along the highway I lift myself and place my lips over the tip of the rubber. Slowly I rock my hips easing it into me and my lips are pushed wider and wider apart as the rubber slowly progresses inside me. I am blushing furiously at the thought of masturbating with a dildo in front of Will, where strangers passing us in the road may see. The material of my skirt drops down with my movement and covers my pussy. Will's hand reaches across and grabs my skirt and yanks it back in one harsh movement. I feel the material give and there is a brief sound of tearing in the fabric.

"Hold your skirt up. I want to see."

He sounds aggressive, ordering me as I love him to do. I have to do it, I have to be dutiful to him. I tell myself I am his whore. That gets my juices flowing and I clamp my arm over my skirt and press myself down onto the dildo. I am so very wet and amazed at how much of the length I can take in me. Lying in the glove box it had looked so enormous. Despite all the shame and humiliation I feel as I slide the dildo in and draw it back I soon manage to feel the pleasure mounting. As I push it right the way in I feel my lower belly full and I begin to fuck myself with it. I am constantly thinking people can see me, and Will's eyes are fixed upon what I am doing, yet nothing seems to get in the way of my libido. I am taken over by my lust and parading it in front of others just seems to ratchet up the pleasure coursing through me.

"Good girl, good girl. Make yourself cum and I'll give you __30." It drives up my arousal when I hear him talk of paying me money to do these lewd things. Like I am earning them, loving whoring myself for him. I have no idea where we are going as I pump my pussy with the obscene dildo, trying to make myself cum. In no time I am gasping and shuddering through an orgasm. Each one seems as powerful as the last, and they are all off my scale.Will stops the car. As my racing heart starts to slow I see we are in the car park of a motel. He waits, giving me time to calm down and then gives me some cash.

"Here's your money. With the rest go get us a room." He nods in the direction of the reception of the motel. I am about to jump out of the car and go get us the room when he adds,

"It'd be best if you stand well back from the desk when you ask for the room, otherwise the receptionist will smell sex on you and know that you're a hooker."

I could feel myself blushing dee

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