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She no longer has a choice.

"Not with the bloody door unlocked." yelled Claire. "Anyone could walk in on us" and as she spoke she pulled Maria's hands up and out of her bra.

Maria walked over to the door, flipped over the open sign so that it now read closed, pulled down the blind and locked the door.

"No one can disturb us now." smiled Maria as she walked back towards Claire.

"Come on Claire, I know you enjoy sex with Sally, so why not with me, you know I really fancy you, and I can't wait to get my hands on those fabulous tits of yours again."

As she approached Claire, Maria lifted her skirt and showed Clair that she wasn't wearing any panties and Claire looked straight at Maria's bare pussy.

"Christ Maria, don't you ever wear panties?" asked Claire

"Normally yes, said Claire. "But I left them off today as I knew you were coming into the Salon."

By this time Maria had reached Claire who had got up from the chair.

Maria took Claire's hand and led her towards the back room of the salon.

"Let's go and get some privacy." said Maria and Claire meekly followed Maria into the back room.

Maria shut the door, locked it and then walked up to Claire.

"Do you mind if I feel your breasts again Clair?" asked Maria. "I want to touch them, caress them, fondle them, lick them, take your nipples into my mouth and suckle them. Would you like me to do that to you Claire?" asked Maria.

As she spoke she had been undoing the buttons down the front of Claire's blouse and Maria now pushed the blouse off of Claire's shoulders and it fell lightly to the floor.

"Oh God, that sounds wonderful." whispered Clair as Maria started to stroke Claire's breasts through the red lacy material. As she played with Claire's breasts she leaned in and very lightly kissed Claire on the lips.

Claire leant into Maria and kissed her back but Maria pulled back from Claire and then pulled her own cotton top over her head to reveal she too was wearing a lacy bra, only Maria's was white.

Before Claire could say or do anything Maria reached round her own back and unclipped her bra, dropping it to the floor so that she was standing facing Claire naked from the waist up.

"Please, lick my nipples Claire." asked Maria and Claire immediately lowered her head to Maria's waiting breasts. She put her hands underneath both Maria's breasts and lifted them up to her mouth and started to lick them in turn with long strokes of her tongue, first over one breast and then the other.

While this was happening, Maria had dropped her hand to her own skirt and unclipped it so that it fell silently to the floor. Now, unbeknown to Claire, this woman whose breasts she was so engrossed in was completely naked in front of her.

Maria reached round Claire's back and unclipped Claire's red lace bra releasing her wonderful breasts and as Claire's bra dropped to the floor Maria said.

"Can I touch your pussy Claire? Can I put my fingers inside you? Will you let me rub your clit?"

"Oh God Maria, you can touch and play with anything you want."

Maria realised she'd got this gorgeous mum to such a state of excitement that she would let her do anything she wanted and she then reached down and unclipped Claire's skirt so that it to fell to the floor leaving Claire standing there in just a pair of red lace panties that matched her bra.

Maria took hold of Claire's right hand and was about to get Claire to start work on her when she decided she would try something a bit different and see just how far she could push Claire.

Instead she took Claire's hand and placed it against Claire's own stomach and then pushed her hand down so that Claire's hand went inside her panties and she was now touching her own pussy.

"Rub your pussy for me Claire. I want to watch you touching yourself."

Claire was very unsure about this, but the sensations she was feeling were incredibly strong and then Maria took Claire's other hand and put it against her naked pussy."

"Does my pussy feel nice Claire?" asked Maria.

"Is it as nice inside my pussy as it is inside yours?" and as she spoke she pushed Claire's mid

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