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For example, a man tied face-down to a bed or a table may be relatively easier to whip than a woman strung between two thick pillars. Certain whips have different types of pain, such as "sting" versus "bite," and those types of pain will likely affect the reactions of the person being whipped. The weight and length of the tail(s) may also require varying mechanical tactics, both to prevent wearing out the arm of the person conducting the whipping and to ensure adequate space if long tail(s) are being used (such as with the stereotypical bullwhip).

Mechanics are also a consideration when there are multiple characters involved in the sex scene. For a male-female-male scene, for example, double penetration might be employed. For a female-male-female scene, however, the man may be thrusting into one of the women, but what is the second woman doing?

Where mechanics can really become quite interesting, both for the reader and the writer, is when non-humans are involved. Perhaps the most obvious example is the tentacle sex scenario common in a number of Japanese animated and live-action videos. An alien's form of mating is encumbered only by the writher's imagination, so pairing one or more aliens with one or more humans can provide some interesting challenges (ideally with inventive solutions!) for sexual mechanics. A shape-shifter can present other interesting mechanical issues, as potentially could a powerful mage or a playful deity.


The mood of a sex scene can be impacted by a number of factors. The first is the overall story itself, especially if it is a long tale such as a NaNoWriMo project. The second is the grouping of characters and their location and their level/amount of discovery - again, a foursome having sex at a frat party will likely experience a different mood than a foursome trapped in a cabin by a blizzard.

There is no reason why the mood of a sex scene must remain the same from beginning to end. If the tale is from the point of view of a woman is having sex for the first time, for example, the scene may begin with a nervous or even fearful mood, but then become happier and more romantic after her blood has been spilled; the moods in this scenario could be heightened by the characters' culture(s). In a tale featuring a rapist, the sex scene may begin with consensual sex, but then become violent and fearful when the rapist decides "it is time." A playboy might be having good, fun sex with his latest partner, and the mood may suddenly change because he inadvertently calls her "Jenni" instead of "Tabitha."

Mood need not be solely dependent upon the characters. Their surroundings can also set or enhance the mood: a small campfire, soft jazz music playing on the radio, the sound of a pounding bass line piercing the wall of a dorm room... Their location might also set the mood: a candlelight dinner, a themed room at a bondage club, an elevator in an office building... The relationship between the characters can also impact the mood: a professor's natural instinct to teach might impact how he shows his student his preferred masturbation technique, sisterly love may add an extra element of calm and peacefulness as two young women have sex, a corrupt police officer may purposely abuse her position to "enjoy" the body of a frightened suspect...

Dialogue & Writings

One mistake which many new erotica writers make is not using enough dialogue, or perhaps not using any dialogue.

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