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Jim gets dominated by the forceful and cruel Claretta.

Until it was time to leave and he was waiting for me. One hug, sweet. Second hug, oh god (even though I initiated it). Third, he leaned down to give me a peck on the cheek.

Can I say I wondered if he had a boner?

Two weeks passed of me trying to show him how I feel for him without the words shirking my tongue...

Placing my arms around him now and brushing away the excitement of the past (recent as it is), I tilt my head up to him and pucker up.

Lowering his head just enough, he takes the bait. His mouth, electrifying my own, leaves my lips feeling tingly as he pulls away and glances at the people around. Not watching us, obviously. Who would think two people so diverse in age (me being twenty, him somewhere in his fifties or sixties but not looking it at all to me) would have a show to put on?

I certainly wouldn't if I'd never spotted him.

He just has all the right stuff to attract me. Well, I still don't know if I give him boners, but he's so sweet, and his face...well, let's just say most guys his age don't reel me in no matter how sweet they are. He does.

Though I've got to admit, I never noticed how tall he was until he had to bend to kiss my cheek. I don't care, all that matters is how he seems to care about me. I know it can be a play, but I'm pretty good at detecting fakes. Or, if I'm not, I can usually tell before the year is up, if not three months.

I wonder if my kiss made his cock jumpstart. I can honestly say my pussy is wet now. Dangerously wet. I can feel the moistness between my legs, and it is all I can do not to savagely grab him, rip his clothes off, and start riding him.

In fact, the only barrier stopping me is the people around. I don't want to gross them out, look like a slut, or make him look like a pervert if he allows me to do such an indecent thing to him.

"Come here," he whispers, pulling me into the tack container. I bite my lip to keep from moaning as I follow him behind the file cabinet, where he begins kissing me passionately, making me mew excitedly. His kisses deepen as his hands crawl up my shirt.

Shit. Holy shit. Take me already.

I don't say these words, just think them and kiss him hard. Again, I wonder if he is as excited down there as his mouth hints. Why oh why do his jeans have to be so concealing?

His fingers twist my nipples, and with one last, ardent kiss on the neck, he lifts my shirt and groans at the sight of my naked chest. "Wow, you're so beautiful," he murmurs, kissing my cheek sweetly. "Oh, wow."

You know what else would be beautiful? Us joined. Ugh, I want you, dammit! Stop teasing me already and pound me!

But I've got to admit, kissing him is really nice. His open mouth grazing against mine and squeezing my lips gently with his is making my body open for him.

His fingers slide below my jeans, and I quiver as he touches my flesh.

"Wow, I bet..." but he doesn't finish. Looking past the file cabinet, he hisses, "Meet me in Ebony's stall in two minutes, okay?"

I nod eagerly, grabbing his neck and giving him one last kiss. He slides his tongue in my mouth, and I moan his name.

"Gosh, you have no idea how sexy you sound when you're..." He smiles, strokes my left breast, and vanishes.

After I get decent, I check my phone and text a couple of friends who don't go to the stables to make sure I don't start running too fast. Then I turn off the phone and force myself to saunter sluggishly instead of galloping like a wild mare.

Opening the door of the vacant stall, I greet him with a kiss as I unzip my jeans and drop them. He glances down and groans. His mouth does the talking as he drops down and starts licking my pussy. I watch, excited by the image.

"Can I...?" I murmur softly.

His eyes glazed with his sexually aroused state, he looks up at me and whispers, "You can do whatever you want." And his tongue goes back to tantalizing me. "As soon as I'm done with this," he adds as an afterthought.

I grin happily as I watch him.

He finally wrenches himself away and pulls me in his arms.

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