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Aunt and nephew have an unexpected encounter.

He gets bolder and brushes his lips over her tender skin. She still doesn't wake, so he kisses her neck. She moans gently in sleep, and his desire rages stronger. He wraps one arm around her waist, pulling her into his erection that strains against his ACUs. His other arm reaches around to her breasts, caressing them with a light and sensual touch. Her head tilts back in sleepy pleasure, and her body nestles closer into his solid body. He closes his eyes tight, fighting for control

Hating the added barrier of his clothing, the soldier rises from the bed. He begins stripping off his uniform, hurrying to get back to bed with his dark haired beauty. When he's left standing only in his boxers, he walks back over to the bed. He looks at her and feels his heart skip a couple beats in his chest. His sleeping little vixen will always have a hold of his heart, and she was his. He made up his mind that tonight she would be his, and he wants to make sure she never craves anyone else. She is HIS gypsy. He wouldn't let himself think of everything else he wanted just yet, tonight that would have to be enough.

The soldier climbs back into bed with his vixen, this time propping himself up beside her. Gently, he tugs the strap of her blue slip down her shoulder, attempting to expose more of her flesh. He leans down yet again, his eyes on her face, and runs his tongue slowly over her collarbone. She tastes lightly of honey and warm rain. Her flavor is intoxicating and he immediates wants more. He strokes a nipple through the thin silk of her gown and feels it harden in response. His heart beats even faster.

Though his hands are large and rough, he manages to pull her slip down to her waist without waking her. Her breasts are full and her nipples are a pale pink. He brushes a rough thumb over her nipple and sees it pucker even more. Rubbing that nipple between his thumb and index finger, he takes the other into his mouth. His tongue flicks over her nipples, teasing, and he nibbles lightly on the pink flesh. His gypsy whimpers in sleep, causing a low growl to rumble in his throat. He moves his mouth to the other nipple and gives it the same attention.

Hungrier now, he carefully pulls her slip the rest of the way off. She's wearing a scrap of white lace panties. He easily removes those and tosses them aside. In her sleep, she turns over, and he waits to see if she reaches consciousness. Her chest rises and falls with her deep breaths. Leaning over her, he flutters his fingertips slowly down her neck, then through the valley between her breasts, slides them down her belly, and further still. He's eager to discover if she's as aroused as he.

Full of anticipation, he reaches between her thighs and finds her hot and wet. Her honey covers his fingers, slick and so warm. He moans, straining to hold back much longer. He flicks a fingernail lightly over her clit. Her body jumps in her sleep, but he no longer cares. He slides a finger completely inside her. She's so tight it takes his breath away. He's almost afraid to have her because he's not sure he'll ever get her out of his system once he does. He teases her, and she squirms in sleep. He feels his control start to slip and knows he'll take her soon. He feels like a teenager again, nervous and so much hungrier for a woman than he ever remembers being. Wanting his gypsy awake for this, he whispers her name into her ear, trying to draw her from sleep. He heart thumps nervously against his rib cage.

Gradually, she wakes from her sleep, slightly disoriented at first. She doesn't scream when she sees him. She could never fear him. Her brows wrinkle in confusion. Why is he here? Is this a dream? she wonders. He moves his finger inside her, and she gasps while her eyes go wide. She's still confused, but distracted by his touch. It feels too real to be a dream. She's wanted him for so long, but she'd given up a long time ago; she never thought he would admit his feelings for her, or even that he wanted her.

"I want you Baby," he whispers, "I want t

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