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Bridget goes dancing with her girlfriend.

He said "Say it again."

She said "I sucked another man's cock without telling you." Then she felt the first swat of his hand on her ass. "Why did you do that?" he asked. Well, she knew why she had, so she just said it, "Because I wanted to, Sir." The spanking continued, she didn't count how many swats. She heard him say "That ass is really getting red." Then, she felt his cock against her and in one thrust, he impaled her, chasing her breath out in a great gush. He was ramming himself into her, and continued to swat at her ass. She could feel the heat in her buttocks. "Your pussy is really wet today." Then he came around in front of her and said "Suck my cock."

She opened her mouth and took him in. It was difficult in the position she was in to get the entire length and width of him into her mouth. He took her by the hair and worked her head up and down along it. He stepped away from her and said. "When I cum, you get dressed and leave." "Stand up."

She stood up. He took her right hand and raised her arm up to waist level. She still kept her head lowered, not daring to look at him, and felt the rope going around her wrist. He bound the rope around it and then took her other arm and bound the wrist of her left hand, finally, binging them together in front of her. He lead her back to the stool with the rope and said "Bend over it, I want your breasts hanging off of it." She was having difficulty getting her breasts to hang off. He said "Make it happen."

Frustrated, she couldn't, and he took them in his hands and positioned them so each was hanging off the seat of the stool. "Spread your legs." he said. She spread her legs as he began to circle the stool, winding the rope around and around, binding her legs now to the legs of the stool. She was bent there, her arms tied and hanging down in front of her, her legs spread and her breasts hanging over the edge of the stool's seat. Helpless. At his mercy. She was excited beyond belief, wondering what was next. He was behind her again, and she felt him thrust his cock into her hard. A gasp escaped her and he was working at her, thrusting deep and hard. He took her by the hair and raised her head, arching her back, which he rammed her again and again. With the other hand, he slapped her breast, stinging. He slapped her other breast, and now both her ass and her breasts stinging. He inserted what she assumed to be his finger into her ass and said "Have you been masturbating that ass so I can fuck it?" "Answer."

"Yes, Sir," she said. He continued to thrust into her, hard and deep......she felt the stool begin to tip forward and stiffened. "I've got it," he said. "He continued to fuck her, and she felt the torrent raising in her with each thrust. "He said do you understand your punishment today?" She said "Yes, I sucked another man's cock without your permission." "Not my permission." he said. "I sucked another man's cock without telling you," she said. "I might just fuck that ass with no lube if you do that again, " he said. "And you sending me all those pictures of being bound up."

He pulled out and came back around and said "Suck it." She opened her mouth and finally managed to get his cock into her mouth, having difficulty not being able to use her hands. His hands were at her head again, in her hair, pulling her head against him. He said "lick it." She licked his cock, up and down. He stepped away again, and was behind her again, this time, his fingers went deep inside her. He brought her to the brink and then continued with his fingers, deep, penetrating, invading, and she started to shudder. "Tell me if you're cumming." he said.

"I'm cumming." She said, in a breath.

"Louder," he said.

"I'm cumming." she half yelled, half moaned it.

He continued to use his hands. One, two, three fingers? She couldn't tell. "Are you ok?" He asked. She nodded. He continued on, stretching her. "We might get them all in if we keep practicing." he said.

Then, he was unwinding the rope from around her legs.

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