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They get to know each other better.

He grabbed her wrists, crossed them and placed them above her head. Her eyes widened. They had discussed bondage but she wasn't sure how she felt about it yet.

"Don't worry, Kayden. I'm not tying you down. But, by the time I am done with you, you will wish I had." He tamed her fears with one sentence and reignited them with the next. Kayden gasped and then cried out as he spread her legs and nipped her earlobe.

"We're going to play a game, slave. You" he accented the word with a stroke to her clit "are going to keep your hands right where they are - as if I had tied you down while I" he accented this word as well, rubbing slow circles over her clit "make you cum. Over and over again."

These words were spoken into her jawline while he nibbled across it as his thumb continued to massage her clit. Her hips bucked and she breathed his name as the first orgasm rolled through her. His hand grabbed her wrists just before her wrists could leave the bed.

"Nu-huh, slut" he chided gently. "Your hands stay right where they are. You see, my slave, once your hands do leave this position, I am going to spank you for every orgasm you have." His hands left her wrists. "Luckily for you, since you already have, you do not need permission to cum."

Kayden whimpered. It was a game she was designed to lose. Her breath hitched at the thought of him spanking her. He knew she loved the idea. She knew he loved being in control. This 'game' allowed them to have both.

She didn't have time to analyze for long before she felt a finger slip into her. At the same time, his other hand left her wrists and found the nipple his mouth wasn't on. She bit back a scream as her hips met the second finger that he slid into her. She had to focus hard on her wrists while her hips matched his hand stroke for exquisite stroke.

He set a fast pace, reveling in watching her concentration war with her desire to succumb to the pleasure. He knew the second that the pleasure completely won out, the game would be over.

"I'm going to cum, sir." She whispered as her walls tightened around his long fingers. His thumb pressed against her clit and began fast, small circles as the fingers inside her found her g-spot over and over. Soon she was screaming "Again" as yet another orgasm rolled through her tiny body.

Conner watched her back arch, watched her stomach muscles tighten, watched her legs shake and knew he would have to up the intensity if she was going to lose anytime soon. She was already at three and he wanted her to be able to sit comfortably tomorrow.

He pulled his fingers out but continued gentle circles on her clit. Conner's mouth met hers and tugged on her lip, earning him one of the sexy moans he loved so much. Her mouth melted into his as she welcomed the reprieve. Placing his free hand on her clit to continue the gentle assault, he slipped his now wet fingers into her warm mouth.

"You know what to do."

Her eyes met his as she cleaned his fingers and Conner knew Kayden would be her undoing. His eyes darkened as her tongue swirled around the tip of his fingers and she nibbled ever so gently on the pad of his index finger.

Taking back control, Conner's mouth began a slow descent down her body. He swirled slow, lazy circles around her nipples in time with the thumb still on her clit which elicited a slow-rolling orgasm, with no warning. "Good girl." He smiled against her nipple. "That's my good girl."

"Thank you, sir. And thank you for the orgasm." Was her automatic response and it came out as a moan as the orgasm came to an end.

One more. He told himself. She can only handle the punishment that will come with one more.

He placed kisses randomly down her body until his mouth was where he wanted to be. His tongue ran the length his finger had when she first laid down before settling on her clit. This brought a much stronger reaction than his hands had. Her hips automatically bucked and she said his name sharply.

Remembering how she had told him she liked it (an order she had not liked) Conner stuck strictly to her clit, flicking it with h

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