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A bookstore customer wants to break some rules.

Your hand moves from my jaw, slowly sliding along my collar bone, and up the front of my throat as you continue to kiss me. Your hand is a light touch, yet that touch is arousing every nerve ending in my body, making them yearn for that same touch.

You leave my lips to nibble along my neck, as your hands begin to come down into my blouse. You slip your hand under the material of my blouse and under my bra. Your hands are cupping my breasts, while your fingers play with my nipples.

I need more and push back against you.

"Please," I hear my mind call out. "Please hold me tight against your heat."

Then you remove your hands, and as you unbutton my blouse, I feel you at my ear ...

"Kendra," again, in a voice that is slow, low, and so sensual.

My blouse is pulled from my body, and you begin nibbling down my spine, while moving your hands against the skin of my belly. I am loving the silky feel of my skin against your hands, and I moan as you undo the clasp of my bra, and peel it from me.

You kiss your way up as you squeeze my breasts from behind.

"Ahhhh, Kendra," I hear you murmur as you roll my nipples between your fingers and feel me press back against you.

I feel a need so great to have you that I begin to moan and beg.

"Please take me," I pant, and I rock my pelvis, feeling your cock pushing against my ass, as your hand begins to slide into the waistband of my skirt.

I suck in my belly making your access even easier. My pussy is throbbing, knowing and anticipating what is coming, aching for the sweet feel of your fingers in my folds, for the feel of you within my body.

I continue to rock gently as you kiss my neck and move your hand down onto my aching sex. You reach around with the other hand and unbutton and unzip my skirt while your fingers push me open for a better exploration.

The skirt falls to the floor, and your hand is quickly inside my panties. I am open for your touch, and you begin sliding your finger along my slit.

You smile to yourself, because my want and need for you is so evident. You can feel it from the opening to my inner hard core, at that nether zone between my pussy and my ass, to my clit, which has come out of its hood and stands hoping to be noticed.

You come back to my ear, whispering now in that oh, so seductive way.

"So, wet for me are you, Kendra?" you say, almost in a mocking way.

"Only for you," I whisper in return. "Only for you."

You slide my panties down my legs, and I stand in only my thigh highs and heels, as you love me with your hands. Your hands know so well how to make me swell and ache.

At last, you turn me to you. I see your eyes are dark, I see the lust in them, I know that lust is for me and it makes me quiver because it is so intense. You take my hand and lead me to the bed, easing me down onto on my back.

You have placed me so that my bottom is at the edge of the mattress, my knees bent, feet flat on the floor. You kiss my lips quickly, turn my head to the side, and whisper, "relax, let me enjoy your pleasure."

You kneel on the floor between my legs. You slowly push my legs apart, looking at me as I open to your view.

You see how wet I am for you, and you lean in and pull my outer petals open as you look at what part of me is obvious in its desire for you. You lean in and I feel your hot breath on me. I lift up my hips and moan, "please," as you lower your head to my pussy.

I feel your tongue, flat and smooth as it pushes against my clit, you then bring it to a point and roll under and over my clit, not quite touching it.

I can't find enough oxygen in the room then, and my hips begin bucking against your mouth. Your tongue continues its pleasing of me. I am writhing and moaning when I feel your fingers enter me.

"Ahhhh, yes" I say, and you reach in and find my G-spot. You lave my clit with your tongue as your finger begins the soft, yet firm stimulation of my inner walls.

I can feel it coming, but I hold back.

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