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Tried and True at Luckenbauch.

"You serious?"

She nodded her head.




"Well, it probably doesn't mean anything, you know?" She told him nervously. "I mean, you were pretty popular with most of the girls in our school, I guess that had something to do with it. And Debbie was like practically obsessed with you, she wouldn't shut up about your big cock."


"Debbie Nelson. Lucy's Wilson's sister."

"Oh." He recalled his ex from back in his high school days.

"So uh...is it...you know...big?"

"Is it...yeah, I like to think that." He nodded.

"Debbie told us that her sister said it was like ten inches long."

"Oh. Um...actually it's not-"

"Yeah, I know." Kelly grinned. "She likes to exaggerate, Debbie."

"It's not ten inches long, it's eleven."

Her grin disappeared. "Say what?"

"My cock. It's eleven inches long."


Tim didn't reply.


He nodded.

There was a pause. "Can you show me?"

"Excuse me?"

"I want to see it."

"You...what, here? What about Jake? What about your mom?"

"What about them? I was just about to go wake Jake up, but that can wait. And my mom's not gonna come back downstairs. Come on, let's go to your room."

"Kelly, wait I"- He started, but she had already grabbed his hand and was dragging him back to the guest bedroom. She was much stronger than she looked, he observed.

"Sshhh...not here. Let me close the door." She quietly latched it shut. "No nobody can hear us."

"Kel, wait, hold up a sec! Jake will go crazy if he finds out."

"No, he won't Timmy. It's not like he owns me or anything. I will tell him myself tomorrow morning, okay?"

"Fuck..." Tim sighed. He wondered if his aunt would still want to fuck him if she saw what he was about to do right now.

"Oh don't be a pussy. Here, go ahead." She grabbed his hands, and put them straight on her tits. Whatever resolve he had built up quickly crumbled out of existence.

"Holy shit." He breathed, gently squeezing her breasts through her t-shirt. They weren't as big and squishy as his mother's or aunt's, and his fingers didn't get lost in them, but that didn't mean they weren't perfect. None of the girls in his college had naturals that were as amazing as the one in his hands.

"You likey?" She grinned up at him.

"Fuck yeah."

She giggled and deftly pulled her t-shirt up. He quickly helped her get out of it and tossed it to his side, returning his attention to the now fully naked breasts. They might have been a little too big for an eighteen year old cheerleader, but no right minded guy was ever going to tell her that, and he could tell that she was proud of her gifts.

"Now your turn." She told him without waiting for a reply she knelt down and pulled at the elastic of his boxers with one hand and put the other inside, getting a hold of his cock. He saw her eyes widen as she estimated the width and girth of his snake like penis.

"No way..." She breathed, and roughly yanked his boxers down to see it for herself. The result was that his hard shaft suddenly sprung free of its constraints, slapping her lightly on her nose. "What the fuck!" Kelly squealed in shock, and recoiled her head back.

"What the fuck Timmy? That's...what the fuck is that?" And then she laughed maniacally.

"What, is Jake not very big?" Tim asked her.

"Oh, he's fucking huge, but yours is longer than his." She answered. "Don't tell him I said that, by the way."

"My lips are sealed."

"Well, mine are not." She quipped, and the next instant, Tim was rewarded with the heavenly sensation of her warm mouth wrapped around his cock-head.He groaned with the sudden pleasure.

Kelly gave his the tip of his penis a slow kiss.

"Ohh Kelly..." A shiver of excitement raced down his spine.

She only hummed contently in reply, enveloping a little more of her cousin's penis in her mouth, delighted with its size and hardness.

"I can't believe you're actually giving me head!" He blurted his thoughts out.

"I can't believe I didn't before." She answered and grinned mischievously at him.

For the next ten minutes, Tim was in heaven.

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