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You're alone in your room, but not for long.

Of course, then it was my turn, and we were in the parking lot at a nude beach, not able to see anyone else naked, but having a great time as I pulled off her shorts and started eating her pussy. I'm pretty good at that, but this time it didn't matter: she was so wet and so ready that she was coming and coming and coming almost as soon as I started.

After Cindy came down from her high, we gathered our beach gear and headed over. It's actually a fair walk, probably a quarter mile from where you first set foot on the beach itself to the water's edge. Gunnison was in full swing, with a couple of beach volleyball games going on, some pavilions with New York Giants banners - you can see the Manhattan skyline from the beach - and just the general din of a thousand beach goers all having a great time. We made it down to the water's edge, and started walking south to find a spot for our beach towels. Surprisingly enough, that didn't take too long. As you go further south at Gunnison it transitions from a heterosexual beach to having more gays, but we were still in the (mostly) straight area when we found a good spot. This was great because, yeah, my eyes were going to be on Cindy most, but I'm sure not averse to seeing other women naked!

I watched to see if there was any hesitation on her part, but Cindy dropped her clothes just as casually as a woman who went to nude beaches all the time would. Of course, she needed sunscreen on her fair skin, and I was more than happy to help her with that. A lot of women will only let their men put the sunscreen on their backs when they're in public, but Cindy didn't stop me from doing her front as well, sunscreening her tits - and I made sure that they were very well sunscreened - and her pussy along with the not so obviously sexual parts of her body. She once again asked if I wanted her to "trim up" her wild black bush, but I said no, that her husband would notice and that would cause problems.

No, he'd never notice, not at all. That was the reason that Cindy was so willing to screw me, because her husband hadn't touched her in two years. Men, a word of caution: if you quit taking care of business after you hit middle age, that's when your wife is getting her horniest, and someone else will be more than happy to take care of what you have neglected.

At any rate, some time sunbathing was followed by playing in the water, and we were both kind of grab-ass excited in the surf, but we were limited in what we could do with a thousand other beach goers. Back out for some more sunbathing, and after we were dry, I asked her if she'd like to take a walk down the beach. She said sure, so, hand in hand - as much as we could, given that the beach isn't level at all near the water's edge - we headed south.

At least in 2015, once you get past the guarded area, the beach has been roped off to protect wildlife, but back in 2002, it wasn't, and couples went strolling down all the time. There were few (but not no) blankets set up beyond the guarded area, and all we saw were a few other couples taking long walks themselves. Cindy and I walked further down than most couples, and the only people visible were strolling couples too far off to be at all recognizable. We stopped and started kissing, and then walked up away from the water's edge, close but not up to the dune line. There was an old piece of driftwood nearby, but Cindy and I were just standing there, kissing.

I'm 6'2" tall, and Cindy is pretty short, only about 5'4".

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