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Pausing, she scanned the room, which tilted and swayed sickeningly. Music pulsed against her ears and she fought down a wave of nausea that threatened to overwhelm her, bile rising in the back of her throat. Anny took a deep breath and steeled herself, forcing her stomach to stay put.

Come on, Anny, she told herself. You can handle your drink better than that.

The panda tucked a strand of blue hair behind her ear, keeping it away from her face. Rhythm was nowhere to be seen and the loss of her target sullied her mood further. Scratching an imaginary itch - where was she? - Anny paced around the room once, twice, three times, making a loop so that she could be quite sure that Rhythm was not there. She passed the strange lion twice, engaged in conversation with an older male bear, and their eyes met. The corners of the lion's lips turned down in the tiniest of frowns and he brushed a paw through his trimmed mane, feeling the tips of the hair that he kept in such fine, groomed form. Oblivious, the bear threw his head back in a laugh, the sound lost amongst cacophony. Anny slid her gaze away. The lion was not important, even if he had clocked her troubled pacing.

What would he do anyway? She snorted and tottered to the ceiling to floor windows overlooking the expansive garden. Silas let his partner sleep around with Rhythm and Rhythm let her boyfriend sleep with Silas. They were both as bad as the other to allow Terian his fantasies or whatever lies he liked to tell himself. At least she was better than that one. Anny simply did not get into a relationship if she intended to sleep around, which meant she could fuck whoever the hell she wanted to without any thought as to the consequences.

Licking her lips, she nodded smugly at her reflection, a panda staring back at her through smudged mascara. Yes, that was a much better way to go about it. Anny did not hurt anyone.

The panda smirked. Rhythm clutched a plastic cup, standing with her tail curled around her legs, beside the pool. Though her breath did not yet frost in the air with the onset of winter, she hugged her body with her free arm, fur fluffing up against the chill. Terian stood a pace or so to her right side, gesturing expressively with his paws and arms, the green markings decorating his coat glowing in the lower light. His long ears, similar to those of a rabbit, drooped and his draconian tail swung slowly, curling in midair. Anny rolled her eyes. Was there ever such a mishmash of a fur?

Outside, she had to get outside. Locating the exterior door - a set of double patio doors - after a fumble, she cast herself into the cool garden, fur ruffling up. She frowned. Perhaps a dress had not been the best garment to wear at such a chilly time, but she could not imagine attending a party in trousers. So unfeminine. Rubbing her arm and feeling a little more sober in the cool, Anny fought to focus, thoughts slipping through her mental grasp.

The panda shook her head, swatting away thoughts with a physical flick of her paw. A cougar turned his head from conversation with a female fur, whiskers twitching. He looked her up and down, but Anny turned her tail to him, eyes fixed upon Terian and Rhythm, how their bodies reacted to one another in conversation. Her skin prickled - she was being watched when she did not want to be. She wanted to be elusive, exclusive, as she slunk through the party. She shivered, hunching in on herself as cold crept up her legs, heels precarious along the edge of the pool. Anny swallowed at the notion that other furs would think her attire careless for the weather. She only desired positive attention.

She stepped into Rhythm's line of sight with her lips twisted to hold back words.

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