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A visit to a dominatrix leaves Julian in a naked predicament.

I hoped I could make Lisa cum before I did. I leaned over a little more and kissed Lisa. Her tongue immediately pressed into my mouth, penetrating me as I was penetrating her. Our lips pulled apart wetly and I reached lower to catch one of her nipples in my mouth. Sucking her soft nipple into my mouth was heavenly. Remembering who I was doing this to, I looked over to Megan.

Megan had a hand between her legs and that hand was moving back and forth. She was masturbating while she watched us. I had seen her masturbate before, but seeing her do it now, knowing that it was me fucking Lisa that made her masturbate, only added to the eroticism of the forbidden act. Megan smiled broadly at me and nodded, probably trying to keep reassuring me. Feeling a measure of confidence in her gesture, or maybe being more turned on by seeing my wife openly masturbating, I leaned back. Upright now, I lifted Lisa's legs onto my shoulders. Well, I tried to. Megan is my height so her legs drape over my shoulders in this position. Lisa is shorter, so her knees couldn't reach my shoulders. As a result, her legs stayed straight up against my chest. The effect was the same. I could penetrate her deeper this way and the effect on her was made evident by her moans moving higher in pitch. One of her hands was fondling one of her tits. Megan reached out with her free hand and held Lisa's other hand. The two women were connected as the three of us sought orgasm.

I pressed harder on one stroke and felt something different about Lisa's pussy. From her reaction, the head of my dick must have pressed against her cervix. It wasn't painful for her, just a surprise, judging by her facial expression. Using my hands, I pressed her legs back now against her tits. This allowed me maximum penetration. I looked down to see my dick splitting her blonde curls as I moved in and out of her. I enjoyed the sight, so different from seeing my dick between Megan's dark-haired lips. It felt so good. It wasn't the same as making love to Megan. I loved Megan. I was just having fun with Lisa - but I was having a lot of fun.

I had lasted longer than I had expected, but the building feeling told me the end was near. The novelty of the situation, doing this with Lisa instead of Megan, took its toll. My rhythm changed, faster now. The sounds issuing from Lisa indicated she wasn't far behind me. Megan picked up on the change and addressed me directly.

"Are you cumming?"

"Almost," I practically grunted. I was only moments away.

Megan nodded and moved closer to me. Using her left hand, she reached behind me and under, gently grasping my swaying balls. The effect was electric. Her touch on me, there and at that moment, sent me over the edge. Megan's right hand still held Lisa's hand. Megan's voice barely cut through the haze I was lost in.

"You're cumming inside her," she said, or maybe asked. I'm not sure. It was spoken softly. All I could do was nod in response. I guess she could feel the pulsing as I spurted. My cock was buried as far inside Lisa as I could manage. I looked into Lisa's sparkling eyes and we watched each other cum. She moaned loudly now as the feeling of the warm sperm gave her the final needed push. It was a magical moment, shared by all three of us. Megan fondled my balls, ever so gently, and further intensified my orgasm. It was getting difficult not to fall over onto Lisa. I managed not to fall on her, though. When I returned to reality, both women were smiling at me and their joined hands were gripping each other tightly.

Lisa broke the silence first. "I can't believe we just did that," she said with a tone of disbelief and maybe a touch of laughter in her voice.

Megan released my balls and leaned over to Lisa. She kissed Lisa on the cheek, saying, "Thank you for letting me watch."

I couldn't believe how things were unfolding. Not only had my wife just let me fuck her best friend, she was thanking us for letting her watch.

My dick was soft now, and the gentle contractions of Lisa's pussy were pushing me out of her.

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