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Fancy Footwork - 21yo Daughter's Craving for Cock & Cum.

Through the doorway, I could just see her posed on the couch in front of the fireplace. At first, I was a bit surprised that she settled in the living room as it made her seem more like a guest than an employee. Being the polite person I am, I let the lapse in proper etiquette pass.

As I observed, Alex pulled a magazine out of her purse and casually leafed through it. After a minute, she placed her feet on an ottoman nearby and studied her hands. Reaching for her purse, she removed a file and began working on her fingernails. My work momentarily forgotten, I watched intently as she smoothed the rough edges away. When she was satisfied with the results of the scraping she brought out some nail polish. With elaborate concentration, fingers pointing out, she painted the nails. There was something about the deliberate focus on her face that enthralled me.

After the fingernails were finished and dried, she flipped her sandals off and examined her toenails. Displeased with the appearance, Alex bent over and busily applied a coat of polish.

My mouth suddenly went dry. As I observed her efforts, I couldn't help noticing that her dress, another soft-fabric sun-dress, rode high upon her thighs, almost to the edge of her panties as she performed her task.

My little guy rose to attention. The view I was treated to was nothing short of stunning. I was blessed with the glorious sight of the most exquisite legs I've ever laid eyes on. My work abandoned, completely forgotten, I gaped with mouth open wide, staring at the wonderful sight of those magnificent limbs. Long, sensual, smooth, enticing, they were simply luscious.

With patience, Alex worked on the nails, her face intent on the task. Obviously, I couldn't take my eyes off of her feet and legs. It was as if I was under some spell that she had cast over me, ensnaring me in the charms of her magnificent limbs. Nothing could break my gaze at the lovely picture I viewed. The artful and beguiling performance was exquisitely captivating.
Somehow I managed to survive the balance of the day and return to the job at hand, putting my momentary lapse behind me. Alex went about her chores and the two of us co-existed peacefully. Since she had no time to look for an apartment I offered to let her stay another night. With her sleeping down the hall from me I found it almost impossible to sleep and when I finally fell into the throes of slumber I dreamed of serving those legs with the devotion they deserved.

The next morning, I watched the clock tick by, anticipating her break. Eagerly waiting, I was hoping for a repeat performance and a chance to view those delectable legs again. Nothing seemed more important than seeing those lovely feet and more importantly, watch her expose those exquisite legs again. Disappointment sank in as I realized that touching up her nails was not a daily task.

The next time she worked on her nails, a few days later, I moved closer, watching from the doorway, still hidden, or so I thought. The angle was good and I was able to get a peek between her legs. It looked like she wore plain, white, cotton panties. For some reason, I expected something a little more exotic, a silk thong or a satin French cut, but after further consideration, the cotton briefs seemed more suitable to her earthy appearance.

The third time she retired to the envied task I put my fears aside and boldly joined her. The final touches were being applied to her fingernails when I walked in on her. Once again, she sat on the couch, the beautiful, expensive leather couch. The television was tuned to some soap opera when she started on the toenails.

Sort of sneaking in, I used my anonymity to observe the proceedings. The thin, flowered skirt rode mid-way up her thigh revealing her perfect leg. By now, I had grown enamored with the luscious legs. Using every opportunity I could, I snuck quick glimpses at the gorgeous gams whenever I thought she wasn't watching.

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