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Gloryhole in the living room floor.

Suddenly, his hands were on her bottom, lifting her against him more completely. Then his hands pulled her dress apart, the buttons slipping easily through their worn buttonholes. Her arms wrapped around his neck and her tongue found his; the electric shock of it coursed through her body as she returned his thrusting pelvis' pressure.

More buttons popped open and Lois thought of the old frayed panties and bra she had worn, wishing they looked a bit better.

Allen's hands were everywhere, his excitement crushing her body between his huge body and the freshly papered wall. His hands loosed the zip of his trousers and Lois felt the power of his erection spring free and now she felt its huge size pressed against the thin panties, probing her soft tummy and the prominent mound of her sex.

Allen ground against her, pressing his cock and his swollen balls against her. He felt the delicate silkiness of her panties against him, felt the excitement of her on the underside of his cock, now fully erect and standing up between their bodies. His hands found Lois' breasts through the bra. He roughly rolled them together in his hands, then stripped the bra upward freeing the tight round globes. She felt his rough hands find her bare flesh, felt him pinch and squeeze them.

Her breasts were just a nice handful each and her nipples, normally a pale pink, deepened to a bright pink, looking ready and eager for suckling. She felt his lips close over her right nipple.

She opened her eyes now to watch him voraciously sucking at her breasts, his mouth open wide to suck more of it inside. She shivered as she felt his tongue swab eagerly over the roughness of her nipple as it responded to him. Lois felt the wetness between her legs turning into a hot torrent as his cock probed, now slipping between her legs, sliding along the crease formed by her pussy lips.

"Allen, ... ohhh! ... Allen, we ...we... mustn't!" she resisted weakly. But she knew it was a lost cause, her body was betraying her now. Her arms pulled his head tight against her again.

They were on the floor now, Allen's girth lying on top of her, roiling around against her softness, reveling in the welcome comfort of her body. He stood up a moment to remove his clothes, his eyes never leaving hers or her body.

Lois stared up at him, sprawled there, her dress acting as a blanket now, her bra still pushed above her breasts. Lois' twin cones, now pointing up at him, capped by the two small nipples looking very much like maraschino cherries atop scoops of rich ice cream. Her panties pulled aside, the elastic now slipped down between the wet lips of her pussy, where his eyes were now fastened in their intense passion. Lois watched with fascination as his cock emerged from his underpants as they slipped around his ankles.

"My god," she thought, "he is huge!"

"Can all that he has between his legs fit into me? It can't be." She recalled briefly wondering to her husband if Allen's great physical top would be reflected below the belt as well as above it. They had been joking, or so she thought. Now faced with the fact, she was ... fascinated.

"Oh, Allen, we mustn't. It isn't fair, is it? I've never ... " But it wasn't to be. Still her feeling of guilt made it necessary to try to resist. Allen was between her legs now, his hand stoking his enormous cock. She looked at the large blunt head of it. He was uncircumcised. He pulled the foreskin back as she watched. A huge deep ruby red cock head was unveiled, looking wet and glistening and swollen.

"Ohhhhh! ..." She heard herself gasp as the foreskin remained locked behind the ridge, which looked quite deep behind his cock head. It was like a very large mushroom on an incredibly thick stalk, she remembered thinking.

Then Allen was upon her again. He pulled her panties aside with one hand and guided his cock to the head of her slit, now glistening with her love juices. He moved it along the soft groove, spreading her lips aside, nudging the round nubbin of a clitoris, now red -- bright red with excitement.


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