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She submits to the office pervert.

She felt the tip probing her anus. At first it was no bigger than the finger than had been there before. Then it grew wider. It was suddenly twice as wide, no three times, four times, five times as wide as that appreciated finger. She pushed against his abdomen, but only felt his muscles' hardness. He leaned into her, and the tip poked deeper into her. At the same time, she felt the width of him along her anal canal.

"You're so tight," Earl growled. "How do you keep yourself in such good shape?"

"It's not..." she said panting, "...like I do this...every...day!...Or ever!"

Earl chuckled, and Eva felt his body shaking through the shaft of his rod. "First time. I bet it won't be your last." He thrust deeply into her, until her hand against his abdomen was trapped against her ass. As he wiggled himself even deeper, she slid her hand out from between them, and used it to stimulate the g-spot that he had found so easily. He began to rock into her, out of her. She rubbed her vagina in circular motions, more quickly when he was withdrawing, and slower as he slid into her.

She knew she was close to coming, but what was the point unless he was coming, too? He would just keep punishing her. Finding her balance, she let go of her butt cheek and reached beneath him until she found his balls. It surprised her, but it shouldn't have, that they were shaved and felt like billard balls with a five o'clock shadow. He was a weightlifter.

She fondled his balls, letting them roll through her fingers like ben-wa balls. She squeezed, and he grunted. She quickly found the point between his pleasure and pain as she cossetted them. She almost started to giggle when she thought that she was perfoming a perverted dream of trying to pat your head and rub your tummy. She stiffled that urge, since she didn't want Earl to get the wrong idea.

He began to shake like an oak tree in a tornado, then groaned loudly, and collapsed on Eva's back. She felt the hot gush of his semen fill her, and she let herself go, waves of pleasure wracking her. Her eyes rolled back; she stretched out her arms in front of her, and grabbed the cover and pulled it down. She felt the satisfying slip of Earl's suddenly slender giggle stick, as it schlupped out of her, dripping on the cover of the bed. She turned over and sat on a pillow, waiting for her excitement to calm. Earl lay on his back, gasping for air.

"Those earring look beautiful on you," Earl said. Then he closed his eyes, and to Eva's disgust and surprise, began to snore. His pants were still split open, and his schlong lay like a wizened flat worm between his legs.
"Do you even know who I am?" she asked. But he was soundly asleep.

Eva checked the pillow, and found that it had captured nearly all of the overflow. She stood up, and nothing else came. She showered in the bathroom, soaping her bottom and vagina excessively. After she had dried off, she still felt a throbbing in her butt.

She looked around, but could not find her black bikini. For all Eva knew, Earl might have eaten it. She didn't want to wear any of his clothes or any of Tanya's clothes, which probably wouldn't fit anyway. She did find the white-and-peach colored t-shirt, and dove into it. It still only came to her navel.

The card Ned had brought over was on Earl's bed, glistening in its plastic wrap. She took it, and decided to toss it into the sea.

The setting sun cast shadows across the cabin and outside across the walkways. Her ass was still sore, and probably glowing. She decided she could risk it. After all, who would believe she would be walking back to the beach bottomless?

She left wearing only the white-and-peach striped t-shirt.

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