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The Flyboy – Part II .

"Yeah, it's mostly ads," Sherrie admitted when I balked at the idea of involving someone from that paper. "But, they carry one or two long stories a week, and she usually trades off writing them with another woman. Sometimes she illustrates them, or does the photos. And, get this, she writes an advice column and a horoscope for the readers, too!"

"That sounds like small town stuff. But I thought that those features usually came from some out of town syndicate?" I challenged the investigator in her.

"Believe me, she does everything. But she also has some ways of getting information that you may not have thought of." She lowered her voice, reminding me that she was in an open office.

"Like, can you get that Fawn creature to join you again?" She paused and then laughed at her accidental pun. "On second thought, I don't like the idea of her joining you, how about just having her meet us again."


Sherrie filled me in on the details, and I rang Fawn's number. Luckily, she was in-- I did not know if she would return a call from me. "Hi, this is Professor Richard.... and she cut me off before I could finish.

"Yes, I remember... you're the guy who thought we shouldn't see each other again." Her voice sounded hard. Did she even remember what we had done in my hotel room, or did she just remember me telling her earlier that we should not see each other again? I repeated the code number to her: 6-9-1-7-c-a.

It was like a light bulb had turned on. A very hot light bulb.

"Yessss, Professor..." she whispered eagerly. "My father is home right now, but what can we work out for later?"

"Do you think that you could sneak out of the house at about midnight?"

I held my breath, wondering if Sherrie's and my scheme would work, or whether she would resist the idea.

"That would be fine. He likes to have a drink before bed, and I mix it for him. It might be a double tonight." I was impressed.

"Have you done this before?" taking a chance, I pressed her.

"Yes!" She giggled. "When I had a boyfriend here, we snuck out on Dad a couple of times."


Ten minutes to midnight, and Sherrie and I were in her car, waiting outside the modest Ramirez family home. The lights in the house went out one by one, and then we saw Fawn slipping silently out through the front door. It was midnight, and she was in the car. Sherrie tried not to notice Fawn's desire to hold my hand, nor to notice that her simple white blouse covered no bra.

We drove through streets that I did not recognize, out to a ranch-style home on a ridge overlooking the desert.

"Professor, it's so beautiful, let's do it right here, under the stars!"

Fawn seemed to have only one thing on her mind. Sherrie winced.

"There's rocks and sagebrush on the ground here," she sputtered. "Go ahead, girl!" As an afterthought, she cleared her throat and added,

"Snakes, too. At least one of the two-legged kind."

Fawn looked hurt, but she did change her mind and decided not to take me right there. I rolled my eyes at Sherrie, and said nothing. We were at the door of the ranch house, waiting in the pool of light on the porch while Sherrie rang the bell. Fawn shifted her weight from side to side, trying to ease the pressure from what was likely becoming a very wound up body.

"Whatever they did for you, girl, it was awful good!" Sherry did an Aunt Jemima accent that would have been horribly incorrect if any of the rest of us had tried that. She gave a maternal looking stare at eager Fawn. "Do you think it's catching?" She added that in a mock-wistful tone.

The door came open as Sherrie and I doubled over laughing. We straightened up abruptly, like sheepish students caught doing something behind the teacher's back.


I do not know what I was expecting, but the full-figured woman who came to the door was not it. I suppose that I had been expecting someone slight, worried looking, perhaps smoking a cigarette.

The woman who answered the door had been swimming, was still in her bathing suit, with a towel over her sh

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