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Ryan and Erik go on a first date.

I tell you I have a surprise for you. I bring you to the bedroom and lying in the middle of it is your beautiful co-worker, Jill. She's naked and she's fingering her wet pussy.


I pull you to me and kiss you deep. "Has this been some sort of devious plan?" I say. "Maybe baby, why don't you just sit back and enjoy!" you say as you push me toward the chair in the corner of the room. I start stroking my cock as you crawl onto to bed. You pull Jill's hand away and replace it with your tongue. I marvel at the site of your beautiful body kneeling on the bed eating her pussy with your tight ass just feet away from me. My cock is really hard as I rub my precum around the head.


Once in awhile I look back to make sure you're watching me, because I love it when you watch me. Jill is moaning loudly and I decide it's time for her to eat my pussy too. I go 69 on her and shove my tongue deep in her pussy. I look at you and attempt to get your eyes to go to the baby oil, which is on the bedside table. My sweet ass is up in the air while my pussy is being eaten and you smile at me.


I see you look at the nightstand and see the baby oil sitting there. I get up and pick it up and move toward the end of the bed. From here I can see Jill eating your pussy and your perfect ass looks so good. I lean forward and lick your hole and then slide down to kiss Jill. I can taste you on her tongue. I get the baby oil and drizzle just a little on your ass. I rub it in with my finger and rub your tight hole. I hear you moan my name as I gently push inside your ass.


"Ooohh Alann!" I moan. You know how much I love my ass played with and fucked. Jill sees what's happening and reaches into the bedside table to grab a dildo. She knows what I want. While you continue to finger my tight ass, she slides the dildo into my pussy and starts fucking it while tonguing my clit. I start pushing my ass onto you and you slide your finger out and replace it with your cock, which has been begging to be fucked.


"Oh my god baby", I say as I slide into your tight ass. Jill is fucking you with the dildo as I fuck your ass. I can feel her play with my balls as I plunge in and out. I reach forward to play with your nipples as you start to bring Jill to her first orgasm.


I'm moaning so loud as I get both holes fucked. Both you & Jill are fucking me in unison. I continue tongue-fucking Jill who is LOVING it. She starts bucking while she moans and begs me to pull the dildo out. I pull it out and, who knew? Jill is a squirter! Her pussy is contracting like crazy and her sweet juices are squirting from her hot cunt. I put my mouth over her pussy to suck up the juices...mmmmmmm, fuck she tastes good!!


I hear you scream as Jill comes all over the bed. I can sense that you are ready to cum too so I pull my cock out and let Jill finish you off as I jerk my cock and cum on your pussy and her face. Then I lean down to lightly lick your ass as you explode in a huge orgasm.


"OH FUCK" I scream as I start cumming like mad. Jill is excited by this and starts licking up my sweet pussy juices with a smile on her face. The one thing I haven't done yet with Jill is rub my pussy all over hers as I was watching the girls do in the porn. I grab Jill's legs and spread them. I bring her knees up, get on my knees and start sliding my cunt all over hers. Wow.... this feels fucking unreal. From where you're standing, it looks like I'm actually fucking Jill. Your cock starts coming back to life again, and you start to watch us again.


You look so hot fucking Jill with your pussy.

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