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Daughter's body too much for her father.

If your hands or feet leave the ground Ben its the vice.

Think about who instigated this episode as when we finish an extra belting for the culprit, frontal.

Cook and Matron gasped but knew he was a man of his word.

Whoosh Crack right on the top of Bens back, followed by more and more and more, extra on his bottom and sit spot.

Down his bottom, the back of his legs, back of knees, back of calves and the soles of his feet.

Sarah held up for the whole of Ben's beating.

"Both stand."

Sarah was still very distraught, her tits were bouncing with every sob.

Ben was also in tears, he was in pain, more than he could ever remember and his 7" was swollen and up to around 9".

"Please Sir, a huge sigh, I asked Sarah to meet me here, please forgive us both, no excuses, apart from we are both 20 and both fully responsible for our actions, Sir.

Also Sir, so sorry we let you down, but we had both finished work and was in our own time, Sir.

"Yes I appreciate that or you would both be fired on the spot."

"Sarah, one last action, hand behind your head and stick your tits out, I will make them so sore you will never want them touching again for a long, long time."

" Matron, the peep show is over, I will see you both in my office at 10.30 in the morning.

I think you both have issues the belt will need to correct."

Both left to a "Yes Sir".

As they walked back to the house they heard the belt crack over poor Sarah's tits, one, two, three, four.... eight, nine, ten... fourteen, fifteen.... nineteen, twenty.

The poor girl howled and screamed like a werewolf, but her hands never left the back of her head.

Matron began to worry at once of their upcoming appointment, what would she tell her husband if she came home with belt marks again. He had already threatened her the next time Mr. Brown had to belt her he would give her a whipping all over.

Cook on the other hand felt a tingle in her pussy and could not wait to get back to her rooms to massage her growing clit.

Ben felt so sorry for her but his cock had different ideas and again stood like a beacon and with her juices still on it, glistened in the last bit of daylight coming through the window.

Mr Brown brought his belt down on Bens cock a dozen times, as it began to slacken, "Sarah, hold Bens cock up so I can keep belting it."

She stood, he brought his belt back down across her tits again and she screamed, "Do you want more girl?"

"Nooooooooo Sir, I will hold him, just hold or wank Sir?" she blubbered out.

"As long as I have an area to belt I do not mind."

She slowly wanked him and Mr. Brown whipped it.

Bens mind was scrambled and he fell to the floor in screams of tears.

"I do not think you will be fucking for a while, do you boy?"

"No Sir, for sure no."

"Get to your room boy, I will see you again during the week."

"You girl, get dressed, I will take you home, time I had a chat with your parents, what do you think your father will say?"

"Oh please Sir don't take me home, please no, he will almost kill me and send me to the Minister for extra lessons and he uses a paddle too and spanks the areas I digressed in.

I know from a friend his housekeeper holds you down with your legs wide and he whips your bum lips."

"Much like I just did with Bens cock?"

"Yes Sir the same,"

"Then that would be good and maybe teach you not to be so promiscuous,"

She lowered her head, "Yes Sir. Sir, would you please do it and not tell my Father anything?"

Mr. Brown felt himself getting stiff but he needed to be careful, in his position.

"Pick up your clothes and come with me girl."

He took her to his apartment in the house, Mrs. Brown was making dinner and Tom was out playing football.

He explained the situation to Mr. Brown and she said she saw no harm in her having her pussy lips belted by him.

She took Sarah by the arm and sat her at the end of the kitchen table, "Are you sure you want Mr. Brown to whip your privates?"

"Yes Ma-am, Ben just had his cock whipped and its only fair and its better a man I trust like Mr.

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