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Mother and daughter chat in an alternate 1950s.

She looked down at the bulge over the top of his legs. Her lips parted in arousal again, and she did something she had never dreamed of doing. She closed her eyes, leant forward, and kissed him.

Jon was shocked. For one moment he let himself enjoy the soft clumsy kiss of this young, beautiful and enchanting girl. Then he realised what he was doing. He made a reluctant noise in the back of his throat as he grasped Rebecca's upper arms, forcing her away from him.

Rebecca's eyes shot open, and Jon saw her arousal in them. It fired his own, but he had to see through the haze of lust and see sense. He shook his head.

'Rebecca, no.'

He watched as her eyes turned from excitement to disappointment. She didn't lean away from him, she was still bent slightly and leant into his hands. For some reason he couldn't bring himself to take his hands away from her arms. He could feel how warm she was through the thin material of the school shirt. Her positioning meant that her breasts were straining against her shirt, and he could ever so slightly see down her blouse to her white lacy bra, hugging her milky white, bulging breasts. He couldn't help himself but glance down.

Rebecca didn't miss the gesture. She smiled ever so slightly as Jon looked back to her face. She deliberately leant against his hands even more, pushing her breast forward so they were squeezed between her arms, pushed together.

Suddenly Jon felt a twinge of irritation with this sexy girl. Didn't she understand the trouble he would be in?

He gritted his teeth and pushed his hands away from her.

'I think there's been a misunderstanding' he snapped at her.

Rebecca was hurt. It wasn't easy for her to kiss him like that. She had never been so bold in his presence. Suddenly she was angry with him, and the anger helped. She raised her eyebrows in indignation.

'I'm not stupid, SIR.' She placed emphasis on the last word. Suddenly, she dipped down, pushing herself under Jon's crossed legs so that her face was in front of his crotch. He looked down at her, shocked, as she reached her hand out and grasped him firmly through his trousers.

'This is for me.' She said, looking up at him angrily. He felt his own anger, but the pleasure of her hand in him was too much, he couldn't speak, he could only watch her, stunned, his mouth open as he gasped.

His expression made Rebecca even bolder, and she undid the single button, then unzipped him. The tip of his thick dick was poking out of the top of his briefs. She wrenched his underwear down, and his erection sprang forward.

Without thinking, Rebecca leant forward, closed her lips over the tip, and sucked.

This had all happened too quickly for Jon to stop. He leant forward to push her shoulders away, trying to ignore the exquisite pleasure he was feeling. As Rebecca felt his hands on her shoulders, she moaned her protest in her throat, sending vibrations through Jon's cock. He rolled his eyes in pleasure, letting out a small breath. Rebecca sensed her moment, and she slipped him even further into her mouth, swirling her tongue around him as she went.

Jon moaned slightly. And he found his hands leaving her shoulders and fisting in her hair instead. Rebecca smiled around his cock, and tried to slip him completely into her mouth. But she found she was unable to. She pulled her face away, and looked at his cock. It was huge. She looked in awe, pumping his dick with one hand, and looked up to find Jon looking down at her, his eyes hooded. She smiled and blew gently on his dick, and he groaned gutterly, a noise that made Rebecca clench, and she leaned up. Jon looked at her. He tried to regain his senses but everything was fogged. Her clumsy, inexperienced blow job had aroused him more than any other he had had, and besides, he thought as he looked at her wet lips, shining with his precum, thing's had gone too far to turn back now. He groaned in surrender and grasped her face roughly. She gasped and he took his chance, leaning forward and kissing her, hard.

Rebecca couldn't believe wha

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