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Benny met Christian at Roger's New Year's party, and the only reason he didn't go home with him that same night was because he didn't trust Christian or himself to drive. He met Brandon at his gym, and he met Kieran at The Monster. He broke his string of fucking men whose names ended in 'n' when he met Jack at an office function. Then there was somebody whose name he couldn't remember, but who loved rimming, and then Scott, who had the sucking power of an industrial vacuum cleaner. He didn't take them home and they didn't seem to expect it.

Matt hadn't told the truth about leaving for only two weeks. Benny learned through Roger -- although he'd been very careful not to ask -- that he'd moved back to Los Angeles by the end of January. Roger had had no idea about Oliver, and he'd been upset at Carrie for not having given anybody a heads-up.

In February, one of the managing partners assigned Benny a pro bono case he didn't want, but he supposed that, as the firm's token un-closeted partner, he was the obvious choice, even though he actually handled very little family law. Then again, there weren't that many precedents for this type of case, so his relative lack of experience probably didn't matter so much.

"All I got was visiting rights. If he moves to Tacoma, I'll never be able to see Jessie."

Benny looked at the man sitting opposite him and sighed. Gabriel had repeated a variation of the same phrase at least ten times during the last hour. That his ex-partner was moving cross-country for his job, and that he was taking their adopted son with him.

"I thought when we both adopted him that it would be okay. If something happened to Paul, I wouldn't also lose Jessie."

"Did you ask for joint custody?"

"Yes. But Paul fought it. He didn't want us to be tied together through Jessie." Gabriel shook his head. "When he first talked about adopting, I said no. I didn't know, you see, all I thought about was the inconvenience, and the expense. I had no idea... And then he used it against me. Claimed I was only suing out of revenge, not because I really want Jessie. And now he's moving."

"And you can't move, as well?"

"My mother is sick. We're just barely scraping by as it is. I can't leave her here alone, even assuming I could find a job in Washington."

Benny hesitated.

"It sounds like you've got a lot on your plate already. Maybe it would be better if--"

"No! I know what you're going to say, but I'm not going to just give up! I can't look at Jessie a few years from now, when he's old enough to understand, and tell him that I let him go without a fight. You need to help me, Mr. Siegel. Please, you need to help me!"

Benny tried. He tried as hard as he could, for two months, using every ploy he could think of, every precedent he could find, but it was no use: Gay couple, adopted child with no blood ties to either man, one with very little money, a precarious employment situation and an invalid mother that required a lot of care, the other able to prove that his financial circumstances would suffer if he didn't accept the transfer to Tacoma. At the end of the day, the child's welfare was also dependent on money, not only love, and in this economy Gabriel simply never stood a chance.

Benny took Gabriel to the airport to say goodbye to Jessie. He stood with his hands in his pockets next to Gabriel's ex, watching Gabriel with the little boy.

"It couldn't be helped," Paul muttered. "I know Gabe has demonized me, but it just couldn't be helped."

Benny looked at him indifferently. He wasn't about to try and soothe the man's guilty conscience. "You could have worked at it before it came to this. Love isn't all wine and roses and good times."

"Easy for you to say," Paul said resentfully. "You look like a player; when have you ever had to deal with any type of shit in your life?"

Benny just shook his head and moved a few steps away, waiting for Gabriel to finish cuddling with his son.

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