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He shows her how much she was missed.

I kept licking the outside of her asshole as she came down, gentle strokes to help the after-shocks continue, as her weight dropped entirely onto me. She made a few half-hearted attempts to lick the stalk of my cock as she gasped for breath.

"Oh Jesus... So good Andy, so fucking good... Must do it again... Soon... "

I let her relax fully, and then slid out from under her, standing above her with my rampant cock throbbing for release. She turned over, still breathing hard from her come, and took a hold of her tits, squeezing them together. "Do it Andy... Fuck my tits..."

I knelt over her, straddling her, lining my cock up with her cleavage, and pressing it in. She pressed her tits up to wrap my cock in her soft flesh, as I started moving in and out, fucking her tits. She gazed up at me, flicking between my eyes, my cock, and my stomach muscles as they tensed and relaxed with my movement.

"Fuck my tits Andy... Come over me..." I reached down to her tits and brushed her hands away, taking them over myself. I felt her slide them down to her groin, presumably fingering herself as I wanked away in her cleavage. I alternated between squeezing her tits together round my cock for my pleasure, and stroking her flesh for her pleasure, playing with her nipples occasionally. Every few strokes, I pushed further forward, my balls pressing against her tits, my cock-head enticing her to open her mouth and suck me for a moment, her hands grabbing my ass and pulling me in and out. Or she would run her tongue over the head, reaching up with both hands to wank me. Or she would grasp the top of my prick in one hand, and rub my flowing pre-cum around it with her thumb, causing exquisite shivers of delight to go through me.

It didn't take long. The sight of Simone beneath me, begging me to come between her tits, was more than I could take. "I'm going to come Simone... You're so fucking horny... Oh god... Here it is!" She opened her mouth at the last minute, lifting her head, letting me know she was OK about swallowing, and I pushed my hips forward so she could take my pulsing glans in her mouth, my cock spasming as my juices burst into her mouth. She swallowed it all down, sucking me dry, pulling the last of my juices from me.

I slid off her, falling to the sofa beside her, leaning over her and kissing her. She pulled back at first, her hands coming up to push me away and a look of shock on her face. But I pulled her close to me, and pushed my tongue into her mouth. She resisted for another second, and then kissed me back, her tongue spreading the after-taste of my come around my mouth. I groaned into her, sliding my hand down her back to grab her bum and pull her towards me, her hands coming up to my neck and pulling me close as well.

We kissed passionately, but slowly, our breath returning to normal, our passions requited, our hands roaming over each other's bodies, exploring, teasing, learning how each other felt. It was odd, but having known Simone for so long, it felt as comfortable with her as it did with Angela, just that I knew Angela on a deeper level but for a shorter time. I realised that when she laid the one month limit on my future partners, she'd thought it through long and hard, and knew me perhaps better than I knew myself. I could see me falling for Simone very easily, especially given the pain she was going through and how protective I felt for her.

She broke the hug, sitting up on the sofa, her bum near the edge, pulling me in so that our bodies were touching from head to groin. Taking my face in both hands, she said, "Thank you Andy. That was fantastic, the best sex I've ever had, and yet we've not even fucked. Angela's a very, very lucky woman, and I'm dead envious of her. I can't believe I'm only going to have a month with you. Are you sure she won't hire you out? You could make a good living as a gigolo, I think."

I laughed as I kissed her.

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