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A Lesbian Love Story.

Just as she crossed the threshold, a massive quake erupted from her abdomen. She gasped and collided with the doorframe. It lasted a short few seconds, then ended with him convulsing with laughter. As she crawled out she swore to be on the lookout for him sneaking up on her.

Ten minutes later, the buzzing caught her by surprise. She hung on to the coffee table she was cleaning, gasping and weak from the ferocious rumble. "Ohhh..." Then, it stopped. She peered back at Keith with a big smile on his face and remote in hand.

"Just checking on my girl." He pointed the remote at her like a gun, ready to shoot her at any second. He pressed down on the button and held it. The vibration built up; she gripped at the carpet, feeling dizzy and a little more aroused. "Have you come yet?"

The tremors died slowly. "I don't think I can with this thing, Master. Too strong but too weak at the same time. But it kinda feels good..."

"I want you to practice composure when I push this button unexpectedly. I don't need you causing a scene when we're in public." She grimly nodded although the thought turned her on. He looked around, amazed about what she accomplished already for being on her knees. "Keep it up."

Every half hour was met with a rumble in her cunt. It gradually became easier for her to contain herself. By the early afternoon, she was becoming a pro.

He stopped in front of her in the hallway as she was crawling to the bedroom. She looked up in surprise. He was close to laughing. She carefully carried a bottle of cleaning spray in her mouth with rags and towels draped over her back. "Time for lunch. You're making it. But take the vibrator out and leave it on your nightstand."

"Yeash, hahter," she said and continued down the hall. She put the supplies away and lay next to the bed. She tugged, then tugged harder. It finally came out with a pop that took the breath out of her. She rinsed the lube and cum mixture off the bullet, dried it, and crawled to the kitchen.

He was at the dining table, absorbed in his laptop. "You may stand to make lunch," he said still studying the screen. With a small groan and cracking bones, she stood and rummaged through the cabinets. There wasn't much food on the shelves. By luck she found two cans of the same condensed soup. Silently, she heated it over the stove and listened to him typing away. She brought the bowls to the table and set one down. She lowered herself to the floor and ate her meal. He automatically ate without complaint and pushed the bowl to the side when he finished. "In an hour, I'm going to finish working. I want you in position at the end of the bed, waiting for me."

"Yes, Master."

He smiled down at her. "God, you're gorgeous. But I need you to look your best. One hour."

She hid her smile and rushed to wash the dishes. From there, she crawled to the shower. She only stood once to gather her soaps and grab the handheld showerhead to let it hang to the floor, all without taking a step. On her knees, she washed herself while eying the forceful stream of water coming from the showerhead. It was tempting, and the urge was getting stronger. She felt the control slipping away. All morning, the obsessive sexual thoughts were in hibernation. But now, her pussy throbbed and her need had to be met right away.

"No! I can't. I won't." She turned off the faucet. "Fucking addiction," she muttered and focused on preparing herself.

Still on the floor, she blow dried her hair and did her makeup. She waited patiently on her knees in her submissive pose.

"Ready for your training, girl?" He smiled as he stretched and cracked his knuckles as if preparing for a grueling physical task.

"Yes, Sir," she said with a cute smile.

"So far, you're doing well. You've been listening to me. That makes me happy." Her smile widened at the praise. "So, when was the last time you came?"

"Last night, Sir."

"When will you come next?"

"Whenever you give me permission to, Master."

"Good answer.

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