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I wear a short, black, clingy skirt.


She said, "True. I wonder if it's because I'm about to ovulate I have this strong desire. I really want a baby Miguel."

"We'll have plenty Jean," he promised.

As they held each other she offered him a breast to suck, "They're big now. Just think how big they'll be when I get knocked up."

It prompted him to ask, "Do you really think about....?"

She finished his thought, "Other men fucking me? I do Miguel, but it's only thoughts. No other man but you is going to have his penis in me."

She caressed his scalp. He sucked harder on her nipple. It made her words tolerable he thought. He was glad she had shared her thoughts with him, but it didn't lessen his pain. As far back as he could remember he had struggled with feeling inadequate. His brothers were tall, broad shouldered, slim waisted, muscular, athletic, and handsome. He favored his dad. His brothers weren't dumb, but school didn't come easy for them while it was a breeze for him. The only other things he did better were housework and running. Since he was little he had helped his dad with the house. His dad also taught him to cook. Running made him feel like he belonged that he fit in.

Jean was the first woman he ever really dated. Being with her made him feel confident that he was as good as the next guy. Eating and petting her to so many orgasms boosted his confidence further, but since they began having intercourse the old feelings of inadequacy had begun to creep back in. Worse still was in spite of all he did for emotionally and sexually he felt she deserved better than what he had to offer.

He was feeling like he had with two other girls he went steady with in junior high and high school. Within days of becoming a couple other boys moved in and like a stump on a log he did nothing to stop them. It hadn't bothered him as much because he wasn't vested, but this time was different.

He was in love with Jean. When she said she wanted to marry him he was thinking how much he wanted to marry her. The thoughts she was now sharing were hard for him to accept which is why he was sucking her breast so hard. Flicking his tongue on her very erect nipple made the pain tolerable. If he could have he would have stayed latched to her breast until the feelings she was having went away.

Like the other two times both girls told him they really liked him, but they didn't say no to the other boys when asked out. His brothers told him the girls were challenging him to fight over them; it seemed so childish he refused to believe it.

He now wondered if they had been right. Was Jean challenging him? He was ready to fight for her. He wouldn't threaten to leave her but show her none was as dedicated to her as he. She could walk all over him and he would never leave.

As Miguel nursed at Jean's breast, Jean was imagining what it would be like to have a man as handsome, strong, and big cocked as the centerfold between her legs. The thought of another man fucking her, the two of them orgasming together, filling her with his seed, was breathing new life into the fire she had just put out with her fingers.

She was glad she had 'put it out there'. Miguel hadn't blown up or ran out. He looked adorable his mouth latched onto her breast. Miguel's fidelity was very important to her and her fidelity to him was equally important. She believed she was capable of separating sex from love. She wasn't so sure about Miguel. If he strayed she feared it marked the end of them.

It was a great relief gettings her feelings off her chest and sharing them. She didn't believe the burden was hers to carry alone. Miguel had a hand in this; it was only right he share the load. True love is unconditional. She still loved him and he should, in spite of her thoughts about other men, still love her. If he didn't then he never really did love her.

Miguel was so good at reading her, anticipating what she wanted, not just sexually, but with everything.

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