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Bebe Glazer seduces Frasier Crane.

As I entered the bedroom I saw Marcela lying on our bed wearing the clothes that I had laid out for her. She had done her makeup and was wearing black lipstick and matching makeup around her eyes. She truly looked like the slut of my dreams. The moment Marcela saw me she lit a cigarette and took a long deep cheek hallowing drag from it. Marcela looked at me and blew the smoke out in a tight stream towards me. Marcela knew I had a smoking fetish and loved to watch women smoke, but she had never indulged my fetish. My cock became instantly hard, harder than it has ever been in my life. Marcela asked me if I like what I saw and I could only nod my head yes. She said "You might like this then." Marcela lifted her black leather skirt and revealed a large black dildo. Marcela saw my mouth drop open and that was her invitation to tell me, "Get over here and suck my big black cock."

Marcela sat up and dangled her legs off the bed. I dropped to my knees and wrapped my wife around her cock and grabbed it with my hand and began stroking it as I sucked it. As I was sucking my wife's cock she grabbed my hair and started moving my mouth up and down on her cock, stopping with her cock all the way down my throat. Marcela would take long drags of her cigarette and blow them into the air, asking me if I like smoking her cock as she smoke her cigarette. I could only grunt an answer.

Marcela finished smoking her cigarette and instructed me to take my clothes off. I stood up and began removing my clothes while Marcela pulled another cigarette out of her pack with her tongue and told me to light it for her. I lit her cigarette and watched her once again taking a long deep drag. I removed my pants and Marcela nearly choked on her smoke as she saw that I was wearing her thong. Marcela began stroking her cock and told me to leave the thong on.

As Marcela continued to smoke her cigarette I began stroking my cock. Marcela told me to stop stroking my cock and to lie on the bed. Marcela stood up and had me lie on my back with my ass on the edge of the bed and legs hanging over. Marcela stood next to the bed and told me lift my legs up. Marcela saw that I had a butt plug in my ass and said, "You dirty motherfucker. I guess we are both full of surprises today. Now pull that butt plug out of our ass so I can't fuck you with my black dick." I popped the plug out and Marcela quickly inserted her cock into my ass. Marcela started out fucking my ass slowly and gradually picked began fucking my ass faster as she squirted lube onto her cock to lube up my ass. Marcela grabbed my cock and began stroking it as she fucked my ass. She still had cigarette dangling from her mouth as she fucked and stroked me. I was on the verge of cumming from the pounding Marcela gave me when she stopped fucking and stroking me. Marcela told me it was her turn to get fucked.

Marcela removed her cock and told me to eat her pussy. She lied down on the bed and spread her legs apart. I removed her leather panties and saw Marcela was freshly shaven and had the most beautiful pussy I have ever seen. I dove in and stuck my tongue as deep as I could into Marcela's pussy. I used one hand to play with her clit and the other hand to push on her asshole. Marcela began moaning. As I was licking her pussy, Marcela lit another cigarette. I could see her take drags from the cigarette and blow the smoke into the air. My cock was still rock hard and in pain from not being able to cum. Soon Marcela was grinding her pussy into my face so hard that she began to cum herself. I could feel a rush of pussy juices flood my mouth and I tried to swallow all of it but there was so much. Marcela told me to stop as she put out her cigarette.

Marcela got up and began to take the rest of her clothes off.

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