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Lesbian corners her crush inside a dressing room.

Amber's feet moved. Slow at first. She shifted back a few inches. Then to the side.

Her hips tilted.

"That's it," he said. His hand moved all the way down to his balls. He cinched his fingers around his fat shaft, and rolled his way back up to the crown.

Amber turned a little. She looked back at him, afraid she might miss something. As a little droplet of pre-cum ejected from the tip of his cock, she showed her back to him. Bent over. He groaned, and the sound made her quiver. On the inside as well as the outside.

With her own loins aching now, Amber rotated her hips. Gyrated.

She turned around to face him. Lowered. Lost her bottle, and rose back up.

He kept rubbing at his cock. Looking right into her eyes.

"Back down again," he said.

She didn't put up a fight.

She moved down into almost a squatting position. Slid her hands up over her hips, and to the side of her breasts that strained against the fabric of her tutu.

She kneaded her tits together.

He exhaled. Sucked the air back in again through gritted teeth.

Her tits were free. Hanging out, over the top of her outfit.

She grabbed at them. Covered the nipples with her palms, thought about trying to push them back inside.

But his cock was so hard. Wet and hard.

She groped herself instead. Until her nipples pricked at her skin. Hot and sensitive.

The stranger took a step forward.

Amber leaned back, and almost lost her balance.

He kept moving. His cock a good few inches in front of him.

Amber reached out. Her hands found his thighs. She held on to keep upright.

His scent filled her senses. A mixture of something woody and spicy. She inhaled it deep.

The cock came closer.

She bobbed away from it.

At first.

By the time his fingers twined themselves into her hair, she was already close enough to breathe on his cock. And her tongue flitted out at just the right time to catch a lick.

He strengthened his grip. Pushed his hips.

Amber made a noise as she took it inside her mouth. A surprised little noise that transformed into something more akin to someone attacking their favourite cheat meal.

She sucked.

His cock filled her mouth to the point where she could barely breathe. But she kept going. Grunting through her nostrils as she moved up and down his shaft.

His grip remained tight in her hair. Guiding her movements.

"Yeah," he said. Over and over. Mumbling it at times, and squeaking it at others.

Amber pulled her face from his cock with a wet slurp, filled her lungs, and got straight back to work. Savouring every inch she could fit in. Nudging herself back just a little, every time the tip pressed toward her throat.

He chased her, but didn't quite use enough pressure to force it.

His cock was pulsing in her mouth. She could feel every beat of his heart. Quickening with every passing second.

He growled.

His grip released.

Amber almost fell back.

His arms reached out for her, took a hold of her arms at first. Moved to her hips, and without warning, twisted her around. She stumbled forward under his manipulations.

Within seconds she was bent over the side of the sofa. Her tits pressed into the rough fabric of the cushions. The nipples throbbing.

She felt a finger.

It teased at first. Just around the side of her knickers, brushing against the bare skin within. Then it was inside.

It'd been a while since she'd had someone else's. Too long.

She closed her eyes and pushed back onto him with her hips.

He entered her knuckle by knuckle.

A second later he pulled his hand away.

She twisted to look back at him. Ready to demand he get back to work.

Something bigger pushed inside her.

She swallowed her words. And almost her tongue.

One of his hands moved to her hip, used it for leverage. The other keeping her knickers pulled to the side. With very slow, methodical thrusts, he gained more ground. Taking himself further and further inside her.

Amber's fingertips were digging into the cushions. Pinching. She held on tight. And prayed the moment wouldn't end.

He didn't le

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