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Husband first visits gloryhole, then wife goes with him.

My wife and David were locked in a passionate kiss and David had hiked my wife's dress up over her ass and was holding her cheeks in his hands as they kissed. They broke the kiss and David pushed my wife's dress back down so I slowly walked back to my room and turned to see my wife had followed me and said David was getting ready.

Kathy walked into the bathroom and I could see she was touching up her lipstick after kissing David in the other room. I could really see the compassion they had for one another and wondered if I still fit in my wife's life any longer.

We arrived at a nice club in town that served seafood and had a dancing at nine so we all ordered lobster and ate our meal without much being said other than comments about the food. After dinner we all sat around the table watching other people coming into the club as we had a few drinks.

We were all feeling good after several mixed drinks as David was the first one to speak breaking the ice. David looked over at Kathy and said, "Kathy, you know how I feel about you and I know how you feel about your husband and me. How would you like two men in your life?" David was feeling very good as he slurred those words but seemed to be speaking very seriously. David went on and said, "If you allow me to come into your life you wouldn't have to divorce your husband. The hubby would keep his little wife and we could fuck as much as we wanted. We could live like a big happy family."

Neither Kathy nor I made any comments to David's solution and thought he was joking or just had too much to drink. David looked at us and said, "Come on now, you both agreed she could take a lover." David kept going and said, "I could be Kathy's lover just like the two of you agreed and you both can go about your business just like it was before I entered the picture."

I was the first to give a response to David and said, "What it is you saying, you want to move in with us permanently and consider yourself Kathy's other husband?"Than I said, "That's illegal and sounds a little bazaar to me."

Kathy didn't say anything but sat and took everything in we were saying as David responded back by saying, "It would only be a little three-way agreement between us. The two of you would stay legally married and I would become Kathy's second husband but only between us."

Kathy finally answered as she slurred her words from the drinks and said, "Wow, two husbands would be a fantasy, why not think on it and enjoy the evening, who wants to dance with me?"Kathy stood up and waited for one of us to take her on the dance floor as David stood up and took her by the hand and lead her onto the floor.

They were on the floor with several other couples dancing to a fast song. I thought about what David had said and other than the fact of him wanting to move into our house the rest of the idea wasn't much more than what Kathy and I agreed upon in the first place. I thought about what David said about white women having the pregnancy fantasy and thought about my own fantasies.

I was the first person to bring up the idea of Kathy taking a lover and wondered if I could be turned on by the thought of another man fucking my wife? After all, I was able to have an erection a couple times while watching them fuck the past couple of weeks. Maybe there was more than just feeling sorry for my wife's sexual needs and really it's my desire to watch her with another man. Would I have thought differently about the situation if Kathy had told the truth to David in the first place?

How normal would it be with the three of us living as men and wife in the same house? How normal would it be anyway with Kathy keeping a lover on the side as I had first suggested? My thoughts went back to the first night that I even mentioned the idea to Kathy about a lover and remember the response she gave me like I was out of my mind.

It's settled, I was the one that brought the idea into o

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