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Aunt and nephew have an unexpected encounter.

Get you clothes off now slut."

Clara now red faced at having everyone know about her best friends father, but worse still about her incestuous affair with her uncle Phil started to remove her clothes. Soon she stood in her bra and panties everyone waiting to see her naked and her initiation-taking place. She unhooked her bra and dropped it on the floor revealing her pert young breasts with upturned nipples. Pictures of her sexual rendezvous with her uncle Phil flashed through my mind.

She hooked her fingers into the waistband of her panties and was about to lower them when Andrea said "Turn your back to your guests and bend over to remove your panties, spread your legs wide we are all dying to see your cunt."

Clara realised that it was no use resisting did as asked and was now bent at the waist showing us all her cunt and anus. Andrea who was standing beside her ran her hands over the pert cheeks of her young arse, and then spread her cunt open revealing the pink interior to us all as she said, "Is she a good fuck Phil?"

"Yes she really is, she is also a very willing slut and eager to do anything to please, and I mean anything."

"Well perhaps we will see her perform whatever you have implied later. But now I think you should let her father and the rest of us watch you fucking her up here," Andrea said. Then she forcefully thrust two fingers up Clara's cunt hole making her cry out as she began finger fucking her. Withdrawing them she ordered Clara to turn and face us again and to suck her fingers clean and taste her own juices.

As Clara sucked Andrea's fingers Phil walked behind Clara, he cupped her breasts in his hands and squeezed them hard making her moan.

"Aren't they beautiful young titties," he said as he took her erect nipples in his fingers and twisted them making her moan again but louder, he then pulled them forward until they slipped from his grasp. He released her and started to undress.

"Let her ride you Phil," Andrea said as Phil now stripped stood his partly erect cock now displayed.

Then Andrea said, "Come her Millie and suck your uncles cock and prepare it for its journey up your slut sisters fuck hole.

Millie wasted no time and was soon kneeling and sucking on her uncle's cock while fondling his balls.

"It's been a long time since I saw you sucking your uncles cock Millie and watching him fucking you," Andrea said.

I realised that Andrea seemed to like orchestrating things and also humiliating Millie and Clara. She began talking in a very crude way, expressing herself like a whore would when having sex, or being involved in sexual acts with others.

As soon as Phil's cock was hard Millie went and sat down again.

Phil lay down on the floor and said, "Come her you sweet slut and slide you hot cunt down over my cock. Show everyone how much you love having my cock up your hot cunt."

Poor Clara blushed at hearing this stood still, feeling embarrassed I guess at having people watch her for the first time preparing to have sex, especially as the man was much older and was also her uncle.

She gave a shriek as Andrea grabbed her by the hair and dragged her over to Phil saying, "Hurry up you slack bitch, take your uncles cock up your fuck hole now."

Clara stood astride her uncle facing him then she lowered herself down to a kneeling position and reaching behind her she guided Phil's cock to her opening. She started to push down and take his cock inside her. Andrea suddenly moved and straddled Phil, putting her hands on Clara's shoulders she thrust her down until she was sitting on her uncle. The sudden entry of her uncle's cock into her, forcefully stretching her sheath to accommodate its length and girth made her cry out.

"Fuck your uncle," Andrea ordered her.

Clara began to rise up and down on her uncle's cock as she began to fuck him. Then after a few minutes she stopped suddenly when she heard Andrea say, "Pull her down and hold her Phil,"

I knew she had not noticed her father had vacated his seat and was now standing naked be

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