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Carrie and I meet for a little hotel room fun.

"What are these for? Aren't you going to tell me where to go?" I asked looking from the road to her and back.

"I am going to be a little busy so you are going to have to do it yourself." She said as she started to undo my belt.

"Woh woh what are you doing?" I asked as I looked down at her and the back at the road.

"I just thought I would kick this whole thing off with a bang. What do you think?" she asked as she unzipped my shorts.

"I am not sure how I am going to be able to keep the car on the road but I am willing to try baby. Go ahead and suck away," I said as I patted her on the head.

She reached around in my boxers until she found my cock and wrapped her soft hand around my hot hard cock and pulled it out into the open air. I drew in a sharp breath from the sudden rush of cold air but calmed down after her hot mouth engulfed the head of my cock.

"Oh fuck your hot mouth feels so good," I moaned out as I had to swerve the car back into the lane at the same time.

"Hey now don't get us killed. This would be really hard to explain to a cop if we got pulled over," she said smiling at me.

She winked at me and then went back to work on my cock. She snaked her tongue out of her mouth and slid it along the slit taking the precum I released into her mouth.

"Mmm you taste good," she said as smacked her lips.

"There is more where that came from don't worry," I said looked at the directions.

She went back to work on my cock by sliding her tongue up and down my shaft and she used her right hand to take my balls in hand and starts massaging them softly as I saw her left hand slowly encase my shaft in her hands slowly stroking it up and down. She stopped licking the shaft as she stroked it and then took the head in her mouth and sucked it in rolling her tongue around the head. All of a sudden she stopped sucking the head, stopped stroking my shaft and stopped playing with my balls so I was about to inquire into what was going on when all of a sudden I felt her warm wet mouth engulf my cock to the hilt. The sudden feel of her deep throating me was too much for me.

"Oh fuck that feels amazing. I have never experienced anything as great as this baby. I can't take it anymore; I am going to fucking cum baby. Oh fuck," I started moaning and grunting out as my head rolled back and my eyes closed in ecstasy as I pumped my load deep in her mouth and she didn't even miss a drop.

I felt like I was just about to pass out from the orgasm when I heard the horn of another car and quickly came back to reality and swerved back in the lane I was in.

"Woh baby are you ok? Do you want to pull over and let me drive? We don't need to get in an accident." She said smiling at me as she sat back up and put my shrinking cock away.

"I am fine sorry it is just that was the best thing I have ever felt and that was the most powerful orgasm of my life," I told her right when I turned into the driveway of the hotel.

We both got out and had the car parked by the valet as I took my bag in one hand and hers in the other and we both walked through the entrance. We walk up to the counter with her in front and me behind her holding her around the waste giving her kisses on the neck.

"Can I have the name of the register please?" the lovely female cashier said as she smiled at us.

"Scott," I said as I stopped kissing her neck for a second.

"May I see your license please," she asked.

"Sure thing," I said as I took my wallet from my pocket and took my license out and gave it to her.

She went through the whole process and checking us in and finally gave us our keys to the room and the receipt but before we left she gave us a little piece of paper.

"That is just in case maybe you guys decide you would like another person to play with," she told us as she gave us the card.

"Oh why thank you. I am sure we will think about it," I said as I took the card and winked at her as we left for the room.

We walked hand in hand through the lobby to the elevator and once the doors closed things got heated.

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