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A second man in the same park.

I'll tap into your memories. We can experience them together."

Matt shook his head. His cock was rapidly hardening.

"Not even a quickie? I've been so bored and lonely," she teased.

"I don't want to die," he said.

"You're already dead, but I see what you mean," she shrugged. "You don't want your soul being reduced to cosmic waste, ash, or whatever else it might be. But is hell so much better?"

"No," he said defiantly. "I abhor you, creature! Let me go!"

"You holier-than-thou types can be so stubborn without the proper ambiance," she sighed. The cavern grew dim once more, and Aryella enfolded herself in her leathery red wings.

When the light returned, it was from a massive window occupying the entire wall of a spacious bedroom overlooking an ocean vista. On one side of the room, the coast could be seen curving away, dotted with hillside villas. On the other side, white sand beaches.

The room itself had sparse, modern decor, and Aryella was standing near a footstool wearing a simple bikini. Once more, the horns, tail, and wings were gone. Matt was sitting on the edge of a massive bed.

"Just one quickie, I promise you'll be fine," she said, crawling up onto him, straddling his thigh. She sauntered over, swinging her hips. Her breasts were practically spilling out of her stringy top, and her juicy pussy was pressing hard against the confines of her thong.

She straddled one of his muscular thighs and ground her bikini-clad snatch on his upper thigh. She leaned forward, and her fingertips tingled as they stroked his broad chest.

She leaned closer, bringing her cleavage in gentle contact with his balls. He could feel her hot breath on his cock. It was already hard, but now it was straining so hard he could barely think. He felt a burning in his chest and his cock was throbbing and twitching uncontrollably. Aryella's hair fell about her shoulders and tickled his abdomen. She tossed it to one side with a turn of her head and looked up at Matt with a sideways gaze. Her mouth was open, an open invitation to his aching desire.

"I'll take your silence as a yes. One quickie."

She took his veiny shaft in one hand, propping herself up over him with the other hand. Her fingers felt hot and silky, and relieved some of the agonizing twitching. Instead he felt a strong ache and throb, as his pleasure began to mount.

She licked the sensitive underside of his cock, and squeezed his shaft, stroking it up and down steadily. In seconds, his cock was about to erupting, and she locked her lips around it, drinking every drop of him down.

Matt felt an orgasm for the first time, intense but premature, and it left his whole body feeling tense and shaky. "Was that, did I come?"

"You most certainly did," Aryella replied. There was condescension in her voice.

"Did you have to finish me off so quick?" Matt felt used, almost abused, having come so quick.

"Oh, why no. But unless you start being a little more compliant, I am not sure I want to do you any favors. You have a lot of spirit elements in you and I don't feel like stretching this process out."

"You want what? What about telling me who I am, why I am here, how I died?"

"You came too quickly," she lied. "Besides, I was completely distracted by how good you taste."

"You told me-"

"I tried. It's a process. Next time you won't cum so quickly."

She smiled, and before he could say no, she let her breasts push up around his cock. A warm, sticky ooze seemed to seep out of her nipples, and she smeared it up and over his shaft, against his hips and abs. His skin lit up with sensitivity wherever the liquid touched. Up and down she pressed, coating his cock and hips in a film of warm goo.
"Ugh, f-" he trailed off.

"Fuck?" she suggested, rubbing her breasts up and down along his shaft. "Did you just ask me to tit-fuck you?"

She used her hands to push her breasts together, enfolding his shaft.

"Slowly!" he gasped. "Remember what you promised!"

His dick was throbbing again, and her lubricated body felt like a warm wet sheath as it moved up and down his meat.

"Hmm," she said, "Y

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