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She loves more than golf.

I would like to relax a bit, I never feel quite as relieved as when I leave your company. I look forward to seeing you. I must go now your package has arrived.

I stayed seated at the desk as Franky walked in. I picked up the phone and called my daytime employee, I want the car in front of my office crushed in the morning... Got that? You got it boss. Cool, Ill leave an envelope in the desk for you. I hung up and turned toward Frank. He had this funny look in his eyes.

I think he just about had it figured out by now.

I didn't see a car Brutal...

I don't have it here yet Frank, Lets take a ride I could use some help with this one. Leave your car here, Ill take mine. I'm meeting these guys at an old abandoned warehouse and none of em are coming out if you get my drift.

I called a meeting with Tommy and his crew and we are gonna squash this thing that went wrong tonight. Why wait for the war to come to you right?

Oh thank you Brutal... I knew I could count on you.

We got to the warehouse and I opened up the door at the rear entrance. We walked in and around the corner and that's when he saw his cum splattered, lifeless, bound and naked wife.

YOU MOTHER FUCKER! he turned just in time to get his face bashed in by my fist wrapped around my nine millimeter. I continued bashing his face and head until he was out. When he woke he was more pissed then before but he was tied hog tie fashion and I was sitting on a bucket in front of him smoking a cigarette. After three or four minutes of cussing and yelling he calmed to a low snivel and whimpering. I finished my smoke and calmly said

"you know why they call me Brutal don't you? "

He saw all the gear from my felix bag spread out in front of him. He immediately started crying real hard. I had so much fun with your wife I think I broke her before you had lunch today. Don't worry... she went out better then you will. He started crying so loud I had to hit him again.

Please don't do this! Ill do anything, I have money. I wont ever tell anyone you let me go. Please let me go. Ill never come around again, Ill vanish, I promise.

I know you will Frank, Its what I got paid for.

I injected him with a strong sedative that would keep him docile for the remainder of our time together and loaded him into a crate and nailed it shut. I put his belated wife in a crate too and loaded them into a bobtail truck with a forklift that I had delivered along with the crates while we were on cleanup duty at the doughnut estate.

I looked at my watch, It was two in the morning just as the last crate was loaded onto the plane. I needed some shut eye and I could now rest for the remainder of this evening.

I was greeted by an astounding looking female servant wearing all leather. She escorted me to a limo and she did the driving. I glanced at my watch again and it was almost 3:30 pm, Damn did I sleep that long? I made myself a drink to wash away that bad morning breath.

We pulled into the gates at Sonja's castle and I have to admit, I was feeling a little tingly. I don't know if it was my brain or my dick that was excited to see her. I do know this, both were gonna get fucked before my two day excursion was over. I was greeted at the door by a butler who had me escorted to a large room were I was able to shower and change for lunch with Sonja.

While we were eating a female slave was wheeled into the room strapped to gurney. Just then Sonja raised her wine glass and toasted me.

I want you to take this virgin slave into womanhood. I looked to Sonja and told her this is why I continue doing so much business with you. I was approached by a very voluptuous scantly dressed servant who wrapped her hands around my arm and brought me to me feet. She fell to her knees, unbuckled my pants and pulled my huge member into view.

Sonja said this is why I continue to have you as my guest in my home. I have never met anyone slave or master who has a cock that gorgeous.

The servant took my cock into her mouth ex

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