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A Penny Dreadful fanfiction.

I got a better glimpse of his face in the moonlight and was shocked at his beauty. His face was round and perfect, with a soft jaw, large full lips, dark eyes that intrigued me enough I wished to know what color they truly were. His torso was muscular and I could see the ripples of his perfect form each time he moved. His hair was long and snow-white, flowing around his shoulders, framing his face. His wings were white as well, and they moved slightly to frame me within them, granting us complete privacy within.

He wrapped his arms around my waist, still touching as if exploring and pulled me a little tighter so that I could smell and feel his warm breath on my face. The odor was not unpleasant, but more of a hot brass smell that reminded me exactly of the unicorn's scent. It was attractive to me and I began to relax, not feeling threatened by the man-creature before me. His hands were brought to my face, where they framed my mouth and nose. I nearly protested when he leaned down to press his lips against mine, but I could not fight him. It almost seemed impossible, as if I were being bewitched or entranced. I accepted his lips eagerly and let him taste them, licking with his soft tongue first the lower, more fuller lip and then moving to the upper lip. Almost as if exploring, his warm, moist tongue probed inside of my lips, and I parted them slightly so that he could gain admittance, closing my eyes as he began to taste inside my mouth, tracing the area of my upper teeth, lower teeth and then touching my tongue gently at first and then more insistent after as if to wake mine own up. I took the hint and began to swirl our tongues together, moaning slightly at the way it made me feel. I could tell my body was heating up, becoming aroused by his touch and kiss. It felt as if time were frozen for us.

I wanted to protest when his hands reached for the buttons on my dress, but refrained, uncertain of why I did not stop him. After my top was unbuttoned to the waist, he pushed on each side of the shoulder until it slid down my body, leaving me in my undershift. That he removed, sliding it over my head, careful not to tangle it in my arms or hair.

Soon I was standing naked with him and he studied my breasts, unwilling to touch without my permission. I was unable to stop myself and grasped one of his hands and brought it to my left breast, letting him keep it there and begin to explore. I did not know why I felt such wonton abandon with him, not even knowing his name or what exactly he was, but perhaps I thought it was just a dream? I closed my eyes as he explored my breast with his hand, touching, weighing, and testing. When his thumb rubbed against the nipple, I could not help but gasp in pleasure as tiny bolts of lightning shot up my breast and down my spine. I felt a gushing between my legs and knew my juices were flowing from the touch, but I was unwilling to stop him now.

When he brought his other hand to my right breast, stroking them simultaneously, I sighed softly, enjoying the pleasure of it. As he rubbed each nipple, the creature-man brought his mouth to mine and covered my lips with a warm kiss as he stroked. It felt so nice! I had my eyes closed enjoying every sensation from the kissing to the stroking to feeling his hardness against my belly, all the while being wrapped as if in a cocoon by his soft feathery wings. After a few moments, I felt his hands explore and his mouth had been removed from mine, much to my disappointment. I gasped softly as his exploring fingers had casually stroked down my belly and reached the soft fuzz that rested between my legs. He stroked there until his thumb found a button of pleasure and I began to moan while spasms wracked my body almost uncontrollably. I screamed after a few moments and felt a gush of wetness ontop of the already wet places there.

I did not balk when he pressed gently with both hands on my shoulders, forcing me slowly to my knees.

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