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"Warming Up" Efrain and Cory's first time.

A young woman in a green dress with black high heels ran. She ran with her legs fully stretched out at the top of her speed. Her calves flashed in the air. Her boobs violently shifted up and down in opposite rhythm. Her long black straight hair fluttered in the air behind her. The last thing that Garrit noticed were her large white pearl earrings before she went past him into the next alley.

Two undead street cleaners were in tight pursuit. Their bright orange reflective suits stood out bright. The rubber fabric was thick and gave them a tube like appearance. They wore no pants. Their bare legs were hairy and muscularly defined. One hand was on their wiener, which they pumped hard despite running. Their faces puffed air from running hard.

Garrit followed them with swift walking steps. Twenty yards into the alley, he saw them paused. The alley was a dead end. Tall brick building walls were on all sides. The only thing in the alley was a big green dumpster and a torn newspaper distributed over the ground.

The young woman had fallen. One heel had broken off her shoe. She was crawling slowly away from the two street cleaners. Her ass was raised into the air. It looked tight. The dip between her butt cheeks was clearly visible through the thin fabric of her green dress. The back of the dress had pieces cut out that showed the black bra straps partially. She had no shame about the grime in the street that she crawled on.

The street cleaners pounded their thick meat and the hairy balls. The cum shot out of them soon. One got her straight on the ass. The other got her on the back with the cutout sections of her dress. The woman crawling body succumbed and fell flat, lifeless. Her legs were sprawled out.

The street cleaners walked off. A minute later, the woman stood up. With her lanky legs and high heels, she got up awkwardly like bambi. She brushed her hair back partly because she was disoriented and partly because her hair was disheveled. She staggered out of the alley ignoring Garrit.

Garrit followed her. The woman held her head still to listen. Then, she walked down the street with the cobblestone sidewalk. She was the only person in this abandoned four lane street. She found a pub, walked a few paces away from it into the street.

She waved at the pub door with her hand held high and a cute smile on her face. Garrit could hear voices inside of the pub. She put her hands around her boobs to push them together. She put her palms at the hem of her skirt. She smeared the hands up to roll the fabric up. That way, she rolled the dress up. She paused for a moment, before the bottom of her black panties showed.

She kept rolling the dress up. The black panties were smooth and cut in a v-shape. She rolled to expose her smooth and trim belly. She lifted the dress over her boobs and her head. The bra was black and smooth. The dress dropped onto the street into a pile of light fabric.

"We should save her," yelled a young male voice inside the pub.

The street cleaner zombies had noticed her. They clung to the walls and slowly snuck closer to avoid being seen by the bar.

The girl got on her knees. She crawled in a circle. Her butt cheeks moved like lovely bubbles. Then, she put her chest flat on the floor with the butt high up. Her fingers ran along the panties fabric as if to straighten it. Her butt faced the pub seductively. Her shiny butt cheeks were completely exposed. The black panties covered only her privates in a thin sliver.

"Maybe, the virus makes women become super sexual. We should take advantage. She is hot!" said another young male voice from the pub.

More undead people had noticed the striptease of the beautiful young woman. They all slowly crept closer taking cover by staying close to the building walls.

The girl flipped over on her back.

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