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Tilly relapses, Norm and Nissi give anal sex a try.

Jasmine strokes it as more cum spurts out, coating April's face and hair.

Finally finished, Penny's body shakes as Jasmine puts her arms around her and holds her steady. April slumps to the floor, gasping.

"That was perfect, my toy," Jasmine praises Penny. "Now, are you ready for that shower?"

"Yes mistress," Penny squeaks out breathlessly.

Jasmine and Penny move away to the other end of the showers, ignoring April, who is lying on the floor panting. Although part of her was disgusted by what just happened, she feels her body heat up like never before. Her breasts are tingling, her nipples rock hard, and she's pretty sure her pussy is wetter than she can ever remember. She lies on the floor for several minutes, trying to push away these feelings coursing through her body. Finally getting up unsteadily and turning on the shower, she feels the jets of water hit her skin and send waves of pleasure through her body. She quickly jumps back.

"What the fuck?" she mutters. She again moves under the shower, trying to ignore her arousal, and begins to wash the jism from her hair. Next, her soapy hands move across her sensitive nipples, and she again cries out. "What the fuck!"

"Hey, everything ok over there?" Jasmine calls from the other end of the shower.

"Y... yes, I'm fine," April replies hoarsely.

April's fingers have a mind of their own as they find her nipples and gently pinch. She nearly collapses as the pleasure shoots straight to her pussy. Her nipples had never been overly sensitive, but now she can barely touch them without being overwhelmed with pleasure. She forces herself to let go of her nipples. Hoping to quickly finish her shower and get away from Jasmine and Penny, she tries to quickly wash the rest of her body, eventually soaping up between her legs. Once again, hot flames of pleasure wash over her and she collapses onto the floor. She continues to run her fingers over her swollen pussy, quickly racing towards an orgasm. Jasmine and Penny, having quickly finished their shower, walk past.

"Hey, take it back to your room, you horny slut," Jasmine taunts. But at the same time Jasmine notes this curious behavior, wondering what to make of it. A half hour ago April was a calloused bitch, and now she is rubbing her pussy in the shower while they watch. "What would have caused this? I wonder..." She ponders.

April, embarrassed by her behavior, rises unsteadily, quickly turns off the shower and throws her towel around herself. "I wasn't... I just slipped, that's all." Head down, she rushes past the two onlookers, squeaking out a quick "Excuse me."

Back in her room, April heads straight for her dresser drawer, digging for the dildo buried under her clothes. Rushing to the bed, she falls on her back and within seconds has the plastic phallus buried to the hilt in her pussy.

"Aaagh, yessss," she cries out, thrusting the dildo in and out as fast as she can. Within a minute she is cumming, crying out. She continues to jamb the dildo into her pussy, her other hand finding her sensitive nipples. She pinches them hard, sending her over the edge to another orgasm.

"Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit," she chants out as the waves of pleasure wash over her. She lets go of her nipple and moves her hand to her pussy. She begins to rub her clit, her hand a blur as her fingers glide over her leaking juices, wet sloppy noises filling the room.

And then April cums again. And again. And again. Her body reaches new heights, overloaded with pleasure as every square millimeter of her skin shoots lightning straight to her pussy. And throughout this time her mind is fantasizing about Penny. Or more specifically, about Penny's cock in her hand; and about Penny's cock filling her mouth; and about Penny's cum shooting down her throat; and about the taste of Penny's cum on her tongue; and about Penny's cock ramming her pussy. April cums again.

April eventually lets the dildo slip out of her, a puddle of juices dripping out of her and onto the bed.

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