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Lydia confronts her mother about her drunken, whoring ways.

Her entire world is his voice and what he does to her body. One last thought remains, Can he hear me downstairs? The house she inhabits is divided into two apartments, the ventilation and plumbing systems are shared. She can sometimes hear his TV or him and his girlfriend talking. She wonders if he listens to her, jerks off. The thought is somewhat thrilling. Then the thoughts are wiped from her mind as Master speaks again.

"Now put it right on."

She knows exactly what he means and she whimpers. She is so close already. In a small voice she answers him, "On Master?"

"On, now." He strokes slowly in anticipation.

"ugggg...It's...it's on M-Master." Her body twitches and her breath catches. Every time, every single time, she curses her body as it reacts with a jolt to the vibrations directly on her clit. Her breathing becomes labored as she struggles to contain the orgasm.

"Don't forget your nipples. Play with them."

She gasps as her fingers automatically obey him. The phone is cradled with her shoulder and her left hand slides down to take the vibe from her right, holding it in place as her right hand moves up. She twists and pulls at each nipple as she spirals to the heavens. The heat from the impending orgasm builds in her belly.

He can feel it as she projects it to him and he struggles not to react out loud. His cock hardens in his hand and he speeds up unconsciously. He forces himself to slow just before his own orgasm erupts. He lets the feelings from her build inside him, catching the waves of pleasure emanating down the phone line as if in a bucket, waiting to tip it and send it back to her.

"Please!" The voice is tortured. She's forgotten about her nipples again and her body is twisting back and forth, her hand clutching the phone to her ear. Her hips buck, the juices flowing from her to streak down her ass and pool on the bed.


She whimpers, almost screams in frustration as she bites it back. "Please Master!"

He is stroking, listening to her, and letting the waves of pleasure build higher and higher. "No, not yet." His voice is soft, almost purring as it reaches her ears.

The moans, groans and panted squeaks grow more frequent. She is tormented, the need to cum desperate. Barely a moment passes as he listens to her before she is begging. "Pleeeeeeeeaaase Master! Please!"

Mentally he tips the bucket and sends the pleasure rushing back at her. "NOW my slut!"

She stops breathing, her whole body tenses and he waits. A small gasp, her back arches, shoulders, feet and the back of her head the only things touching the bed. Then it breaks. Her voice echoes through the room as her body crashes back to the bed and begins to thrash.

He is forced to stop stroking, he is almost panting with need as he listens to her, her multiple orgasms were amazing. This one is almost endless; she is not allowed to remove the vibe until he says so. Indeed, he'll not allow it at all. "Leave it there, close your thighs and roll onto your side. Lube up the other one."

She moans, pants but does as she's told. She gasps as the movement brushes the vibe against her clit in a new way and sends another wave crashing through her. She struggles to find the bottle of lube and coats her fingers with the thick stuff. Then she rubs it all over the dildo and into her ass. "Done Master," the words are choked out as another wave rolls over her.

"Do you want it slow and easy or hard and fast?"

She moans in agony. He can't make her choose.

"Answer the question girl."

She gulps and makes the honest choice. "Hard." She listens to him breathe for a second.

"Do it then. Slam it in. Pretend it's my cock. It IS my cock, driving hard and deep into you. Now!"

She positions it carefully then slams it deep with in her. A guttural moan accompanies the motion.

"Good girl," he begins to stroke again, "now fast and deep. Come on."

The orgasm had begun to subside to little twitches here and there until she begins to fuck her ass in earnest. Each slam in is accompanied with a grunt, then a moan as she slides it back out.


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