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An exotic encounter.

Her mind coming back around to the fact that she had no sexual partner in her life. It wasn't so bad that she didn't have a love interest, but to have a sexual partner to relieve her needs would be divine!

All morning the need between her legs took precedence in her mind, instead of work, or exercising at lunch. One more day to go before the weekend, she could spend whatever time she wanted in bed with her selection of toys. The friends she once had, no longer stopped by, and that would be another priority at a later date - finding new friends to replace those when she had been a "couple". Driving home, Kat felt the familiar ache in her groin. She drove it out of her mind as she stopped for a bite to eat at a local diner. Once in awhile she made the allowance to eat out, just for a change of scenery if not for anything else! Seated in the corner, she watched the usual entrance of the locals and the elderly trying to get a place before...what a rush? Kat had to laugh at that thought! Sitting alone however did not have it's benefits. She again felt the longing, and felt the frustration at the inability to quench the hunger. Finishing her meal, she left and went home. She lay in bed trying foolishly to use her toys to quench a thirst only capable of being quenched by a man.

Sleep came quickly, and she began to dream....or was she? The window blew a soft breeze across her chest, making her nipples instantly aroused and perked. She moaned in her sleep, and moved to allow more freedom, dragging the sheet down to her belly. Her legs lying askew in the bed, she awoke briefly. She almost sensed a presence, or a weight on the bed, as though someone were sitting on the bed too. Looking in the dim light, she thought to herself, you are so horny, you'd pretend you weren't alone! Going back to sleep, the presence moved out of the shadows and closer to her. Grasping her nipples, it moved gently against them, then lightly rolling them. Kat moaned in her sleep, but didn't awake. The sheet moved down and off her body, and tossed to the end of the bed. It stroked the inside of her thighs and Kat moved her legs wider, as if to invite more. The sensation of her bud being stroked, and her slit being parted left panting in want, but the dream was only beginning.

Suddenly a weight came down onto her, and as she opened her eyes, she saw nothing, and yet she felt as though a hand were holding her mouth shut, and a mouth began sucking at first gently, and then more and more urgently and harder on her breast! She struggled to no avail, and though it felt so wonderful, Kat knew it was weird - how could this be happening! The stimulation continued both on her breasts and pussy. Her orgasm was explosive when it erupted and she felt drained and yet exhilarated! The weight upon her moved, and she felt an extremely large, what felt like a cock against her opening. She struggled to move, to be free. She wanted a lover, but not one of such huge proportions! The foreplay continued, more roughly and faster, but suddenly the pressure of the cock increased, and slammed into her with a ferocity that left her screaming against the pressure that held her mouth.

Back and forth it thrusted with within her, not gentle, but urgent. She struggled against a pressure she would never be free of and then she began to feel the hint of pleasures of the cock within her. Arching herself towards "it" she welcomed the intrusion, wanting the pleasure of this presence. For hours it violated her, violently and insistently, and then suddenly it was gone. Kat lay there, somehow still unable to move, tired and sore. She finally arose and went into the bathroom. Her breasts were red and slightly bruised, but no harm done either. Her pussy on the other hand felt sore and stretched. She paused to touch herself and felt the lips swollen from use. Kat shook her head in disbelief - how could this be? How could this "dream" not be a reality for the changes to her body did exist.

Kat went back to bed and manag

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