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Matt's eyes bulged and his knees started trembling as the teenage pornstar happily rummaged around in his boxers, the gorgeous blonde looking up at him and flashing a magnificent smile.

'Much more fun this way,' she confided, with a wink as she withdrew the eighteen year old's cock from his trousers, her eyes widening in delight as she took in the dimensions of the member that she had in her hand. 'Whoa!' she cried, 'briskly pressing her hand all the way down to the base of the penis and squeezing hard so that the stiff, veiny length ballooned in her hand, 'this is fucking huge, like a nine-incher! Holy shit Matt, you've got a fucking log down here!'

Matt gulped and could only stare downwards, transfixed, as Diamond pistoned the cock down so that it smacked into her face and let the underside rest against her face, the thick, pulsating length throbbing as it obscured her gorgeous features. As Diamond smiled and gaze an enthusiastic thumbs up, Tom took the picture and the tip of Matt's cock instantly exploded in a plume of cum, the white, messy spray catching loads of air as it arced up over Diamond's head, fragments of spunk smacking into her petite leather studded biker's cap and ricocheting off, but most of it describing a parabola over the table, to land, with a heavy plop, into Diamond's coffee, making it look very milky indeed.

Matt groaned, slumped, and staggered back to collapse into one of the chairs while Diamond sucked a thread of cum from her finger as the door opened. The door was opened by a knockout bombshell blonde, and Diamond finally felt that things were turning around at what she had originally perceived to be stuffy school, the teenage pornqueen finally starting to come around to realizing why the illustrious Tanya Monroe had recommended that she visit. Of course the way that the young male interviewee was groaning and moaning, whose massive cock was violently pulsating at the level of her eyeline and spewing jets of cum into the air which shot way over her head, turning over and over themselves and pattering onto the tablecloth behind her, had been a good guide to how Diamond had taken the situation of waiting in a boring room 'in hand'.

The young man gasped, seemingly lost control of the ability to stand and staggered backwards as if he had taken a blow to the solar plexus, crashing back onto the seat where he had got up from next to Matt, his brow spotted with sweat and his big, cum-drooling cock sagging out over one side of his groin, utterly and expertly drained by the blonde porno slut on her knees, sucking her finger in her mouth playfully as she smiled and giggled infectiously at the way she had managed to get the yong stud to void his ballsack in such a rapid way.

Matt, next to him, looked equally shocked, his eyes bulging out of his head as he gazed in mesmerized fashion at how the gorgeous, drop-dead blonde allowed the pendulous droplet of cum that hung from her finger her full attention. She was still unscathed by cum: the blasts had been so prodigious that they had rocketed way over her head from the over-enthusiastic teenager, although the cups glasses and the tea urn behind her head had taken something of a pelting.

In the doorway, exposed to this scene, was the aforementioned blonde wearing a skintight tiny black t-shirt that ballooned out in front of her thanks to a pair of tits that defied any conventional description other than to say that they jutted horizontally out of her chest like torpedoes, looked to be rock-hard and were comfortably larger than head-sized.

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