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She laughed until they tied her up.

"Just a party probably."

"Oh good. I always college parties when I was your age." There was a bubbliness to her voice Connie knew meant she had a date tonight.

"Who is the guy?" Connie asked.

"Am I that obvious? His name is John. He plays racquetball and is so incredibly cute." She was wearing a business suit for work with a large slit up the side that Darren thought was kinda inappropriate for work, but he didn't mind.

As Diane sat down he wondered what her panties looked like. From doing the wash he knew she usually wore boring white panties to work, but he let his imagination go to the black lacy boy shorts he sniffed sometimes out of the dirty clothes hamper.

He felt his prick begin to stiffen and looked at his watch. He had enough time to go to his bedroom. "I gotta go to my room. I forgot something." He said hurriedly and left the two surprised women with the quick exit.

Once inside his room, he quickly found his belt with the silk scarf around the inside and tightened it around his neck. Then he moved to his closet and attached the belt to the hook on the bar. After it was attached he tightened the belt again until he felt his face start to burn. Just as he released the weight off his legs he heard the door knock. Shit he thought, and quickly stood up and loosening the belt in one motion. He opened the door with his face still burning with the return of oxygen.

"Do you need help with anything? It's almost time to go." His mom asked. She had a questioning look on her face as she noticed Darren's face was red and he was breathing hard. She continued her inspection of his body to see what was wrong and noticed the large bulge showing from his khaki pants. She gasped in shock at the size of it. It was almost the size of Frank's before he died, but Frank was nearly forty-five not seventeen. "Oh my son. You might want to put that away."

Darren looked down at the bulge and then his face went really red, but this time from embarrassment not oxygen deprivation. "Oh my god. I was." He stammered.

"It's ok. It happens. Do you need some extra time to handle it?" Diane was trying to be accommodating, but it came out wrong.

"No mom! I'm fine. Let's go." He stormed past her.

"You sure? I can stand out side the door until you get done." What am I doing? I don't know she replied to herself. I've never caught my son in the middle of masturbating before.

"NO! let's go!" He shouted again. When he reached the kitchen where Connie was Diane was right on his heels.

"Ok. Alright Connie You ready?" She tried to divert her attention to her other daughter, but she saw Connie was staring at Darren's package as well. At least it wasn't just me.

"Morning wood?" Connie questioned innocently to which Darren glared at her without saying anything.

"No. He was playing with himself and I interrupted him" As soon as Diane said it she knew she shouldn't have. Darren let out an angry guttural scream and slammed the car door shut pouting in the backseat.

Connie giggled at his reaction considering all the things she had seen him do the past week. "You should have helped him out mom!"

"Hush with that mouth young girl." Diane disciplined, but her mind kept going back to the large wood sticking pressing at the seams of Darren's pants. Had to have been eight inches at least. Get that thought out of your head, he's your son.

After school Darren and Connie got ready for the night's event. Darren dressed in a snazzy button down collar shirt with some light white khakis. Connie had a simple black dress which showed every curve of her body. When she strolled into the living room Darren's jaw dropped. The low cut front of the dress showed cleavage he didn't realize she had. If she jumped up her nipples would flop out. The dress ended just below her ass and when she spun around for him to see her ass he thought it rose up enough to see the bottom of her cheeks.

"You are gorgeous." He whispered as they embraced for a hug.

"Thank you.

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