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By the time Mike returned it was thirty minutes later, he almost fell through the door, his torso shining with sweat breathing heavily. He had pushed himself hard today, he felt the need to cleanse himself in some way, and gritting his teeth as he ran at times trying hard to make sense of what if anything was happening to his marriage. He reasoned that they were OK, having fun too, so what was the problem? He just wasn't sure that she felt the same, he worried that either she was doing it only for him or that maybe she was doing it because she really wanted to do it. Whichever way it was could mean problems.

Mike chugged on a bottle of cold water as she looked at him, she had almost finished her drink. He could see something was on her mind.

"What's up love?"

"Val called me today." She started.

"Yes she dropped by my office too earlier, just wanted to make sure we were OK is all really, I thought that was nice of her."

"Well yes but did she ask if you wanted to go out this weekend with her and George?"

"No, although she did say we should try to get together sometime soon, did she say something then?"

"Yes, we have been invited to a cabaret evening at a hotel, she said it would be a good evening."

Sensing her mood, he slid onto the sofa beside her.

"So do you want to go or not? We don't have to you know."

She smiled at him, resting her hand on his.

"I was just thinking that so much has happened so fast, I am concerned that we both need to be sure about this is all."

"If it makes you feel better I am OK with what has happened so far, you are a beautiful, sexy woman and I love seeing you having fun, so don't worry about me. Are you OK?"

Inside she felt relieved, excited too, she wanted to carry on too. The events had aroused a sexual tide in her that needed to be allowed to flow now she knew there was no going back really.

"Yes I am OK, I do love the excitement and the newness of it all as long as we are open with each other about it all we will be OK, I was just concerned if we were to meet others alone is all, we must tell each other if that happens OK. I mean what happened with Mark was exciting and I loved every minute but because you knew about it made it OK if that makes sense."

"Yes of course, we have fantasised about this sort of thing and now it is becoming real it is really even more exciting, I don't want this to stop either."

"So, about Val's invitation? Do we go or not?"

"If we say no it could be awkward to carry on don't you think?"

"So let's go and have fun, she didn't give me details other than it will be a fun evening is all."

"That's settled, call her later."

His hand strayed across her breasts feeling the hardness of her nipples, he noticed the shudder as his touch gently rubbed the sensitive nubs. She sighed softly as she felt her body responding, the tingle in her loins, their lips met, pressing urgently together as each lived out their own fantasies... Linda was so wet and ready as he mounted her spread on the sofa, his cock ramrod stiff as it slid easily inside his wife. He groaned as his aching cock sought the warmth of her welcoming pussy, as she wrapped herself around his cock the relief was incredible. Kissing deeply, passionately as he slow fucked her at first before speeding up as they both required release from the sexual tension the invitation had somehow aroused. The mysterious invitation fuelling secret thoughts and framing vivid pictures in their minds, adding to their arousal as they fucked hard and fast.

He felt her cum first, as she bucked against him, her pussy spasming round his shaft, the tight rings of pleasure taking him over the edge as he released his sperm into her soaking tube. They lay joined for some time, slowly he softened and slipped from her, a steady stream of cum oozed from her as she lay legs still spread, her face flushed bathing in the afterglow.

An hour later after a shower Linda rang Val, settling on the sofa she curled her feet up as they chatted, Mi

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