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Too much of a good thing.

"Don't you Steve me in that tone of voice," he chided her. "You knew damn well that I would want to look and see for myself. That's why you told me your little story."

Naomi squirmed slightly at Steve's words. Yes, she admitted to herself. She probably had known that he'd want to look. She'd just been pretending otherwise. She gave a little gasp. She was damn certain she hadn't expected him to actually touch her there. This time her call of, "Steve," was truly indignant.

"You know, I've been seriously considering seducing you for a while, Naomi," Steve said, speaking softly. "I have suspected that my attentions wouldn't have been unwelcome."

Naomi was blushing again, horribly aware of his hand resting on her mound, cupping it and squeezing it slightly. She wanted to look anywhere but at Steve.

"I'm going to give you a choice. We can go inside, whereupon I will take off all your clothes before lying you down and making love to you. The first alternative to that is you say no way and go running home as fast as you can. The final alternative is you bend over right where you are with your hands on your knees. I'll lift up your dress and fuck you right here, right now, just as vigorously as I can."

"Really, Steve. What do you think I am," Naomi wailed softly, shocked that he was so blunt about wanting her. Where were the sweet words and gentle caresses?

"Honestly? I think you're willing for me to take you. Otherwise you'd never have mentioned anything about not having panties on. I think that you're finding the idea of me taking you here in the garden quite exciting. You're imagining yourself bent over, pussy on display, while I slide into you. We're outside. There are people walking along on the other side of the hedges and you're here being taken while the sun shines on places it normally doesn't see."

Naomi gave a little shiver. Steve was right. She was thinking just that. Her in the garden while he mounted her from behind. Just standing there, bent over, while he took her. He'd have to hold her in position or he might knock her over when he thrust into her. She looked at the hedges, confirming they were too tall for anyone to look over them.

"Come along," murmured Steve. "Bend over and hands on your knees. Make sure you part your legs nicely to help your balance. We'll put off a visit to the house for another time."

She was going to do it, Naomi admitted to herself. Had she really planned on this from the moment she slipped her panties off? Oh dear, maybe it had been in the back of her mind all along, which would explain why she wasn't feeling shocked that it was happening. She'd already been anticipating this.

OK, she admitted to herself. She might have been anticipating sex but she was certain she hadn't expected it to be outside in Steve's front yard. But she wasn't going to refuse, she just wasn't. Excitement was rising within her at the thought of what was about to happen.

Steve was smiling, amused at then unexpectedness of what was happening. He brushed Naomi's dress up and away from her bottom, letting his hand run over it before descending to cover her mound and giving it a soft squeeze. He stood there, rubbing her, feeling the heat inside her. Her head was twisted to look at him and he winked at her.

Naomi was wishing she could see what Steve was doing. She could feel his hand on her bottom, on her mound, playing with her. She craned her neck, trying to see and found Steve willing to oblige. While she watched he took a step to the side, giving her a clear view of him. He winked and started undoing his trousers. She blushed when they dropped, his shorts going with them, revealing his erection, standing there ready for her. Ha, she'd done that to him.

Still, she couldn't help feeling a little nervous.

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