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My amazing first experience with a more exotic lover.

I want you, I need you...

Turning me around you gently push me up against the tiled wall forcing my hard nipples to touch the cool stone. You kiss the back of my neck as you raise my arms to lay my hands flat against the wall. Gliding your own hands down along my back you ask if I am ready for the pleasure you are about to instill on my body, I don't trust myself to speak; for I know what you can do to my body and many times it's more than I can take, so I just nod instead. You press your body against mine and I feel your penis hard against my back, your hand slides over my ass, round my hips and slips between my legs. Parting my shaved lips, your fingers journey to your treasure, my pearl. I let out a gasp at the first touch. You start to slowly caress it, gently pinching it between your thumb and finger, and as my breathing becomes more shallow your fingers become more insistent.

Instinctively I reach out to grab onto something, anything, but I have nothing to hold onto as my legs start to tremble, betraying my lust. You increase your rhythmic plucking, playing me like a well-loved guitar, and my moans sing along to a song all our own. You whisper something in my ear but I am unable to hear you for the blood pumping through my body is as loud as an African drum.

Turning me to face you once again, you lean me back against the wall and drop to your knees in front of me. In a daze I let my hands rest on your head to steady my self as you part my legs and start your oral possession of my most sensitive spot. The heat from your lips burns my bare flesh sending my desire soaring like adding another piece of dry wood to an already out of control bonfire. Your tongue, your magical, mystical, amazing tongue flicks out and caresses my swollen clit. I shudder involuntarily and your strong hands firmly grip my hips shifting my body ever so slightly to give yourself the ultimate view.

My fingers curl in your hair as you suck my clit into your mouth, gently rolling it between your teeth. I almost stop breathing now for fear of this sensation escaping when I exhale. You slid your hands behind me, cupping my ass, and pull me closer while your tongue darts in and out of me, deeper and deeper with each flick. I grind against our face ,willing you in me deeper, wanting you in me deeper.


I pull back on your hair forcing you to stop, regretting it the moment your lips leave my flesh. Looking down at you through glazed eyes I smile at the sight of my juices glistening on your chin. Standing up you go to let the water wash over your face but I stop you. I cup your face in my hands and pull you down to me, our lips meet in a soft kiss, my tongue darts out to lick yours and the taste of my nectar on your lips sends a wild rush of desire through my entire body. My tongue becomes more insistent trying to extract every ounce of myself from your mouth. Our tongues meet in a duel, sparring with each other, one gaining ground while the other is forced back, only to reverse positions a moment later. We break away from the kiss, both of us gasping for breath. My hands come to rest on your chest, feeling your heart pounding against them, knowing mine almost beats to the same unsteady rhythm.

You lean me back up against the tiles and as the water flows over or bodies your hand slides down over my hips, along my thigh, to pull my leg up against yours.

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