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We continue to play with her sister & mom.

"I'd feel bad for Greg and..."

"What if Greg was there too? What if I kept Greg company while you and Pete got it on?" Shawna asked running through the different ideas in her head to try and make this work.

"I don't know if Greg would go for that. I don't want him to be embarrassed," Harriet replied politely.

"I could play with him. Keep him interested, so he doesn't feel left out," Shawna said trying to take away all the excuses so that the plan could come to fruition.

"Maybe. You'd do that? For me?" Harriet asked almost tearing up. "You want to make sure I have a good time by worrying about Greg for me?"

"Of course. What are friends for?" Shawna said hugging her friend tightly. The love between them was now going to a whole new level. It meant a lot to both of them to be able to talk about this and even consider sleeping with each other's partners. It felt natural and Shawna hoped Harriet would go with her heart.

"I don't know. Greg wouldn't... I mean, he, oh, I don't know," Harriet said getting flustered. "I would love to but..."

"Can I suggest you talk with him about it and see what he thinks. He might surprise you," Shawna said with a smile. She knew Harriet was interested, and all that had to happen was to sort out the Greg angle. Then it would all come together. Harriet got up and they both walked to the front of the house, stopping at the front door.

"Okay, thanks," Harriet said with a nod. She had nothing to lose. At this rate, her marriage was crumbling and all she could do was try something she hadn't before. That's really what this whole situation was about. Trying something new. It couldn't get any worse than what is already was, so why not go with your heart and be happy? Harriet knew she needed to do this and was intent on making it happen. With or without Greg. But at least she was going to try with him first. She opened the front door and smiled weakly at her friend. "I'll see you later okay?

"Okay, bye," Shawna said a disappointed that she couldn't convince her friend. Perhaps she had pushed too far and driven her away. Perhaps she should just be content with Peter and plan something else for his birthday.

Chapter 6

Breakfast had been wonderful. Shawna loved feeding her man, knowing that she had set him up for a successful day. She would often take care making sure he had a tasty meal in the mornings as well as something to look at as they ate together. Shawna would often wear her robe with nothing underneath, her legs or breasts on display but never showing everything. It was her way of making sure they kept things exciting. Peter would sometimes reciprocate on the weekends when he had more time, but Shawna liked being naughty like this. The thought of her husband going to work horny turned her on and made for a warm welcome when he got home.

"You look very handsome today," Shawna said showing off a bit more leg to Peter. He stared and smiled, running his hand up her smooth thigh.

"Thank you my dear," Peter said letting his hand wander up under her robe. Shawna playfully closed her legs and slapped his arm.

"Cheeky boy," Shawna said kissing him softly.

"Thanks for breakfast baby," Peter said getting up from the table. Shawna pulled him towards her by his shirt, pulling him down for another kiss. Peter slipped his hand inside her robe and squeezed her breast, making Shawna moan her approval.

Peter winked and made his way towards his belongings, ready to leave for work.

"Wait," Shawna said looking at the way Pete was dressed. She sensually got up and walked over to Peter, a cheeky look washing over her. "There's something not quite right."

"Oh?" Peter said looking at himself as Shawna preened his clothes.

Shawna adjusted his collar, straightened his shirt and then took a slow walk around him checking him out. She grabbed his ass causing Peter to jump a little in surprise and then stood back in front of him.

"Hmmm, oh, I know," Shawna said with a lovely smile.

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