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Brianna's surrender to her submissive side continues.

As I felt my welcoming arsehole come into contact with his breathtaking beautiful rock hard penis, I created the downward pressure I needed for him to slip inside my arse, and fill me with blissful pleasure. I delighted in my control of the pace, I wanted it to fill me, but I needed it to be gently fill me up; slowly and passionately. It was reassuring that I was being helped by Fizzle; his assistance allowed me to regulate the speed and ecstasy of the invasion of my lusty arse.

Unexpectedly my arse tingled wonderfully with an sensualness I was unfamiliar with, as I felt my orgasmic arse unexpectedly drawing in his cock in - as I was welcoming the long imagined invasion of my succulent arse. Whatever had been used to lubricate me, had also created muscular control that I had never experienced before, and therefore I knew my muscles would contract to begin the process of sucking and then locking Zeong's cock deep into my erotic tunnel of dirty love.

I was moaning in true delight, and begging him, "please, yes deeper, I need to have you right inside me. Let me suck you cock as deep as it will go inside my arse. I need it deeper. Ohhh yes, deeper!"

Strangely Zeong didn't say a word or make a sound. He just lay perfectly still to make sure my pleasure was ensured as I created the blissful sensual feeling glowing inside me. I was enjoying myself as I lowered myself onto his gorgeous cock.

Once I felt Zeong was buried completely inside my arse, I screamed out in satisfaction, "Ohhhh, yes, that's so good. Fabulous and good. You have completely filled me, and I feel like your cock is licking and kissing the inside of my arse. It soooo wonderful. Gorgeous. Ohhhh, so gorgeous."

My arse gripped his long throbbing cock like a vice so they he couldn't escape providing me with the erotic pleasure I deserved. I knew my holding his cock inside was for his pleasure too, but I was absolutely trapped in the exotic sensualness of my aggressive sexual contentment. I was enthralled by my use of his cock for my own horny butt quest to satisfying my burning desire!

Although I could feel the powerful body underneath me as I lay there on top of Zeong, I knew it was for my pleasure alone that his pulsating cock was jumping around inside my arse. I was being served, and it was my decision to lock his pleasurable cock inside myself. I knew that it was their intention that I understood it was my right to use him as my orgasmic toy.

As much as everything was actually as it should be, I was so looking forward to what was about to happen next! Fizzle smiled because he knew it was now his turn to service me. I knew he would be smitten with the prospect of serving a gorgeous woman's pussy like mine with his powerful silky long tongue.

He knelt down off the edge of the matt and between my radiantly open and inviting thighs. I observed his face as it was showing signs of the euphoria he felt as my powerful pussy aroma hit his nostrils and snared his thoughts.

While I wasn't a fountain, what was happening between my thighs could be aptly described as gushing. I was unexpectedly horny and juicy from my anticipation of the climax of sinful pleasure rarely offered to any woman. Peacefully I had noticeably reached a level of desire where I was drenched and incapable of controlling my own behavior. I rarely, if ever, had felt this horny.

Although out of character for me, I welcomed the lust take control of me, I adored it when I was in this type of lust filled mood. Although I was out-of-control I enjoyed being a prisoner of my own secret desires and along of path towards fulfilling my most secret desire.

Fizzle was licking and sucking me like he was unsure when he would ever enjoy it again.

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