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Amanda and Eric meet up again.

After a while my room phone rand it was her she said she was not able to sleep maybe it was the tiredness. She asked me what was I doing to which I replied that I was thinking about her, she said what with a taunt. I said about our other night, she laughingly said that "sochte hi raho bus" and I don't know what she meant was it that I can think all that I want but it was a one-off or was she taunting me to make a move. We talked a bit more then she said that we better sleep else the next day is going to be tough.

Next morning we again met for breakfast and she behaved normal and so did I, we left for work and it was a long day. What added to the frustration was the client being very superficial and had no manners, I can't stand such people. Even she wasn't happy, we got much later and it was almost 9 so the hotel restaurant had closed. We inquired and were told there is another restaurant nearby and we went to our rooms to change. She came down in a denim skirt and a white button down shirt, I couldn't get my eyes off her and said she is looking hot, she just laughed and said thanks, come let's go for dinner.

We walked to the restaurant and ordered food, while eating she said she was in the mood to have a glass or two of wine after the rough day and was a bit disappointed that the restaurant did not serve wine. After the meal we walked back to the hotel and once we were about to reach I asked if she still wanted to have wine, she just slapped my hand and said "bekaar ki baatein mat karo, where will we get it now it's already past 11". I said I have a bottle in my room, if she doesn't mind, she said okay.

We went to my room and I was careful not to hold her hands or anything, since there was only one chair in the room we sat on the edge of the bed, while I went to get the wine and pulled out the wine glasses from my bag, I had bought them at the airport. All this while I was checking her out in the mirror and staring up her legs. I played a soft playlist on phone and we sat down to have our drinks, we were sipping our win, chatting and enjoying the music. After the first drink I asked her for a dance and she said she can't, I said I'm sure you dance well, anyways there is no on here. We danced a bit, pretty close, I still did not make much of a move. We sat down and I poured the second drink, we had it slowly. Then she said it's time to go and asked me for my empty glass. I asked why, she said at-least she can wash the glasses with a laugh.

She took the glasses to the basin I decided I have to act now, I also wanted it to be different than last time. I played "Love me like you do" on a loop, I remembered she had told me that she likes the song and it was the OST of fifty shades of grey, her naughty laughter still playing in my head. I stood behind her and I brushed lightly on her ass. She must have felt it but didn't turn around. Slowly I went near her from behind and slid my hands beneath her shirt and kept on her shoulders waiting her to react. She didn't say anything either, I took it as a positive sign and grabbed her bra covered tits. She still didn't say anything and I knew she was ready for it.

Her nipples were hard now and I knew she was excited as well. I slowly unbuttoned the buttons from her shirt simultaneously kissing her neck and ear lobes. She smelt very good. With one quick motion, I snapped the bra hook and she was surprised at my deft fingers. I removed her shirt completely with her massive jugs hanging on to her bra for life support. I removed it slowly rubbing the fabric on her tits. I started making circular motion with my fingers on her gorgeous tits and she was getting excited by the minute.

I slowly took my other hand from her tits to the stomach and I could feel her quivering.

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