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Nick and Francis' relationship becomes more intimate.

One morning when he is studding for an exam, he hears loud voices in an intense argument coming from next door. Coming down stairs and opening his door to see a man standing at her front door. He hears Annette say to him, "I don't want to know about your problems with the store. Remember you got me pregnant; your solution was to buy me out. If you have run it to financial mismanagement, that your problem and it is of no concern of mine anymore, is it."

"Please Anne, I beg you to help me with this."

"What, you want me help you now, what about me, I came to you when I first found out I am pregnant and having your baby. What did you say to me, O that right, I do not want any children to spoil my way of life? It your problem now and you go and do something about it. When I said I wanted to keep it, what did you do? Well you went over to the bank, took out a loan to buy me out, So when you bought me out I made a decision that I never want you in my life and I don't want you any were near this baby."

She places her right hand on her tummy. Looking over she sees Peter standing on his veranda and she calls out to him, "I'm all right for now there no need to call the police."

Thomas turns around to see Peter standing looking at him and a pain of fear tugs at his insides. Colin thinks, what is Anne on about, I wonder if she wants me to play along, before he calls back, "Are you sure, when I herd all the yelling, I thought to come out first before ringing the police."

"He leaving right now and we won't be seeing him around here again, am I?"

"Please Anne, don't do this to me, I love you."

"You have a very funny way of showing your love for me. The only time I see you when I am seven months pregnant and you want me to buy back into the business again. That is the most idiotic thing that I have ever heard coming from your mouth. Do you think that I am that stupid? No way arsehole, go before I tell Peter to call the police. Leave now Thomas, I do not need you in my life, not now or ever. You are a real born looser and I am sure as hell a lot better off without you. I will not ask you again, go, get off my property and never come back here again."

After Thomas has gone, she comes over to see Peter, and says to him, "I want to apologise for interrupt your studies, I am very sorry and it won't happen again."

"There no need to apologise, when I herd you sort of yelling out, I thought, that is out of character for you. That why I came out to see what is going on and if you need my help in anyway."

Touching the left side of his face with her right hand, when her hand makes contacts with his face, his heart starts racing. She says to him in a caring way, "You are such a good friend to me and I am thankful for the help you given me around the place."

She gives him a kiss on the check and his heart thumps even harder with in his chest. It never pounded like this before, not even when he spied on her at night when he is masturbating.

"Do you have time for a coffee Peter before you head of to university?"

"Yah sure, I love too, my first lectures today start at twelve, I will finish my assignment and I will be straight over."

"I will leave the door ajar, so just yell out when you walk in the door."

Thinking, now I know why her breasts had gotten heavier and her belly is swelling out the way it is. He likes the way her body is changing, being seven months pregnant; it has made her very sexy looking woman. He thinks that she is alluring before, but now, he wants her more than ever. Now he taken notice of her and he likes what he sees, that is mother hood in full bloom and she is radiates it like the midday sun.

He just sits down at his desk to try to finish his assignment; he looks out his window to see Annette undressing in her room.

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