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A Trip to the Mall.

I knew she was holding and squeezing it to feel it grow in her hand. She did that to me often. Then she cooed, "This is gonna be good."

She kept hold of it with her left hand, as his phallus swelled larger and harder, and used her right hand to yank at his slacks. The nervousness left his face as he wordlessly lifted his butt from the seat to allow her to pull down his pants.

Vera briefly patted his unclothed ass and then turned her attention to his cock. She looked over her shoulder and asked me, "Are you watching?"

I said yes and she lowered her head toward his lap, but then paused.

"He's shorter than you, but thicker," she announced. She seemed to caress his penis between her two hands before leaning over and loudly kissing the tip of it. She pulled back as if to study it, much as she would survey the scape of an ice cream cone before deciding where to take a bite.

Next she smooched the head of his cock, loudly and wetly, before humming, "I'm gonna suck your beautiful little cock dry." Steve groaned in response as his cock's head and shaft disappeared into my wife's luscious, wet, and warm mouth.

I didn't even realize I had a hard-on until that moment, and I promptly pasted my underwear. With her lips firmly locked onto him, Vera's head moved rhythmically up and down, the vision enhanced by suckling noises and her now sweetly melodic humming. I knew what she was doing, gently rubbing her teeth against his pecker, as she has always done to mine.

Then my honeysuckle shifted in the seat, on her knees facing Steve and away from me. She held the base of his penis with her right hand, as if it would be going anywhere, and tugged at her jeans with her left hand.

I was surprised, but I knew what she was up to. She bared her hot and sweaty bottom, and reached into her thatch. She was an old-fashioned girl with long strands of camouflage covering her mons. The scent of the goddess filled the car with an intoxicating aura.

In a moment, all three of us were drunk on Vera's sex as she deftly inserted one, two, three fingers into her swollen vulva and began to rock. The rhythm of her fingering and sucking was in perfect syncopation and her sweet humming was interspersed with wordless whispers.

As she felt a tension rise in Steve's legs, Vera popped his wang out of her mouth and pressed down on the head with her palm to stifle his ejaculation.

"No way! Not yet!" she laughed maniacally, all the while continuing to stir up her cunt with her other hand.

After licking some sticky fluid off her fingers, she switched hands and gobbled up his boy toy once again. Sudsy cock-sucking and the in-and-out sloshing of her vagina were the soundtrack of the sexy fog of Vera's creation.

Before me was the roundness of her ass, shining in the dimly cast light from a streetlamp. I spread apart her cheeks to view her tiny, dark, puckered spot. I had tasted her anus before, but I had never had such an overwhelming urge to worship and pleasure my goddess. I licked up and down her crack before darting my tongue toward her sweat-dampened asshole.

The next thing I knew, she was bringing her juicy finger back toward my mouth on her ass, sticking it between my lips first and then into her anus. With that, I unzipped my fly and barely freed my dong before shooting all over the place.

Still rocking to her sensual beat, she reached down to finish me off without ever removing her lips from Steve's cock, which now looked to be a foot high. He started to shiver and she backed off him, pressing on his manly head once again.

Vera then quickly unsnapped the buttons of her blouse and wiggled out of her bra as she coaxed Steve's head toward her chest.

"Kiss my boobies!" she ordered as she cuffed his neck and moved him from one teardrop-shaped breast to the other.

"Now suck my nippies!" She called him a good boy and rewarded him with her nectar-smeared hand to his lips.

"Taste me." Then she cupped his face and guided him to nibble on each of her nipples once again.

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