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Jon and Nick's adventures continue with Jon's old crush.

However when you wear a v neck tee and you have big boobs you give everyone a free show every time you bend over. From where Jeremy was standing he had a perfect view down my shirt. My shirt hung low and you could clearly see my DD breasts sitting in my bra. I looked up and saw Jeremy obviously looking. Staring would actually be a better word. I stood up and handed him his shirt, our hands briefly touched. Again all I could think about was him pushing me down on that bed, getting on top of me and doing whatever he wanted to my body. And I would let him do it, gladly. I would probably even beg for it.

"Thanks. This damn rug trips me every time." Jeremy brought me out of my head and back to reality. I agreed to be there at seven tomorrow and went back to work. However all I could think about all day was his naked, sweaty and tan chest and how much I wanted him on top of me. I would have given anything to have him rip my shirt and bra right off me and begin pleasuring my breasts with his tongue. I was glad to go home that night and try to clear my head.

Lucky for me Kate had emailed me earlier on Saturday and told me what the dress code was for the party. With all the Jeremy drama I had completely forgotten to ask her and had no idea what to wear. Lucky for me she thinks of everything so of course she reached out to me. Because I was half guest half employee that night I decided on a simple white spaghetti strap dress. I loved this dress for its simplicity. There were some pastel flowers that appeared to be water colors and the dress had a built in bra which actually pushed your breasts up about another cup size. It was my favorite.

I arrived at the house at 6:50 and let myself in. The house looked amazing! The cleaners had come that day and scrubbed everything from top to bottom, the backyard was lit up with white twinkle lights that looked just like stars. It was like something out of a fairytale. However it didn't last too long for me, I got tackled by the boys and began an intense game of catch.

The house was packed with guests so I didn't get time to talk to Kate or Jeremey. I saw both and we exchanged smiles but that was it. They were far too busy entertaining, which I understood.

Around ten I had finally put the boys to bed and felt a tap on my shoulder.

"Since you are newly 21 and have done a great job tonight I thought you earned this," it was Jeremy who presented me with a crystal glass of champagne. I had never seen him in a suit before and he did not disappoint. It was clear that he had it tailored made. It fit him perfectly and showed off every perfect muscle in his body. He was smiling his marvelous smile but it was different somehow, a little more goofy than usual. I assumed he had his fair share of champagne.

"Thank you," I took a small sip, "It's delicious." It was delicious but also shockingly strong. I had champagne before but this felt like it had the strength of straight vodka. I must have made a face that showed my surprise.

"Oh I should have told you! Kate's brother made this; he calls it his "special brew." It tastes great but it will knock you on your ass!" Jeremy laughed and took another swig of his own champagne, making a face as it went down. "I figured you could handle it, you're tough."

"I like it, but wow does it pack a punch." We both laughed and finished our glasses. "Well since the boys are asleep I guess I should be heading home," I began to gather my things.

"You rent a room right? It's just you?"

"Yep, just me. But the old lady who I rent it from has some really old fashioned rules like we aren't supposed to be home past 11. It's ridiculous but it was the only place I could find within my budget." I was talking a little more than usual; apparently the "special brew" was already effecting me.

"Oh well then you better get going. Thanks again for working tonight and we already deposited the money into your account. I'll see you Monday."

I said goodbye, waved and headed out to my car.

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