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His daughter dominates and abuses him.

She slowly began to relax so I delicately brushed my fingers across the underside of her breasts and continued my circles down to her hips and back up ever so slowly including all of her breasts and her legs. Then I began my work on her nipples I circled them slowly with those light touches and returned to her stomach, I began to include kisses following my hands, occasionally nipping her flesh lightly.

Her nipples were puckered and begging for attention so I worked my way ever so slowly up to them lazily circling one with my tongue before sucking it into my mouth, as I flicked my tongue against it I heard a barely stifled moan. Perfect. I thought. Then I worked my way over to the other breast winding my kisses around her breast before turning my attention to that nipple. I could hear her breaths coming in short pants, she was no longer trying to hide her moaning, she was writhing on the bed, pulling against the restraints. Is she one of THOSE girls? You know the ones with the incredibly sensitive nipples, the ones that could cum from simply having them played with. To test my theory I lightly nipped her nipple with my teeth. It was fascinating to watch the shiver run the course of her body. So I began to suck, nibble and lick her nipples moving quickly from one nipple to the other whilst keeping the other one occupied with my fingers, rolling it, pinching it softly caressing it.

That did the trick "Oh my God!" she panted. I latched on and sucked as her body arched completely off the bed and remained suspended for a moment before she returned to the bed completely limp. Interesting. I thought. I had to do something now, I felt like I was going to cum in my damn pants. So I quickly peeled my clothes off, barely remembering to call her cell phone again. I would never quit trying after one return call. Hanging up I slowly ran my fingers up her body again watching her shiver when I stroked one of her nipples.

"Now it's my turn beautiful. Have you ever sucked a cock?" She shook her head no. "I'm about to teach you how, no teeth, remember out little agreement?" She nodded her head yes. I kneeled over her on the bed, placing my cock right in front of her soft sensual lips. I saw her tongue peek out and lick her bottom lip nervously. I groaned, I was going to have those lips around my cock momentarily. I placed the very tip on her mouth, when she started to open her mouth I pulled back "No, lick it, all of it, all over." I moved my cock back to its previous position and watched in anticipation as her tongue slowly made its way from the base of my cock to the very tip. She weaved her way back down and up, swiveling her head to the side as best as she could to get different places.

"Swirl your tongue around the head." I whispered. She did as she was told and I felt a shiver run through my cock and up my spine. "Lick my balls. Use the flat of your tongue." When she did this I was ready to shoot my spunk all over her face. "Suck a ball into your mouth and roll it around a little bit with your tongue." She did this gently taking each one into her mouth, then she proceeded to lick her way back up and swirl her tongue around the head again. She was taking control and I was about to lose mine.

"Suck it into your mouth.

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